Love And Crosses

Love and Crosses episode 70 – finale

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❤️❤️Love &

🍭[Wh£n LOVE 🌺Became BITTERED]🍭

GENRE: Romance


Written By: DAMMIE CROWN✍️




Months later ✍️

“Oh my God!! My water j√$t broke!” C!ndy yelled !n excruciat!ng pa!n.

$h£ was !n th£ kitch£n try!ng to fixed breakf*st for Samuel s!nce $h£’s not been go!ng to work for th£ last few months now. Samuel had stopped h£r from work!ng ever s!nce $h£’s became h£avy due to th£ pregnancy.

And h£ has been a great and car!ng husband to h£r, even m©r£ than how h£ was with Alice. A day would not pa$$ with©vt com!ng home with at least a gift for C!ndy. h£ had brought up th£ issue of gett!ng h£r a maid atleast until $h£ put to b£d but C!ndy bluntly refused say!ng $h£ can [email protected] h£rself.

Samuel ran from h¡s room to th£ kitch£n wh£n h£ h£ard th£ s¢r**m.
h£ walked !nto th£ kitch£n and h£ saw C!ndy wriggl!ng !n pa!n hold!ng on to th£ cab!net for support.

“Breath£ !n okay? Everyth!ng would be f!ne.” h£ sooth£d C!ndy but $h£ couldn’t stop cry!ng.

Th£ pa!n was excruciat!ng.


“You’ve got to ₱ush okay? I can see th£ baby h£ad.” Th£ female doctor encouraged as $h£ stared at th£ exhausted C!ndy

C!ndy exhaled and mustered enough strength.
With one f!nal ₱ush and a loud s¢r**m, C!ndy brought forth h£r baby.

It was th£ female that came first followed by th£ male m!nutes later.

“Congratulations ma’am, it’s a set of tw!ns .” Th£ doctor smiled ch£erfvlly at h£r.

$h£ sigh£d tiredly and laid [email protected]¢k on th£ b£d, breath!ng h£avily.
$h£ was so tired.


Th£ nurse cleaned up th£ babies and $h£ brought th£m for h£r.

“My son.” $h£ smiled !n b£tweeΠ h£r tears and klzzed h¡s ch£eks.
h£ looked so adorable and $h£ couldn’t h£lp but admire h¡m.

$h£ looked at th£ female too and muttered some sweet words too, klzz!ng h£r ch£ek.

$h£ had really brought forth a tw!n, a small human – a small version of h£rself and Samuel. $h£ was so happy.

Th£ir eyes weren’t fvlly opened but th£y looked really cute. Th£ female tw!n was mak!ng little cry!ng sounds and it made h£r h£art flutter.
$h£ loved h£r even m©r£.

Samuel came !n that !nstant and hugged C!ndy first, thank!ng h£r for br!ng!ng th£ little angels to th¡s world safely. After thank!ng h£r, h£ went to one of h¡s knee and brought ©vt a r!ng from h¡s pocket, h£ proposed right th£re to C!ndy.

“I’m not really good at say!ng sweet words but I know you’re good at read!ng eyes, I love you so much, even I don’t know wh£n I started develop!ng th¡s strong feel!ng called love.

Th£re’s noth!ng m©r£ I want than spend!ng th£ rest of my life with you and our babies. I love you so much C!ndy and I want us to grow old togeth£r.

Will you please C!ndy James spend th£ rest of your life with me? Will you marry me?” Samuel asked sweetly.
h£ was smil!ng ch£erfvlly.

h£ had one knee on th£ floor and a box of golden r!ng stretch£d ©vt towards h£r.

C!ndy bursted !nto tears. $h£ was j√$t overwh£lmed. Who would have thought that h£r life would be th¡s perfect?
After th£ drama and sh!t $h£ went through?
$h£ smiled !n b£tweeΠ h£r tears and nodded h£r h£ad vigorously.

“Yes, yes, yes Sam. I’ll marry you.” $h£ said enthusiastically.
Samuel smiled and sl¡pped !n th£ r!ng !n h£r f!ng£r.

Th¡s was what $h£’s been expect!ng from Samuel months [email protected]¢k. Now $h£’s engaged to th£ man $h£ love wh0l£h£artedly.

Samuel’s moth£r sang and danced !n happily. Th£ James also walked !n with smiles plastered on th£ir faces. Th£y were so happy and congratulated . Th£y’ve been watch!ng th£m before.


Weeks later ✍️

C!ndy smiled as $h£ walked d©wΠ th£ aisle with h£r fath£r hold!ng h£r [email protected] $h£ wore a white glitter!ng flow!ng wedd!ng dress.
$h£ looked so pretty and h£avenly. Gorgeous and elegant was an understatement. $h£ was so pretty.
Samuel stood at th£ alter smil!ng at C!ndy as $h£ walked majestically towards h¡m.

h£ couldn’t wait for th£m to get married so h£ can f!nally have h£r all to h¡mself.


“…yes I do.” Samuel said th£ last *I do.*

Th£y both wore each oth£r th£ir r!ngs.
“I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now klzz th£ bride.” Th£ priest smiled at th£ both of th£m.

Samuel didn’t h£sitate to rem©v£ th£ veil and took h£r l¡ps hungrily !n h¡s.

Th£ congregation went wide with clapp!ng and sh©vt!ng ovation as th£y klzzed.

Samuelbroke th£ klzz and th£y both showed th£ congregation th£ir wedd!ng r!ngs by show!ng forth th£ir f!ng£r that th£ r!ng was placed respectively.

C!ndy smiled and stared at everyb©dy seated !n th£ hall.

h£r friend, Ellen is pregnant. Fred and Ellen got married three months before C!ndy ©vt to.

John and Lizzy were also !n attendance with Annabelle and are also expect!ng th£ir baby.

George and Alice came too. Th£y’ve gotten married as well but no sight of baby com!ng.

Dammie would put to b£d anytime soon.

No one h£ard from Jenny.

Emmanuel case was retreated and found ©vt h£ was !nnocent but th£ deed has been done, now h£’s pick!ng up h¡s shattered life !n pieces, h£ wasn’t !n attendance.

Phil¡p has travelled abroad. And h£ do!ng f!ne start!ng h¡s life all over.

Fred covered Mimi’s act and $h£’s still very much a fertility nurse do!ng well.


That night at th£ h°tel, Samuel and C!ndy had enjoyed th£ night. h£ had h£r roughly and made h£r s¢r**m ©vt h£r lungs !n b£d.

C!ndy enjoyed every of th£ir !ntimacy.
★<<<★ Weeks later ✍️ "Mum!!!" Dammie s¢r**med so loudly. Mrs Jenny quickly ru$h£d ©vt and met h£r !n th£ liv!ng room on th£ floor !n pa!ns. "Hospital...!" $h£ managed to say. ***** Soon th£y're !n th£ hospital and th£ doctors and nurses keep go!ng and com!ng ©vt of h£r ward mak!ng Mrs Jenny restless. At some po!nt, $h£ asked a nurse what was go!ng on, th£ nurse answered "Be calm ma, all is !n ¢©Πtr0|." And went away. After three m©r£ hours, th£y all came ©vt to meet Mrs Jenny. "How's my daughter?" $h£ asked hastily. "Congratulations ma'am. $h£ gave birth to a boy." One of th£ doctor said, oth£rs had walked away. Mrs Jenny smiled happily. "What ab©vt my daughter? Hope $h£'s f!ne?" $h£ asked. " Sorry ma'am but we tried all that's !n our capacity but we lost h£r at th£ end." Th£ doctor said. Mrs Jenny sh©vted and almost ran mad. Th£ doctor patted h£r and left. Mrs Jenny cried bitterly. Weeks Later.. Dammie's death was so touch!ng and everyone attended h£r silent burial. Mrs Jenny hasn't recovered yet as $h£ blamed h£rself for be!ng a bad moth£r. Th£ child was given to George and Alice to nurture s!nce it's th£irs. Alice joy knew no bound as $h£ carries th£ cute angel !n h£r arm. $h£ wept as $h£ admire h¡m m©r£. $h£ vowed to never maltreat h¡m but treat h¡m well. ★★ Days Later.. "I'm gonna make you s¢r**m so loud tonight, m©r£ than before." Samuel w!nked at C!ndy as h£ got on top of th£ b£d. h£ went !n b£tweeΠ h£r th¡ghs and smiled. C!ndy bit h£r l¡p seductively and started undo!ng h£r shirt buttons. Daniel and Daniella was already asleep !n h¡s cot. Daniel especially cries a lot, but that doesn't stop h¡s parents from lov!ng and car!ng for h¡m. Samuel klzzed C!ndy h°tly and [email protected] escaped from h£r l¡ps. h£ fumbled with h£r b©©bs, still klzz!ng h£r. "I love you so much babe." Samuel [email protected] !n b£tweeΠ th£ klzz. "And I love you so much too love." C!ndy said and deepened th£ klzz. j√$t as Samuel was ab©vt tak!ng of h¡s briefs, Daniel's loud wail made h¡m stop. And th£n, Daniel bursted !nto loud tears. "Oh uh!" C!ndy bursted ©vt laugh!ng as $h£ saw Samuel's [email protected] d*ck. "I'll have to go attend to Daniel before h¡s cry ₱v|| d©wΠ th£ roof of th£ house." C!ndy laugh£d. "Argh!" Samuel [email protected] frustratedly. Daniel wail came ©vt louder and Samuel had to stand up so C!ndy could get up too. "Don't worry babe, th£re's always a next time." C!ndy w!nked at h¡m and quickly wore h£r shirt. "Yeah." Samuel rolled h¡s eyes, mak!ng C!ndy laugh. Th£y both shared a brief klzz before C!ndy walked towards th£ baby's crib. Few m!nutes later, Daniel was already f*st asleep aga!n after C!ndy had br£@stfed h¡m. "I'll have to take h¡m to mom. h£'s been steal!ng you away from me th£se days and I'm start!ng to get pretty jealous." Samuel p©vted h¡s m©vth. C!ndy laugh£d and jo!ned h¡m on th£ b£d. "You know that's not happen!ng right?" C!ndy rolled h£r eyes. "Well, let's cont!nue from wh£re we stopped." Samuel w!nked at h£r. "Yeah, whatever." C!ndy smiled and hit h¡m ₱|@yfvlly on h¡s ch£st. .............. As th£y were ab©vt klzz!ng, Daniel's loud cry suddenly disrupted th£m. "Not aga!n!" Th£y both [email protected] ©vt. Daniel wailed even louder. "Oh uh!" C!ndy laugh£d. Seems little Daniel doesn't want th£m to do anyth!ng. Samuel and C!ndy chuckled and got d©wΠ from th£ b£d. Th£y walked towards th£ crib. C!ndy carried cry!ng Daniel and immediately, h£ stopped cry!ng. Samuel smiled as h£ stared at h¡s wife and son. Th£y both shared a brief klzz before turn!ng to look [email protected]¢k at th£ir son who had h¡s eyes wide opened – star!ng at th£m Samuel klzzed h¡s foreh£ad while C!ndy klzzed h¡s chubby ch£eks. Th£y are one big and happy family. Th£y both never thought that th£y could both f!nd love !n such a way as th£irs. Love is !ndeed a beautiful th!ng wh£n you are with th£ right person. ............. Th£ END 🙈 Ph£w! F!nally done and dusted 💃

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