November 29, 2021

Hiss nagging wife episode 3




( My pastor is my God)

True life story

Aishat short series story

Written by Aishat kemisola (Three star)

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Episode 3

Samuel p.o.v🤴

Hey dude how are you doing today I great my friend Chris. He is my p.a am good boss he said teasingly. When did you start respecting me I said pulling his cheek. Hush my handsome face,

did you want me to be ugly like you he asked. Your wish, you knew I am more handsome than you are.

Congratulations we won that contract he said happily. You don’t mean it, have lost hope thank goodness I said happily.

We won the contract with the help of happiness Chris said. Really but how I asked. That’s her company dummy.

I don’t blame you, you’re always after bitch that you forget you have a rich girlfriend he said.

Hmm that’s nice let me call her it has been long I heard from her I said.

I don’t even know why she’s still with you.

You don’t deserve her he said and ran out before I could say anything. He is right I didn’t deserve her.

2months later

Happiness p.o.v🤩

Babe have you heard there’s gonna be lockdown my friend glory said. Really for what now i asked her.

Dummy don’t you no there’s Corona virus she asked me. Oh so they mean this lockdown of a thing. And my pastor said the world is coming to an end glory said.

You don’t mean it Samuel replied her. Yeah it’s written in the Bible I have forgotten the verse.


if the world wanna end many bad things will be happening glory said. You mean someone like me will go to hell if the trumpet sounds.

Samuel said and I burst into laughter. Why are you so work up are you a bad person I asked him.

No but you know he said scratching the back of his head. I know you are a playboy I completed the word for him.

You mean people like me will go to hell fire Samuel asked. Before you will be there presidency there glory replied him.

Glory stop it, stop putting fear in his mind. There’s still time for you to repent.

It’s not too late I said. Really I will follow you to your church just to asked for forgiveness Samuel said.

This is crazy I muttered but he heard me. I am not crazy when are we going to the church he asked.


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you know I don’t go to church regular. I only goes when I want to pay my tithe or help some people.i said.

Please you will have to take me to your church tomorrow he said. Fine I will take you there tommorow I replied him.

Authoress p.o.v

Happiness wake up and she was surprised to meet Samuel in the living room. Samuel she called surprise.

How are you doing darling good morning Samuel greet Samuel. This is unbelievable.

You haven’t come to my house this early before happiness said. Yes I came early so we can go to your church every he said.

What!! Did you sleep at all happiness asked. Common I slept early this is just 5:35am Samuel said.

Fine let me go and freshing up happiness said. No you don’t need to freshing up.

Just go in and dressed up you’re beautiful like this I love your morning face Samuel said.

You’re not serious I still need to freshing long.

Stay here I won’t stay long happiness said and walk into her room.

Happiness and Samuel come down from Samuel car and heard to the church. They met Cathrine cleaning the chairs.

Good morning sister Cathrine happiness greet but Cathrine ignore her as if she didn’t hear her. Sister Cath am greeting you happiness said.

Are you that dumb to Know I don’t wanna replied your greeting she replied Angrily. But we aren’t Fighting now happiness said.

Please is father around she asked Cath. Cath wanted to insult her, but stop when she sees Samuel.


sister happy am sorry for replying you like that i wasn’t in good mood before. Good morning ma and how was your night Cath greet.

Happiness was surprised with her changed attitude. Good morning my night is fine and yours happiness replied.

My night is fine Cath replied smiling sheepishly. Pastor is in his office let me take you there Cath said smiling at Samuel.

Don’t worry I Know the way to his office happiness said. Oh brother your shoe is very fine Cath said smiling sheepishly.

Thank you Samuel replied calming. Sister Cath o will be right back happiness said. But Cath is lost staring at Samuel face.

Happiness wave her hand on her face.

What’s wrong with that ugly thing Samuel asked happiness. She’s not ugly happiness replied him. She’s shapeless Samuel said.

I will be right back she said and walked away with Samuel. Why did she have to disrupt my beautiful view Cath said Angrily.

That guy is handsome who’s he I need to see father, my husband is here Cath said happily.

Good morning sir happiness greet. Good morning sister happy. It has been long you came to church hope all is well the pastor asked.

All is well father. I came with my fiance he wants to accept Jesus as his lord and personal savior happiness said. Oh that’s nice.

Welcome to our midst brother the pastor said and shake hands with Samuel.

Good morning lovelies. If you want me to continue with the two episodes per day you guys know what to do.


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