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In between episode 17 – end


💏In Between💑
📕Story by Hossana Isaac O.📕
📒{Hossy Series }📒
🎤 Chapter 17 🎤
😞Edna’s😞Point😞Of View😞
So Deon is no longer mine
He can’t be my Deon anymore
I’ve lost him
This is too much for me to take in
No wonder I’m getting sick
I even had to run away from Nigeria because of the disgrace
I’m in London but this weather isn’t helping me at all.
I’m so lonely
Been two weeks now
I can’t get over Deon
It hurts

me so much that he’s with another girl
A girl I sent away so he wouldn’t have access to her, but my plan backfired
I felt a sharp pain in my lower abdomen
I screamed and cuddled up on the bed
The pain persisted
Seems my long awaited period is finally here
I stood up and took some tampons then headed to the bathroom
I checked myself and it wasn’t my period
I wore the tampon nonetheless
I went back to my room and laid down
The pain was getting too much
I took some pills and slept off
When I woke up, it was evening
My body was vibrating as if I was really hungry
My eyes were really dull and my temperature was high
“this illness is getting out of hand. Maybe I should see a doctor” I said to myself and took my phone
I called a doctor in London and she arrived moments later
She did some checkups and dropped the bombshell
I’m pregnant
😘Deon’s😘Point😘Of View😘
I miss Lucy
Maybe I should pay her a surprise visit
On Tuesday would be preferred because I’m free that day
My room door opened and Grace walked in
“hey” she said and I closed my laptop and stood up
“please, I’m begging you. Be knocking before you enter my room. It’s for your own good” I said jokingly and she laughed
“longest time” she said as she sat on the bed
“no see, no call” I said
”how’s Lucy?” she asked
“I don’t know” I replied and she frowned
“what do you mean by that?” she asked
“if you came to my house to frown at me, then allow me to sleep” I stated and fell on the bed then closed my eyes
“you’re crazy. So crazy” she said and hit my head
I screamed and ran out of the room
She yelled at me and followed me
I’ll use her to play hide and seek today
😞Edna’s😞Point😞Of View😞
📲wow, Edna you’re lucky. You can trap him down with the pregnancy
I was crying already
📲BK you don’t understand at all. I can’t do anything. I’m helpless. Deon can’t be pinned down with anything. Not even his own flesh and blood. He’ll just take care of the child without even acknowledging me. BK, Deon hates me now
I laid down on my pillow which was already soaked

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up with tears
📲please stop crying. I’m coming to London tomorrow. We’ll settle this.
📲okay 😢
📲but I hope you know that Solomon is out
I jumped off the bed
📲I saw him in a hospital yesterday. I avoided him in disbelief
📲no no no, this can’t be happening. God why me. Ah, Solomon is going to kill me
📲we won’t let him get to you. He can’t come back for revenge
📲Bukola, I’m dead
📲no you’re not
I’m coming tomorrow. We’ll talk about this
📲okay, I’m waiting
I hung up and stood up
Solomon is out?
He’ll never

forgive me
I have to escape this
I’m having suicidal thoughts
Maybe I should just kill myself and escape this all
😍Lucy’s😍Point😍Of View😍
This ice-cream tastes so good
Yum yum!
“it’s really crazy. What we’re doing?” So Kyung said and I chuckled
“the craziest thing I’ve done” I stated and scooped a full spoon of ice-cream into my mouth
Isn’t it crazy?
Taking ice-cream in the snow
“I feel like my brain is freezing” So Kyung said
“I feel like my mouth has disappeared. I can’t feel it” I said and he looked at me
“no wonder cream is all over your mouth. You can’t feel them” he said
“ohh” I mumbled
He took a napkin
“I’ll get it” he said and brought his face closer with the napkin in his hand
He lowered his face and suddenly placed his lips below my lips
I froze with my eyes wide open
He licked the ice-cream off
I’m going to kill this white boy
I’ll kick him so hard
I’m not angry at what he did but he shouldn’t have
“Lucy?” a voice said
So Kyung left my face and we looked back
This is not good
From where he was standing, it would seem like So Kyung was kissing me
Oh no
Someone is going to kill someone today
😞?Edna’s😞Point😞Of View😞
I stood by the bridge and began to cry
My life is miserable
It’s even possible that Deon won’t care about the baby
He might accept the baby but will take it away from me
I don’t even know what to do
This life is hard
I looked into the water
“I’ll jump in. I’ll jump in and end this life” I said and tried to climb the railing but someone pulled me from behind

and hugged me
“if you leave me now, who will I live for?” the voice said and I tearfully looked back to see Solomon
“so..Solomon?” I muttered
“nothing’s worth suicide Edna. No problem is worth taking your life” he mumbled into my ear and my tears flowed out
“I can’t live like this. I can’t” I said but he moved me away from the bridge and held my face
“look at me. I’m still happy that I’m alive. Certain things happen for us to change. I’m a changed person now. You can also changed. Just change for good Edna.” he said and looked into my eyes with pain
He’s so pained
I caused this
“I’m sorry. I’m sorry for making you go through all of this” I apologized a in between sobs
“I forgave you the moment I stepped out of prison. I decided to keep all my grudges and hatred in the prison. I came out a new man ready to change the world positively. I saw the need of being loving and I grabbed it. You can do that too” he said and I held his wrists as he held my face
“what should I do?” I asked
“apologize to Deon. And Lucy and live a free life
“okay” I mumbled and looked down
He took my face up again
“I love you” he declared and my eyes widened
“you still love me?” I asked in disbelief
“it can’t die” he said and I even cried more
He smiled and lowered his face
He lifted my face up and gently took my lips
He began to kiss me slowly and passionately
I kissed him back because I felt sincerity in him
We disengaged
Then we hugged for almost ten minutes
I felt better
😘Deon’s😘Point😘Of View😘
“so he was just taking ice-cream off and with his lips on yours” I stated with my hands crossed and Lucy kneeling down in front of me
“no, it wasn’t on my lips.” she said
“I don’t care. All I know is that you kissed another man” I said
She sighed
“come on will you raise your hands properly. Or you want me to slap you before you do?” I barked and immediately, she raised her hands up
“should I close my eyes too?” she asked
“yes” I said coldly
“okay sir” she replied and closed her eyes
“remain that way until I come back” I said and stood up
“ahhhh” she screamed
“shut up” I barked and opened the door then banged it angrily
But I didn’t leave the room
I wanted to see if she’ll open her eyes
I walked towards her slowly
She dropped her hands and opened her eyes then sat on the floor
“is that how you act behind my back? I leave and you act the way you want? So you are cheating on me” I said and she laughed and fell down
I sat on top of her
“Gideon please.. I’m sorry” she pleaded as I hit her playfully
“you’re cheating on me. You’re cheating on me” I said and began to tickle her
“I’m sorry.. I’m sorry please” she laughed as she pleaded
I carried her up and dropped her on the bed
I jumped on her and pinned her down
“will you do that again?” I asked
“no, I won’t” she replied and I bent down and kissed her neck
“uhhh, king” she m0aned and I bit her
“ahhhh” she screamed and pushed me away then ran out of the room
I laughed and placed a pillow on my legs
“you’ll come back” I said and took my phone
Five minutes later, she came back
“hmmm” she said and I looked up
“you went to see him right” I asked
“what? No!” she said and I laughed as she climbed the bed
“don’t ever go close to any guy again. I don’t permit that” I said and hugged her from behind because she was sitting on my legs already
“okay baby” she mumbled and I kissed her forehead
Epilogue loading
💏In Between💑
📕Story by Hossana Isaac O.📕
📒{Hossy Series }📒
Lucy walked up to So Kyung who was now getting attracted to her
She told him pop and plain that he should know his boundaries and he understood perfectly
He told her his initial intentions and she was surprised
Nonetheless, she advised him and told him to believe in love
He smiled
“I guess my player days are over” so he said
He later went back to Korea and started a new life
As for Edna, well unfortunately and fortunately she had an accident that caused her the pregnancy
She had a miscarriage but Solomon was always there for her
She tried to seduce Deon because she was so obsessed with him
Her plan was to drug him and unfortunately, she got busted
And since she was in possession of a hard drug, she was imprisoned
Lucy’s mother and Deon’s mother reunited because they were once friends back in the village
Deon was cuddling up with Lucy by the pool side with guards far off
Both of them were wearing white
“I’m glad I chose you” Deon said and kissed her cheek
“no, be glad you came back to me” Lucy said and they laughed
“so, what’s the next plan?” Deon asked
“I don’t know. Aren’t you supposed to act a movie next month” Lucy asked
“that movie? It has a kissing scene. And gosh, the girl in it has pink full lips. Can’t wait” he said and she disengaged from him
“you’re not acting that movie” she stated
“why? It’s going to add to my fame. It’s a Hollywood movie remember?” Deon said and she pouted and sat down
He laughed and hugged her
“I won’t do it okay?” he said and kissed her cheek
“when we get married, you’re going to stop modelling” he stated
“why?” she asked
“because I want you to be a responsible mother. You’re going to stop modelling but I’ll get an agency for you. You’ll have to work as a big lady. For me” he said and Lucy smiled
“what if I don’t marry you?” she asked
“are you dating me to pass time?” he asked with a serious face
“no” she replied
“well, if you don’t marry me. I’ll marry you. We die here” he stated with a sense of humor and she laughed
”stand up let’s go inside. There’s something I wanna show you” he said and lifted her up
They walked inside and he took something from the drawer and they walked downstairs
He covered her eyes and opened them
The first thing she saw was a car key that he hung over her face
Then she saw the Prado latest model right in front of her with her name tagged on it
“for you” he said and she screamed and hugged him happily
”this is just the beginning” he said with a smile
And they all lived happily ever after
The End

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