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Veronica drove in from her office and the kids rushed out to welcome her.
There was a car parked close to her gate.
She didn’t want to think much about it because it didn’t affect her from driving in but she grows suspecious of everything ever since her near death experience

“Something smells nice, Rose what’s cooking?
She asked her daughter as she became very curious.

Her daughter told her that she was cooking while the brother was assisting her.

“, Cooking… cooking what? You can’t possibly be cooking something that smells this good….”

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She was already rushing in before the children burn down the house with whatever they are cooking.

“Mom, I can cook very well is just that you haven’t given me the chance to do so. I’m eleven not the regular five years old that can’t do anything. Beside is your birthday so I thought maybe we can make something delicious for you…”

Immediately she opened the door she was startled by the random ” happy birthday surprise” shout.
She looked around and there stood Jane and her two daughters Becca and Deborah. She was pregnant again and that was another shock for Veronica.

“Jane… you? I can’t believe you came?

“Is been two years since we set eyes on each other Vero. The distance is indeed a barrier. I just had to drive all the way down with my girls today to surprise you and I brought all the goodies I can think off… happy birthday girlfriend.”

Vero and Jane embraced each other tight.
After the long hug Vero said to her.
“You don’t have to… especially in your condition. That’s another surprise though… you never told me that you were pregnant again Jane? How’s your husband by the way? Anyway, we will catch later…I need a taste of whatever that smells this good. Rose tried to trick me into believing she was behind it but she forgot that I’m her mother and I do know her too well….”

They all laugh as they began feasting on the already set table.
After they finished up and everything was cleared out.
Veronica went to freshen up while Jane put the children to bed.
After the kids went to bed, Veronica was ready for the night, same with Jane they decided to have a personal chat and catch up since is been years they saw each other face to face aside the numerous phone calls.

The cool night breeze blows in as they sat down in the living room and began to talk
Veronica asked Jane about her husband and how things were moving with her.

“Dan have been an angel, we are strongly rooted in God and our strength is renewed on each passing day. Every of my life mistakes and trouble pushed me more closer to knowing God. after getting married to Dan it became even more stronger because Dan doesn’t joke with God either. Our family is blessed…he officially adopted Becca as his own. Deborah is already three and in about few month we will have another addition. Having three children is huge but they are blessings from the Lord. I went for scan again last week and they confirmed that is a boy. I’m so excited… Dan is happy. I wanted to keep it as a surprise but my mouth is running due to the happiness in my heart Vero. After this one we will be closing the chapter of pregnancy. Let’s focus on the one God has blessed us with and train them up in the knowledge of the most high. We really miss you and the kids. You drove down two years ago to see us, it was my turn to reciprocate. You have done it twice and I couldn’t wait to surprise you. Dan asked if we can wait until the weekend so that he can drive us down himself. I told him not to bother… today is Friday, we will spend the Saturday with you guys before heading back on Sunday. Don’t worry about feeding…I have it covered. I’m really happy to see you and the kids… all grown. Look at Rose… she has grown so much like you in everything even in voice. We can’t both deny that Josh has his father’s resemblance… facial and nothing more. God forbids if there should be anything more. He will be a great champ, loving and caring and mostly God fearing too… nothin like his Dad…”


laughed for so long with smirking look on Jane’s face.

“You look good too Jane. I’m happy for you and thank God every day for your strong faith in God. God have been merciful to me…so merciful and kind. Business is going on well, the children are really a blessing I must confess. Life have been pleasant in general. After Patricia sold the house handsomely and surprisingly gave me huge amount of money, millions to start my life again I didn’t hesitate to begin afresh. Leaving the state to miles away, Starting my business and leaving all the fear and trauma behind. Is been five years already after the saga Jane and yet it still feels like yesterday. Is God and my kids now…no man involved. I have trust issue when it comes to men and I don’t intend getting into any relationship mess ever again. I’m satisfied with my second chance and the children God had blessed me with…I won’t blow it up ever…”

Jane heaped a sigh before saying
“Do you still hear from Patricia…it must be very hard for her despite that woman looks tough and harden but she is a human with emotions. Watching her husband blow himself up right in the middle of their living room must be so hard to digest. Just because he wanted to escape arrest and life sentence in prison. Pete is very selfish not to have consider Patricia or the kids before taking such action…!”


was silence as their mind both travelled to the past.
Vero spoke
“Is been years I spoke with Patricia. After the house transaction and she called like twice to check up nothing from her again. Is for the better Jane. Everyone needs to heal from the pain Pete inflicted in our hearts. Patricia told me then that Pete swore that he will never step foot into the prison again, he will rather die instead. I told you about it the last time I visited. He begged her to use her influence to help him out but Patricia told him that it was over. She was done helping him. He picked up a gun and threaten to shoot Patricia if she does not do as he said. For the sake of her life and the children she agreed to try and after making like three calls but none of the people in high office were willing to help, Pete becomes more furious. two of their children were home, the third was out and they witnessed Pete pointing gun at their mother. Pete said he will kill them all and himself inclusive if Patricia do not help him get out. His criminal records, forgery and attempt murder would Land him a lifetime sentence. Pete knew this and know his only ticket out is Patricia who obviously had exhausted all measures too. The kids cried and pleaded that he shouldn’t shoot their mother. Patricia told me that she just stood there staring at him and hoping that it won’t be her last day on earth. Knowing what Pete is capable off made her fear grew. She said that she began to think about God and every thing I told her concerning God back at the hospital. She muttered few words asking God to see her through that deadly situation and she will dedicate her life serving him. Pete called her all sort of names and said she was a traitor…a betrayal. And because she betrayed him he will put an end to her miserable life. I don’t know how one of the the kids managed to alert the police. Probably when Pete was talking in rage, walking about with the gun and destroying everything he set his eyes on. Hearing the police siren blowing outside the gate, fear grabbed him. it was at this time that realization hit Pete… there was no escaping. He suddenly turned the gun over to himself and fired a shot to his head without a second thought. He died at the spot and after he was buried Patricia sold off the building which she never intended to sell before. She relocated to far away city with the children where nobody knows about neither did she disclose it to anyone. She live a very quiet and private life. She fulfilled her promise to serving God with her children and her life took a beautiful new turn just like mine. Did you know initially that Patricia almost chickened out of bringing Pete to Justice. She said she couldn’t do it at first… even after two weeks. Rather she she gave her kids the police contacts incase of any emergency. Police started visiting them after waiting for Patricia’s call and none came, they began asking questions and inviting Pete to the station for questioning of which he refused. That was when he started suspecting Patricia and blew hot the day he found out that Patricia was behind it all…”


sighed and continued
“…. Well, is sad the way it all ended but I’m glad there’s an end. We can all live our lives without worries or fear of the unknown. Is still traumatizing Jane but we’re all in the healing process and with God we will be alright. I’m teaching in a Sunday school class in this my new church. After moving down here, we found a Bible believing church and after few months I volunteered to become one of the church worker. This is not like the previous… my service to God and mankind is Paramount… very important. I will never joke with that… I’m dedicated untill God finally calls me home….”

The night wears on and they stayed up talking and reminiscing over the past and what the future holds.

Jane later stood that she was going to bed. Veronica asked her to wait so that they can both pray.
Veronica led the praises and prayer which lasted for about ten to fifteen minutes.
And after which they both retired to bed.

Tomorrow is another day to be happy.
The past years held so many failure and lessons. They were done dwelling in the pain and regrets that it brings.

years has gone by, is time to forge ahead and leave whatever belongs to the past in the past but they will never leave the lesson that comes with it.


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