In between two deep sea episode 6 – finale


Chapter Six (Final part)
From GranAmah’s Heart writing class

Just as I envisaged, Uche and his mother had a really big issue that day after I left his mother’s place

According to him, his confrontation with his mother ended in them cutting ties with each other

A few days after the incident with his mother, Uche came back to beg me on his mother’s behalf and wanted us to strengthen our relationship together but my mind was already made up.

I love him but I do know for a fact that I do not want to get involved or married into such a family. Having such a mother inlaw who might be bearing a huge grudge against the girl who had unintentionally implicated her, and caused discord between her and her son is a huge risk I can’t take even for love.

I was back to being a single lady again after I had completely broken things off with Uche.

At first, it was depressing because of the way Uche and I ended but I knew deep down that I made the best decision of walking out on that family as my aunt adviced,

I will rather strive to heal from our break off.

It is bad enough that I had to be caught in-between two unfortunate decisions, deciding to go for the other option of accepting Uche regardless of everything is yet another deep sea, when I can easily walk out on it altogether and save myself from future mystery.
I know I told a huge lie with my aunt’s name just to escape from Uche’s Mom
I have prayed against it, my dearest aunty will not be involved in any accident.
God will continue to keep her safe because she’s the only family that I have got and her advice helps me alot in my decision.

I no longer want to be inbetween the two deep seas anymore.
I have to save myself before I get drown by the dark waters.


After three years went by, I’m still very proud that I actually made that decision. I am happily married to the love of my life, Simon and it’s our one year anniversary.

Simon and I met six months after my break off with Uche and it’s been all shades of love, happiness, acceptance and free of obstacles.

His family accepted me wholeheartedly and my mother inlaw is more like a second mother to me both in actions and words and I love her so much for that.

She accepted and treated me as her own daughter.
She took me in even before our wedding and she never changed even after I was married to her son.
She had never given me reason to regret being part of the family.
She showers me with prayers and encouraged me to also be prayerful because prayer is the key to unlock close doors.

I am standing in front of my dressing mirror beautifully dressed for a date with my beloved husband

Simon wants to make sure he takes me out on a date every year of our anniversary to celebrate our marriage, it was one of his promises to me

” Are you ready sweetie?”

” Yes my love” I replied and together we walked out of the door to our car at the garage and drove out.

We arrive at our destination and came down. We were standing in front of a traditional food restaurant and to imagine that I have been craving for traditional food since yesterday!

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” Woaw! So you knew? thank you so much hunnie for this” I said hugging him to show my gratitude and while doing this, I saw someone familiar intensely staring at me

” Lets go in sweetie” Simon, my husband said to me

” No hunnie, you can go in first, I think I have just met an acquaintance. I promise I’ll join you soon”

” Okay sweetie, I’ll order for us while waiting but don’t take too long!”

” Sure love!” I replied and kissed him on his lips and he went into the restaurant

Using my hands, I beckon to the familiar face who was still staring at me to come closer, and when he did that’s when I saw him clearly

” Wow! Uche! Is this you?” I asked truly excited to see him, as I haven’t seen him after our awkward break off three years ago

” Yes ohh, it’s me Juilet! How are you? Was that your husband?”

” Yes it is my husband. For your first question I am fine oh, how about you and your mother?”

” I’m fine but I don’t know for my mom because she is in jail now and I haven’t visited her for two months now!”

” Jesus! Jail? Why?”

” It is for Le3biani3m and mürder. As my mother, I forgave her after the whole saga with you following constant pleas of repentance from her. A year after our break off I got married to Jennifer, a girl I met after you. To cut the long story short, my mom made advances at her and unlike you she wasn’t strong enough so she succumbed. Juilet! for a whole year and few months of my marriage, could you believe that I was actually sharing my wife with a fellow woman, my own mother!” Uche said while I heaved not surprised because that would have been my fate if I had chosen the wrong sea

Uche continued..

“… My mom k!lled her after she wanted to break free from the sinful act they had together for fear of me finding out and secondly, I guess with the rate at which my mom was going with her it was becoming suffocating for her hence she needed freedom but it ended in her déath!. It was few weeks after her death that I found out through the CCTV camera everything that happened right under my nose and I ordered the múrderer’s arrest immediately. Yes! She is my mother but I can’t be an accomplice to murdêr by keeping quiet after knowing and seeing everything that happened!” Uche concluded his story and I was just looking at him dumbfounded..

I managed to utter

” Woow! So how long will she be spending in jail?”

” It’s a life imprisonment sentence Juilet.. she was just slightly lucky to escape dèãth sentence by hanging!”

” If you ask me I think it’s one and the same thing with life imprisonment” I replied shrugging

” True! Anyways the three months she has spent there so far is beginning to reset her loose nuts.. I believe the subsequent years to come will completely bring her nuts back in place enough for her to give her life to Christ, at least before she d,!es in jâil” Uche said nonchalantly

” Common Uche! That’s too hârsh! She’s still your mother you know!”

” Yes she is but I will forever regret having her as a mother! I don’t even have any intention of going to visit her in jâil after the first and last time I went there to sign some documents a month ago!”

” Uche! Please forgive her because she is still your mother”

” If you were the one who were in Jennifer’s shoes and even diëd in the process, would you have still asked me to forgive her so easily like you are doing now?” Uche asked me and I kept mute because I knew it wasn’t easy at all

“…I have to be on my way now Juilet, greet your husband goodbye on my behalf. Take care!”

” Take care too Uche.. may God mend your brøken heart and give you someone better because you are a good man and deserve better than what you got!”

” Amen! Goodbye Juilet!” Uche said smilingly as he left in the same direction he came

I sigh as I watched him leave to where his car is packed, I’m happy that at least he wasn’t doing bad physically but I can’t say about his emotionally state.
He must so devastated with all that has happened.

Sincerely, I do wish him good luck as he is a good man and is just unfortunate to be given such a woman as a mother!

I heard my husband call me from inside to come eat my food before it gets cold, and I went in to join him to enjoy the rest of my evening.

In all, I am very thankful to God for saving me from such misfortune and mother inlaw.

This is to discourage an indulgence in such indecent act, it is a sin against God and humanity and should never be encouraged or indulge in. The end result is always unpleasant and life-threatening, as it is punishable by the law and worst of all, it leads to damnation in hell.

The End