In love with the pregnant lady episode 7


I was in the office arranging some stuff and my phone ranged,it was mother on the line.

I sighed and said.
“I don’t think if am ready to listen to mother’s trouble this hot afternoon”
i did not pick it until the third call came.
“Good afternoon mother!
I greeted her.
“Afternoon Son! I have been calling and you are not answering”
she sounded.
“Sorry mother,I left my phone at my office and went out to check my patient”
I said.
“Okay son! so how are you doing?
she asked.
“Am fine mother,what about you and your health,I hope you are still taking your medication?

I asked.
“Yes Son! am getting better and stronger everyday”
she asked.
“As how I always want you to be Mother,stronger and stronger everyday”
I replied.
“I need my body to be very strong to carry my grandchildren,playing around with them,so son when are you introducing her to your mother?
she asked and I know thats the reason she called.
“Mother very soon you will see her”
I replied.
“Very soon! thats what you keep saying son,when is that soon?
she shouted.

“Mother you don’t have to worry just in a twinkle of an eye you see her”
he said.
“That day should come oooo! am tired of waiting,I need to carry my grandchildren”
she sounded.
“Mother you will soon wait no more”
I said.
“Let that soon come biko! you need to settle down son,you are no longer getting any younger beside you know Joe your best friend has gotten married and I know that Jay is also planning his own marriage”
she said.
“Jay marry! Mother forget about Jay getting marry because the Jay I know very well marriage is his black book,if there’s anything like Marriage is not in Jay’s diary”
I sounded.

“Mother i have to hang up the call,I will talk back to you soon,let me attain to my nurse”
I said.
“I know your calling back will even take a whole month”
she sounded and hanged up the call.
“Doctor your attention is urgently needed at ward 12”
the nurse that ran inside shouted at me.
I took my stereo and ran out immediately to ward 12,I checked the child’s pulse no longer there,I checked the heartbeat too and not breathing again.
“Oh no! God why! He can’t be dead!
I shouted in tears.

“Doctor what happened to my child?
the mother asked shaking me.
“Madam please calm down”
I replyed with tearing eyes.
“Don’t tell me to calm down!
she shouted shaking the little boy.
“Why is my son don’t moving again,what have you done to my son?
she cried out shaking me.
“Please Madam put yourself together,God knows why it happened this way”
I said trying to console her.
“Don’t tell me to calm down! Bring back my only son to me oooo!
She cried out dragging her son.
“Nurse cover the boy and make the mother to put herself together”
I said with a painful heart and walked out from the room.
It pains me and torn my heart if I loose a patient especially if it happens to be a child who have not even gone anywhere in life.

The death of this little boy pained me so much,he has a kindey failure and his operation suppose to be tomorrow hard it been I know it will be like this I could have carry out the operation today.
The poor woman trusted me so much for carrying out the son’s operation but God knows why he took the little boy away from her,it is really painful to loose your dear one if I was given the power to resurrecte the dead one I will deflently bring the little boy back to him.

The incident that happened the other day still flashed back my memory,I ever thought that Joe will ever cheat on me in our matrimony bed yet alone occur to me that he will addressed to me in such manner.
All I was doing is to protect my unborn baby from him,I don’t want our marriage to torn apart like this.
I was resting at the sitting room while Rose was in the kitchen preparing something,I did not even have the strength to help her out.
Some few minutes later,someone rang the door bell.

“Who is there?
I asked standing up to get the door.
“Jenny you don’t have to stress yourself while am I here”
Rose said and went to get the door.
“So after all you have done to Jenny you still have the guts to step your sinking dirty legs into this house?
Rose shouted.
I know it Joe,what is he doing here,did he came to beg me or what?
I thought.
“Am not here to exchange a nasty words to you,where is Jenny I need to talk to her”
he shouted.

“Yes am here,what Is it?
I shouted as I came out.
“Here sign this!
he said bringing out a papers.
“What is this?
I asked as he straighten his hand to handle over the papers to me.
“This is our divorce papers,am done with this marriage,I cant have a raped woman as a wife,it is over between us”
He shouted.
“What are you saying Joe!
Rose asked.
I was so shocked in hearing of this and left a bombshell.
“Why are you doing this to me Joe? was it my fault that I got raped? Why did you want to end our marriage Joe? what about the love will have and share together? Are you ending our marriage because of that brat I met in the house?
I cried out.

“Jenny I said it is over between us and the love I had for you died at the moment you became pregnant for that rapist,sign this papers”
he shouted and threw the papers at me and walked to his car.
“Joe please don’t do this to me,We can still amend our marriage,please Joe”
i cried out.
“Joe you are very heartless and one day you will surly be judge for this,Jenny let’s go”
Rose shouted.
He turned and walked back to us.
“And one more thing that lady you met me with is the woman I want to marry”
he shouted and walked back to his car.
“I still love you Joe,Please come back to me”
I cried out.

“Jenny stop crying over a devil lets go inside”
she said and picked the papers.
“Am finished Rose! What am still living for? Joe has end our marriage because of this,I love Joe with all my heart,is it my fault that I got raped,why is my own case like this?
I cried out.

“Is okay Jenny! Stop hurting yourself you have this little angel inside your womb to live for,as I keep telling you,When God takes away something from Ur hands don’t think he’s punishing u. He’s just leaving u empty handed to receive something better,so God knows why our marriage with Joe is like this please my dear stop crying.
“Rosy it is so painful,just five months if our marriage and we divorcing because of that rapist my God will surly push him for doing this to me,my heart is broken into pieces Jenny”
I cried out.

“Rosy stop crying is okay,you know in this life,A broken heart is like a dog bite.The pain will go away, But the scar will last forever,A break up is like a broken mirror. It is better to leave it broken than hurt yourself to fix it and also ,Giving up doesn’t always mean you are weak;
Sometimes it means that you are strong enough to let go so please Jenny you have left go of anything concerning our marriage with Joe and move on with your life,you have this precious one who need you the most and you have to live for her.

She consoled,hugged and wiped out my tears.
“Jenny I want you to stand and took courage,move on with your life and forget that a day like this ever came in your life”
she said.
I wiped my tears and said,”I will not cry for you Joe again,I will not hurt myself and my unborn child anymore,I will move on with my life because I have this little princess in me to live for”
I said boldly and signed the divorce papers.

“Yes dear,this is what I want you to do to be happy with your life and not hurting yourself over a foolish man”
she said and hugged me.
“Rosy thank you so much for being there for me”
“What are friends for,you are my sister and my bestie”
she said.
I smiled and hugged her.
“I want you to take a full rest let me go and finish up in the kitchen”
she said and went back to the kitchen.


It has been one month now since Joe divorced me and am almost six months pregnant.
I have been alone in the house for the past two weeks now,Rose traveled to UK for a business trip and she will be staying for two months.
She suggested I should follow her because of my condition but I insisted on staying only me at home,I know my condition is not something I can stay alone but I don’t want my condition to be a problem to her.
I was coming back from the supermarket and this strange man hit me.
“Are you blind? Can’t you see?
I shouted at him.
“Am sorry dear,I did not see you”
he apologized.
“How will you see when all your attention is that danm phone”
I shouted and walked a bit,I felt this shocked on my stomach.
“My stomach!
I shouted and he turned back to me.
“What is it? are you okay?
he asked being concern.
“Is nothing am Okay”
I replyed and walked a bit and the pain came back and this time it was server,I shouted again.
“Madam I don’t think you are Okay,please let me take you to a near hospital for you to be examine”
he said.
“Are you deaf? I said am okay”
I shouted with the pains am feeling inside.
“No Madam! I don’t think you are okay I need to take you to a near by hospital please Madam,am the cause of the pain hard it been I did not hit you the pain won’t have came up”
he insisted.
I have no other choice but to allow him to take me to the hospital and I can’t endure the pain anymore.
I held me at my waist and took me to my car and collected the car key and drove faster to the hospital.



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