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Joshua the security officer episode 17


Episode 17
” I have gotten a better place for your wedding reception, I hope to meet you or call me back and we talk about it, and I have called SLYVIA OWORI to get for you the world’s best wedding gown from Italy.”
Shilla switched off her phone.
She thought of what to tell her friends and parent’s of both the two if they called.
15 mins later, Moses’s phone rang and since it was wrong to talk on phone whiles driving,
he connected the phone to the car’s audio system and answered the call.
It was a call from Moses’s wife.
“good evening sir, please is this Moses?” a lady’s voice asked gently.
Moses checked the screen to make sure it was his wife’s number. It indeed was.
“yes please, I am Moses. Where is my wife. I mean the owner of the phone you are calling me on?” he asked impatiently
“Sir please calm down. Your wife is the reason why I called you” The lady on phone replied.
” What about my wife, has she killed, beaten or fought anyone?, please tell me straight forward” Moses hurried to interfere.
” Nooo sir, she’s at the Norvik Hospital on Bombo Road and you are needed here please” the voice replied him
“alright madam. I will be there in less than ten minutes” he assured and hanged up.
The conversation was loud and clear in the ears of Shilla.
Moses totally forgot the presence of his boss in the car, since it was a serious family emergency.
He saw a traffic light and made a quick u-turn.
Shilla saw the urgency in Moses to get to the hospital to see what was wrong with his wife. She felt jealous and angry at the same time.
“hey hey Moses!!!! Don’t you have manners huh what kind of a disrespectful driver are you? If you don’t want to lose your job, just take me home now” Shilla backed angrily.
Moses became surprised and shocked, something he never expected from his boss Shilla
“I am very sorry madam. I even forgot you are in the car. I was only imagining my only wife in a dying point, I was seeing a matter of life and death, My wife is in the hospital and I don’t know what is wrong with her. I dropped her at work before coming to pick you earlier today. She was perfectly fine. Please give give me a few minutes to check up on her” Moses pleaded with desperation in his voice to Dr Shilla.
That even made Shilla his boss very jealous.
Dr Shilla felt nobody cared about her like how her driver cared about his wife.
Dr Shilla felt she was the boss and everything she would say was final. She became very bossy that moment.
“if you don’t want to lose your job, take me home now” Shilla ordered.
Moses located a parking space and parked the car.
He switched off the ignition and turned to his boss who was at the back seat.
” Madam Shilla i know you are my boss, with all due respect am sorry to say this but I must, if attending to my wife at the hospital will let me lose my job then so be it. I can’t watch my wife loose her life because I want to save my job, what would be the reason of my working? If not to keep my family, that’s my only lovely wife and children, You know what, Madam Shilla get a husband and start a life, you will understand what family love means.” Moses said angrily as tears roll down,
He got down from the car and slumped the door.
He stopped Friendship taxi and jumped into it. The driver drove off
Dr Shilla sat in her car with shock.
“How could Moses talk to me in that manner, and just leave, what if I didn’t know how to drive?” Shilla thought to herself.
Shilla got down from the backseat and sat in front of the steering.
She drove off feeling angry at herself but in her mind Moses was also right and Shilla had invisible tears because the heart was touched with the strong words Moses said
Shilla drove to Chillies a popular hang out joint.
She was totally confused in her mind. She didn’t know what to tell her friends and parent.
Shilla ordered for two big bottles of Black Label.
she had consumed one bottle already and the other to a half of it.
Shilla became so drunk and weak like never before.
Shilla picked Dr Aaron’s wallet size photo, looked at it and started crying while singing in Ateso her local language.
Looking at the photo Shilla saw herself with Aaron dancing on wedding day
She couldn’t move her body.
Dr Shilla put her head on the table and started murmuring to herself.
Dorah usually used the road in front of Chillies whenever there was too much traffic at a junction to Bukoto.
When Dorah got to Chillies, she decided to drop and drink a bottle of beer before moving on.
Dorah parked her car and got down.
She spotted a car parked in front of Chillies like that of Shilla.
Dorah smiled to herself.
“Am very sure Shilla and Aaron must be having fun here” Dorah thought to herself.
Dorah stood a little, looked around to see if she could spot Aaron’s car. That was a dream.
She wondered who Shilla was with.
Dorah went to check the car’s number if it was really for Dr Shilla and indeed it was.
She entered the restaurant.
She looked around and saw her friend.
Shilla’s head was still on the table.
Dorah as well saw the half bottle of Black label beside Shilla.
She became shocked and couldn’t imagine, ” there’s must be a problem, this can’t be Shilla ” Dorah said to herself.
Dorah rushed to where she was sitting and asked her why she was there alone.
No answer came.
Shilla lifted her head and smiled.
She was so drunk that, she didn’t know what she was doing. She placed her head on the table again.
Dorah checked if Moses the driver was around. there was no sign of him,
She picked Shilla’s phone and called Moses.
Moses was sitting beside his wife at the hospital when his phone rang.
He checked and realised it was his boss calling.
” Sweet heart see my boss is hear calling me” Moses said as he showed it to his wife.
He had already disclosed everything to the wife.
” Let me not pick her call” Moses said.
” Sweet heart its OK you pick her call” his wife advised.
Moses stared at his wife and shook his head.
But because he never wanted to annoy his sick wife, he had to pick her.
He answered the call and put it on loud speaker.
“Moses,please stop whatever you are doing and come over to Chillies right now. It’s very urgent” Dorah said to him on the phone. The urgency in her voice told Steve and his wife that there was something wrong.
“Moses, are you there? Please talk to me” Dorah said almost in tears when she realized there was no feedback from Moses though he had answered the call.
Moses ended the call without saying a word to whoever used his boss’s number to call him.
” Sweet heart what you did is not right, why you didn’t talk? Moses the urgency in the person’s voice told me something is not right, my husband go and locate the caller, its your boss if anything happens to her am sure you will be answerable” Moses’s wife pleaded with him.
Moses stared at his wife for a while.
He knew there was no way he could say no to his wife.
He stood up from the edge of the bed.
He walked out of the ward without saying anything to his wife, his boss had hurt him.
He stopped a taxi in front of the hospital and jumped in.
30 minutes later because of serious traffic jam, he reached Chillies,
He spotted his madam’s car and stood beside it.
He called her number and Dorah answered without wasting time
Shilla was seated with her head on the table.
The look on Moses’s face told Dorah that the young man and his boss were having a problem.
Shilla was carried to Dorah’s car.
They created a scene which made people gossip about the boozed young lady.
Dorah gave Shilla’s car keys to Moses to drive.
She entered her car and zoomed off because people were staring at them.
The gateman at Shilla’s house assisted Dorah and Moses in taking Shilla to her room.
Dorah took Shilla to the bathroom and washed her with cold water.
She was taken to her bedroom to sleep. She was lost in her world.
Dorah joined Moses at the sitting room and asked him what happened that day.
Moses narrated everything to Dorah.
She felt her friend Shilla went too far with what she did but didn’t let Moses know.
Moses left later when he realized Shilla was okay.
Dorah was shocked to hear what Moses disclosed about Aaron.
She still didn’t believe it.
He had known the young doctor for sometime and nothing about him showed he was gay.
She felt very sorry for Shilla.
Dorah called her husband Elena and disclosed to him what had happened to her friend.
Elena advised her to take care of her.
Dorah called Norah to disclosed to them what had happened to their friend. They couldn’t believe their ears.
Shilla woke up having headache and feeling pains all over her body.
She touched her head and tried to recollect what happened the previous night but the headache blocked her sense of reasoning.
She walked slowly to her dressing mirror and located some pain killers.
She took two pills and dropped it into her mouth.
Shilla walked to the kitchen to get water.
She met Dorah in the kitchen preparing breakfast.
Shilla became shocked about what was going on.
She felt something went wrong the previous night but couldn’t figure out what it was because of the headache.
” Shilla I hope you are fine now” Dorah asked.
” am not fine because i don’t understand what is going on here” Shilla replied.
Shilla picked a bottled water and drunk a little to help the medicine she had chewed to work fast for her.
“But Dorah, why are you here in my kitchen this early morning. What is going on” Shilla inquired from her friend.
“Shilla, since when did you become a serious drunkard? Why must you drink yourself to death just because of a man. Huh?” Dorah asked wearing gloomy face.
Shilla just stared at her.
She didn’t understand why she was being called a drunkard.
Anytime she was out, the only thing hard she took was a bottle of her favorite beer and that was it.
“Dorah can you please help me understand what is going on? I am not a drunkard. You and I know that” Shilla said and held her head again.
She closed her eyes because the pain became severe.
“Hahaaa see your eyes can’t even look at me, well, I guess the level of the Label is still in your system so you can’t remember anything. Don’t worry. You will remember everything when the alcohol is totally out of your system, go and rest your medicine” Dorah tried to make fun of her.
The pain killers did magic for Shilla.
The headache seized which made her feel a little better.
She took a cup of coffee Dorah had prepared.
All of a sudden, she regained her senses,
the incident of the previous day rushed into her mind like a mighty rushing wind.
Shilla was terrified and she dropped the cup of coffee on the kitchen cabinet and held it the support herself from falling because the incident that happened.
Dorah who was observing her from the corner of her eyes asked ..” Shilla are you fine?”
Shilla shook her head negatively. Meaning she wasn’t fine.
Dorah realised her friend had remembered what was really going on. She held Shilla’s shoulders and tried to calm her nerves. Sit down Shilla.
Tears dropped from Shilla’s eyes.
“this can’t be happening to me. What do I tell my parent’s? I am not shedding tears because of the bastard but because of the disgrace he has left me in. You know Dorah we were left with only two weeks to have our wedding and lots of family and friends have been invited. How do i tell them the wedding has been cancelled?” Shilla cried out as tears may the cloth she was on w€t.
Dorah felt her pain.
She knew the guy had left Shilla in a serious disgrace, in pieces, in pain no one would assume.
” Shilla don’t worry, no situation is permanent, someday sometime, things will unfold and you will smile, am ready to help you to get out of the mess” Dorah advised.
Just as they were still talking, they heard a gentle knock at the door.
Dorah walked to the door and opened.
Moses greeted.
” Good morning Dorah, i hope all is well?” Moses asked as he stood face to face with Dorah.
She welcomed him and made way for him to enter the sitting room.
” well but have a seat” Dorah said.
Shilla’s face changed when she saw moses,
She never expected him to come back to his job after what he did and said to her the previous day.
Shilla felt there was no need to continue working with Moses because he couldn’t take simple orders from her.
“Mr lover what the hell do you want hear??” Shilla asked angrily to the surprise of Dorah.
She just didn’t understand what was going on between her friend and her worker.
“Shilla, please calm down and let’s settle whatever that had happened amicably. I don’t think being harsh to your worker is the best even if he is wrong, no one of us is perfect, this you very know” Dorah advised her friend but the look on her face told her she was not ready to listen to her
“Dorah you don’t understand and you won’t understand, do you know what this Moses told me? What annoys me most is, he is just a common driver. An unprofessional work. He stood in my face and insulted me. This useless driver insulted my integrity” Shilla said.
The anger in Moses kept boiling but he kept it cool, he was gentle and humble. He actually had no intention of returning to the work but his wife wanted him to make peace with his boss and continue with the work.
Since Moses had a soft spot for his wife, he reluctantly agreed to go back and make peace with his boss and continue working with her.
“Shilla, please slow down. Do you know where I located you and your car yesterday? You wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for the help of your driver Moses. He assisted me in bringing you home. If he was a bad person, I don’t think he would have come when I called to tell him to rush to the location I gave him” Dorah said.
“Dorah its fine don’t bother over explaining to her, don’t worry madam Shilla. I am not here to work. I came by to let you know how sorry I am for my actions and words yesterday and also to check up on you. Thanks so much for accepting my apology, you have such a nice boss among all those I worked with, I wouldn’t be ashamed to say this.. Thank you once again” Moses said and headed for the door but he was stopped by Dorah.
“Moses please don’t leave. You guys should calm down and let’s talk about this thing once and for all. I don’t think it will be best if you leave” Dorah pleaded with Moses.
Moses stopped to see what would happen.
He was not a bit comfortable with what was going on.
It looked like he was begging to retain his job but that wasn’t so.
“Shilla am here to advice not to decide for you, so now tell Moses you driver to leave for good, if you think he is not good enough. If you think there is a better driver out there than him, just tell him to leave” Dorah said to Shilla and waited for her reaction………………………..
…………..to be continued.

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