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Sxy house maid and the Dons episode 13

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Episode 13

✍written by. Madu Shadrach

So far was still busy videoing them as they are busy enjoying themselves.

And Megan has finished satisfying Sophia, so it is Sophia’s time to go for another round again.

But just as Sophia stand up she saw Cara videoing them.

“What! what the fuck are you doing!” Sophia shouted as she was trying to cover up her nakedness.

While Cara started running immediately and Megan tried to chase her.

but she quickly ran back into her room and locked it up.

And then Megan ran backwards “Who is that girl?” Megan asked.

“Don’t worry about her, I will handle her” Sophia replied as she quickly wears her undies.

And so as Megan too, she wears her undies too.

And then Sophia runs directly to Cara’s room and so as Megan ran forward after her too.

And when Sophia got to her room she discovered that the door is locked up.

“Hey Cara please open the door for me okay? it is me your favorite aunty”

“Come on open the door for your lovable sister Sophia, please”

“It is me Sophia” Sophia was still pleading and then Cara opened the door.

And Sophia and Megan kneels down immediately.

“Cara please where is the phone that you were using to video us”

“Where is the video please, you can’t be joking with everything”

“Why are you videoing us? can’t you see that we are enjoying ourselves”

“Please Cara you will need to handover the phone to me right now” Megan said to her.

“As what? please mind the way you speak with me and who are you”

“And what are you doing in this house, why did you come here to sleep with my boss” Cara referred to Megan.

While Megan angrily stares at her while Sophia calms her down.

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“Megan please you will have to calm down, this is not time for that”

“This is time to plead instead, just calm down okay?” Sophia said to Megan and then Megan relaxed.

“So Cara please, where is the video, alright I will do anything just for you to delete that video” Sophia said to Cara.

“Wow, nice decision, I think that you are making point now”

“So both of you should follow to the parlor let’s go and discuss” Cara said to them as she leads to them parlor.

And the Megan tries to open her room door and get inside to steal the phone.

But then she noticed that Cara was so smart, she locked up the door before leaving.

And then she kindly joined Sophia and they followed her back to the parlor.

And when they get to the parlor they sat down on the chairs.

“Please Cara, you have to be quick with whatever you are saying”

“You know that the Dons will soon get back to home” Megan said to Cara.

“Oh please, you didn’t know that they are going to be back and you were over here having s*x!” Cara replied to her.

“Okay, Cara please tell us what you want from us, we are ready to do it”

“As far as you will delete that video out of your phone” Sophia said.

“It is alright aunty Sophia, well, first if all I will need to know who this woman is”

“Please who are you and how fast are you that you get to this place that quick”

“Because I left my aunty some few minutes ago, and just for me to return back”

“I saw that you are already making out with her, so please tell me who aw you?” Cara asked.

“Well, am one of the house wives of the Dons” Megan replied.

“Oh yes I knew it that you were just too fast, how fast are you to get to this place that quick?”

“Not knowing that you live in the next house, well”

“So your husband is not strong enough to satisfy you right?”

“Oh maybe you prefer hand then the real d**k?” Cara asked.

“Not really the way you are taking it, you see am so horny this night”

“And my husband came back I told him to make love with me but he refused”

“I requested for just a quick one, he said no that he has an immediate place he need to go”

“Then am just too honey to hold myself, and I decide to visit my colleague here”

“Because I know that she will help me out and make me to satisfy myself” Megan calmly explained.

“That doesn’t mean that you should cheat on your husband”

“You are supposed to be so faithfull to your husband” Cara said to her.

“But am still faithful to her, I have done it with girls only” Megan said.

“Okay, you are faithful and you have done it with girls ain’t right?”

“In that case I will show this to your husband so that he will clap for you”

“Because you are only doing it with girls, you don’t do it with boys” Cara said to Megan.

“Oh please Cara don’t do that to me, please I promise that I will give you whatsoever you want”

“I will give you everything that you need, just please”

“Do not let him to see that video please” Megan pleads.

“And why are you pleading? I thought that you said, that you only do that with girls?”

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“So what will your husband now do to you if he notice about this?” Cara asked.

“He will totally loose all the trust he has in me, and that will cost me a lot”

“Please am begging you, do not let him to see that video” Megan pleads almost with tears

“Okay in that case, I will need you to do something else for me” Cara said.

“Oh please mention anything that you want from me, I will provide it for you,”

“Do you won’t money or car, a what do you want, just mention it, I will provide it for you” Megan promised.

While Cara laughs instead “You think that I need car and money?”

“If you think that I need car and money, I couldn’t have been her for a long now”

“I could have left this place just few minutes that Sophia brought me into this house” Cara said and then Sophia started sensing something very important from that word.

“Did she just said that she could have left this house just few minutes that I brought her?”

“That means… that she must have caught Axel with something” Sophia said in her mind.

“Ummn, please Cara can I ask a question?” Sophia requested.

“Yes of course, go on boss” Cara responded to Sophia.

“Did you just said that if you want car and money you could have left this house” Sophia was still saying.

But Cara have already recognized that she is trying to fish out something.

“Hold it right there I was joking… I was just joking nothing else” Cara replied while Sophia stares at her.

“So back to our discussion, am done with you woman” Cara said to Megan.

“But you have not yet told me what it is that you want me to do for you?” Megan asked.

“That is what I will break for both of you at once so you have to wait now” Cara responded.

“Okay, over to you sis Sophia, how would your sweetheart feel when he sees this?” Cara asked.

“What…? Cara!?” Sophia called on her name out of shock.

Because she was expecting that Cara will not even mention her name.

She was hoping that she has already been forgiven because she is her sis.

So all she was hoping for is to join Megan and plead for her.

“And what was that supposed to mean, why are you screaming my name that loud?”

“I just asked you a question and you are screaming my name”

“Please don’t let me to loose my anger because I don’t think that you will love me”

“I will just conclude on what to do with the video right now” Cara said while Sophia was staring at her surprisingly.

“So… Cara you really want to black mail me? Cara I thought I was doing good to you by bringing you in here”

“I could have known you better, I never knew that you are like this” Sophia said to Cara.

“That’s the way I felt when I saw you making out with your fellow woman”

“Like seriously I thought that you are that faithful to your husband”

“I don’t know that you are just a chitter, a horrible chitter”

“You don’t even do anything for your husband, you don’t cook”

“You don’t wash… you don’t do anything at all and yet that young”

“Handsome and elegant man have never complained to you”

“Oh my gosh, such a nice man!, he deserves better than this”

“He deserves more better than this” Cara said as Sophia smirked.

“I hope that all this thing you are saying doesn’t mean that you thinking of taking my huband?” Sophia asked.

“Exactly what am thinking right now because you both have one thing to do for me”

“Pack your things and leave this house right now”

“I don’t want to see you guys anywhere around the corner till after this week”

“Then when you are coming back next week, if your husbands accepts you”

“You are free and lucky to stay but if he didn’t, that is your lock I might say.

“But if you mistakenly failed to do this? or I mistakenly see any of you around the corner of this compound”

“Just know that am showing this video to your husbands”

….To Be Continued…

Cara is born with mind right?

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