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Joshua the security officer episode 19 – finale


Final Episode :b
Episode 19
Shilla signaled to the little girl Gift to tell him to stop or she will cry again.
Gift rushed to hold his hands and told him…” Uncle Musoke don’t leave let’s stay here with Auntie Shilla, I don’t want her to sleep alone”
“I knew you girls were playing hide n seek games with me” Musoke said and swept the little girl off her feet.
She laughed loudly which caught the attention of Shilla.
Shilla stood at the kitchen entrance and stared at them
“Gift, the ice cream is ready. Leave that guy and let’s enjoy our ice cream” Shilla pretended to be mad at Musoke.
“Uncle Musoke, please join us for the ice cream” Gift said with a stare at the Musoke’s face.
Musoke shook his head negatively.
He played along.
He explained to the little girl that Shilla won’t give him.
Shilla turned swiftly to see the look on Gift’s face.
The little girl was not sure what the look on Shilla’s face meant.
“You better join the ice cream party in the kitchen before I change my mind” Shilla said and dashed into the kitchen.
Musoke put Gift down and they walked to the kitchen.
They had the ice cream.
” Uncle Musoke I want you to take me around the house.” Gift pleaded.
Musoke wasn’t familiar with the house but because he wanted to know everything about the house,
he agreed to take the little girl around.
Shilla stayed in the kitchen to prepare dinner.
She knew musoke was fun to be with but looking at the way Gift was glued to him,
she wondered what the kid had seen about him.
Shilla herself liked everything about Musoke.
He was very welcoming and fun to be with.
Aside that, he was very gentle and soft spoken. Shilla felt she was slowly falling for him.
Dinner was served and they ate together happily.
” Musoke I hope we are going out to Entebbe after eating, this evening we need to have fun ” Shilla said to Musoke while staring inside his eyes.
” Hahaaa …aunt Shilla why are smiling at Uncle Musoke ” Gift laughed.
” Shilla its late now” Musoke pleaded.
” It’s OK and but be ready to take us anywhere in Kampala or Entebbe tomorrow ” Shilla said that on a lighter note and they all laughed.
When it was bed time, at around 10:30pm, Shilla and Gift
went to Shilla’s bedroom and
Musoke went to the room that was prepared for him.
When Gift fell

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Shilla thought about the feeling that was developing in her for Musoke.
Shell was falling very fast in love with the young man but what got her worried was her status as a doctor.
Musoke was just a driver which didn’t fall in the profession she wanted her man
to do.
More so, she knew without doubt that her friends would reject Musoke if she should disclosed to them her feelings for him.
Poooh…Yoooh !!!Shilla sipped the bottle of beer on the table and laughed.
She was out having fun with Dorah and Norah.
All of a sudden, a guy in mechanic clothes entered the bar and sat on the adjacent chair.
The two ladies stared at him like he had shit on himself but Shilla saw him with a different eyes.
He stood up from where she was sitting and joined the mechanic at his table. Dorah, and
Norah stared at her with their jaws dropped in surprised.
Dorah walked up to Shilla.
” Shilla don’t you are running crazy? or are you going insane? ” Dorah said.
Dorah described the young man from hair to toe telling Shilla that she should stop fooling so they could leave.
Shilla was not disturbed, She kept conversing and laughing with the young man as if her friends didn’t exist.
Norah repeated who they were and their status to Shilla so she could come back to her senses.
Shilla turned to face them.
“you can go to hell with your professions. To tell you what, you girls need to be schooled again because you have made what you learnt in school and profession taking over your heads. It’s high time you change that mentality of yours. The fact that you had the opportunity to go to school, doesn’t give you any moral right to look down on people who are doing stuffs that you guys see as bad profession. I feel i have faced the world and the world has showed me what happiness means, You need to have a change of mind girls, otherwise let me be” Shilla said to her friends who felt their friend was going mad.
” Leave her alone, am not surprised someone has bewitched her, this is unbelievable. Shilla why are you going that low? Have you forgotten so soon about your…. I mean our morals and values in life? You barely know this thing of a man. You better stop playing games and let’s leave immediately” Dorah advised Shilla.
“Dorah, you are very stupid. Oh yeah! You call the young man here ‘this thing’? May God forgive your hypocrisy and foolishness” Shilla hissed.
Norah, and Dorah exchanged surprised looks.
They kept asking themselves if
it was actually Shilla.
An idea struck Norah’s mind.
“you know what Shilla. Choose between us and that thing” Norah said to Shilla as the young man kept quiet.
“I will choose him any day and any time. You girls should find something better doing with your so called professional lives. I don’t need you anymore” Shilla answered without blinking.
The two ladies looked disturbed more than ever.
They just didn’t understand what was happening to their friend.
It looked like the young man had bewitched her.
Norah told Shilla that if she had chosen the mechanic over them, she can move on with her life but she should make sure she won’t come crying to them when things go wrong.
They left Shilla and the mechanic at the bar.
Shilla stared in the eyes of the guy and told him how much he loved him.
” Every time we always come to hang out here, I see you around drink alone, and walks away, can I give you a kiss? ” Shilla said.
The young man smiled and Shilla moved closer, she almost fell down and woke up suddenly.
She got up sat down, very terrified.
” God which kind of a dream is this ” Shilla thought to herself.
Shilla turned on the light.
She looked around her to see Gift sound deep asleep.
She gave out a loud sigh of relief because she realised it was just a dream.
She knew there was no way she would choose a guy over her wonderful friends.
That was over her dead body.
Shilla glanced at the wall clock and it read half past two in the night.
Shilla took her phone and sent a message to the three ladies pleading with them to be at her residence in the morning because she had an important issue to discuss with them.
She went back to sleep when she was done.
Shilla heard a gentle tap at her door.
She opened her eyes slowly.
She rubbed her eyes with the back of her palm though she almost screamed.
Gift was still asleep.
She glanced at the wall clock and it read thirty minutes past six in the morning.
She stretched lazily on the bed before getting down.
She walked slowly to the door and opened it…She smiled and turned h—y.
” Why he came at this time” something flashed in Shilla’s mind.
There stood Musoke in only shorts.
He had a perfect figure.
His chest was broad and well built.
His six packs was easily noticed by Shilla.
“good morning Shilla. Sorry for disturbing your sleep. I just want to know if you have a gym in this house please” Musoke said with a smile which melted Shilla.
( Hahaaa I know of stubborn minds here like Edith thought of evil things…just by the way)
“oh sure! Yeah. That is the first building on your right from the entrance. The keys are with the gate man” Shilla said to him.
” thank you madam ” Musoke said and left her.
Shilla pulled her neck out of the room to have a better view of the driver, she peeped him.
Shilla watched him till he vanished.
She was thrilled at his body.
Anytime Musoke was with her,
she forgets about her standards.
Love was stronger than profession whenever Musoke was in the picture.
Shilla wanted to change into training attire and join Musoke at the gym but there were a lot of things she had to attend to before her friends shows up in the house.
Shi went back to the room and checked her phone to see if her friends had replied her messages.
Dorah’s reply also said she won’t be able to make it because she had to visit her parents in the village.
She had a positive response from Norah.
Norah promised to be at her residence by eight in the morning.
She quickly rushed to the kitchen and prepared breakfast.
When she was done serving breakfast on the dinning table, she went back to her bedroom.
Gift was sitting in front of the dressing mirror and was applying makeup.
Shilla laughed when she saw how messed up the little girl’s face had become.
” Hahaaa iiiii Gift what are you trying to do? ” Shilla asked.
” am imitating my mother, the first thing my mother does every morning after waking up is to sit in front of the dressing mirror and apply makeup before going out.” Gift said.
Shilla burst in laughter.
” Ok follow me and we go and take a shower, there’s a lots of fun awaiting for us.”
They met Musoke on the corridor.
He had already taken his shower and was heading towards his room.
He hugged Gift and asked ….” how are you doing Gift?”
” am fine uncle Musoke” Gift replied.
” So the cat messed up with your face or aunt has put you makeup on your face” Musoke joked.
Shilla and the little girl went to the washroom while Musoke went to his room.
Norah was seated in the hall when Shilla came down from the upper floor with Gift.
Musoke later descended the stairs.
Norah stared at Shilla surprising when she spotted Musoke in the house that early morning.
Shilla was not happy with the way her friend stared at Musoke but she kept her cool.
When she realized it was too much,
she told Norah to follow her to the bedroom so they could talk.
Musoke stared at them as they ascended the stairs.
Norah and Shilla all had big Booties.
Norah felt some kind of thickness in the air but didn’t really understand what was going on
“So you have gone this low right? What is the driver doing in your house this early morning? Shillaaaa I thought your driver doesn’t work on weekends or he has started doing night duty on your body? Heheee Uganda of Museveni” Norah said as they sat at the edge of the bed.
Shilla’s face went pale.
She felt her friend was too harsh on her.
Judging her directly was not so cool. She tried all she could to keep her emotions in check before talking.
“Norah, must you jump into conclusions? Why do you think i called you here this early morning, You girls are my friends and you know without doubt that I can’t do anything without seeking for your advice. I am somehow disappointed in you for judging me without asking for explanations” Shilla disclosed her displeasure
“well, forgive me for jumping into conclusions. Can you please explain to me what is going on here?” Norah said with a serious face.
Shilla explained to her friend.
” Norah its a high time i stop being glued to love and profession” Shilla said.
“Norah, look here. When I was seriously looking for a guy with what we termed as good profession, I wasn’t really in love, I almost lost my life, I faced all kinds of embarrassment, Oh yeah! To tell you what, this driver is the only person that when I see, I care less about my status and profession. I am in love with him. I mean very much in love with him. I don’t care even if he is a shoe maker, security officer, or a carpenter. So far as I am happy with him, I am cool. Please understand me” Shilla explained.
Norah stared at Shilla like a piece of wood.
” A common driver? and you think you aren’t bewitched? That won’t happen. It won’t happen to my only friend.” Norah said.
“you know what Shilla, you just made me speechless. So tell me. Can you tell this madness to Dorah?” Norah inquired
“why not! and i dont care, I know they will understand me” Shilla replied
“oh my gosh, is that how bad things have gotten to? Have you forgotten your are a doctor. A professional paediatrician? What will people say about you if you marry a common driver? I guess this will be the headline on The Red Pepper? a professional paediatrician marries a useless driver’ ” Norah said.
“Norah, whatever i dont mind, so long as i got Happiness,
you should be happy that I have found a man that makes me happy and not a man with whatever profession that will break my heart. It’s my happiness we are talking about here. My mind is made up. I won’t get married to the profession. It’s the individual that I will get married. Looking down on others just because we think their profession is of low key. Grow up girl. Just grow up. School is supposed to make you wise and not the other way round” Shilla tried to make her see sense.
Norah immediately left the house.
Shilla joined her guests in the hall.
” Shilla what is wrong with your friend? As if she’s not happy ” Musoke asked.
” Nothing.. all is well” Shilla replied.
Shilla took the opportunity to find out from the young man the daughter he spoke about the other time.
Musoke’s mood changed.
Shilla felt he was sad.
Musoke disclosed his story to her.
“I got married to this beautiful lady I dated for sometime four years ago. A year down the line, she gave birth to a bouncy and adorable baby girl. I loved that child so much because she was my first blood. When she was two years, my wife travelled to visit her mother in her hometown in Ntumgamo and they never returned.
I have been just a security officer guarding a supermarket but I later went for a driving course” Musoke disclosed. A tear dropped from his eyes.
“What do you mean by they never returned? Don’t tell me about being a security officer before, I don’t have any problem with that ” Shilla asked curiously and confused
“they had an accident and lost their lives” he replied.
“Oh!” Shilla exclaimed in shock. The story shook her spine. Though she felt sorry for him, she felt happy also because if that had not happened, they wouldn’t have met.
” So then you married another wife?” Shilla asked again.
” No i was heartbroken and i decided not to date until i meet someone serious, who can make me forget the pain I went through ” Musoke replied.
” I was madly loved lady” He added.
Musoke prepared the car and took them to a cool place for them to have fun.
Shilla’s actions told Musoke she was in love with him.
That weekend was the best weekend in the life of Shilla.
She had real fun with Musoke and Gift.
Gift was taken home on Sunday evening by Shilla and Musoke.
They promised her there was more fun ahead.
Gift felt very delighted.
Shilla’s friends rejected her because they felt she had gone so low.
She told them that it was her happiness that was important and if that was a problem to them, they should go.
Shilla kept his relationship with Musoke a secret to doctor Arnold.
Moses returned from his hometown of Katakwi and took over his job.
He showed appreciation to Musoke for being a wonderful friend.
Musoke disclosed to Moses that he was pushing out with Shilla.
Moses was shocked to the bone which surprised Musoke.
” What did you do to that lady to fall for you, that woman only wanted sons of World Presidents” Moses joked.
” But am happy of you Musoke, Shilla is a nice woman but I just think she had bad company ” Moses said.
Shilla thought hard what to do for Musoke for him to be set up since Moses had returned to his job.
Shilla remembered something which made her smiled. She picked her phone and called Gift’s Father’s number.
Shilla spoke to Musoke about the transport business and the young man gladly accepted to be in charge of the business.
Eight months after the transport business set off,
Shilla and Musoke fixed their wedding date.
Doctor Arnold thanked God when he received the invitation.
He realised Shilla
had changed her mentality about love and profession
On the wedding day, Moses’s wife tapped tapped on Moses’s shoulder and said….
“I told you that you will play a major role in your boss’s life. Hope you understand now”
“oh sweet heart, you are such a gift from God” Moses said to her as they laughed,
he understood his wife very well
Shilla was shocked when she spotted her friends Norah and Dorah at the wedding.
At the reception , they got closed to her.
” Shilla we are very sorry for rejecting you” Norah apologized.
” Its OK.. We came along way ,in fact its my pleasure to see you here, feel at home” Shilla replied.
Gift’s father sponsored everything.
Two years down the line, Shilla and Musoke
gave birth to twins beautiful girls and named them Dorah and Norah.
David Elena ‘s last words.
::Love has got nothing to do with profession .
::Choose friends wisely.
::Respect everyone you meet coz they have got something to teach you.
::Let them advised u not deciding 4u
::Learning never stops.
::Our primary purpose on earth is to HELP and LOVE others, if u can’t then don’t HURT.
:: #achOneTeachOne
As you grow, Never forget to apply even one LESSON learned from this STORY…
I love you all.

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