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Joshua The Security Officer episode 8


Episode 8
Dorah had known Phillip for more than three years since she got married to her husband Elena.
Phillip had not showed any bad behavior in any way. Her husband Elena always spoke well about Phillip.
Not only that, Shilla herself had had several encounter with Phillip and she could bet with her life that he was indeed a gentleman.
To be sure Dorah heard Shilla well on the phone,
she calmed her down and asked her what actually happened.
Shilla with a broken voice narrated what happened to her to Dorah who listened with much attention.
Shilla left no stone unturned. She narrated the full story as it happened. Shilla ended in tears.
Dorah got angry with the whole incident.
She told her friend Shilla she would deal with Phillip one on one.
” What a heartless guy Phillip is…. Can you imagine, how unserious some people can be ” Dorah said with anger.
” Sweet heart Dorah…. Just ignore Phillip… the world will pay him, he got what he wanted… Its fine” Shilla pleaded with her friend not to take any action because she had her dignity and profession to protect.
“you mean we should let the bastard go just like that? Shilla you don’t know how I personally feel like exposing this idiot, we can even follow him to his workplace, I don’t care what Elena will say about his friend” Dorah angrily.
“Yes. That is what I want us to do, let’s leave him. I don’t want anyone to hear about this, not even our friends. If they ask me why I broke up with him, I will tell them he is not the guy I thought he was. I can’t bear the embarrassment of him going round to tell people I’m cheap. That guy’s lips has got venom, he talks a lot” Shilla disclosed to her friend Dorah who was not happy about her friend’s decision but had no option.
“if you say so, I will do as you wish but please don’t let it hurt you that much…OK? there are better young men with good professions out there. I will link you to a better one” Dorah advised.
“thanks so much dear. You are always the best, you are such a good a friend, you stand with me at all times” Shilla said looking a bit relieved.
Shilla left her to the kitchen and prepared hot chocolate for her and Dorah to have a bite.
Shilla went back to the bedroom and served her friend.
The coffee did a great job to her mood.
The two ladies spoke about a few things for more than two hours before Dorah left Shilla’s residence.
Shilla picked her diary and tried to figure out what she could do after church the following day so she could forget about Phillip.
She wanted to be active always to avoid the thought of Phillip who betrayed and broke her heart.
The thought of Doctor Arnold asking her how her relationship with Phillip was what always made her shiver and worried.
Shilla knew Dr Arnold would ask her something of that kind.
Shilla had to find a way to avoid her colleague from approaching the topic.
Shilla had thoughts all over, she couldn’t stop thinking, things kept on flashing, the memories always tore her down.
Shilla with temper picked her phone and sent Phillip a text message saying…
” Assuming all men be like you how would the world be?
Assuming I was you and you were me, would it be a nice treat?
Assuming I was your daughter, how would you handle the betrayal?
Phillip if you know what is good for you, I would love you don’t dare cross my path again. I don’t want to see you anywhere near me, the pain keeps burning but hopefully one day I will smile again. If you try to disturb or mess with my life again , I will let you spend some days behind bars. Don’t forget my dad is a major in the military. Don’t try anything silly, thanks for whatever you did….what a cruel world…. Over my poor soul.
It hurts but I have to swallow”
Shilla did that to protect her image.
Looking at what Phillip said to her earlier, Shilla realised he can do worse things to disgrace her in public something that would affect her profession.
Phillip i didnt know you are such deadly creature, how I wish I knew? Shilla thought to herself, While she was busy thinking in her mind about what to do to the following day to make her busy after church,
Shilla remembered of the little girl Gift.
Shilla smiled for a moment.
Minutes later, Shilla felt angry for given all her time to Phillip, things and good memories kept her flashing and forgetting to visit the girl as she promised.
Shilla called the girl’s dad to find out how she was doing.
The father gladly told her she was fine, only that they had gone for shopping in town and would return in 3hrs time.
Gift’s dad was surprised to hear from the doctor that saved his daughter’s life.
” Daddy Gift…i think i will squeeze time and visit my friend Gift tomorrow after church.” Dr Shilla said.
” Ooh thanks so much my daughter ” Gift’s Dad appreciated.
” But papa please don’t let Gift know, I just want to surprise her tomorrow unexpectedly ” Shilla pleaded with him not to disclose it to the little girl.
Shilla after talking to the little girl’s dad thought about her real parents.
It’s been long since she last heard from them.
Work had taken all her time.
” Was it actually work that has taken my time away from my parent? ” Shilla sighed wearily at the thought of her parent.
Her dad was actually the one that always pushes her away.
Since her childhood till the time she left them to her own residence, her dad had been very strict.
Shilla couldn’t do funny things in his presence and she had no briefing space whenever he was around.
On a second thought, she realised her father’s strictness made her who she was.
She was for the first time in so many years grateful to her dad for his strictness.
Shilla picked her phone and called and the first word the soldier said on a lighter note was ……”what a surprise, my prodigal daughter is calling me….my beautiful Doctor Shilla” as they both laughed.
Shilla disclosed to her dad how much he had been missed.
The dad also told her they had missed her so much.
They spoke on a few family issues and
” Dad am coming to visit you and mama the following weekend, I hope all is fine, I mean I hope you will be around? ” Shilla inquired.
” what great news Doctor…i will be happy to see you” Shilla’s dad replied.
They ended the call. Shilla felt a little relaxed after talking to her father.
Shilla slept off.
The following day, Shilla was now set, she drove to the location given to her by the father of the little girl.
Shilla called to find out the exact house. Shilla was given the house number with vivid description of the house and she drove to the gate.
The place was around Minister’s Village in Ntinda.
As Shilla reached in front of the gate, she thought of calling but to her surprise the gate opened on its own.
Shilla drove in and to her amazement, the house was one of a kind. She realised the girl’s parent were more than rich. They were loaded with money.
The compound of the house was made of terrazzo. It was a large compound with a beautiful horticulture.
The flowers looked more and more beautiful.
There was a swimming pool and a summer hut.
A mini bar was located near the summer hut. There were a fleet of cars in the compound as well.
Shilla couldn’t imagine what she was seeing, a home of a Security officer and a doctor looking more nice than what she expected.
Dr Shilla almost shed tears when she dropped down from her car and the little girl rushed to her screaming her name in ecstasy.
” Doctor! Doctor! Mummy Doctor!! Doctor Shilla” Gift sang as she was jumping, she was all excited.
She was more than delighted to see the doctor. Gift was really surprised, The friend she made at the hospital.
A person whom God used to make her live to witness her parents happy.
” Waoooo am seeing you again, how are you my little friend Gift ” Shilla asked after hugging the little girl who was very delighted.
“I am fine, Doctor Shilla Thanks for paying me a surprise visit ” Gift’s joy of happiness knew no bounds.
” Dr Shilla When I grow up I want to be a doctor like you” Gift said.
” oooh thank you Gift, God has heard you…I promise you u will be one” Dr Shilla replied.
“you are such a strong woman. After all the stress, that happens after long hours of work, you can still drive yourself. My daughter Dr Shilla I will advise you get a driver. If you don’t mind, I will give you one of my drivers. I will do the monthly payment. Think about it” Gift’s father said to Shilla.
“well, you are not the only person advising me to get a driver. I love driving myself but I will think about it”
Shilla said as they moved to the sitting room.
The sitting room was one of a kind. It was a state of the art room.
A very classy one. Shilla loved the art and kept on appreciating and appreciating.
There were photo frames of the wedding of Gift’s parent.
One could tell from the photos that the wedding was indeed an expensive one.
And also what caught Dr Shilla’s mind, was art hanging on a wall, showing a poor boy holding a shoe that his rich girlfriend had bought for him, as his tears roll down.
The rich girlfriend also kissed his poor boyfriend.
This photo kept Shilla disturbed as Gift’s mum narrated how their relationship started.
How she a doctor fell in love with Gift’s dad who was just a Security officer.
” I also wanted happiness, a man who would treat and respect me as a woman, cause you know our profession of being a doctor, money isn’t a problem” Gift’s mum said to Shilla.
” what matters most is life happiness, the rest will come later, that’s why we are happy here” Gift’s mum added.
The sitting room was painted pink. The window curtains were all pink and white with pink rose flowers in them.
The sofas were not made in Uganda, they were from Italy.
They were beautiful and white in color.
Almost everything in the room was pink white.
Shilla asked the couple why they love pink and white?
They disclosed that pink was their daughter’s favorite color.
Shilla was amazed.
She had a great time with Gift’s family.
They had lots of food and fun.
Gift took Shilla to her room and it was pink all over.
Shilla left the house very late and delighted for visiting. She promised to come back later and take Gift to see her house too.
Shilla got home very exhausted. She felt happy for visiting the little friend Gift.
Shilla felt it was worth it.
The reality of doctor Arnold asking her about her relationship with Phillip at work the following day hit in her mind hard and hard…………………………………

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