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Key to love episode 52

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πŸ”‘πŸ”‘ KEY TO LOVE πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’
πŸ”πŸ”(It’s in your heart)❀️❀️❀️
Written ✍️ by Oluwatosin Ayomi β€οΈπŸ’Ž

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πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ Chapter 52πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

✍️ CHAPTER TITLE ✍️: Violence (2)

“TIANA!!” She called out faintly, gritting her teeth together angrily before saying “Let go of my hair, Tiana!!”
“And if I don’t? What will you do?” She replied sarcastically before tΒ‘ghtening her grip on the hair, pulling her scalp along, the pain was terrible;
“I haven’t done anything to deserve this,” Amelia yelled as she took in the pain
“You’ve done everything to deserve this. What gut? What effrontery did you have to follow Dean instead of me?” She scre-med out in anger
“It wasn’t my fault that he decided not to take you with him. You should go meet Dean, not me.” Amelia yelled in discomfort
“Meeting Dean won’t change anything,” she answered back.
“Hurting me this way wouldn’t do anything either!” Amelia fired back
“Seeing you grunting in pain gives me joy, it means everything that I need this moment to me.” She blurted out with a harsh giggle
“He doesn’t love you ” Amelia unawares said. Tiana burnt in anger before dragging her closer to her hair.
“Who said so? Who told you?” She queried repeatedly
“He loves me, and if not for someone like you who loves being an intruder. Dean wouldn’t be staying away from me. Tell me what do you want from him? You want to force him to love you?” Tiana blurted out
“I haven’t done anything of the sort, but if that’s what you think, then so be it. After all, Dean deserves someone better than you.” Amelia replied
“So who’s that better person? Is it you? Or your talkative friend?” She questioned amidst gritted teeth
“Anyone who can give him happiness, not someone who torments him always like he’s a toy. Clean the mess you created by yourself and stop accusing people offer mistakes.” Said furious Amelia,
“So I have made a mistake!. Tell me what my mistake is? How did I torment him?” She sarcastically questioned
“Why did you lie that you are his girlfriend!? What were your reasons?”
“Because I am his girlfriend. Dean is my boyfriend!” She stated sharply, her chest rising up and down.
“Quit all those lies as it’s of no use to me. Dean never loved you! And you are not his girlfriend, You are only his childhood fri___ ouch!!” She couldn’t finish her statement because she dragged her hair more, she used her free hand to grab her arm, twisting it behind her.
“How stupid of you to inquire about me without my notice.” She blurted out
“How worthless of you fighting me here because of a guy that doesn’t love you.” Amelia fired back
“And who told you that? Was it because he took you with him? You think that’s a perfect way to tell you that he doesn’t love me?”
Amelia instead of answering her questions closed her eyes, ready on withstanding any pain that comes and in a second, she forcefully turned around, and her hair which Tiana was holding got freed. Tiana’s mouth dropped as she didn’t expect her to outsmart her. She had planned on putting her through pain. How did she do that?
Amelia stood there while gasping for air, taking in all the pain then glaring at the little witch in front of her who was gasping out loudly in frustration.
“I am not done with you;” Tiana stated while going closer to Amelia. In the twinkle of an eye, she hasn’t reached Amelia when she tripped and fall flatly on the ground. (Amelia’s leg that stretched forward earlier did the required work.)
“You little which, why did you do that?,” Tiana cursed furiously, feeling embarrassed before getting up from the ground.
“Do you think that everyone has a spoilt brain like yours?” Amelia questioned while standing up to her (the pain she was feeling on her scalp has started subsiding) now she will put the skills she memorized from Mina into action.
“You were causing me pain, but you expected me to remain weak. Tell me what side of your brain is paining you?” She further mocks her
Her almost popped-out eyes looked at Amelia annoying before saying “don’t speak to me in that way, else I would__” She tried threatening
“what will you do? Grab my hair once again?” Amelia asked also suspending her.
“I will show you the definition of wickedness,” She replied with her eyes glaring cruelly at her.
“I’m aware of that side of you. Show me something else,” Amelia shook her head before crossing her hands below her bre-st
“This isn’t a child’s play.” Tiana instructed furiously
“I never said it is. Ain’t you ashamed of attacking someone you think you are better than from behind? It shows how powerless you are.” Amelia said to her
“I do what I want whenever I want it. You can’t tell me how my things should be done.” She muttered
“I believe you will need my help this time around as you’ve failed on how you want your things done.” Amelia further teased
“I don’t need it, stay away from Dean!!” She warned
“If I don’t? What will happen?” Amelia laughed at then took a step forward
“I will make it a priority to cause you harm in every single chance I get.” Tiana replied
“I was considering whether I should stay away from him before, but after hearing what you have to say. I will get closer to him!” Amelia replied
“You wouldn’t dare to do that, I won’t spare you.”.
“Speak only about what you are capable of doing, I have nothing to lose here if Dean finds out about what you are up to, and what you did to me.” Tiana’s body after hearing this boiled in anyentment, she furiously raised her hand to slap her, her hand which was to slap her got captured in the air before it’s been twisting to the back, as Amelia turned her around.
Amelia’s twist on the arm wasn’t welcoming! She twisted it further as she recollected all the pain she felt when Tiana held her hair. Tiana whose hand was getting twisted scre-med out loud “Let go!” She said as she tried freeing herself, it was impossible because Amelia wasn’t taking things easy on her.
“I’m not weak! I don’t go around creating problems for people just like you, but that doesn’t make me weaker.” Amelia scurried her words as she worried someone entering to meet the two of them in that district, after all, it’s the school’s female restroom.
“Solve any problem you have at home with Dean, confront him, and say whatever you want to him.” She started talking
“It will be good if you choose to stay away from me as I don’t have hand in whatever is going on between you and Dean, let’s not create problems for one another as the one who looks weak might be better than the one who looks great!” Amelia stated sternly, twisting her hand once again which made out to scre-m in pain.
Sparing her, for now, wouldn’t cost her anything, with that satisfaction on her head, she released her hand before pushing her slightly forward, Tiana stumbled before starrutting firmly on her feet. She turned to let out her anger on Amelia but it was too late, she already walked out of the place.
“That witch!!” She murmured angrily
Amelia who stormed out of the restroom got surprised when she met Mina outside the door, she was standing there with a broad smile on her face.
“Since when have you been here?” Amelia asked while standing beside her. Her forehead was letting out sweat profusely
“I have been here since Tiana entered. I trailed her over here ” she replied.
“So why didn’t you come in? She came to pick a fight with me.” Amelia shared as they’re starting to walk towards their lecture room.
“I wanted to come in but I changed my mind, you wouldn’t have taught her the lesson she deserves if I entered. Tell me how do you feel after saying all those hurtful words to her?” Mina teased which made her smile
“My intention was not to hurt her, I told her what the truth is.” Amelia shrugged her shoulders while taking in the headache that she was having. “she was bound to have a headache, not after everything that happened in there.”
“Twisting her arm wasn’t a way of appreciating her courage for coming to meet you.” Mina scoffed at her
“I repaid the pain she made me feel, the pain I gave her wasn’t up to mine.” Amelia opened up with Mina nodding in acceptance.
“I feel we should tell Dean about this. That will put her in the right place.” Mina suggested.
“I don’t think telling Dean will help anything here, he will pick up a fight with her then add to her pain. Just let her be.” Amelia threw away the idea
“You are being nice to her even after all she did to you? I’m not in support of that.” Mina refused which made Amelia smile;
“Two wrongs cannot make a right!” She educated
Dean’s persistence to make Amelia engaged in playing basketball with him forced her to go with him to the court. They both walked into the court with smiles over Dean’s face while Amelia kept her face forward.
Mina who added ingredients to Dean’s talk isn’t here to play with them as she complained of hunger and needed to get herself something to eat. She doesn’t have idea of how it’s done but Dean didn’t permit that as an excuse.
He promised to teach and he aided. “You just missed the ball,” Dean reprimanded as the ball didn’t enter the net
“I told you I can’t try it just yet,” Amelia complained as she felt her head aching badly. “I have used half an hour to teach you how it’s done. Is not h-rd.” Dean replied as he took hold of the ball and started playing by himself.
Amelia watched him quietly for some moments before asking “How many things can you do? Did you learn all this in your previous school?” Amelia questioned whereas Dean chuckled lightly, dropping the ball before walking up to where she stood.
“I didn’t learn it in school, my mom taught me how to,” He replied then watched her furrowing her brows in surprise. “Your mom?” She confusingly asked also tilting her head forward.
“She used to play it with me ever since I was a child. I knew how to play it from her.” Dean shared which Amelia finds strange to understand.
“She was a good basketball player, I guess that was why it wasn’t difficult for her to put it into practice even though she’s Married. And see something now, she shared her Lovely gift with me.” Dean shared as he turned back to spare her a glance.
“I’m surprised, but I love her personality.” Ameliaa admitted. She was still trying to get what he was saying clearly as the headaches got hold of her sΒ£nse of reasoning.
“My mom is lovely, you would have liked her if you get to know her. Tiana did like her a lot” Dean shared. Hearing Tiana’s name reminded her of what took place between them earlier.
“Are you okay?” Dean asked after noticing her shutting her eyes weakly before opening it. “I’m having a headache, but I will be fine.” She assured
“Someone is having a headache after throwing two balls up, let’s go and sit over there.” Dean joked before locking his hand with hers, they both walked out of the field together.
Amelia sure wanted to laugh at what he said but she couldn’t, as it would make the headache worse. They got to where the sofa was then sat down on it together.
Dean let go of her hand which he held on to earlier then turned to see her wincing in pain. Things didn’t go well the last time he saw her wincing like this. “Did you stress your head?” He asked with concern
“I don’t know like I didn’t…” Amelia shook her head. “Should I m-ssage it for you? It will help.” Dean offered as she shook her head in declination.
Why is offering such a h-uge help!? anyone can see them here.
“It won’t hurt, just wanted to help you get better.” He assured as he thought that she was scared of the pain.
She took her time to think, after she gave it a thought. Maybe receiving a head m-ssage to help subside the pain which Tiana has given her wouldn’t be a bad thing to do.
She nodded head in approval which Dean smiled at, “Over here.” He said while pointing to his lap which Amelia shyly placed her head on, after looking around to make sure no one was there to witness what was happening.
Her open eyes went shut immediately her head came in contact with his lap. He adjusted how he was sitting properly so as not to hurt her neck before throwing his f-ngers to her head. When his mother was alive she would do this to him often each time he stressed himself out.
Amelia must be having headaches because of stress.
With gladness in his heart, he m-ssaged the head properly, dipping his f-nger into her hair as he had removed the ribbon that packed it together earlier.
“Is it getting better?” He asked as he ruffled the hair with his f-nger. She was firstly quiet before nodding her head, he smiled softly before he continued m-ssaging the head.
They were both enjoying the moment without giving chance to any unwanted thought to bother them. His f-ngers that drew lines in Amelia’s head tickled her as she closed her eyes, flowing along with the pleasure coming from it.
It lasted for a while then, she tried raising her head from his lap, “that should be enough”
Instead of allowing her to, he held on to the head instead of letting her rise up.
“I’m feeling better now,” Amelia said to him as well trying to make him take his hand off her head.
“I don’t feel like stopping yet. Stay still let me m-ssage your hair a bit longer.”


E choke TianaπŸ˜†πŸ˜†
Mina weldone o πŸ˜‚ you’ve trained Amelia well

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Me I don’t like how Amelia didn’t report Tiana to Dean oπŸ˜’πŸ˜’

Tiana wanted to hurt Amelia, but now she’s getting a head m-ssageπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’”

Dean is such a darling😘😘

Who needs a head m-ssage? 😎😎
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