Kiss me one more night

k-ss me one more night – Episode 15

k-ss me one more night Episode 15

Grace spent the rest of Friday Night going through ransacking her wardrobe, looking for something to wear to the Birthday she was supposed to be going with Ken, and eating potatoes ch¡ps.

The next morning, she woke up from the heap of cloths on top of her bed where she had sunk into and slept off, her empty box was on top of the bed, the empty pack of the potatoeS ch¡ps at the table, and the realization that she still hadn’t figured out what to wear to the party. One emergency option was left for her to consider which was rushing to a boutique and get herself a new party dress.

She dialed her popular boutique, EveryWoman , and Debbie Akindele-Ojo picked

“Come over here girl, let’s fix you up” Debbie said

“Debbie you are a life saver, I know you will have something for me”

She pulled over in front of the boutique at 5 Opebi Road thirty minutes later.

“My lost costumer that has remembered me because she need to impress some guy” Debbie Joked as she threw her arms around Grace in a warm embrace

“Its not like you think Debbie, I have not been going out lately… you have done some nice renovations here” Grace commented,

“Thank you” Debbie said with pride

“Okay, you said it’s an evening party?” Debbie asked

“Yes, and a societal one at that” Grace added

“What you need is something classy like this…” Debbie said, gently pulling Grace towards a wine colored shimmering long dress, with a low cut V neck, a laced bust design and long sleeves.

“Wow its lovely” Grace exclaimed

“I know right… I know what is perfect for you” Debbie pride herself

“Okay Girls… bring this dress down for her and take her to the changing room” Debbie said no particular attendant

“Let’s make you fabulous” she said to Grace as she walked off with one of the Attendants

She stepped out of the Changing room to the appreciating looks of those that saw her, with the pleasing looks on their faces, she knew the dress suits her.

She was ushered to the mirror and couldn’t believe what she saw, the dress make a beautiful statement on her body, bringing out her slim

wa-ist and her petite but well formed h¡ps, the shimmers from the dress corresponded with her glowing dark skin,

“Its beautiful…” she said softly to herself

“You look Amazing” said Debbie

“Here… the perfect jewelries to match the dress” Debbie handed a gold drop earrings with a necklace to her

She was about to say thank you, when Debbie added;

“That will cost you 35k”

“What? Does it include the dress as well?” Grace asked

“Which dress? Abeg that dress is 40k, so with the jewelries … you will pay us the total of 85k” Debbie said with a laugh

“Debbie! I can’t spend this much for just a party”

“For just a party you say? Okay leave the cloth then, let me show you cheaper ones” Debbie pretended to walk away

“Ok Debbie I will take them, but don’t forget I will surely take my revenge on you” Grace said and they both laughed.

Debbie saw her to the car, with her purchase in her hands

“I heard about your divorce couldn’t believe it” Debbie said to her

They her gotten to her car now, a young fair lady was leaning on her car, it was as if she was waiting for someone

“Both of you were good together, Ken cherished you as well, what ever happened?” Debbie asked her

Her eyes was still on the Lady, who was uneasy now, she was looking back and forth like she was desperately waiting for someone to walk up to her, was it her imagination or did she just noticed that the lady looked up immediately the name ‘KEN’ was mentioned. Their eyes met, the lady gave her a knowing smile, which she acknowledged with a nod

“Yes, it’s unfortunate it has to go this way Debbie, we were tired of arguing about my Job and how busy I was, I couldn’t stay and not give him what he wanted, I had to leave” she said

She had lost interest on the lady, who was making a call now and had moved away from her car

“So you are the person that walked out on him” Debbie accused

“What would you want me do Debbie? I had to either become the wife he wanted and lose my Job, or keep my Job while he suffers” Grace defended

“And you chose to hold on to your Job and let a Man as nice as Ken go?”

“I was scared! I didn’t know what to do”

“So have you guys been in touch since then” Debbie asked

“He is actually the guy I am going to the party with” Grace said

“You don’t say! You didn’t tell me! I would have taking my time to make you a queen!” scre-med Debbie

“You have already turned me into a queen and had emptied my pocket” they both laughed

She entered her car, and was about to drive out when Debbie said to her

“Make the best out of this party Grace”

She nodded and drove out


Chinyeaka watched her drove out, she was sure she had seen that face before, that was why she waited for her to come out, to confirm her curiosity, And she was right, the face was exactly the face of the woman she have her picture.

She had picked that picture from Ken’s Sitting room, the night she went to his house and Ken had left her all alone, which was a mistake Ken would ever regret. She saw the picture of both of them in,side the photo Album, she knew immediately that she must be the other woman who had clouded Kens mind and had made him to humiliate her the way he did.

She had looked at since that day, she would pull it from her bag and studied the face, imagining what she would do to her, and the face has registered in her memory that she wouldn’t miss it anywhere.

She was on her way to meet one of her cousin’s customers who promised her a new job, when she saw Grace came out from the car.

“This fight go make sense die” she said to herself, folding the paper where she wrote down Grace’s number plate.


Ken Arrived at the party before her, she had insisted that he shouldn’t come to pick her up, that she would meet him up there. He had been waiting for her for more than thirty minutes and was rather getting impatient;

“Ken! Here you are, my we though you wouldn’t make it again” Mr. and Mrs. Adekola approached him

“Good evening sir, Happy birthday Ma” Ken greeted the couple cordially

“My boy! How are you? I heard about your partnersh¡p with Virony” Mr. Adekola said,

“Yes sir” Ken said humbly

“That is good! Congratulation!” they both shook hands

“So, where is my babe girl Grace?” Mrs. Akintola asked

He was still racking his brain for an excuse to give why she didn’t show up before they saw her;

“She is standing over there” Mr. Akintola said beckoning on Grace to come over

He had never seen anything as angelic as the sight his eyes was upon, his heart swelled with pride, their eyes met, she waved, he straightened his tuxedo and walked towards her.


She was very nervous, she stood at the back of the flowered venue stretching her neck in search of him, her eyes finally descended on him standing with the Akintola’s.

He was amazingly dressed, his back turned against her, his shoulder stood out. He must have said something to Mrs. Akintola because the older woman blushed and laughed, fanning her faces with her hand.

She saw Mr. Akintola point at her direction, then he turned, their eyes locked, for few seconds her breath hung, until he smiled, and walked towards her.

She was suddenly shy, she didn’t know what to do with herself, and she was unconsciously fumbling her purse.


“I will be the envy of every other Man in this party, you look so divine” he whispered in her ears as he gave her a hug.

His collagen hit her, car-ssing her nostril that she had to close her eyes to savoir the scent

“You smell nice” She commented before she caught herself

He smiled, she knew he was pleased with what she said,

“You like it?” he asked her, giving her a peck on the cheek

His breath on her face made her flush, it was as if he was running a feather on her skin

“You know I love it” she answered.

They walked hand in hand into the party.

She had not felt this special for a long time, and he had not been so happy like he was that night, he was all over her, making subtle sed-ctive comments deliberately straightening her dress, touching her hair, gossiping in her ears and introducing her to everyone.

He had wished the night never end, and he told her, she was afraid to admit to him that she would also want to still spend the night with him, she wouldn’t want to give him ideas

So they bid the Akintola’s goodnight when it was late, he saw her to her car, as she was about entering her car to leave, he turned her to him, without warning he placed his mouth on hers.

He had wanted it to be a mild k-ss, but he couldn’t pull away, she didn’t help either because she opened her mouth and gave him access to the sweet fountain in her mouth, hee tongue eagerly connected to his.

It took the impatient continuous honking from another motorist to bring them back to reality

‘I have wanted to do this the day you visited  at the site, am sorry for making you uncomfortable, but I couldn’t help it, I think am falling in love with you again’ he wrote to her as she drove home

To be continued

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