Kiss me one more night

k-ss me one more night – Episode 16

k-ss Me One More Night – Episode 16
© Rosemary Okafor

… Grace drove with her mind awoken to the feelings she had long buried and only imagined. She unconsciously touched her swollen l-ips, the feel of Ken’s l-ips on hers lingered. She wanted more and she knew it.

She was torn between risking being turned down and humiliated by Ken if she goes in search of him that night, or dismissing the s€×ual tension already built in her, and goes home to cuddle her pillow with the thought of his touch as her comfort.

“What if he wants more than just one night pleasure? What if he wants her to stay permanently? will I be able to be the woman he will love again? I failed him before, I may likely fail again” she thought.

She was confused, she now knew she had not stopped loving this Man, but she don’t know if she could live the life of a conventional wife again, her career still meant so much to her.

She ran her right hand on her face and decided to take her chance, to satisfy her longing just for a night


Ken dropped his car key on top of the table and sank on the sofa; he was closed to begging Grace to stay with him tonight. He still didn’t know why he didn’t ask.

She allowed his mind to bring back the image of her at the party, she took her breath away, she was everything beautiful, and so fragile too like a piece of gold ware.

He forgot they were separated the moment he set his eyes on her at the party, he was proud of his woman, he saw how she drew attention to herself, but he didn’t care, all he wanted was to hold her in his arms and drink from her fountain of beauty.

He didn’t expect her to be free with him while they were at the party, knowing that she always remind him of their divorce at every little opportunity, but she was different tonight, she laughed from her heart, playfully hit his chest, winked at him, and even allowed him to k-ss her.

He had wanted to k-ss her even when he walked up to her when she came in at the party, but he didn’t want to scare her so he only gave her a hug.

Twice, she had caught him staring on her l-ips,

“What?” she had asked the first time

“What is what?” he has asked her back, pretending not to know what she was talking about

She has looked down with shyness, how he loved her face when becomes shy, she had blushed. He never knew dark women do blush until he met Grace, her color was that of a polished bronze, and like a rich chocolate, she glittered.

“You are looking at me again Ken” she accused him again, biting her lower lip in that s€×y manner,

Was that deliberate? She knew it turns him on when she does that, it reminded him of her face when she did sat on him to ride him,

“What do you mean, can’t I look at a beautiful woman again?” he had defended

“No! you were looking at my l-ips” she pointed

And she was right, he watched every movement of her l-ips, her lip gloss also made it worse for him to look away, it made her l-ips w-t and difficult to ignore,

“Your l-ips are making me lose concentration, they are beautiful” he commented

He saw her blush again, he knew she was uncomfortable and he liked it.

He heard his gate opened and a car drove in, heard his gateman talking to someone, at first he thought that Edu had come to bother him with premier league stories, but when he peered through the window, he saw Grace walking towards the door.

He couldn’t believe it; he rushed downstairs and opened the door even before she knocked;

“Ken… I…I… thought I could come over to help you do some paper works since tomorrow is Sunday and I am not working on Sunday” she said

The only words he heard from what she said was his name and ‘Sunday’ he stood there looking at her like she had fallen from the sky to his door step

She cleared her throat then said;

“I am sorry I shouldn’t have come… it was a …” she was about turning away when he got himself

He held her wrist and pulled her to himself awkwardly

“Oh! Sorry, I was surprised seeing you…” he said, and courteously led her in,side the house

He closed the door and lean on it, he watched her walk like a queen in,side the sitting room, she turned and lifted her eyebrows questionably;

“You don’t want me here do you?” she asked with uncertainty

“I can leave if you don’t want me, I … just thought I could help you with some of your works tonight” she lied

Ken knew she was lying, her eyes betrayed her

“Grace you know I may not be able to stop myself from making love to you tonight,” he said, not wanting to hide his feeling for her any longer. When she said nothing, he continued

“You know I want you so much that I can’t pretend that you are not here with me and go to bed” he said

She dropped her purse on the sofa and walked a little closer to him. He thought she would her stayed far away, but having her closer makes his torment unbearable

“I can stop myself from touching you, from holding you tight to myself, I can’t close my eyes and pretend that I did not miss your body”

She closed up on him, searched his face and said;

“I don’t want you to pretend that I am not here, I don’t want you stop yourself from touching me Ken, I want you this night” she said, her eyes pleading

He didn’t know if to be happy about this, drew her closer, he was taller than she was, he bent his head and allow his tongue to quench its thirst, she welcomed his mouth, it was as if she had been waiting for him, she gave and he took, he gave and she took as well, then he pulled away to look at her eyes,

“I hope you know what you are asking for, my love”

“One more night with you is what I ask for K”

He wasn’t satisfied with just one night, he had wished she would say ‘forever’ but he could manage what she was ready to give, and pray she accept his offer later

He pulled her cloths from her body, planted k-sses on her ears, neck and shoulders. He lifted her up and she wrapped her legs round him, he placed her against the wall and w-t her body with k-sses.

He teased her, tormenting her with desire and want, he ran his tongue on her n-pples while watching her mo-n with pleasure, and it pleased him. He traced his hand to her wa-ist and felt her wa-ist beads, and he went wild.

She had not wore beads since they divorced, she had brought them out from the Jewelry box when she was getting ready for the party, she knew he loved wa-ist beads, so she had wore it under her dress, not knowing why.

He didn’t want it to end so soon, he wanted it to be a night she would never forget in a hurry, so he carried her upstairs, to the Bedroom that once was theirs together, and on the Bed that was filled with passionate memories of both of them, he spread her legs and introduced his mouth to her honey pot once more.


That same night, Chinyeaka lay Unclad on the bed, with the picture of the Man that had tormented her dreams on her chest, he legs spread she worked her fingers up and down her honey pot.

She imagined his fingers her, his tongue on her br-ast, his mo-n as he rides in,side her, her buttock bouncing against his balls as he takes him from behind.

She mo-n his name as she pleasure herself, she was begging him mentally, calling him, offering to him what every other men would have wanted.

She pulled her fingers from her honey pot, brought the pillow close to herself, spread her legs across it and placed Ken’s picture in front of herself.

Then she rode the pillow like she would have done to Ken, she let out a loud mo-n and her legs vibrated vigorously in a convulsive manner.

She looked at the picture once more, hot tears gushed out of her eyes, she was obsessed with him and also hated what he made her do, and vow to make sure he know no other woman except her, no matter what it takes


Kola stayed awake waiting for her call, she had said she would call him back but she hadn’t. He had meant to ask her to date him properly, but he knew she has a secret that she didn’t want to share.

From the first day he met her, the day he saved her from the mob on the street, she had avoided his eyes, probably because she didn’t want him to ask her any questions, she had refused to allow him into her house to make sure she would be ok, though she had given him her number.

He wanted to forget her after that day, but had come across her number on his phone and had called again to check on her. Her voice had captivated him; it was as if she was singing. He wanted the conversation to last longer but she was in a hurry to cut the call, he also noticed something else from her voice, which he couldn’t place.

“Could she be in trouble?” he had asked himself

He noticed how fearful she was the day they had dinner together in his house, so he was careful not to scare her with questions, she was quick to change topics that has to do with her outside her job, she had looked so uncomfortable when she brought up relationsh¡ps, so he had dropped it.

But he wanted to know more about her, he wanted to share with her the secret she had been keeping to herself that is so dark, they needed to talk about whatever it was that was bothering her before he could ask her to date him properly.

He had called her earlier in the day, but she said she was busy and would call him back, then his phone rang;

“Hello, I thought you wouldn’t call again” He said with relief

“Sorry, I was waiting for a free time to talk to you” she replied

She was actually waiting for Ahmad to leave the house, he had been all over her since morning, trying to woe her to the bed, and it was obvious that he was gradually losing patience, for he snapped on her in between plea.

“Are you free now?” he asked her

“I guess so…”

“We need to talk Imelda, when do we see?” He asked

He sensed her tensed, it was as if he had hit a cord he was supposed not to

“What are we talking about” she asked

“I can’t tell you over the phone… please can we see? I want to see you again” he said

“I don’t know Kola, it’s going to be difficult this time around” she said

“Why” he couldn’t understand why she could get herself to see him

“Okay, can I come over to your place to see y…”

“No no no … please don’t come” she pleaded

“What is the problem? Are you staying with your parents? I can introduce myself to…” he was sti ll talking when he heard the voice of a man at the background, and then he heard her scre-m, a male voice shouting and the phone went dead.

To be continued

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