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Let’s play hard episode 11 – 12

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Episode 11.

Story by Miriam Edem

Annabel and Treasure returned home and found Jennifer sleeping,
“Hello sleeping beauty, Annabel called touching her and Jenny woke up cleaning her eyes.

“You’re back? She asked.
‘Yap, sorry we are late but it was fun and you missed of course, Treasure replied as Jenny checked the time.

“Common this is too late to walk in the night, she said.
“Oh that? Its no worry, my boyfriend dropped us off. Have you seen him before? Annabel asked.

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“Boyfriend? Jenny asked.
“Hey why the tone? I’m no kid okay stop that, Annabel said with a frown.

“Not that but you have a boyfriend yet you’re crushing on another, isn’t that hilarious? Jenny asked and they laughed.
“You are more hilarious. I was only crushing OK Jennifer, just crushing and that’s no big deal for me, Annabel replied.

“Whatever, welcome back, Jennifer said going back to bed.
“Thanks darling, they replied changing up……………….

The next day Jennifer arrived school not aware of anything and sat with her friends,
“Jenny what happened yesterday? Gladys asked.

“Yesterday? What really happened? Jenny asked back.
“Oh I forgot, that guy of yesterday posted about you saying you insulted him publicly, Joy came in.

“Is that all he can do? Post me online like he can’t say that to my face huh? He’s so stupid, Jenny said.
“What are you going to do now? Gladys asked.

“There’s nothing she can do, he started it and i was there, Joy replied.
“But will the school authority understand? Gladys asked and Jenny phone Began to ring which she picked up,

“Jennifer Marks, meet me in my office now, a man voice came on phone.
“OK sir, she replied and the line went dead.

“Talking about the school authority, I’ve just been called, Jennifer said.
“I’m going with you, Joy said.

“No I can Handle it, Jennifer said.
“But you need a witness and that’s me, Joy said and she nodded.

” we’ll be back okay, Jenny said to Gladys and they left.

Going to the adminstration block they saw him going to the block also with his friends,
“Here comes the bitch, Leo said smiling at them and Jenny looked around to see who he was referring to.

“Sorry I can’t see your sisters here jerk, Jenny dropped and he sniffed rubbing his nose.
“Youre gonna get what you deserve in there, he said pointing at her.

“Why? Like who are you? You’re just nothing compared to Theodore and Natasha I smacked down there, excuse me, Jenny said holding Joy hand and left.
“We shall see, he said in anger as he watched them leave……………

They met with the school authority as the man kept looking at Jennifer who equally looked at him also,
“I wasn’t expecting to see you again this soon, what happened? He finally spoke up.

“What did they say happen this time around? Jenny asked.
“Don’t dare play that prank on me when I am this serious! The man shouted and Jenny shook..

“But i didn’t do anything wrong, Jenny replied..
“Then what happened? He asked.

“He started it sir, that wasn’t my fault, she replied.
“Its a lie sir, I only wanted to talk to her friendly but she acted so rudely and screamed to the students saying that I have a cigarette d!ck which can’t last for a minute, Leo came in.

“Aren’t you ashamed of yourself to spill such trash? Jenny asked.
“Oh you should be ashamed of yourself for being a bitch, Leo blurred out.

“I think I am just a threat to you guys and you all can’t stand my presence in this school that’s why you guys keep pissing me off, Jenny said.
“Maybe we don’t know why you were expelled in your finals, yes of course you’re a threat can’t you see? The man shouted and Jenny sat looking at him speechless.

“I gave you a warning Jennifer and asked the students to stay clear from you but what did you do? He continued.
“If I should hear you correctly you asked the students to stay clear from me but he didn’t, he violated your orders, Jenny replied.


your mouth shut there young lady! The man shouted and a knock was heard on the door and Joy entered.
“Good morning sir, Joy greeted.

“Morning, can I help you? He asked.
“Yes sir, she replied.

“Who let you in? I am busy now okay, the man said.
“Sorry sir but I can’t leave without saying what I want to say. Yesterday I was with Jennifer when the incident happened, Leo approached us and wanted talking to Jennifer ordering me to leave them alone which Jennifer refused. He got angry and called Jennifer names which she retaliated back. Sir she’s innocent and any harsh judgement will be so unfair, Joy said.

“Shut up! Leo shouted on her.
“No I won’t, why are you all bent on frustrating her? What has she ever done to you all? Joy faced him.

“Its okay, you can go now thank you, the man said referring to Joy and she left.
The office was quiet for a while and Jennifer head was bowed after Joy left,
“Leo is that true? The man asked.

“Sir that girl is only defending her friend that’s all, he replied.
“I don’t know what to say anymore or who to believe, but I don’t want to ever see this happening again. Jennifer there should be no report of you again, is that clear? He asked and she nodded.

“Leonard please stay clear from her. Now you two leave my office, the man said and they bowed and left his office.
They went out and met their friends waiting for them but Leo just passed angrily not satisfied with the man judgement and his friends ran after him behind.

“How did it go? Joy asked.
“Thanks to you, but you shouldn’t have bothered, jenny replied.


had to when I heard the noise and everything, its okay let’s go, Joy said holding her hand out.
“I feel so weak right now, I just want to sit down alone, Jenny said.

“What’s wrong? Joy asked.
“Don’t worry just go, Jenny weakly said.
“Jennifer? Joy sadly called out but she walked away and slowly went to the school park and sat down alone.

The constant reminder of her rustication was tearing her apart as she sat crying on her own.
“Will i ever get through this or should i just drop and accept my fate? Its obviously not working for me, why am i always rejected everywhere I go? She cried out losing hope already.

Minutes later she got a call from Joy which she had to put herself together and picked up,
“Jenny where are you? Our department is having a serious meeting, Joy said.

“Right now? Jenny asker.
“Yes, we are heading there now. Where are you? Joy asked.

“At the school park, I’ll be coming out now, Jennifer said cleaning her face.
“We are waiting okay, please Hurry up, Joy said and dropped the call.

Minutes later they arrived at a hall and sat down as the HOD of the department of Parasitology addressed them.

“Its so nice to welcome you all again to our first meeting, especially to our new admitted student this will be new to you but we normally do this yearly. I also want to apologize for the short notice, yet the turn up is applaudable, I really appreciate you and thank you, please celebrate yourselves, he said and the students applauded.

“Alright for the first time this year we are going to do something different. We will be going out for so many trips in search of parasites, there will be a lot of researches we are going to do to gather more idea about this parasites and make you all understand and give you all deeper insights about your course of study. I hope you all love it? He asked.

“Yes we do! The students shouted.

“I’m glad you do. Everyone will be involved and none will be exempted from our new intake to the finals. Our coming together is to achieve a purpose which is to learn, which means in that trip there is no seniority whatever there. If you are in your finals please swallow it and work together with anyone you will be joined as a partner, don’t forget a report must be submitted and you’ll be scored with that. Your different names and passports has already been complied and will be displayed right away in the projector, and when once you see your name with that of your partner, quickly identify whoever it is and get prepared for the trip in 1 week time.
Have a good day students, the man concluded and left the stage.


you sir, the students shouted clapping for him as they eagerly waited for the names to be displayed on the projector.
“I may be your partner Jennifer, Joy happily said to her.

“I want same too, Jennifer replied and the names and passports of the students were displayed as everyone seriously looked to know his/her partner.

“Theodore Kennedy partnering with Jennifer Marks, Joy read out as Jennifer didn’t know who that is.
“Do you know him? Jenny innocently asked.

“Of course, that is Theodore of course, Joy dropped.
“What! Jennifer shouted.


Episode 12.

Daniel laughed pointing at the projector as Theodore couldn’t believe what he was seeing, “I hope its not the Jennifer I know? Theodore found his voice.
“Your one and only, Daniel replied and Theodore left the hall immediately which Daniel couldn’t follow because he has to see his name.

Theodore approached the HOD telling him he must have made a mistake with the name, “sorry I didn’t compile that, the man said.
“But sir I can’t partner with such a person, we are in no terms, Theo said.

“Then you have to settle whatever differences you two may have or Better still talk with who compiled the names, the man replied.
“Who can that be? Theo asked.

“Your father, please I have to attend to something important now, The man replied and left while Theodore stood in anger.
“Why should he do this to me! He shouted and left……………….

“But this is pure wickedness, he doesn’t like me to start with, how can we cope? Jennifer asked when she told her room mates the turn up of event.
“What are you going to do now? I think you should just swallow your pride and talk to him. Theodore is a cool guy seriously, Annabel said.

“But he doesn’t like me, he doesn’t even want to look at my face, I don’t know what to do, she worriedly said.
“Common you’re just assuming because of what happened between you two, am sure he must have moved on by now, Treasure said.

“No I can’t, I feel scared now, Jenny said.
“Scared? Jennifer why scared? Annabel asked.

“I don’t know, I just feel like its not gonna work and we will lose our scores for the report. Look we need to work hand in hand in the research and this can’t happen when we are not in terms, Jenny said.
“Fine, then be in terms or Better still push whatever differences you both have behind you and do this work,when you’re done you can forget about it. You said it yourself, that’s your assessment so the choice is yours, Treasure replied and Jennifer heaved with her eyes closed thinking hard…………………

“Dad how could you do this? You know I don’t want to have anything to do with that girl, Theo went to his father.
“You think I purposely did that huh? He asked.

“Yes you did i stop pretending, among all people dad why Jennifer? Theo shouted.
“Young man do you realize you are talking with your father? Theo dad asked.

“Of course and that’s why am this cold, You need to change us, Theo said.
“Sorry baby boy, the changes will surely affect the whole list, now deal with it, His dad said and walked away.

“You can’t do this! Theo shouted and groaned in anger as he folded his fist………………

The next day Jennifer arrived in school and sadly met with her friends,
“is there anything we can do about this whole stuff? I don’t like my partner either, Gladys said after Jennifer lamented about Theodore..
“We can’t do anything, this is just for a while, concentrate on the purpose of the trip and all this will be forgotten when we are done, Joy came in.

“Is it that simple? Oh Joy I’ve been thinking all through the night about this, I am so confused, Jenny said closing her eyes.
“Don’t worry too much please, Theodore will just have to put up his best mood for a while. Please you two should not Ruin this adventure please, Joy said and the lecturer walked in.

After the lecture they left the class together as Jennifer mood was a bit brightened up,
“you haven’t shown me the library yet, that’s a big crime you know, Jenny said.
“Library? You didn’t ask to know, Gladys said.

“But you should know I need it, I’ll love to go there please to ease my mood, Jenny said.
“Alright fine if you say so, Joy said and they left heading to the library.

Jenny did the necessary registration she is to do and she gave her bag to Joy who offered to hold it for her.
“Don’t forget the next class, Gladys said.

‘Sure, bye dear, Jenny replied and got inside.
Her eyes met with Theodore immediately she stepped in and her legs immediately got weak, she moved slowly to the books sections as she suddenly had no idea of the book to pick.

She angrily took any book without looking at the title and summoned courage to sit close to him.
Theodore was not bothered as he concentrated with his book like she was not noticed while Jenny kept stealing glazes at him.

Few minutes later she saw Theodore closing the book and stood to return it while she did too and met him at the book shelf,
“Hi, she said to him but he was silent.

“Can we at least talk? Jenny asked.
“You’re talking already ma’am, he replied..

“OK erm about yesterday erm… The partnering stuff for the trip what are we going to do? Jenny asked.
“What are we going to do? I am fighting to see my name will be withdrawn from yours, excuse me, Theodore replied and walked away while she swallowed.

She dropped the book and ran after him meeting him outside,
“don’t think I want this either but we have to accept it. I promise to be my best just for the sake of this, am sorry if I’ve wronged you, Jennifer said and Theodore looked at her and smiled.

“What’s bringing all of this up? don’t tell me its because of the trip for you see I am so sorry to say I won’t be participating in it. You can do your research peaceful because I can’t stand seeing you beside me, have a good day, Theodor said.
“I don’t blame you, you really think I love the sight of you in the first place huh? fvck you! Jennifer blurred out and walked out of him while he stood looking at her……………..

“The batch will be released tomorrow and the overall we are going to put on, i heard we will be dealing more on uniforms to make it colorful and organised. Have you talked with Jennifer yet? Daniel asked.
“Can’t you say something important for once in your Life? Theodore angrily asked.

“But she’s your partner and I am not wrong to ask about her, Daniel said.
“It will interest you to know i am not going and no one will force me to, Theo replied.

“No you must be joking, this is an adventure we will learn a lot, what is wrong with you! Daniel shouted.
“That is not your business and fvck whatever adventure that will be if I am going with a girl like Jennifer. Why didn’t they just put me alone? Theo shouted.

“I can’t believe you can turn up this way, is Jennifer really your problem in life? Daniel asked.
“Just leave me alone and stop forcing me to do things outside my will, Theo said.

“Suit yourself! Daniel shouted and left while Theo heaved rubbing his head not knowing what to do………………

“That guy is such a jerk! Going with him there is a big no for me and that will never happen gosh! Jennifer exclaimed when she met her friends in class which they sat not understanding anything.

“Can you please calm down and say what the problem is? Joy asked.
“The Theodore of a human being isn’t going because of me, jenny replied.

“But why? They asked.
“I just said because of me, to him he cant stand to see me what rubbish, Jennifer angrily replied and Joy heaved.

“Look If they can’t accept me working without a partner, i won’t fvcken care and i wont go! Jenny added.
‘Please don’t say that. Oh God why is this happening? Gladys said not knowing what to say………………

The HOD called Theodor to his office showing him the microscopes and every apparatus needed for the research as they were packaged in his office,

‘I am putting this in your care, you and your partner have to be careful and watchful with them, none should get missing, the HOD said.

“Sorry sir can i ask a question? Theo asked.
“Go on, he replied.

“Is it mandatory every student must have a partner and what will happen if a student fails to go? Theodore asked.
“It is more than Mandatory to participate in this and failure of any student to attend, its total failure. The assessment will be marked for those who obeyed to embark on the trip and it will be assumed you’ve written your exams when the reports of you and your partner will be assessed. In other words, if a student doesn’t participate, that’s automatically an extra year and yes, every student must have a partner, the HOD replied.

“But sir, sorry to say i think that’s ridiculous, Theodor said.
“That will be over for now Theodore, when next i need your presence I’ll call you, The HOD said and Theodore slowly left confused………………


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