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Let’s play hard episode 13 – 14

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Episode 13.
Story by Miriam Edem.

1 week later, the students of the department of Parasitology was already outside the school gate with their traveling bags as the luxurious buses was parked.
Jennifer stood with her friends scared as her eyes kept going through the students there.

“Hello Jennifer, she heard her name and turned to see Daniel.
“Hi, she replied.

“I see you’re set to go, he said.
“Yes but I don’t know if I can, she replied.

“Because of Theodore? He asked and she nodded.
“He’s not coming and I don’t know if I will be paired with another person, I’m so worried now, Jenny replied and Daniel phone began to ring.

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“Why are you calling? Daniel asked seeing who it is.
“Meet me in the HOD office now, Theodore said and dropped the call.

“Don’t worry too much okay, I’ll be back, Daniel said and hurried off.
He met Theodore bringing the cartons of the Microscopes and other apparatus outside to be put in a special truck that will transport it.

“Why are you doing this? I thought you bluntly said you won’t be going? Daniel asked.
“Isn’t it obvious? I have no choice, help me with this, Theodore replied.

“So you mean you are coming? Daniel asked and he nodded.
“So why are you calling me? You are to do all of this with your partner, so call her up because I am busy, Daniel said and Theodore looked at him..

“Daniel this is delicate okay, let’s say I don’t want to stress Jennifer, now help me do this, Theodore said.
“Fine, you can do it yourself after all you said you can do everything alone, excuse me, Daniel said and left surprising Theodore who just stood speechless looking at him.

Daniel went to Jennifer and tapped her behind,
“hi you’re back, Jenny said.
“Yea, Theodore needs your help now, Daniel replied.

“My help? Who mean who? She asked.
“Theodore, He’s coming with us, and the HOD has already put the apparatus in you and Theodore charge, he’s trying to bring them out, Daniel replied..

“Really, what are we waiting for let’s go, Jenny happily said and kept her bags in Joy charge and left with Daniel.
Daniel pointed at the office when they got there and left while Jennifer slowly got nearer.

“Be careful with that sir its fragile, She heard Theodore telling the driver who was putting the stuffs at the back of the truck..
Then he turned and saw Jennifer,
“what are you doing here? He asked but she ignored and lifted a carton of it to the truck.

Minutes later the Hod and other lecturers of the department arrived,
“are you guys done? They asked.
“Almost done sir, Jenny replied.

“OK please see that none gets damaged, its very important because if any get broken the student will be Affected. Every pair of student will have a microscope, there will be no sharing of microscopes so you guys need to be careful. That is money, the Hod said and they nodded.
“OK hurry up with it and call me on phone, there’s still a lot we need to do okay before we take off, The Hod said and hurried off with the lecturers.

“Are you tired? Theodore asked when he saw Jennifer heaved, but she ignored him and proceeded in the parking.
Minutes later they were done and Theodore called up the Hod to let him know.

Jennifer got a call immediately from Joy,
“hello am just done just waiting for the Hod, jenny picked up.
“We are getting into the buses now and we are asked to sit in pairs. Please hurry, Joy said.

“Oh okay, Jenny said and looked at Theodore not knowing how to tell him..
“What’s wrong? Theodore asked but she was silent.

The Hod was seen coming and he saw everything needed for the research was parked neatly into the truck.
“OK this is good, he said nodding inspecting it.

“Sorry sir what about the buses? I left my bag there, Jenny said.
“Your bag is there? Theodore what about you? The Hod asked.


bag is with me, he replied and Damian was seen bringing a bag approaching them..
“That’s mine thank you, Jenny said taking it from him.

“Sir the buses are filled and I was told the bag belongs to her, Damian said.
“Oh yea, so there’s no seat for them? A lecturer asked.

“Not at all sir, he replied.
“Is there any student left? The Hod asked..
“No sir everyone is in, he replied..

“Alright thanks for that, The Hod said and Damian smiled holding Jenny hands.
“Safe journey and be careful okay, he said.

“Thank you bye, Jenny said waving at him as he left.
“Uhmm are you two couples? A lecturer asked..

“No sir just a friend, Jenny replied and Theodore sneezed.
“Sorry I’ll go get my bag inside, Theodore said and went in.

“What are we going to do now with them? A lecturer asked the HOD.
“They can sit with Me, the front seat will be okay for them, the driver came in..

“Excellent! The Hod exclaimed and Theodore came out with his bag.
“Sorry Theodore you’re gonna use the truck with Jennifer, I hope you’re not angry? The Hod asked.

“Where are we going to sit? Theodore asked.
“At the front, its gonna be okay alright, the Hod replied.

“Is she okay with it? Theodore asked referring to Jennifer.
“What do you say Jenny? A lecturer asked.

“Its okay sir as long as we will get there safely, she replied.
“Thats nice, please go in while I put your bags safely at the back, The Hod said and they went to the front which Jennifer was having difficulty to climb.

Theodore saw that and smiled as Jennifer was not ready to ask for help, she wanted turning to tell the lecturers but surprisedly Theodore held her by the waist and lifted her up.
“Why did you do that! She shouted.


were wasting my time, he replied and climbed also shutting the door.
“Are you two cool? The Hod asked.

“Yes sir, Theodore replied but Jenny sat with a frown.
“Please drive to the gate, we are taking off together with the luxurious buses, we will be there soon okay, the Hod said and the Driver drove off.

The truck was just behind the buses and Joy called again,
“Where are you Jennifer? She asked
“Just behind you don’t worry, Jenny replied.

“You’re not using the buses? She asked.
“Nope, we are coming with the apparatus, Jenny replied.

“I don’t like this, I wanted us to sit near its boring here, Joy said.
“Its boring here too but don’t worry we will see soon okay. Bye, Jenny said and dropped the call while Theodore shook his head when he listened to the conversation, he brought out his earphones to keep himself company.
Jennifer remembered she left hers and looked at Theodore angrily who didn’t care.

5 minutes later the buses began to move and the journey began, on the way Jennifer was already dozing off and Theodore saw it.
He took off his earphones looking at her as her head was bending to the driver.
He gently took it and kept it on his shoulder and she slept peacefully……………


Episode 14.

There was a jerk in the truck that woke Jennifer up, she raised her head slowly wondering how she got her head on Theodore shoulder.
“You’re awake? Theodore asked but she cleaned her face without saying a word to him.

“You know you look more better when you act like a dumb, I love the development, Theodore said.
“Is the journey still far sir? Jenny asked the driver.

“Well its a remote village we are going to and yes we still have a hour or so to get there, but we agreed to stop somewhere for the student to stretch out and take a break before we proceed, the man replied.
“Gosh! Jenny exclaimed.

“Don’t worry we will get there soon, the man said.
Jenny phone began to ring and it was her mom calling,

“Hello mommy, jenny picked up.
“Don’t tell me you still went ahead for that journey, her mom said.

“Mom its compulsory and I had no choice……… “Well you have a choice! What kind of a school is that taking people children to where their parents have no idea about. How is that fair with the money I’ve spent there! Her mom shouted.
“Mom can you calm down please, its a research work and everyone will be fine please, Jenny said.


be fine there for a week? What type of a stupid research is that? Her mom asked and Jenny rolled her eyes..
“Sorry mom but I have to speak with you later, here is not a good place to talk this over again, Jenny said.
“You better be sure you get back safe and sound else you’ll get it hot from me, her mom said and dropped the call and Jenny heaved.

Theodore was busy looking at her all these while and quickly took his eyes to the road when she was done with the call,
“What were you busy looking at? Jennifer asked.
“Are you talking to me? He asked.

“Unfortunately I am, she replied and his phone began to ring too..
“Hello dad, Theodore picked up.
“How are you doing there? He asked.

“I would have loved to answer you but sadly you were not able to see me before we took off so you’ll know the condition I am right now, Theodore replied.
“I don’t understand, are you not comfortably seated? He asked.

“Maybe I would have been if I was seated with a reasonable being at least, sadly its the opposite, Theodore said and Jennifer angrily looked at him.
“Theodore its just for a week okay and I know there’s a lot of things you are going to learn and experiences you won’t forget. Try to pinch out the fun from that adventure alright, His dad said.

“Do I have a choice? Don’t worry I’ll be fine, take care, Theodore said..
“Bye son, he said and the line went dead.

“Did you just refer that to me? Jenny immediately asked.
“Last I checked I was talking with my dad and whatever I will say to him is strictly none of your business. And again, I can’t remember calling your name in our discussion or are you suddenly trying to let me notice you again? Theodore asked.

“Not even in your wildest dreams, Jennifer blurred out and he burst out laughing.
“You weren’t trying to get me notice you when you tried giving me your kerchief to tie on that little girl leg huh? Or you weren’t trying to get my attention at least when you wanted dressing like Natasha right? Theodore asked and Jenny smiled.

“So because I showed concern to the little girl means I was trying to get you notice me? And who said my dressing was to mimic anybody or get your filthy attention? Jenny asked back.
“Swallow your pride because its so obvious you’re already falling for me, I know this signs more better okay, Theodore said and put on his headphones before Jenny could say anything.

“Is this how you two fight? You remind me of my campus sweetheart years ago, the driver said smiling at them but Jennifer was silent thinking about what Theodore just said and swore to pay back.

Few minutes later the truck came to a stop at the back of the school buses which Theodore came out and shut the door back like Jennifer wasn’t coming down..
Jennifer sighed and came down on her own which she met Joy coming to her and gave her a hug,

“Not to bad, she said referring to the truck..
“Let’s not talk about it, what’s up for refreshment? Jennifer asked taking her away from the truck.

“Cheese burger and yoghurt, Joy replied.
“Uhm sounds delicious, where’s Gladys? Jenny asked.

“She’s busy with her boyfriend partner, Joy replied.
“Boyfriend? They have fallen In love already? Jenny asked.

“There you see, Joy replied and Jenny smiled at that.
“But what’s wrong with your partner? You seem not to like him, Jenny said.

“Gosh Jenny everything about that guy is a no for me, he talks too much and it pisses me off. To crown It all his talking really makes no sense to me, so annoying, Joy blurred out and Jenny burst out laughing.
“Sorry I can’t help but laugh now, when I was complaining about mine you were standing like a motivational speaker, Now here you are, Jenny said.
“Yea yea go ahead and laugh, lets go take our refreshment, Joy said as the students were seen heading to a place.

Jennifer looked back and saw Theodore going to seat back in the truck not interested with whatever is going on,
“isn’t he coming? Joy asked Jenny.
“How am I suppose to know? Maybe he’s watching over the truck let’s go, Jenny replied and they left……………….

Minutes later they returned and Theodore stepped down when he saw Jenny coming, Jenny stood looking at the truck wondering how she’s going to climb it when Theodore wasn’t looking at her either but concentrating on his phone.

“Hey, Theodore heard a voice and turned to see Daniel.
“Hey too, quite surprised you’re here, Theodore replied.

“I didn’t see you over there, Daniel said.
“Like you Care, Theodore replied but Daniel stretch forth a bag for him.

“That’s yours, Daniel said and he slowly got it from him.
“I was only angry with you bro but i wont stop to care, I have to go now, Daniel said and turned to leave.

“Daniel, Theodore called out and he stopped.
“Thank you, Theodore said and hugged him smiling.

“Its nothing, I think someone needs help at your back, Daniel said referring to Jennifer.
“Hurry up now bye, Theodore said pushing him away as he left laughing at them.

“Will you please stop wasting my time over there, Theodore said to Jennifer who angrily looked at him and hissed.
She tried climbing again in that anger to prove she can actually climb, but she fell which her left leg went behind her causing a sprain.

She let out a soft cry and Theodore quickly went to her but she beat his hand off from her,
“Get your filthy hands from me! She shouted and the driver came.

“What happened to you? He asked helping her up.
“I wanted climbing up but i couldn’t, she replied while Theodore folded his hand looking at her.

“Am so sorry for that, i hope you didn’t hurt yourself? He asked.
“Actually my ankle, but don’t worry I’ll be fine, she replied.

“Let me help you up then, the driver said and helped her up while Theodore smiled nodding and took his seat without looking at Jenny face as he enjoyed his burger……………


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