Let's Play Hard

Let’s play hard episode 39 – finale


Episode 39.
Story by Miriam Edem (Miriam Eyen Efik).

The inmates screamed alerting the cops on duties who quickly ran down to see Priscilla bleeding,
“What the hell happened here? Call the ambulance immediately! A cop shouted.

Minutes later Priscilla was seen rushed to the hospital soaked with blood,
“Emergency please, she needs to be attended to immediately! The cops shouted and she was rushed to the OR room.

Arthur was told what happened immediately but he wasn’t concerned,
“Where is she now? He asked.
“We just arrived at the hospital, the cop replied.

“Well Natasha was just laid now, and there are some things I need to do here since the funeral was taken care by the school. I’ll be there when am done, Arthur said.
“OK sir, the cop replied and dropped the call.

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Arthur quickly informed Theodore what just happened to Priscilla,
“Are you sure sir? What if she’s just acting up? Theodore asked
“I don’t think so, the cops are with her, Arthur replied.

“Well that serves her right, at least it wasn’t a knife on her chest, Theo said.
“Sir will you go see her? Jennifer asked.
“What for? The cops can attend to her, Theo replied.

“But they called me, i have to give them that respect, Arthur said.
“I’ll be going with you sir, Jenny said.

“Oh God Jennifer, you’re unbelievable, Theo angrily said and walked away from them.
“Don’t feel bad okay, you should understand him, Arthur said seeing Theodore change of character.

“I think if he got to know about Natasha this way, he wouldn’t have chose me for anything seeing what Natasha did for him, Jenny sadly said.
“Don’t let that bother you okay, he is just hurt thats all he will get over it soon, Arthur said and she nodded.

“Alright, when am about to go I’ll let you know, Arthur said and left………………….

Jennifer and Arthur arrived and met the cops just waiting for the doctors to attend to them,
“What happened to her? Arthur asked..
“From the information we gathered, she had a little fight with one of the inmate who smashed her head on the gate, a cop replied and a doctor was seen coming out from the OR room.

“How was it? A cop asked.
“The cut was deep and we tried our best, before she brought down here she had an internal bleeding. We lost her, the doctor replied and Arthur just shook his head saying nothing.

“Oh my God! She couldn’t complete her years in jail, Jennifer said.
“Please excuse me, the doctor said and walked away while the cops looked at Arthur.

“Should we say we are sorry for this? As for the lady who did this, she is going to be punished, the cop said but Arthur was just quiet not knowing what to do………………….

Priscilla was laid to rest and everything went back to normal.

Jennifer resumed at Bright Age University and was warmly welcomed by the students.
“Hey welcome back, Perpetual said giving her a hug.

“Thank you, hey you have a lot to do for me you know, Jenny said.
“Everyone will help you get back on feet. But there’s something you need to know, Perpetual said.

“What’s that? Jenny asked.
“I’m dropping from Radiography, that isn’t where I should be, Perpetual replied.

“What! After getting to this level? Jennifer asked.
“Yes Jenny I have to do this. Everything I’ve ever lived for was a competition and a way to please my dad. Journalism is what I have ever dream to study but I shifted it all away because I wasn’t allowed to choose my destiny unlike you. Now this is all over, I need to find my life back and live it, enough of the fake life already, Perpetual replied.

“So you’re starting afresh? Jenny sadly asked.
“Its not a crime right? Don’t worry I’ll be good and we will still see ourselves, though you’ll leave first, Perpetual replied and Jenny hugged her.

“i’m sorry, Jenny said…………….

6 months later, Jennifer Graduated same with Theodore and the rest.
Their happiness knew no bounds as Jennifer still came out as one of the best in the department. In the graduation ceremony her parents came down to see her,


my angel, you just keep making us proud, Marks said raising Jenny up.
“Thank you dad, Jenny said happily.

“We have a gift for you, I hope you’ll like it, her mom said.
“Okay, what is it? Jenny asked and she was given an envelop.

Her eyes bulged out when she saw what is it,
“You’re having a baby mommy? Wow I can’t believe it thank you! Jenny screamed hugging her.
“Thank you baby, now you’ll have a sibling just as you wanted, she replied.

“You don’t know how happy you’ve made me now, can you just give birth already? Jenny asked and they laughed.
“Sure with the expectancy in your eyes the baby won’t wait too long, Marks replied and She had a beep on her phone.

“Can I see you outside miss? Theodore texted.
“I’ll be back please, Jenny said and hurried out.

“Hello, she heard a voice at her back and saw Theodore behind her.
“Hey thanks for coming, she said as he Kissed her.

“Must you thank me for everything? Here, I got this for you, Theodore said putting a key on her palm.
“What’s this? She asked.

“Come see it yourself, he said taking her to the car park and she saw a brand new car there and her friends seeing a birthday song for her.

“Happy birthday and happy graduation darling, Theodor said holding her.
“Oh my God I forgot its my birthday, too many surprises already thank you, Jenny happily said hugging him tight………..


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