November 29, 2021

life as a teacher 2 episode 14 – 15


life as a teacher 2

Episode 14

Continues from the last scene of the previous episode…..

We were both silent as she drives really slowly that I thought we are not reaching my house in the next ten or more years..”hun hun” she clears throat breaking the silence..

Jenny: you two must be close,,I mean you and Sharon coz you kept repeating “hope there is no problem”..dont worry I won’t kill her..i just wanted to see how pretty the girl my fiancee is cheating on me with..

Me: your fian..cee? *i stammered*

Jenny: yes..*she smiled*

I was really confused,,her fiancee is cheating on her with someone else and she was smiling..wasnt she supposed to be crying..

Me: who is this your fiancee??

She eyed me suspiciously for few seconds then she busted to laughter..

Jenny: that’s not for you to know

We later got to my place which I was describing for her while sitting in the car..

Me: thank you ma..*i was about alighting*

Jenny: oh,,collect..*handed me her business card*..and make sure you call me,, I’ll be expecting your call..

Why can’t she collect my number then..those rich girls sef..I collected the card then alighted..she later zoomed off not after we waved at each other..i was lying on my bed after I’ve changed to a simple cloth playing games on my phone when soft knocks landed on my door..i stood up sluggishly then went to the door..i opened the door to see the surprise of my life..”s..har..on” I stammered while she let out her beautiful smile sending my brains outta my head as I stood transfixed on same point staring at her..


*clears throat sending back to life* can I enter? *still smiling*

Me: oh *moved out of the way scratching my head*

She sat on my bed while I closed the door still staring at the girl who was claded in a blue designed top over a blue jean making it a color combo..i guess she must be travelling to the blue moon,,that blue moon stuff doesn’t make sense, yes I know…I have really lost mind,,as in like a kid that lost money,,well,, that doesn’t make sense either..she was still as pretty as always while my eyes kept noticing her neatly beautifully parked hair..”is this girl really a human being..human can’t be this pretty” I said to myself in my mind..

Sharon: long time Mr handsome*jolting me off my thoughts*

Me: oh,, I hope you are not here for the season 2??

Sharon: I don’t..und..erstand u *confused face*

Me: I mean you are here to give me another warning and another round of insults??*facing another direction*


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*busted to laughter* I have really mis..ed yo..ur so sorry for that day..i was very angry that you betrayed my trust by dating my sister but I think I have changed my mind.. I’ll fight for what’s mine and not run from it..i knew you first,i saw you first Jason *stood up* and since then you have captured my heart..the truth is am in lov..e with yo..u *she stammered*

I was left stunned as I just watched the girl who was staring at me with flames of love burning in her folded hand already separated..i seems not to respire anymore..jesus Christ I think I feel thesame..”so mighty Jason can fall in love..well she is not an human being afterall”(in my mind)

Sharon: don’t tell me you don’t feel the same coz I don’t know what will happen to me….

Me: actually,,the truth not really in love with you..

I can see how her face fell and I can see tears trickled down her cheek as she faced me with shock and surprise clearly visible on her face..

Me: I think am crazily in with you *stammered the “love”*

She stared into my eyes for few seconds before busted into tears,,before I could think or process anything,, I could felt her whole body dumped on me..chaii..i hugged her tight not ready to let go as she wept on my shoulder happily..”it’s okay baby” I murmured patting her back..We later sat on my bed both staring each other as silence occupied the whole room..


throat* so when it is you started loving me *rolling her eyes*

Me: *busted to laughter* I don’t know..its just that I found out recently you are the source of my joy..*smiling*

She was beaming with smile with happiness dancing around her face..she suddenly shifted to me pressing her Heavenly b00bs to my holy arm..holy?..just joking na..she held my left hand caressing it..she looked into my eyes for few seconds then muttered “only if he knows how much I love him” and before I could do anything..our lip met and we started kissing..her lip was d–n sweet like mama nkechi soup that I kept devouring it..its not my fault na please don’t start pointing finger at somebody oo..

My too sharp left hand transport slowly to her matter how much I controlled won’t listen..well I can’t blame it but have my steel rod to blame as it was the one that was controlling all my body..i tried so harder to control my steel rod and opt out of the long kiss as I see the girl as pure being..sorry I mean angel..but my rod won’t listen..

“baba hw far na,leave person jor” my rod sent the message to my no time her hand was in charge of the shameless rod rubbing it gently while my left hand was still doing it job..we were later unclad though still kissing..she suddenly started m0aning loudly and later withdrew her lip..”please do it” she m0aned to my ear..

My brain was formatted immediately as I slip my rod in her too tight k—y then started fighting war in her shaolin temple..i was scared and surprise at the same time to see blood on my still stiff steel after pulling the stupid thing out..

Me: you should have let me know you a virgin I wouldnt have done sorry baby..

Sharon: it’s okay love..i was planning to give it to you anyway..

We later dressed up after bathing together..what are you peeps thinking..nothing happened between us na,,your mind is dirty..she washed my blood stained bed sheet and we talked for almost 2hrs..telling everything about each other..she later went home while I was still blaming myself for disflowering the girl..made me remember how I disflowered adanna my neighbour whose father is a police..ladies and gentlemen I nearly go to jail..adanna face made me remember Jenny as they both look alike..

I dashed to my hanged cloth then pull out her business card out of my shirt pocket..i copied her number on my phone then saved it as Jenny..i then dialled it..She picked after third ring..

Me: hi it’s jason

Jenny: oh Jason..i was expecting your call since..i even thought you lost my card or something..i am busy now so can you come to my hotel tomorrow?..dont tell me no.. I’ll send the address now..bye handsome *hang up*


Episode 15

I woke up a little late the nextday which was Saturday..i sluggishly get off bed..i washed my dirtied clothes,,tidied my room then cooked was rice and stew and ofcourse I didn’t enjoy the food coz I over-salted the where are you..i later have my bath then dressed in my white designed shirt on a blue jean wearing my fake Gucci shoe..i checked the time on my phone to see 10:26am..i exited my house and in no time stopped a bike..i quickly described the hotel for him while he asked for 500naira..

Me: bros I didn’t said I was going to heaven..royal House Hotel…

Okada man: See how you dey form like say you no get money..i hear say na rich peoples dey stay for the hotel..


how that one take concern person ah dey go find joor..

Okada man: *hissed* anyway 200naira last last..

I shook my head then hopped on..after 15minutes we finally reach the destination..i was amazed to see the the very big hotel for the first time..i paid the okada man and I was directed inside by a security man..i was about dialing Jenny’s number when her call came in…

Jenny: hello handsome..where are you??

Me: am now in the hotel..

Jenny: really?.. Come to room 4..

Me: okay ma..

I stepped inside the hotel and went straight to a lady sitting on a chair with a block separating us..

Lady: what can I do for you sir??

Me: am here to see someone and she said her room is no4..

She wasted no time as she picked the phone to call..”there is a man asking to see you,, his name is…okay ma..”..i later headed the room as described by the lady..i was shocked to see a man and a lady in black suite standing outside the door both staring at me somehow..”what are you doing here” the man snarled..

Me: am here to see Miss Jenny but I think I came to a wrong room..

I was about going when the lady called me back “wait..are you jason”..”” I stammered..”madam told us to let you in”..they opened the door and I quickly entered the palace-like room..i was amazed coz I don’t know the type of hotel even exist in the village..i saw an iPhone 6 on the bed seems to belong to Jenny..chaii..dis girl get money no wonder she still have bodyguard..but where is she?..”hello” I said calmly forming gentleman..

Jenny: oh Jason,,am in the bathroom…

I don’t know why I didn’t hear the splashing of water before..maybe the iPhone I was admiring has blocked some parts of my brain..”Jason?” I heard Jenny voice..”yes ma” I replied..”oh I thought you are gone,, am coming out now” she said..

I was still relaxed on the bed reading the novel I brought with me..quote me right,,not that I always carry novel around to form now..the sound of the steps I heard made me look up locking my eyes with Jenny who was smiling tieing a Tom n Jerry towel and water dripping down her extremely fresh body..”oh boy” my rod sent d message to my brain..”shut up joor, oponu” I replied it in my was like she juju-ed my eyes as I can’t keep my eyes off..i know the grammar is not correct..who correct grammar epp, am a Yoruba guy na..

Jenny: are you going to stop staring at my body or not..

“never will I stop” be me talk am eyes was in charge now..i tried to control it but it won’t listen,omaale…*chaii*,in patience Jonathan back to life..

Me: oh, am so sorry ma..*i quickly stared elsewhere*..

She smiled and sat with me on the bed,,I mean very close..”release me, am ready for World War 2″ my rod sent the message to my brain again..

Me: should I step outside for you to dress?

Jenny: *bursted to laughter* don’t how pretty is this Sharon…prettier than me?

Me: I c..ant say ma

Jenny: shh..stop using ma for me making feel like an old granny…i am Jenny..jenny..say that..

“j..enny” I stammered as her hand already found it way to my lap..fada lawd take my soul..”you know what,, I like you” she said in low voice as our head is moving closer and our lip about colliding..the ruffles behind the door made us stop..”open the d–n door” I can hear a familiar voice shouted outside the door..the door suddenly opened and I was more than surprise to see the Marcus guy stormed inside with flames of anger burning all over him..

Marcus: what the hell are you doing to my fiancee,,you fool *he shouted*

Jenny: your fiancee??..that was a contract,dont you forget Marc..and of course am happy to tell you it’s over..

He rushed to where I was sitting and give me a Anthony Joshua’s punch which made me fly from the bed to the floor holding my blood filled mouth..before he could proceed,,Jenny stood and retaliated with a two clean slaps..

Marcus: did you just slapped me for this fool? *he shouted*

Jenny: and I’ll slap you again if you touch him..sarah,micheal(bodyguards)..take this idiot out..

Marcus eyed me very murderously and stormed out even before the bodyguards could touch him..”are you okay” Jenny asked..okay 4 where..”I’ll be fine but is the guy fighting wrestling or what? ” I said which made her laugh..we later settled on the bed while she kept touching my cheek every avoid another error due to parallax(phycist should understand)..i bade her farewell and i can see the sadness on her face though I didn’t care..

I exited the hotel and hopped on a bike..i later got to my place..i sat on my bed immediately I entered can’t stop thinking about what happened phone suddenly started ringing..”unsaved number”..i hissed then ignored it..the call came in again..oh it might be Jenny..i quickly picked it..

Me: hello..

Person: Mr handsome..

I recognised the voice as Cynthia’s immediately..

Me: Cynthia?..

Cynthia: so you still remember my voice?

Me: it is not funny is it? why did you call me again?

Cynthia: calm down Mr man..i have a good news for you..

My heart skipped a beat hearing the “goodnews”..i knew it should be the irony..chaii..

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