Love And S£x

Love And s*x – Episode 6

Love And s€×
Episode 6
Ade pov
Flora greeted everyone and we answered her mom asked her how her nighf was and she replied, we all sat down and add breakfast after breakfast i wemt home.
I drove my car n few minutes later i was at home my dad and mom were not at home, i asked my gateman and he said that they left some minutes agi that they were going to church (before i forget both jeremy and mine parents attend the same church st paul catholic church )
I entered the house using my spare key which was part of my car key.
I am also leaving for unilav todag so i went to get my tins ready, one hour latef i was done everything i needed was ready.
I was about to sleep when i remembered my promise to flora the box of Freda.
I took my bath dressed uo and went to a shopping mall, i drove out an few minutes later i was at the place the name of the shopping mall was boldly written there Market Square the place newly opened, this first time there i wemt in,side grabbed a shopping basket and went in searching for Freda .
I couldn’t find it at first but with the help of one of the sales persnal i was able to find it, i got one box of Freda and also got flora favourite snack afte that i got some few tins to add to my provision i as taking to school.
forty five minutes later i was through buying wat i needed, i paid for wat i bought and they kept everything in bags that spelt Market Square.
I drove home to find my parents they were already back, i drove in and greeted my parents they were at the parlour doing their lovey dovey i greeted them and they answered dad asked
Dad:ade i thought u were at jer. house wat are u doing here
Ade:so dad u are now chasing me out of the house shebi
Dad: no thats not wat am trying to say
Me: dat was wat u said o here u are doing loving doving with mom why wont u want me to stay at jeremy house i no am spoiling ur show but dont worrh am about to leave
Mom: no hon wait na pls (hitting my dac see wat u did)
I ran

Ade pov
I went into my room, dropped the tins i bought for myself and packed it in my luggage i kept jeremy and his sister in the bag i bought it with.
I took a quick shower, dressed up wearing something new i carried my luggages and kept them in the back of my car while i kept jeremy and flora snack at the front the front seat so that i will not forget.
I was about to leave when i remembered that i had not tell my parents that i had decided to go sch from the airport where jeremy is leaving, i turned off my car engine and went in,side.
My parents weren’t at parlour again they were in their room, i knocked at their door and my mom said come in, i went in,side my mom and dad were on the bed watching a movie in the tv in their room which was currently paused but from the picture am seeing i think its Titanic, i looked at my parents they were smiling my mom said
Mom:hon hope you are no longer angry
Me:( behaving dumb ) angry about wat
Mom:About wat ur dad said u no he was just joking
Me:mom i was never angry i no dad i no wat he can do am use to him
Dad:i told u hon he wouldn’t be angry
Mom:if u are not angry then wat are u doing here
Me:i came to tell u that i will be leaving from the airporg where jeremy would be travelling abroad to my school i wouldn’t be able to come home after dat
Mom: ok hon stay safe u hear but wat pls give me my phone its there by my make up mirrior.
I took her phone and gave her, she took and did something the next tin i heard was an alert in my phone i instantly knew that she had transferred money to me (this wasnt the first time that dis have happen )
I didn’t check my phone but i thank her after that i left to jeremy house.
On my way to his house i decided to check my phone to see the money my mom sent i checked and found out that she sent me 150 thousand wow nice i was about to close my phone when i saw another bank alert i checked the message and found out that my dad just sent me


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