Love And S£x

Love And s*x – episode 5

Love and s€×
Episode 5

Ade pov
Me: were u not at the send off party so y are u saying u want to spend time with him as a can recall everyone spent time with him
Joy:ade pls just let me in pls i no i spent time with him during the send off party but i want to spend some personal time with him u no that the send off party was crowd they were many people there
Me: sorry but thats not enough reason u better go back to ur room and with that i wanted to close the door but she put her leg i looked at her, she was putting on a pleading puppy dog face she said
Joy : ade pls can u leave the door i want to hangout with him today since it is his last day in Nigeria pls pls i beg you
The moment i had that statement i let her in but as she was about to enter i held her and whispered to her ears
Me: dat wasn’t so hærd finally i have a slave who would do anything i say ( a long time ago we had made a bet that i would make joy apologise to me whike she said she would never do dat the reward was that she would be my slave to do anything i want untill i decided to release her
Joy:(gasped ) i thought you forgot pls ade am sorry pls forgive me
Me: dont worry i forgive you but i will not forget my reward for the bet a bet is a bet,
I let her go and she entered i quickly closed the door silently, i turned back to seat down with them (flora jeremy and joy)
I sat down and looked at jeremy he was smiling while flora was frowning i wonder why jeremy said
Jer.: flora u own me a box of freda ( jeremy favourite snack)
Flora: ok but i will get u next time, i looked at jeremy and said
Me: bro y is she owning u a box of freda’s
Jer.: we made a bet that you would allow joy to enter the room she said you wont allow but i said u would allow and we made a bet if you had not allowed joy in i would be owning her a carton of pop up ( flora favourite snack ) bug if u allowed joy she would get me freda and since you allowed joy i won
We all started laughing while flora was

Ade pov
While flora was smiling, i looked at her and whispered into her eyes
Me:dont worry i buy the freda for jeremy besides it was my fault
Flora: ok tanks brother ade i love u, then she hugged me after that she was smiling.
Jeremy and jot were wandering why she was smiling jeremy asked
Jer:ade wat did u say to my sister
Me: (behaving innocent ) i did sat anything
Jer.: are u sure
Me: yes
After that we all gisted talking about previous memories with each other while sometimes we would tease each other it was jeremy that suffered the teasing most.
We slept by 2 flora and joy slept with us we all slept on the floor.
We were woken up by jeremy which was ringing loud i stood up first followed by jeremy then flora followed by joy she was the last to stand up i guess she was a deep sleeper, we checked the time it was 7 luckily we still had six hours with jeremy before he left, flora and joy lefg while me and jeremy stayed in gis room.
We were both arguing on who would use the bathroom first since we couldn’t decide so we played a game that always helps us decide between something Rock Paper Scissor and jeremy won so he used the bathroom first afted he was done i also used the bathroom I brushed my teeth and took my bath i also wore one of his clothes after that we both left to the dinning table to eat
We got there to find jeremy parents and joy there flora wasnt there yet i guess she was going to prepare her self we greeted his parents and they answered back his mom asked how was ur night yesterday
Me: it was fine am why wont it be fine wen u guesw were busy making noise amd gisting
Everyone laughed, normally we all go to church buf today was different today was jeremy last day in Nigeria and his tins were not ready yet so we church was cancelled for today .
We were about to eat our breakfast which was pancakes and honey which was jeremy favourite when flora came she said
Flora: good morning.


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