Love episode 4


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Created and written by Madu Shedrack


Nixon’s girlfriend and Nixon himself were still arguing.

Although Nixon was just trying to know the reason why his girl stole Diana’s handbag.

“What’s wrong with you Luna?, why did you snatch that pouch from where I kept it!?” Nixon curiously said to Luna

“Because I wanna use it to catch you red-handed”

“Because you would have denied me totally if I didn’t come home with this bag!” Luna yelled at him.

“Seriously? You asked me to visit your home and that same day”

“You left me to go and have fun with another girl?”

“Do you expect me to be pleased about that?” Luna calmly added.

“Am really sorry about that but come on you went too far”

“You couldn’t have to steal anything, that bag was too important for her,” Nixon said as he fling his car key into the sofa and then strolled toward her holding her cheeks with his two hands.

“Look at my eyes,” Nixon said to Luna and Luna glares into his eye.

“I don’t have anything to do with that girl, I had an accident with her”

“Soo I have to hurry her to the infirmary,” Nixon explained to her.

“Oh my God! You had an accident? What really happened between both of you”

“I hope you are okay?” she said as she started checking her body.

“It is okay, am fine, as you can see nothing happened to me, am alright” Nixon responded

“Am sorry, please forgive me” Luna admits guilt.

“It is okay, It is not your fault at all, I don’t have any wrath against you” Nixon responded to her.

“But guess what? I came back with one million dollars!” Nixon added.

“Oh my God! Am so happy about that but how did it emerge?” Luna replied with so much happiness as she hugs him so tightly.

“I paid her infirmary bills of a hundred thousand”

“And her parents expanded the sum of nine hundreds of thousand”

“In other to appreciate me” Nixon whispered to her ear with a smile.

“Oh my gosh, I can’t stop being glad right now, that means…”

“That you will have to grant me two hundred thousand right?” Luna said with a smirk.

“What?” Nixon interjected with a scowling face.

“What…?” Luna interfered.

“Alright, fine… I will provide that for you when you are about to leave okay?” Nixon promised.

“Oh my gosh, that’s why I cherish you” Luna replied happily as she covers her mouth with her hands.

“Come here….” Luna whispered as she began to k×ss him while dragging him to the bed.


“Mummy where are you, am already running late to school” the voice of Diana sounded.

Before she was added in a view, it appears to be a very delightful morning.

As Diana was shown running downstairs, with her schoolbag and donned in a stylish dress.

It seems that she is strong right now, she has been healed up from the sick bed.

No more traumas and she can walk without any assistance from anyone now.

“Yes am right here!” Her mum was relaxing on the sofa in the parlor which was straight downstairs.

When Diana hurried down, her sight met with her mum’s own

“I… Thought I saw you upstairs just now?” Diana asked out of amazement” or am I mistaken?” Diana added.

“Maybe I have become invisible” mum responded with a smile.

“Truly you are, am departing to school now please take care of yourself for me okay?” Diana replied as she walks to her mum and k×ss her on her forehead.

“You didn’t eat anything before leaving? Why?” Mum demands to understand.

“No no no, I don’t have sufficient time to eat,” Diana said as she stares at her wristwatch.

“I think I should be leaving now, don’t worry about me”

“I will get something to eat immediately after I arrive at school okay?” Diana pledged.

“Alright goodbye…” Mum waves at her.

“Mum can I use your car please, am really running late” Diana requested.

“Umm sorry about that you can’t use my car but I have purchased a new car for you yesterday so this is the key” mum whispered as she delivered the key to her.

“Oh my gosh thank you! momma! what a surprise, I can’t believe this!” Diana rejoiced and bestows her a hug.

And then took the key and ran outside and saw a marvelous car positioned right in front of the compound.

“Wow, I really adore this! I love it!” Diana cheers and infiltrated inside the car and starts it as it makes a simple sound, affirming that it is a new car.

She deliberately moves backward and accordingly reversed the car and then operates the gate remote as the gate gently unlocked.

She then drives out of the entrance with force, running directly to the college.


The large tall skyscraper was put in a view as it was jotted down “comprehensive college” at the top, with the two shining stars at its angles.

The flowers used to decorate the building were all tall.

While some of those at the entrance of the compound were thick.

The school compound was really beautified with flowers and reflector walls.

Many peoples are shown to be moving in while some were striding out of the compound.

And so as those with cars are riding into the school compound as Diana’s blue car was put in a view as it moves into the school compound unhurriedly.

The car drives in and halts at a corner and Diana steps out of it like a queen which she is

“Wow it’s another new week” she whispered to herself and begin to walk to her class apartment

“Princess! Wait for me!” She believed a voice called her on her other phrase telling her to wait for her.

So she turned and stare at her back to see if anyone is calling her.

But she did not see anyone, instead, she heard a voice behind her again.

“At your back!” The voice whispered again as Diana gasped in tension and quickly turned back again.

“It’s you, Amelia! Come on… you really scared me!” Diana said to her with a decent smile.

“You can be so…. so…. afraid, all the time! What always causes that?” Amelia asked.

“Nothing sweetie, I.. Am just okay” Diana responded.

“Are you sure you are alright?” Amelia insisted to know.

“Yeah am really sure about that, am extremely fine” Diana replied as they both keep walking to their apartment.

“Princes what about Delis?” Amelia interrogated with a glossy smiles

“Don’t ask me about him again please” Diana shrieked at her and stridden faster than her, abandoning her behind.

“What have I said wrong?” Amelia said to her, while Diana hold on and turned back.

“Am sorry about the manner I spoke to you” Diana reformed when Amelia got close to her.

“It’s okay Princess, but why do you yell at me for mentioning Delis’s name?” Amelia inquired.

“You know Delis before me right?” Diana asked while Amelia nods her head.

“How long have you known him?” Diana asked.

“I knew him at school, from childhood” Amelia responded.

“What have you noticed about his private life?” Diana inquired of

“Come on I should be asking you that, I have not gotten that close to him”

“You should be the one to tell that” Amelia replied and by then they were already in the corridor of their class.

“Do you know? Delis is a gold digger” Diana asked

“Like? am so…. confused here, what do you mean by that?” Amelia asked as she was so confused and then already striding into the class compartment.

“Umm excuse me!” Diana declared as she started running after someone.

While Amelia stares at her and her mind is still on what she said about Delis.

She didn’t mind, she stepped into the classroom so gently

“Nixon! Nixon! dear, wait for me” Diana shouted as he was running after the young man.

Nixon turned when he heard his name and was so amazed when he saw Diana reaching out.

So he waited for her to reach close to him.

“Hey did you recently resume at this college?” Diana asked with a smirk.

“I should be asking you that, come on this is the school I have been attending for a lengthy now” Nixon responded

“Wow, that’s great, I have never met you in this school before?”

“It has been a long I was also attending this school”

“Although the School is large so… people are much”

“We can’t know everyone,” Diana said as both of them chuckled.

“Okay… we should be going to our class now, but can I have your number please?” Diana requested and Delis called it immediately for her.

“You bought a new phone? That’s good” Nixon said.

“Yeah…” Diana replied as she nods.

“Alright you I… I should be going to my class now” Nixon said to her as he twinkles his eyebrows and left.

“It’s alright” Diana replied with a fluffy smile as everything was moving a slow gesture

And both of them walk in different directions.

Meanwhile, Nixon was about to enter into his classroom.

But he saw Luna standing precisely at the entrance with her two hands crumpled together.

“Luna? You are already here? How come?” Nixon asked with a panic.

“Why are you so surprised about that?” Luna responded.

“Like….” Nixon was about to say something but was cut off.

“How long have you been seeing that girl, Nixon?” Luna slowly asked.

“Seriously, it’s not what you think” Nixon tries to cover-up

“Are you trying to call me a fool?, like I don’t know what am seeing”

“She just collected your number and you lied to me? That she is just a friend?”

“You know what? ‘m done with you,” Luna said out of anger and tries to walk away from him.

“Please Luna don’t do these to me please, I… I am sorry alright?” Nixon apologizes.

“If you are truly sorry, accordingly, you will amass to do whatever I asked you to do” Luna orders.

“Alright what do you expect me to do in other to make you glad, I will do whatever it is” Nixon agreed to her.

“Okay, promise?” Luna asked.

“Yeah, promise” Nixon vowed.

“You will have to take me to that girl and tell her to vacate from you”

“That you have been taken, fully taken,” Luna said.

“What? Come on that’s too brutal, alright don’t worry”

“I will do that by myself but am not taking you with me” Nixon responded.

“I must come with you, so are you fulfilling what I asked you!?” Luna yelled at him.

“Fine, but not immediately, we will do that when it is break time” Nixon promised

“Am coming here once it is break time” Luna said and stroll away to her department

While Nixon stares at her and then walks into his class

12:00 PM

Diana and her friend Amelia were shown to be walking out of their class compartment as they were discussing.

“Princess you said something about Delis in the morning,” Amelia said to Diana

“Yeah, Delis was simply snatching my money away from me”

“He never cared for me one day, he breathes as a gold digger,” Diana said with a meager voice.

“You can’t be serious, you are joking right” Amelia replied.

“Am serious, could you believe I caught him having s×× with another girl on his bed”

“Do you know what he said to me, he said I should provide my account number for him to transfer my money back” Diana explains.

“Seriously..? so Delis have been pretending all along?”

“Anyways am very very sorry about that, you have to forget about him,” Amelia said to Diana.

“Don’t bother instructing me, I have already forgotten about him” Diana carelessly said.

“Like seriously?” Amelia interfered and by then she saw Nixon coming after her and then everything was viewed in a slow-motion as she runs toward him trying to hug him

But Nixon rejected her hug “are you alright” Diana interrogated him

“Umm according to my girlfriend, she said you should stay away from me”

“And you have to stay away from me, I have been taken”

“Please find another person” Nixon replied as Luna strolled toward him and k×sses him right in front of Diana.

After k×ssing him she stares at Diana badly and drags Nixon away.

Diana’s eyes and heart were so depressed, she felt so vulnerable.

…..To Be Continue…

Diana just wants love by all means😁 any word for her?

So… Luna has no other work than following Nixon all about? Do you think she is good for Nixon?

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