November 29, 2021

Mafia Bride episode 1 – 2




Written By Author Jenny

Not edited

Chapter one


Have you ever been in a situation were you cant decide for yourself ,,all you do and get are based on command ….Well thats the story of my life

I wore my dress and began doing horrible makeup on my face,,i added foundation to my face and did’t blend it in well

I added a lot of eyeshadow with multi colours ,and lipstick smeared over my lips.

I packed my long hair in a way that will reduce its length.

We were all lined up and waited for who ever was going to address us.

I know you might be wondering what up with this weird girl ,the truth is today we are going to be sold to some mafia’s who needs slaves or servant and i am one of them

My former master had to reloate to another part of korea and they wont be needing my service anymore so they had to put me on purchase

Heavens know i dont want to fall in the hands of a very bad person

and thats why i decided to look like a zombie so i wont have a buyer

maybe the industry will consider and make me work as a waiter instead of being bought and used as a slave to anyone

All the ladies in the queue ,,were dressed in their revealing outfit ,make up plastered all over their face and their hair neatly done ,,Except me

“Annyeonghaseyo{hello}” a man who i think is the manager greeted

“Today we will be having a very important vvip guest,so i want you girls to be in your best behavior and you know the rest jal gayo {goodbye}”he said and left

well that ended fast and the man really looked tensed,i wonder who the vvip is

We all posed in a straight line and soon buyers began troping in

some sat down for some drinks while others just bought and left

Its been like three hours and my legs are killing me

well anyone who came close to me will look at me disgusted and pass and that was how it went on till i was the last person remaining

I was really happy my planned work ,,no one wants me ,,i was in my mood of victory when a drunk man walked toward me


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trailed his hands down my body and grabbed my butt ,,i was terrified ,angry and disgusted because his drunk , and the smell of alcohol coming out his mouth makes me want to puke

“Dear lord save me from this man” i closed my eyes and began praying silenty

“i want you mi lady “he said drunkly touching my bobbs

“SHE TAKEN ALREADY” I heard a husky voice said and i opened my eyes

I couldnt see the main person talking because he was surrounded by his securities who look like giants

The man tried to drag my hand but one of the security gave him a punch that made him passed out

“Lets go”the security guy said and i nodded

I tried my best to see the person who bought me but i couldnt

I entered into a separate car with some of the securities and we began driving into an isolated area or let me say into the woods

Right now i am so scared,,,i moved from frying pan to fire

who is this person that bought me ,,,where are they taking me to

Gosh am beginning to have a bad feeling about this ,,i need to run

“Wait wait ,,there is an emergency “i yelled

“I need to pee”i added and they starred at me in awe




By Author Jenny

Not edited

Chapter Two


“Wait wait ,,there is an emergency “i yelled

“I need to pee”i added and they starred at me in awe

“Is that why you stopped us”one of the security asked and i nodded like a baby

“it seems you have no idea who your master is”he said

“Who is he”i asked

“His Edwardo Cheng”he relied and my breath sized

“Whattttttt”i yelled

Instantly i started sweating ,,the urine actually this time its no joke i need to pee

“So do you still need to pee”he asked

“NO”i replied back and he nodded

what have i done

How did i get myself into this

If only i knew ,i would have left my face like that or maybe i would have done an alien makeup instead of zombie

Okay i need to stop saying trash and find a solution to my problem

Sir Edwardo is the most richest man i know and heard of

i only saw his picture on magazine covers
His a greek God ,insanely cute but there are so many bad news about him

All the people who worked for him never came back alive .

I sat down in the car shaking like a jelly fish

“Rosie think”

“Rosie think” i muttered to myself

I need an actual plan

I dont want to die young

Soon we arrived at a mansion i the middle of nowhere

Coming down from the car i almost had an heart attack

This house is the bigest i have ever seen ,We entered the house and i was totally speechless

It was breath taking ,,all the securities were outside ,i was the only one in with my master who i havent seen his face yet

“Up the left stairs ,first room to your right is yours ,,freshen up and prepare my food in the next one hour”

left stairs first room on my right

I opened the door and smiled to myself

Okay am not suppose to be smiling

I entered the bathroom, took my bath and washed the horrible makeup i did on my face

i quickly ran downstairs to start cooking because i only have few minutes

Soon was done cooking i set the food on the massive dining

Now what?

how do i tell him food is ready

i walked up the other stairs i saw him passed ,,Gosh so many rooms which one do i knock

i started knocking all the doors waiting for which one i will hear an answer

But one thing i noticed is that ,the door at the centre has different design

I was about to knock on the door when it opened by itself

Gezz it looks like a second apartment

i walked in with my heart pounding heavily

“what are you doing here”he asked and flinched

“your ….Food is….ready”i shuttered

“On no acct should you ever come here again”he said angrily and i nodded

Gosh why isnt he looking at me

I want to see his face

“GET OUT”he yelled

You need to see the way i ran ,,my legs were almost touching my head

i must see his face

I hid behind somewhere and waited for him to come downstairs

On hearing his footsteps my heart was beating so fast

Gosh he looks more handsome in real life than pictures

He walked like a model and sat down on the dining

“Come here”he yelled and i almost melted

is he talking to me

How did he know i was here

“I dont like repeating my self”he added and i walked out like a snail

Is he going to kill me?

To be continued

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