Meant For Each Other

Meant for each other episode 81 – 82


🌺 CHAPTER 81 & 82 🌺



Hot tears came out of Henry’s eyes and he almost fell but Hilliary was quick to caught him.

He felt used, he felt betrayed, no matter how he didn’t want to believe it but the video..

She was kissing him back meaning she was interested in the kiss, it was not a mistake or like he took her in an unexpected way.

His heart is bleeding blood and the anger in his eyes, is enough to kill.

His hands started shaking.

“Twin bro, calm down” Hilliary said.

“No!!!” Henry screamed and released himself from Hilliary.

He rushed downstairs and ran out.

“Henry” Hilliary called and followed him out.. he was about driving out when Hilliary entered the car, Henry speedily and roughly drove out.

“Please calm down twin bro” Hilliary said but all his words were entering Henry’s ear and coming out from the side.

He drove roughly in the school almost knocking some students down.

πŸ‘₯ What the f*ck!!!

πŸ‘₯ What is wrong with Henry?

Henry came out of the car and the vicious and murderous look on his face was scary.

He started walking to where Lex and the rest where.

Summer smiled but her smile disappeared immediately she saw his face.

“Henry” Blake called.

Henry got there and he faced Lex with a look to kill.

“What’s is…”.

Lex couldn’t complete his statement when Henry grabbed him by his collar and headbutted him so hard that red stars started flying around Lex.

The students gasped.



πŸ‘₯ What is wrong?

πŸ‘₯ They are friends

πŸ‘₯Why did he hit him.

Summer, Hailey and Blake had their mouths wide opened.

“Armor” Summer called and tried touching Henry but the digusted look he gave her made her to halted.

Lex who is still recovering received another punch from Henry.

“Henry!!” Blake shouted.

“How dare you kissed my girlfriend” Henry yelled and Summer’s eyes widened.

” What!!” They gasped.

Students started rushing out to watched, some started snapping pictures and making videos.

“How dare you kissed her?” Henry asked and punched him again.

“What is he talking about?” Hailey asked and Summer started crying.

Hilliary took his phone and showed them the video and the voice message note.

After they watched the video and listened to the voice message note, their eyes widened and their jaws dropped.

“I’m sorry” Lex muttered but Henry began punching him so badly.

Blake and Hilliary tried pulling him off Lex but it was like his strength increased to a level they couldn’t fathom.

The securities were the ones who helped in pulling him off Lex body and his face was bloody with so much bruises.

“You f*cking kissed him, I know I you were a playgirl but I trusted you Summer but you dare betrayed me this way, you loved Lex but decided to hurt me by dating me , faking love for me” Henry yelled at her face.

“I can explain….”.

” Explain what?, explain how you kissed Lex or how you planned everything?” He yelled.

Tears kept rushing out of Summer’s eyes as she started shaking on her spot.

“So the video is true?” Blake asked and Summer nodded.

“But the voice note is fake, it’s edited, I said it but that was when I first met him” Summer said, crying.

” I hate you!! Summer, I hate you, I regretted the day I fell in love with you, do you know how my heart is bleeding?”.

” Armor”.

” Called me that again and I will hit you like the first time we met” Henry said, hatefully.

πŸ‘₯ Are they going to break up

πŸ‘₯I can’t believe this

πŸ‘₯Why will she kissed Lex when he’s her boyfriends friend?

πŸ‘₯A playgirl will always be a playgirl

πŸ‘₯ She even planned to play him

πŸ‘₯I knew back then that this relationship won’t last

“Trust me, I’m sorry, I didn’t know why I kissed him back… but the voice..”.

“Don’t tell me to trust you Summer, you took me for a fool, I thought you loved me for real but all this was a game, I hate you”.

” Armor please…” Henry raised his hand to slap her but stopped, he folded his fist and moved back.

” Let’s break up” He said and Summer felt her soul leaving her.

” No.. no!!!”.

” I hate you Lex, I hate you Summer, I hate all of you, all of you, Blake, Hailey, Summer and Lex stay away from me from now” Henry said.

” What!!” Hailey and Blake gasped.

” Go ahead and date Lex, it’s over between us” Henry said.

Summer started shaking and her knees started becoming weak, she started breathing so fast and before they could know it, she fainted.

The guys rushed to her.

Henry looked at her emotionless.

Blake carried her up and ran out with her.

” I still can’t believe you did this to Henry” Hilliary said with a look of disappointment.

Lex couldn’t look at them, he buried his face down.

Tiffany who stood somewhere watching the drama, smiled widely.

Vicky car drove into the school with some cops.

“That’s him” She shouted and started moving to him.

“He sent assassin after my son, he is a criminal” Vicky shouted.

πŸ‘₯ Another drama

πŸ‘₯ What is she talking about

πŸ‘₯ Henry a criminal?

“Henry kitchen can you please follow us to the station for questioning concerning Collins getting shot” A cop said.

“I was expecting this anyway” Henry said and followed them.

“I can’t leave him” Hilliary said and followed.

Lex quickly stood up and rushed to his car, he drove out of the school immediately.


Vicky kept glaring hatefully at Henry while Steven had this calm look on his face.

Hilliary sat opposite Henry.

A cop stood before them.

“Where were you last night?” A cop asked.

“I was at my parents house, having a family dinner” Henry replied.

“What did you mean your parents house?”.

“Do you have comprehension problem, what don’t you understand about parents house?” Henry angrily said.

“Calm down Henry” A cop said.

“Actually we live separately from our parents, we have our own mansion” Hilliary said.

The anger in his heart is much but he is trying his possible means to be calm, only God knows how much he restrained himself from punching Lex’s face.

“How did you know Collins?”.

“What kind of question is that?” Henry asked angrily.

” Shut up and talk criminal” Vicky shouted.

” Calm down ma’am”.

“Don’t tell me that crap, Why are we even having this question, you should arrest him straight” Vicky said.

“You must not show that you are senseless all the times” Hilliary snapped and everyone looked at him.

“What are you driving at? that my twin sent an assassin to shot your son, Collins is someone we can handle on our own if we want, he maybe my twin bro rival but that doesn’t mean he will plan any evil against him, what evidence did you have to prove your sick claim” Hilliary yelled and stood up, glaring dangerously at Vicky.

His eyes alluring the anger in it.

” All of you should calm down here, we are here not to fight” Steven said.

” We were having dinner with our parents at home, we have no connection to what she is saying cos I was with my bro” Hilliary said.

” Are you sure?” The cop asked.

” I might be in rivalry with Collins but I won’t plan such thing to him” Henry said.

The cops sighed heavily

” You two can go” The cop said.

Henry stood up and left with Hilliary.

” What is that for?” Vicky asked.

” We can’t apphrend him, there’s no evidence against him, we can’t a arrest suspect” The cop said.

Vicky stood up and angrily left.

” Thank you officer” Steven said and walked out.


” HENRY!!!”.


Summer kept mumbling in her unconscious state.

“Henry” She called again.

Blake and Hailey ran in and saw her eyes slightly open.

“Where’s Henry?” Summer asked.

Blake and Hailey glanced at each other and looked at her pitifully.

“He…” Hailey said but stopped when she didn’t get anything to say again.

“Did he really broke up with me? my feelings for him are true, I f*cking hate myself, the voice note is fake” Summer started crying again and Hailey quickly hugged her.

She continued crying on his shoulder.

“He really broke up with, I want to die, I can’t live without Henry” Summer cried.

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Blake looked at her and heaved sadly.

Is this how their friendship will scrumble?.

“I want him back” Summer said.

Hailey felt her eyes becoming glassy, she could felt her pains.


“Did he open the door?” Thomas asked.

“No” Hilliary shook his head.

“Let’s go to his room” Samson said and they all went to his room.

Thomas started knocking on the door.

“Henry please open the door” Joyce said.

“I will cry if you don’t open the door” Joyce said again.

“Twin bro please, open the door and stop crying” Hilliary said sadly.

“I think we should leave him for now, he will come around” Samson said.

“Are you sure, I’m scared” Joyce said.

“Nothing will happen to him” Janet said and side hug her.

Thomas looked at the door before going downstairs with them.

Henry had a bottle of vodka in his hand, he sat on the ground as his tears kept wetting the ground.

His heart kept burning in fire, the pains was too much for him,, he didn’t expected Summer to to that to him.

“She f*cking kissed him back” He said with red eyes.

His face was puffy and gloomy, he was not the Henry everyone knows and only God knows how he was controlling himself from doing something that will make him to regret.

He kept drinking directly from the bottle.

“I hate you Summer!!” He screamed.

“Twin bro, open the door please” Hilliary voice came up.

Henry stood up and went to the door, he opened it and Hilliary entered.

He gasped when he saw the state he was in, his red eyes made his face scary hiding the hotness that swept girls off their feet.

Henry sat back on the ground and took his vodka and resumed drinking, he didn’t even look at Hilliary non said a word to him.

Hilliary squatted beside him and hugged him.

“Stop crying please, it’s breaking my heart please”.


Carolina gasped when the front door opened and Lex entered with a badly wounded face.

She stood up and rushed to him, she grabbed his hand, stopping him.

“What happened to you?” Carolina asked.

“Nothing!” He replied.

“Nothing happened to you, cut the crap and tell me what happened?” She asked.

“I got into an accident” He replied.

The door opened roughly and Blake entered with a angry look on his face.

” Blake ” Carolina called.

” Why did you kissed Henry’s girlfriend in the first place? ” Blake yelled at Lex.

” What!!” Carolina gasped and looked at Lex.

” I don’t know what I was thinking that day, I just wanted to taste her lips for the last time, I’m deeply sorry” Lex replied.

” Now because of what you did, Henry has cut ties with us, you shouldn’t have done that, now listen to me, I will not talk to you until the day Henry will start talking to you, you ruined their happy relationship… f*ck” Blake said and walked out.

” Blake ” Lex called but he already left.

” How could you, I thought you were over her, you promised me” Carolina said almost yelling.

” Are you over Donald? ” He asked and Carolina swallowed hard.

” Will you deny it that you still don’t love him? ” He asked again and Carolina replied him with a slap.

” Stop talking rubbish ” She yelled.

Lex walked out on her and she sat down on the couch.


James hugged Summer as she cried.

Her eyes are red and gloomy.

“He broke up with me” She said and broke into another round of tears.

“Stop crying my world” .

“Him breaking up with you will break you back to your senses?” Audrey smirked, coming in.

James and Summer quickly turned to her.

“Did… are you the one behind it right?” Summer asked in a broken voice.

“I’m not the one but I really appreciate the person who did that, I will personally reward the person if I see him or her” Audrey said and gave out a mocking laugh.

James glared badly at her.

“What kind of mother are you?” James yelled.

“A good mother who is teaching her daughter the right path to take”.

“By forcing her into an engagement she didn’t want?” James asked.

“Collins got shot yesterday and I am sure that useless boyfriend of yours is behind it” Audrey said, changing the topic.

Summer looked at her and more tears came out.

“I wonder if you are really my mother” Summer muttered.

” Heal soon”.

” Get out now” James yelled.

” I’m leaving” Audrey smirked and left.

” Daddy” Summer said and hugged him more tightly.

“You will be alright” James said and kissed her forehead.


A guy with a mask on his face walked into the hospital without the knowledge of anyone in the hospital.

He walked quietly on his toes till he got to Collins’s ward.

He smiled in the mask and removed a dark injection.

He walked to the bed and grabbed the infusion that was hang above, he was about injecting the substance into the infusion when another hand grabbed his hand.

Before he will turn, the person took the injection from him and quickly injected it into his system.

He instantly fell on the ground and started shaking, it didn’t take long before he died.

The person looked at him before, disconnecting the wires and needles connected on Collins’s body.

He took Collins in his arms and started taking him out of the hospital.

He saw a nurse coming on his way and he quickly hide in a corner.

When the nurse passed, he came out out of the corner and walked out of the hospital.

He got out of the hospital and took a silent road till he got to where he parked his car.

He placed Collins on the front seat before going to the other side.

He entered and drove off.


“What?” Vicky shouted on the phone as a doctor announced the news to her.

“My son is missing?”.

“This can’t be happening..!!!!” She screamed so loud that Steven heard it and quickly run downstairs.

“What happened?” He asked.

“Collins is missing in the hospital, a guy was found dead in his ward with an injection in his neck.. he is nowhere to be found” Vicky started tearing up.

“What is the meaning of this?” Steven said folding his fist.

“Let’s go to the hospital” Steven said.

“I will make sure that hospital goes down if my son is not found within 24 hours” Vicky yelled before going out of the mansion.


πŸ‘₯He is not fine

πŸ‘₯ He didn’t sleep well last night

πŸ‘₯ Look at the dark circles around his eyes

πŸ‘₯How dare Summer hurt the guy I love

πŸ‘₯She is a b*tch

πŸ‘₯I pity him

πŸ‘₯He really love her

The students started throwing comments immediately Henry got to school.

He heard the comments but ignored them.

He was walking slowly to the class with Hilliary by his side.

Hilliary tried stopping him from coming to school but he insisted.

They got to class and were about entering the class when they bumped into Hailey and Blake.

Henry ignored them and went inside.

“Blake” Hilliary said.


“Hilliary” Hailey said.

“He will surely come around” Hilliary said.

“We understand” Blake said and Hilliary walked in.

“School won’t be fun again, we should visit Summer after classes” Hailey said and Blake nodded.

At that moment Tiffany got there, she rolled eyes at them and smiled before going in to the class.

“Why am I feeling like she is the one behind this?” Hailey said.

“We will found out” Blake said and they walked away.

Minutes later….

Henry was walking alone when someone called him from behind.

He turned and his expression grew more worse.

Tiffany ran to him and stopped before him.

He gave her a cold look which sent shivers down her body.

“What are you doing here?” He asked coldly.

“How are you?” She asked.

“What is your business about how am I?” He asked.

Tiffany moved closer to him.

“I’m sorry about what happened but I’m here to heal you” She said, trying to sound so sexy.

Henry looked at her with so much disgust.

“She doesn’t deserve you, I will mend your heart again” She said and tried touching his face.

But he was quick to grabbed her hand.

“Do I look like someone who needs someone to heal?.

” I better look for another person to heal me not a slut like you, Summer is far better than you” He said icily.

” Rotten, smelly and sour p*ssy” He said and pushed her to the ground.

Tiffany gasped loudly.

“Stay away from me, wasted bed effort” He said more coldly and left.

Tiffany had her eyes wide opened.

“Rotten, smelly and sour p*ssy? my p*ssy!!” She screamed.


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