Meribella – episode 50

(Dear mermaid)
Episode 50
(Semi-final )

“Sir, here’s your coffee” Kira said, shifting away from his desk.
“Alright” he said, looking up from the monitor “And I want you to cancel all other schedules I have for today. I’ll be having an early ride today”
“Sure sir.. I’ll do that right away”
“That’d be all. You may leave”
She walked out and closed the door. Maurice stood up and picked the file from the printer before sitting back, he glanced at it, nodded and added it to his files. He grabbed his phone and pressed the power button, he scrolled to his contacts. ‘Babe’ he clicked on it and waited for it to ring.. After ringing for some while without a response it stopped and Maurice took it down.
No answer. Okay maybe she didn’t see the call. Bella couldn’t have ignored it.
He smiled to himself, thoughts of her was making him grin.. He’s missing her already.. Geez, he had seen her six hours ago and the feeling was like he hadn’t seen her for so many months. He couldn’t wait to see her again and have her in his arms…
He already had the rest of the day’s plan.. Taking Bella out to dinner, visiting the mall and then having her in his arm all through the night, especially since Joliet was staying at Pablo’s. He couldn’t wait for it..
‘She’s not human’ he recollect the message and moisten his l-ips. Then is she a ghost? He asked and shook the thoughts aside, ghost don’t eat and get into water and Bella had done all that and besides ghosts are invisible. Well, she might not be who he think she is but he loves her.. It might not be that easy but Maurice couldn’t even bring himself to hate her, nothing changed about his feelings for her. She could be anything for all he knew. He just missed her a lot and she loved him.. It’s what matters. And he knew Bella wouldn’t hurt him or anything that she loves.
Bella looked around, the cloud had swallowed the sun completely and the evening was getting thick. She stood up from the sand where she sat and watched as people gradually left the shore.. Bella sighed and looked back. Would Maurice be home already? He must be sad.. She felt sick and weak.
Bella moistened her l-ips and walked to the sea, in no time the shore was void of humans. She looked around for Elliot but he wasn’t there. Bella sat very close to the sea, her feet in the water, she stared at the shore. “Mom, I’m coming home. I’ve missed you” she said. Bella closed her eyes and felt the breeze washing her hair, she sniffed it in, opened her eyes and stretched her hand, she sniffed and touched the mambannia bracelet. It’s time to end it all..Forever.
She slowly started taking the bracelet off and finally she took it off and threw it to the ground before closing her eyes for a transformation. Tears wetting her face Bella opened her eyes and her eyeballs grew wide as she saw her legs.. Her tail wasn’t there. Bella faced began to have etches of confusion, she stared at her palm but the bracelet wasn’t there.. Then why wasn’t she changing?
Bella felt a little sting in her eyes and she blinked.. Her tails weren’t coming.. Bella began to freak out. What’s wrong? She had never seen something like this.. Is the sea rejecting her?.. Bella shifted from the sea and with shaky hands, opened her shell then took out the mirror.. She stared at it and waited for the connection, soon her mother face appeared. It worked!
“Mother!” She called with mixed feelings.
“Bella you have to leave.. You have to get out of there Bella! Elliot knows about your whereabout. He’s coming for you my child you have to leave! Elliot mustn’t find you”
“Leave now Bella! Please leave! You can’t waste any time. Elliot will get to you soon”
“Mother can you calm down?”
“No! I’m scared Bella. You know how Elliot is, he’s crazy. Please get out of there”
“Mother listen to me–
“I heard him telling the king!. I was locked up and he seized my mirror that’s why I couldn’t tell you on time!. Please leave now Bella”
“Mother listen–
“Please Bella”
“Listen to me mother!” She said sharply and Lana calmed down before looking at her. Bella notice the fear and sadness etched on her face.
“Elliot’s here already and.. He found me”
“What! But how, I mean–
“He’s here mother and we’re coming back”
“No Bella you can’t–
“I don’t want to but I don’t have a choice. Someone I love is going to die if I refuse him. But mother something’s wrong”
“Wrong. What is it? Did he hurt you? That pervert! What did he do to you”
“He did nothing like that to me–
“Then what is it?”
“My tail. My tail is gone mother”
“I took off the bracelet but I’m not changing mother. My tail isn’t coming! It’s not appearing mother! I’m confused”
“Hold on. Don’t freak out.. Just calm down”
“Yes mother. Do you know what this means? Please tell me mother”
Lana sighed. “Tell me something Bella. That human you love, is he a male?”
“Yes. He’s a male”
“Did you, you know have any mutual connection with him.. I mean that closeness that conspire between couples in that world?” She asked.
“Y-yes mother. I did”
Lana sighed again “That explains the change in your eyes color”
“My eye’s changed?”
“Yes dear.. It blue, like the sea”
Bella shook “Oh goodness mother. Is it bad? Like really bad?”
“It’s not bad Bella, depending on you”
“Then what does it mean?”
“You’re with child”
“A human foetus is growing in you. You’re with child for him”
“Oh lord. This can’t be mother, I can’t have a mermaid or merman in this world”
“No, it’s human. That’s why the sea rejects you. Humans aren’t here, these stuffs rarely happens and that means the sea has taken all your mermaid powers and in exchange making you a part of that world and partly through your child “
“So you’re saying I’m human now?”
“Well not completely yet. The male in question have to accept your true self first. That’s why your eyes are changed. He has to accept you and the child for you to completely stay in that world”
“And what if he doesn’t. What happens to me.. And my child?”
“Your child dies while you become a mermaid forever. You won’t be able to leave” Bella’s breathe hitched and she closed her eyes. Letting her tears fall.
Good news and bad news happens at the same time.
“I have to stop him mother. I need to stop Elliot.. He’ll kill Maurice before I find him”
“No Bella. You can’t do anything because when your tail goes you become powerless”
“But I can’t stay here mother, I know Elliot; even if I go with him he’ll still want to take Maurice life.. I can’t let that happen, what do I do? “
“Fate. You can only let fate deal with it”
Bella sighed. 

“Bella” Maurice called, moving away from her room to the backyard.
He had arrived home from work early, just as he promised Bella and didn’t meet her at the living room. After pulling off some of his clothing, he walked to her room. Knocked and without a response moved in but Bella wasn’t there. He got to the backyard and looked around. There was no sign of her. “Bella?!” He called, just the waves of the wind responded. A little alarmed, he ran back into the house and checked the rooms, restrooms and the kitchen but Bella was not in sight. Where could she have gone to?
In His room, standing, Maurice took his phone and called her line.. It rang but there was no response. He was beginning to get scared. He quickly called Joliet and she answered at the first ring. He asked about Bella.
“She’s not here. I left her at home” was her reply. Maurice ran a hand through his hair. “Do you have any idea if she’s at Patricia’s?”
“She’s not. Patty’s here too and Raymond” she said. “Wait is something wrong? Is she missing?”
“No, she’s not”
I hope she isn’t. He sighed.
“I’ll just call her. She must’ve gone to get dinner”
“Uh okay. Call me if anything goes wrong”
He hung up and walked out if his room. Where could Bella be?
He called her phone again and it started ringing.. He heard a pop song playing and he walked to the direction. The couch. Bella’s phone was on the couch and his incoming call, displayed on the screen. He picked it up and watched the phone stop ringing, he set his aside and looked at the phone.. The message app popped on after the ringing stopped.. He clicked on the first ‘I’ll meet you at the shore, please don’t harm him’
It read and his brows struck confusedly.. She’s meeting someone at the shore.. Don’t harm him?.
Who? Him?
He scrolled the past message and a picture of the bracelet, the one Bella had on her wrist, displayed. He checked the digits and took his phone.. He scrolled through his missed calls but couldn’t find the number that had called him earlier today. He went back and clicked on the SMS app but the message wasn’t there. He had seen it earlier so why wasn’t it there… It hit him.. Bella!
She had brought him his phone after breakfast. She must’ve deleted it, trying to hide it from him. He sighed. It made sense now.
Bella isn’t human and someone’s threatening her to hurt him if she doesn’t go with him to wherever.
The shore. Maurice grabbed her phone. He had to get to the shore!.
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