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Mine the mafia possession episode 44

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Episode 44

S!n POV.

Days and a week gone, drown!ng myself !n alcohol, all because of h£r. Th£ memory of that night is still fresh !n my m!nd refus!ng to give way. It was like a loop runn!ng for th£ hundredth time. I clench£d my [email protected] !nto a fist and my f!ng£rnails dug aga!nst my palm mak!ng blood tickle to th£ floor.

h¡m on top of h£r as h¡s [email protected] run over
h£r b©dy like h£ owns h£r. $h£ made me [email protected]|| [email protected] for h£r, mak!ng me weak j√$t for h£r to humiliate me !n front of my men and sleep!ng with one of th£m.

$h£ had used those !nnocent faces to fool, taunt!ng me with a mask $h£ had on like a little temptress. I should have seen it com!ng. Th£ first time I saw h£r at my club, I should have !nvestigated how $h£ got th£ pa$$ because that was th£ only way to get !n.

I slammed my fist [email protected] aga!nst th£ desk, stand!ng up. I make my way to th£ basement wh£re I kept Jason. Th£ bastard had recovered very f*st and I wanted noth!ng but to slam h¡s face repeatedly
aga!nst th£ wall before s£nd!ng a bullet
h0l£ straight to h¡s foreh£ad.

As I went d©wΠ th£ stairs of th£ basement, I saw Jason tied to a chair, h¡s face bloody and h¡s eyes !n daze. I m©v£ to stand !n front of h¡m slutch!ng d©wΠ to h¡s level.

“h£llo Jason. ” I smiled, s£nd!ng a b!0w to h¡s rib and [email protected]!ng ©vt !n pa!n, spitt!ng ©vt a little bit of blood.

“S!n. ” h£ greets me with a [email protected] ” I see you are still mad that I fv¢ked your whore. I j√$t couldn’t resist especially with h£r flaunt!ng that cute little a$$ of h£rs, begg!ng me to fv¢k h£r [email protected] It seems like you weren’t do!ng a good job at it. ” h£
smiled and I punch£d h¡m. I felt a lump on my throat, h£ar!ng those words. Jealous and anger.

Grabb!ng h¡s $h£et, I growled. ” Me neandrò dal mattone della morte solo per
trattarti f!nché non starai meglio e rifare
tutto da capo ( I’m gonna leave at th£ brick of death j√$t to treat you tillyou’re better and do it all over aga!n),” I s£nt h¡m one last b!0w to h¡s face, knock!ng h¡m ©vt cold. I made my way ©vt of th£ basement [email protected]¢k to my office, I took ©vt my phone dial!ng number I hadn’t called !n a long time.

“I want you at my house !n an hour.” I say before cutt!ng th£ call off. I ₱0ur a wh¡sky !nto a gla$$ cup, dr!nk!ng up at one go. Th£n anoth£r one and anoth£r one and anoth£r one but I j√$t can’t seem to get drunk. Th£ opened as I watch a familiar blond hair, mak!ng h£r way towards me. $h£ had on a t!ght black dress that puffed at th£ bottom, $h£ had fvll big curves. $h£ took a seat at th£ desk beside me, h£r legs opened wide for me to see.

We had a beneficial relationship, h£r dad worked for my dad before h£ pa$$ed away that was how we met. Th£re was no feel!ng attach£d to our relationship, j√$t pla!n ₱1ea$vre.

“I never thought you would call me. How long has it been, two years or was it three.” $h£ asked seductively, trail!ng h£r manicured f!ng£r d©wΠ my ch£st.

“You know what you are supposed to do.” I said to h£r coldly, not hav!ng time f
or any chitchat.

“Still th£ same, I see.” $h£ smirks, stand!ng up from th£ desk as $h£ gets rid of th£ t!ny piece of cloth!ng $h£ had on. $h£ got !n front of me, sitt!ng on th£ desk
with h£r legs $pr£@d wide. I stood up undo!ng my [email protected] and boxer, Th£re was no time for fore₱|@y as I shoved myself fvlly |ns!de h£r. $h£ [email protected], h£r [email protected] gripp!ng t!ghtly to th£ edge of th£ desk. h£r legs wr*₱ped @r0vnd my [email protected]¡$t, and I cont!nued to thrv$t !n and ©vt of h£r roughly.

$h£ let ©vt a [email protected] of ₱1ea$vre but I felt
noth!ng, j√$t anger. Th£ door of th£ office sw!ngs up, G!nevra s¢r**med and I ₱v||ed away from h£r. $h£ gath£red h£r cloth£s from th£ ground to cover h£r [email protected]£d b©dy. $h£ hurriedly put on h£r dress.

I s£nt a glare to th£ !ntruder j√$t to see
Luca stand!ng th£re with a pissed look on h¡s face. h£ cast h¡s gaze from me to G!nevra., h¡s jaw clench£d.

I put my boxers and [email protected] [email protected]¢k on while G!nevra, brush past Luca runn!ng ©vt of office, Look!ng di$h£velled. I took a seat on my chair, my [email protected] rest!ng on my ch!n, s£nd!ng a questionable glare at Luca.

I know h£ didn’t believe anyth!ng that Luna said, not even after walk!ng !n a second after me, catch!ng th£ two !n th£ act. I know Luca loves and ¢ar£s for h£r Iike $h£ was a little sister but h£ should Iearn to accept th£ fact that $h£ betrayed us. $h£ betrayed me.

h£ approach£s my desk, tak!ng a seat
opposite me. “Really S!n, it hasn’t even
been up to a week and you are already
buried deep |ns!de that slut.” h£ spats ©vt angrily.

“I don’t need you lectur!ng me now Luca.” I said, fum!ng.

“I get that you are hurt but th£re are so
many h0l£s !n th£ story. Why don’t you
start th!nk!ng with your m!nd !nstead of
your h£art. ” h£ growls ©vt.

“Watch your tone with me, you might be
my best friend but I’m still your boss. ” I
said !n a very calm but venomous tone.

“Look man, th!nk ab©vt it. Th£ pa$$es
weren’t given to Mani but to h£r friend Stephanie, I had also looked !nto Mani and Jason’s past. Th£re is no way $h£ would have gone [email protected]¢k to h¡m.”

I scoffed. ” yeah and $h£ j√$t so happens to f!nd h£rself [email protected]£d underneath h¡m !n our b£d, [email protected]!ng. ” I say sarcastically,
chugg!ng anoth£r gla$$ of wh¡skey.

“S!n, h£ ch£ated on h£r at h£r parents funeral with h£r cous!n, who !n th£ir right
m!nd would go [email protected]¢k to h¡m.”

I looked at h¡m confused. “What are you talk!ng ab©vt. ”

h£ throws a bunch of pictures on th£ desk, with a file. I went through th£m and
my eyes widened. Why would $h£ go [email protected]¢k to such s¢vmbag after everyth!ng that had happened.

“Th£n expla!n that night.” I say to Luca
with furrowed brows.

“I don’t really know what happened, but
don’t you f!nd it strange that Luna suddenly came to th£ warehouse with proofs and pictures of Mani and Jason togeth£r !n b£d, j√$t for you to f!nd th£m togeth£r on your b£d wh£n th£y knew you would be [email protected]¢k anytime soon. ” Luca po!nts ©vt.

I couldn’t h£lp but pounded ab©vt it. It was too big of a co!ncidence, now th!nk!ng ab©vt it. Jason won’t have done someth!ng th¡s stupid unless h£ had a plan.

“Did you ch£ck ©vt th£ pictures Sophie brought?” I questioned.

“I s£nt it d©wΠ to Alesso, hopefvlly we
will get a result by th£ end of th£ day” I could feel a ray of hope at th£ thought of Mani not betray!ng me and I wi$h£d for noth!ng but for all th¡s to be noth!ng but a conspiracy. I thought of all th£ harsh words I said to h£r and my h£art broke. Whoever did th¡s, I would make sure th£y go through every s!ngle pa!n my bamb!na and I had to go through th¡s week and much worse than that.

“Tell h¡m to hurry up, I want th£ result !n an hour. Tell h¡m to come over, I have a job for h¡m?? ” I said sternly at Luca and h£ nodded, tak!ng ©vt h¡s phone. My jaw clench£d, th!nk!ng of th£ numbers of scenarios of how I was go!ng to make th£ person !n charge of all th¡s scram suffer but first I had to make it up to my little temptress. I stood up from my seat ab©vt to make my way ©vt of th£ door wh£n it swung open th£ second time.

A frantic look!ng Samantha entered, I saw th£ look of fear !n h£r face and I m©v£d towards h£r along with Luca.

“What’s go!ng on Sam.” I asked, look!ng
at h£r di$h£velled face.

$h£ took !n a deep breath, try!ng to cal
m h£rself. ” it…. It’s… Mani. ”

“What ab©vt Mani, what happened to h£r. ” Luca asked, h¡s [email protected] on h£r shoulders.

“Come on Sam, speak ©vt.” I growled impatiently.

“$h£…$h£ is. ” $h£ stuttered ©vt aga!n,
th¡s time h£r eyes were blurry and my h£art skipped.

I raced past h£r, upstairs to th£ room w
h£re Mani should be and found it empty. Luca and Samantha stepped !n as well. I ran to th£ bathroom to ch£ck if $h£ was th£re but it was empty as well. I turned [email protected]¢k to Samantha, who had a fvlly b!0wn tear gush!ng d©wΠ h£r eyes.

“Wh£re is Mani, Sam. “I asked as calmly as I could

“I wasn’t @r0vnd th¡s morn!ng, so I couldn’t br!ng breakf*st for h£r. I decided to ch£ck up on h£r th¡s even!ng and wh£n I
got h£re th£ door was opened and I found th¡s on th£ floor. ” $h£ brought ©vt a syr!nge.

Luca took it from h£r, !nspect!ng it.” I th!nk $h£ has been kidnapped.” Anger boiled deep |ns!de me.

” How were th£y able to pa$$ th£ security with©vt any alert. ” Luca questioned and h£ was right, th£ security was !ncreased after what happened !n New York, no one could get !n with©vt th£ guards be!ng alerted.

“someone on th£ |ns!de must have h£lped th£m. ” Samantha said, after manag!ng to get a hold of h£rself.

“It can’t be Jason because h£ had been
locked up, that means th£re is someone else h£re work!ng with Jason. ” Luca chips !n.

“We need to get Mani [email protected]¢k, S!n, especially !n h£r condition. Samantha voiced, hysterically.

“Condition. What do you mean? was
Mani sick?” I felt bad know!ng that I had ignored h£r.

“$h£ was go!ng to tell th£ night all th¡s
happened” $h£ wiped th£ tears of h£r eyes. “That $h£ was pregnant.”

I stutter [email protected]¢kward !n shock, not able to believe h£r. Baby.., $h£ was carry!ng my baby. I remembered how harshly I had
₱u$h£d h£r and my eye stunk??. Luca used h¡s [email protected] to steady me, star!ng at me with a worried expression. “Are you okay.”

I shaked my h£ad, my eyes darkened. “We have to f!nd h£r, we have to f!nd h£r
now. ” Anger exploded through me. I was angry at myself as well. It was my fault th£y were able to get to h£r.

“We will, we j√$t need to narrow it d©wΠ
and f!nd ©vt who !n th¡s house is responsible for all th¡s. Which means we can’t tell anyone ab©vt th¡s.” Luca said, h¡s [email protected] placed beh!nd h¡s [email protected]¢k with a worried look on h¡s face.

I paced round th£ room, mov!ng [email protected]¢k and forth ” We need to !nterrogate Luna and Jason, f!nd ©vt what th£y know. ” I
growl, th£ sk!n !n my knuckles was ghostly white.

Luca phones p!ngs, and h£ turns it on.
Read!ng through th£ message. ” Alesso is h£re. I told h¡m to wait !n th£ office.” I
nodded, tak!ng deep breaths to calm myself.

“Sam, why don’t fre$h£n up and rest, while we talk to Alesso. ” Luca says.

“no, I wat to h£lp. Mani is my friend and $h£ promised to make me th£ godmoth£r. Let me h£lp. ” $h£ said, determ!ned. Luca Iooked at me wait!ng for my approval.

“F!ne, but tidy up first.” $h£ smiled weakly before leav!ng th£ room.

“let’s not keep Alesso wait!ng.”

“S!n, I know what you are th!nk!ng and I’m sure Mani doesn’t hold aga!nst you. ” Luca tries to ch£er me up.

I don’t th!nk I would be able to forgive
myself if anyth!ng happens to h£r and th£ baby. ” I said, leav!ng th£ room.

F!nally h£ knows ab©vt Mani pregnancy 🤧🤧🤧🤧
F!nally we will soon no who is caus!ng confusion h£re


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