Mr Teacher

Mr Teacher episode 5

Mr Teacher episode 5
Alarmed, I quickly washed the soap off my face to find little Halimat stroking my d–k and grinning up at me like a wanton child. With a frown on my face, I quickly peeked outside to see if anyone was around or had seen her sneak into the bathroom but when I realized that the coast was clear, I turned angry eyes on her.
“What are you doing here?” I whispered harshly.
Her smile didn’t wane. “I want to bath with you.” She said.
“You must be crazy!” I snapped, realizing that she was still in her uniform which was a striped lemon shirt and a pleated lemon skirt. “Get out of here this minute before someone sees you! Do you want to put me in trouble?!”
“No one will see us. Mami is at the market and the other tenants have gone to work besides Mama Balqis who has gone to the mosque to pray and Baba Jamiu is is confined to a wheel chair and stuck to his room. You know that he can’t push himself when Kofo is not around.”
“And where’s Kofo?” I asked. Kofo was the old man’s grand child and she was twelve.
“Kofo has gone to buy akamu (pap) for baba.” She answered me.
“I don’t care, just get out of-” I paused as my body shuddered. I was stupid. While talking to her, i had forgotten that she was still stroking my d–k and I had gone hærd in her hand now and the words caught in my throat and I looked down at the stupid betrayer between my legs, pulsing and responding in her hand. “How many men have you done this to?” I asked now.
“You are the first and that’s because I like you very much.” She said.
“But how come you are this bold? Have you ever been s€×ually involved with a man before?” I probed.
“Not really but brother Festus used to finger me at the back of the house.” She answered.
“Who is brother Festus?”
“He was a bachelor but he moved out after he got married last year.
“I see…” I said as my d–k got h-rder because of the soap made her strokes more slippery and enjoyable. “That means that he didn’t penetrate you then.”
“No, he complained that I was too tight.”
I smiled wickedly as I thought of tearing open this little bold s–t in front of me. “But will you want me to enter there?” I tested.
She smiled shyly now and cast her eyes down. “If it’s not going to hurt. My friends and I had a deal that whoever gets to lose her V-rginity first will be the leader of the clique and will also be deflowered by the man who deflowered the leader.”
My eyes w¡dened. What kind of bet was that? Children of nowadays now so daring to their own detriment, but I didn’t care. She wss not my younger sister, so why should I discourage her from carrying out the bet. I didn’t care as long as it was my own d–k which would make the first drill to open the h0le. “How many friends do you have?” I asked with a mischievous glint in my eyes.
“We are seven.”
“Seven?” I whistled in astonishment. Seven h0les to drill? Whoa! “That’s wonderful.” I said and suddenly found my hand going to her chest to grope her b-obs. I didn’t want to waste any time, so I pulled her closer and k-ssed her. She was a novice and kept clashing her teeth with mine. The k-ss was frustrating and I feared my lip being bitten because Halimat had big upper front teeth that made her look like a cute rabbit.
Soon, I gave up on the k-ss and began to unbutton her uniform shirt. She was wearing a white singlet in,side but no b-ra so I quickly bent down and attacked her br-asts, s-cking them above the neckline of her singlet while she held my head and mo-ned softly. I soon lost interest in her br-asts because they were small. I found my way under her skirt and noticed that she was wearing a tight. I told her to take it off. Some parts of her uniform were already w-t from having contact with my body.
When the tight was out of the way, I told her to get rid of her p-nties. She took that off too and hung them on a rusting nail on the cemented wall which was partially covered with algae. She was still in her shoes and socks then I felt her v—-a with my hands and realised that she only had sparse pub-c hair. She was already w-t. In as much as I wanted to give her head, there was no way I was getting on my knees in this bathroom and eating her young h0πeyp0t.
I decided to go straight to the point. After telling her to gather her skirt around her wa-ist, I instructed her to turn around and place her hands on the wall. She eagerly obeyed but I noticed that she was rather nervous.
“It won’t be painful, will it?” She asked me over her shoulder.
“No.” I lied. I didn’t have time trying to be easy on her in a public bathroom where we could be caught. I had not had s€× with anyone for a long time, neither did I have a girlfriend, so I was eager to blow my seed. Positioning myself behind her. I guided myself to her entrance, then holding apart her young buttocks, I pressed the cap of my d–k to the entrance of her v—-a and plunged in. She let out a scre-m of pain, worried that she might give us away, I quickly reached out and clamped a hand over her mouth, muffling her cries of pain.
She tried to pull away from me but I had her trapped between my body and the wall. She attempted to straighten up but the pain made her jolt back to the bending position. She was trembling but I didn’t care. There was no way I was pulling out now, we die here today. I began to t—-t in and out of her and I felt her opening clamp tight around me, as if trying to force me out but I only buried myself deeper and waited till the clamp relaxed. I looked down and saw a long line of blood travelling down her right leg to stain the top of her white sock.
She reached behind her and tried to push me off but I didn’t budge. I soon resumed my t—-t and soon, I increased the tempo as I felt myself at the edge of exploding. She almost bit my finger as her pain intensified but I pinched her cheeks and continued slamming until I yanked myself out and spilled them on the floor.
When I finally let her go as I gro-ned from the pleasure of my release, her face was streaked with tears and her eyes were red. She could hærdly stand up right and she reached for her undies, pulled down her skirt and walked awkwardly out of the bathroom without a word to me. s€×ually satisfied, I continued my bath and flushed the drops of blood and semen out the drain. Throughout that day, I neither saw nor heard from Halimat. Later in the evening, I saw her younger brother coming into the house and I stopped him to ask,
“Sadiq, where’s is Halimat?
“She is upstairs. She’s not feeling fine.” The ten year old boy answered.
Noticing something in his hand, I asked, “What’s that?”
He opened his hand to reveal the sachet of drugs. “Mama sent me to buy some drugs for her. She’s complaining of stomach pain and headache.”
Nervously, I probed, “Did she tell Mama anything about me?”
The boy gave a puzzled frown then slowly shook his head. “No.
“Good…” I sighed in relief now. “Tell Halimat that I want to see her when she gets better.”
“Okay uncle Patrick.” Sadiq answered and disappeared into the dark corridor while I sat down and beat my bare back with my t-shirt to ward off the biting mosquitoes as I plotted just how I intended to deflower all of Halimat’s six friends.
To Be Continued…

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