November 29, 2021

My celebrity crush episode 29 – 30


👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨My Celebrity Crush💘

🔥Episode Twenty-nine🔥

(I miss you mum)


“Father” i mumbled.

He switched on the lights and I could feel my heart thud at his sight.

A smirk run upon his lips as he walk closer to me.

Oh Lord!

He stride towards me as I keep moving backward with my hands on my chest.

“Come to daddy” he says as he open his arms.

I hit my back against the wooden wall and that was when I realised I can’t move again.

My heart beat faster as he stand in front of me.
Oh goodness!

He leans closer and I could feel my heart beat stop.

“I missed you” he whispered as he trailed his forefinger on my cheek.

He took his hand behind my neck and I whimper.

“You think you can escape?” He asked hoarsely as he glare at me and I swallowed.

He hauled me and push me to the floor.

“Argh!” I yelped as I move backward.

“Father please” I plea tearfully.

“How dare you?” He roared and I sprang on my feet as I rushed to the entrance.

I felt a hand grabbed my hoodie backward and pushed me roughly to the wooden floor.

“Ugh!” I groaned loudly.

He walk up to me and slap me hard across my right cheek and I felt my head jingle.

Oh Lord

“What has he been teaching you? huh” he rasped under his breath as he grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me up.


please” I plead as I hold his hands on my hair.

“He has been fu*king you right?!” He yelled as he pulled me closer to himself.

“Father pl..” he slapped me again and I landed my ass on the floor;I felt a cut on my lower lip.

Is this how I am going to die?

“I’m not your father you dimwit!” He growled and my eyes dilated in shock.


“You are just as stupid as your dead mother” he says and paused as he walk up to a small table in the room.

What’s he saying?

He picked up some papers from the table and turned to me with a smirk plastered on his lips and I gulped; I still can’t believe what I just heard.

He crouched in front of me and I cringe as my tears keep strolling down.

“You are twenty one right?” He asked calmly as he stare into the papers and I nodded curtly.


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he up to now?

“All I need from you is your signature” he says as he stand on his feet and turned his back.

I gulped nervously as I stare at his back.

What signature?

“I should have done this for long, but you are so stupid to leave the house” he continue as he walk to the door with his hands in his pocket.

“But all thanks to Jason; I found out your whereabouts from him” he smiles as he turn to me.


“Well.. I do not care how you met each other, I will buzz him immediately I’m done with you”he stated and I just watch him.

“Now sign those papers Tamara” he ordered as he throw a pen to me.

Without asking him any question, I took the pen and hurriedly sign the papers with shaky hands.

I hope he let me go after all this I thought as I wipe my tears slowly.

He walked up to me and picked the papers in front of me and laughed.

“Now you have willed your properties to me” he said huskily and laughed wickedly.

“What?” I asked with widened eyes.


Rodney POV:

I couldn’t sleep a wink last night as my whole thought was centered on Mara.

I’m really worried.
Where the fvck is she?
She should just come back already.

I will invite the cops soon; I thought as I slowly approached her room.

I sighed exasperatedly as i inserted the key to the keyhole and twisted it.


bent the doorknob and walked in fully.

Her wide smile in the picture frame welcome me and I smile ruefully as I move closer.

I come in here whenever I am depressed.

I walk to her frame and trail my thumb on her smiling lips.

“I miss you mum” I muttered as I sniff back a tear.

“I keep telling myself that I do not wants to see you, but deep down I miss being in your arms mum” I whispered as a tear finally dropped; I place my head on her chest in the picture and shut my eyes.

I wipe my tears as I take a step backward and I could feel something beneath my slipper.

I look down at my feet and it’s a paper; I look around the room before I bent to pick it up.

A letter?

I curiously unfolded it and glance through the content.

*you still don’t want to leave right? You are being so stubborn Margaret and believe me it won’t be good.*

*Your son is laying lifeless in the hospital for the past few weeks, here’s an opportunity-he will never get to know you were threatened. You should leave and never return*
*Leave in peace or Rodney dies*

I read aloud as my feet tremble.

I crouched to the floor as I toss the letter aside.

“Mum” I mumbled as I stare into space- more tears dripping from my eyes.

I slowly stand on my feet as I stare at her loving smile in the picture again.

I counted my step backward as I focused my eyes on her face.

“Mum!” I screamed as I ran out of the room.

💏My Celebrity Crush💘

🌠Episode Thirty🌠

(Stay away from me)

📌Rodney POV📌

I rushed to my room as I slammed the door hard behind me.

“She was threatened?” I muttered as I slumped on a couch.

But who the fvck threatened her to leave me?

Her pleas and tears reeled through my mind.
I ran a hand through my hair as more tears come strolling down.

I’m sorry mum;
I am so sorry.


“Are you okay?” Dad asked alarmed as I approached him on his seat.

He sprang on his feet as I walk to him.

“What’s wrong?” He asked tenderly and I sniffed back a tear as I hug him tightly.

“Rodney” he called as he patted my back and the tears are now rushing down.

“You were right Dad” I said as I disengage from the hug and he couldn’t hide his confusion look.

“You were right about Mum; you said she wouldn’t have left without a genuine reason” I paused and he stand properly as he watches me.

I fetched the old letter from my trouser pocket and stretched it to him.

He glanced at the letter in my hand before taking his eyes back to me.

“Margaret was threatened?” He mumbled after he had finish reading the letter.

“But the question is,who threatened her to leave?” He half yelled but I just stare down at the marble floor.

“She knelt down before me” I started with bile in my throat as I lifted my head to look at him.

“She pleaded for a chance dad;just a chance” I yelled and my dad move closer to me and pat my shoulder.

“But I didn’t give her a chance to explained herself, I sent my own mother away instead while she was protecting me” I said calmly as I leaned in my father’s chest.

“It’s okay Rodney, she would definitely understand” he hushed me but I just wipe my tears.


Roman POV:

I grinned from ear to ear as I hugged the papers to myself.

Well.. I take care of everything perfectly beforehand; but it’s nothing compared to now.

I mean I have the access to absolute everything now and forever.

And as for her, I really don’t care about her.
She should go to hell.

I allowed her to stay under my roof all because of this, so that I could have her signature.

I should go see the lawyer
I just hope he doesn’t question me.


I stepped out of the building a place a call through Jason.

“Hi boss” I say to the phone and he scoffed.

Such an asshole!

“Where on earth are you Roman?” He snarled and I smirk.

“It’s done boss” I told him as I pull the car door open.

“Then where’s she?” He asked impatiently and I smile.

“Keep it down boss; I will send the address to you soon” I said to him and slide into the car.

“I’m waiting” he growled and hung up.



💫 Tamara 💫

I hugged my kneels to myself as I sit on the floor.

I stare at the meal in front of me; It doesn’t look appetizing at all but that’s my least problem for now.

Who’s he to me if he’s not my father?
And those papers I signed;what does it mean to him?

I need answers.

“Father Lord please,
I need your help”

I prayed silently as I rub my palms together.

I wonder how he’s faring
I’m very sure he would searching for me.

I breathed out deeply as I glance at the food.
I will rather stay hungry than to eat that.

But seriously,
If truly he’s not my father; then he’s going to hear from me.
I won’t stop until I have him lock up-I fumed.

He’s not my father?
But how?

Is that the reason he doesn’t care about me and uses me?

It’s becoming clear now.

I slowly stand on my feet as I stare into space.

Someone barged into the room; interrupting my thoughts.

Hold on..
I know him.


He stand at the entrance door with his hands in his pocket as he stare at me and I couldn’t look away either.

What’s his business with my father?

I’m going crazy.

He stride closer to me but I didn’t budge.

He stands opposite me as he watches me.
He place his thumb on my torn lip and I swat his hand away.

“Stay away from me you jackass” I yelled and I watch him as he creased his brows.

He’s damn surprised.

“But I missed you” he said as he leans closer and I huffed.

“So is that the reason you asked my own father to kidnap me?” I throw the question at him and he stand properly as he watches me with confusion written on his face.

Oya those that guessed right
that Roman is Mara’s father, where are you?

Who else missed Jackass? 😂

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