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My dream high school episode 12

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💠💠My Dream High School💠💠

🔥🔥Chapter 12🔥🔥

💦Olivia’s POV💦
I scratch£d my h£ad and bit my bottom l¡ps.
What do I lie th¡s time @r0vnd.
Why didn’t I ch£ck th£ eyegla$$ first!
Ohh… My l¡ps are shak!ng.
“Olivia you are not answer!ng me.” Dad said, as h£ scanned th£ eyegla$$ !n h¡s [email protected]
“Okay.. Dad I’m s –” I got !nterrupted…or rath£r ‘saved’ by mom’s voice.
“Ohhh… Sleep is so good. Honey, are you [email protected]¢k already? Arghh! Olivia why didn’t you wake me up?” $h£ walked ¢ar£fvlly towards and hugged dad.
Or.. great. I knew it. Mom took alcohol.
Mom [email protected] take a nap..
Why did $h£ dr!nk?
“Ohh honey, you can’t believe th£ dream I had.” $h£ said.

“What dream..” Dad asked.
“No dream. No dream.” Mom said repeatedly, shak!ng h£r h£ad.
“Go [email protected]¢k and sleep.” Dad said to h£r and ₱v||ed h£r along as th£y walked away.
I sigh£d.
I’ll still have to expla!n to daddy ab©vt th£ eyegla$$. I need to gath£r up th£ lies.
Wait… I’ll have to call Tristan.
I ru$h£d [email protected]¢k to my b£droom to see Gboy, sleep!ng with©vt h¡s homeworks done.
I took my phone and called Tristan.
“O Olivia.. Did h£ accept!” h£ sh©vted.
“Oh I’m !n trouble Tristan.” I sigh£d.
“What trouble!” h£ asked.
“Th£ spectacle is medicated. We should have thought of that. Oh I’m so stupid stupid stupid of me!” I said, slapp!ng my foreh£ad.
“Argh! What do we do now.” h£ said and I raised my eyebrows.
“I should be ask!ng you Tristan. You were th£ one who brought up th¡s plan.” I said.

“Okay.. You know, tell h¡m you were only kidd!ng, that th£ eyegla$$ belongs to me. That I’ve got sight issues. h£’ll believe.” h£ said.
“That’s stupid. Today don’t look like April fool day!” I snapped.
“Okay f!ne. Th£n tell h¡m th£ truth.” h£ said.
“I can’t.” I sigh£d.
“Th£n tell h¡m th£ lie.”
“I can’t too.”
“Argh! Olivia you are so difficult to [email protected] What do you wanna tell h¡m th£n?” h£ asked.
“I don’t know. I’ll tell h¡m eith£r th£ lie or th£ truth.” I said.
“Now you are mak!ng th¡s complicat!ng. Choose one!” h£ said.
I !nhaled and thought for awhile.
“Well, I choose truth. I don’t want you to have sight issues after th£ lie.” I said.

“Who told you I will?” h£ asked.
“h£ said we shouldn’t imitate or mimick whatever we don’t wish to be, or else we’ll someday become that.” I said.
“Like if I imitate a rich boy wh£n im not, will I become rich someday?” h£ asked.
“But you wish to be a rich boy, don’t you?” I asked.
“Oh.. yeah.” h£ said and sigh£d.
I h£ard fotsteps.
“Bye Tristan.” I said and ended th£ call.
Th£ door opened and my h£art jumped.
It was dad, with th£ eyegla$$ !n h¡s [email protected]
I !nhaled and shut my eyes.
“Okay dad. I will expla!n.” I said amidst my shut eyes.
“Why did your mom dr!nk?” h£ asked.
“No idea dad.” I said.
“Alright. Expla!n ab©vt th£ eyegla$$.” h£ said.

“Okay dad. I stole it.. I did dad. I’m sorry.”I said.
“Olivia.. You stole a teach£r’s medicated eyegla$$?” My dad voice was now as calm as ever.
I know h£’s totally suprised.
“I’m so sorry dad for steal!ng and ly!ng to you.” I said.
“You got a kid broth£r Olivia.. What are you really teach!ng h¡m?” h£ asked.
I couldn’t talk anym©r£ cos tears began roll!ng ©vt my eyes even though my eyes were still shut.
“You are gonna take th¡s eyegla$$ [email protected]¢k to that teach£r.”
“Today is friday dad.” I said coolly. I was so ashamed of myself now. For steal!ng j√$t to be see!ng a dream high school I would never be able to be !n.
“I don’t wanna know Olivia.” h£ said and dropped th£ eyegla$$ on my th¡ghs, glanced at sleep!ng Gboy, th£n turned to walk ©vt.

“Dad, did you ¢ar£ to know why I stole it? you didn’t even ask me to give my reasons..” I said amidst tears and sniffled.
h£ turned [email protected]¢k to me with h¡s [email protected] akimbo.
“Olivia you wanted me to be happy. You wanted me to have th£ eyegla$$ I’ve wanted to have all th¡s while cos you know if I do, I’do be happy and would do anyth!ng you ask for, isn’t it?” h£ asked and I nodded tearfvlly.
“Like lett!ng you go on with hid!ng !n th£ boot? Is that why you stole your teach£r’s gla$$es?” h£ asked.
“Dad, I’m sorry..” I said and sniffled but ended up cough!ng.
I faced d©wΠ, cough!ng and wh£n I stopped and looked up, h£ was stand!ng !n front of me.
h£ had concerned written all over h¡s face.

h£ bent and placed h¡s [email protected] on my shoulder.
I sniffled.
“Olivia,noth!ng !n th£ world and I mean noth!ng should make you steal anyth!ng. If you wanted to go on with hid!ng !n th£ boot to go see your dream high school, you should have come to me and tell me. A gla$$ of water could have made me change my m!nd, or a hug from you, or even a peck.” h£ said and smiled.
I wiped my tears.

“I wanted to suprise you and I thought it would make you accept f*st.” I said.
“Learn one th!ng now Olivia, that whatever you have now, I know how you got to have it. Even wh£n I haven’t wore th£ gla$$es, I knew you didn’t buy it with our money.” h£ said calmly.
“I’m sorry dad, I’ll never try that aga!n. I promise you.” I said.
h£ smiled.
“I’m sorry that we are poor and can’t afford to enroll you !nto MacHills. You can’t blame us Olivia.”
I shook my h£ad repeatedly, “No dad no. I can’t.” I said as tears rolled d©wΠ aga!n..
h£ wiped it.
“Get some sleep. I th!nk Ella is happy tonight.” h£ said, th£n took h¡s [email protected] off my shoulders, turned and left, clos!ng th£ door gently.
I sigh£d as I took th£ eyegla$$.
“I shouldn’t have stolen you.” I said to th£ eyegla$$.

“I can’t be annoyed with Tristan. h£ j√$t wanted me to be happy j√$t th£ same way I wanted my dad to be happy.” I said and sniffled.
“But you shouldn’t have let me see you. You should have j√$t hid somewh£re, you silly eyegla$$.” I said, pok!ng th£ eyegla$$.
“Ohh.. Olivia, you can’t stop amaz!ng me. You are talk!ng to an eyegla$$.” That was Gboy’s voice.
Th¡s silly boy is wake. I turned and glared at h¡m.
“Did dad reject th£ gla$$es?” h£ asked.
I nodded.
“Why?” h£ asked, rubb!ng h¡s eyes.
I didn’t want to tell h¡m why.
I stood up and walked over to my [email protected]¢kpack to drop it.
“Why?” h£ repeated.
“h£ doesn’t want it. Now no m©r£ question!” I said.
“Oh.. At least I h£ard someth!ng.” h£ said with a smirk.
I [email protected]
“What!”I asked.

“But you shouldn’t have let me see you. You should have j√$t hid somewh£re, you silly eyegla$$.” h£ said. That was exactly what I told th£ eyegla$$.
“Well, what are you th!nk!ng?” I snapped.
h£ sat up and shrugged. “Noth!ng.” h£ said.
I sigh£d and dropped th£ eyegla$$ !n my bag and zipped my bag [email protected]¢k.
“Is Ella [email protected]¢k?” h£ asked.
“Yeahh. Im go!ng to eat. Aren’t you hungry?” I said and h£ snapped ©vt of th£ b£d.
“Ofcourse.” h£ gr!nned and ran ©vt.
Argh! What a broth£r.

*Noel’s POV*

I sat on my b£d, with Sam stand!ng !n my front as I stared at th£ school wears. .
MacHills.. It’s cool. Really cool.
And th£n, th£ school Magaz!ne… h¡s dad is really a wonder man.
Sam haven’t stopped tell!ng me ab©vt th£ school and h¡s girlfriend and h¡s friends..
h£ even said h¡s girlfriend is com!ng over tomorrow.
Like, I saw h£r pictures !n th£ school magaz!ne.
“$h£’s th£ school queen and a ch£erleader too.” h£ had said immediately I fl¡pped to h£r page.
Well, $h£’s really beautiful !n those pictures..
“$h£ fits so well !n model!ng.” I said.
“Well yeah.. Be!ng th£ queen of MacHills, is j√$t like be!ng a model too.” h£ had said, gr!nn!ng from ear to ear.
h£ must really love th¡s bae so much.
h£ told me.
“So, ab©vt my school aga!n… We’ve got a really large nice musical room.. You would [email protected]|| !nlove with it once you see it. j√$t go through all th£ pages !n th£ magaz!ne. Th£re’s th£ swimm!ng pool too and th£ sports field.. Well th£ table tennis court is so cool but I aren’t a fan of that. Ch£ck th£ cla$$rooms.. ” h£ said.

Well i’ll conclude Sam is quite a talkative.
“Did you say th£re’s a musical room?” I asked.
“Yes.. but I don’t really go th£re. I don’t s!ng you know.. That place is meant for people like you.” h£ said.
“Well, what ab©vt th£ basketball court. I’ve not seen it.” I said, fl¡pp!ng through th£ pages..
“Well.. th£re is.. and baseball court too. You’ll love MacHills.” h£ said.
“You ₱|@y basketball?” h£ asked.
“Yeahh.. someth!ng im gonna miss ab©vt my school.” I answered.
“Ohh… And don’t you miss a school crush?” h£ asked.
I chuckled, “I told you I don’t have one.. Th£ one I did, left with h£r parent to Germany.” I said and h£ slapped h¡s foreh£ad.
“Forgot dude.” h£ laugh£d.
A knock came.
“I guess d!nner is ready.” Sam said.
“Come !n.” I said and th£ door opened to reveal th£ cook.
“Food’s served.” $h£ said, th£n turned and left.
I raised my brow, “Well. Th¡s is lovely.” I said.
“What?” h£ asked.
“Well, over th£re !n Mr George Bernste!n’s residence, a servant would have to bow after say!ng whatever to you and must add ‘Sir’” I said.

“Wow!” Sam exclaimed.
“It really annoys me but dad won’t listen to me.. Told h¡m I don’t wanna be referred to as ‘sir.” I said and laugh£d.
Well, I wonder why I still call h¡m ‘dad’ but how can I stop it.
Th£ fact h£ stopped car!ng ab©vt me and giv!ng me those attention that h£ used to ever s!nce h£ found ©vt im not h¡s biological son.
I can’t blame h¡m tho..
“h£y dude, let’s go.” Sam called, shoot!ng me ©vt of my thought.
“Yeah.” I said and ₱u$h£d my hair [email protected]¢k.


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