My Dream High School

My dream high school episode 19 – 20

💠💠My Dream High School💠💠
🔥🔥Chapter 19🔥🔥

💦Olivia’s POV💦
Mom had taken the drugs and felt better after.
I and Gboy had finished two bowls of cereal and still wanted more.
“Let’s watch a movie.” Gboy said, dragging his bulky trouser I have no idea where he got from to a couch.
“No movie.” Mom said.
“Ella isn’t coming anytime soon.” Gboy said.

“I’m going to sleep.” Mom said and turned towards the rooms.
Mom left. Gboy and I walked to a couch and sat down after we turned on the tv.
“Yeah Disney.” Gboy said excitedly.
Just then we heard a car drive in.
“Ella!” Gboy said and rushed to the TV and switched it off while I rushed to the door. Gboy trailed behind me.
The doorbell rang and I opened the door to reveal Ella with a short but cute black hair girl beside her in MacHills uniform.

Ella walked in, followed by the girl.
“Welcome Ella.” I said but Ella pulled the girl excitedly as she dragged her towards the staircase.
“She’s my clumsy maid. Come let’s go to my room.” Ella said to her.
“Olivia get us two pizza and fruitas. Be fast.” Ella said to me and finally went upstairs with the girl whose eyes kept scanning around.
Who’s that girl?
She’s cute.. Is she Ella’s new friend?
I’ve not seen her before.
“She’s pretty.” Gboy said and that was when I recalled Gboy was behind me.
Wait, did he greet Ella?
I turned to him.

“Did you greet Ella?” I asked.
He nodded.
“Uhm.. I didn’t hear that.” I said.
“Cos you were busy noticing the girl like you are a boy.” He said with a giggle.
I hit him.
“You don’t say that to me.” I warned.
“I never wanted to. You made me to.” He said with another giggle and ran away.
Dad walked in and closed the door.
“Welcome dad.” I said.
He smiled and touched my cheek slightly.
It made me blush. Awwn.
“How are you honey?” He said.
“I’m fine but mom isn’t. She’s sick.” I said.

“Ohh.. I know that. I’ll go to her now.” He said and walked away.
I sighed, recalling that I didn’t see MacHills today or would I do tomorrow, or after tomorrow.
I just wish dad change his mind soon.
Then, I rembered the Pizza and fruitas Ella told me to get..
Oh my God! I ran to the kitchen, placed two packed pizza on a tray with two fruitas and wine glasses.
I walked hurriedly upstairs to Ella’s bedroom.
About knocking, I heard the new girl’s voice.
“…Well, but I like him. Noel Bernstein, gosh he’s so handsome. Did you see the way his dimples appears when he smile and even talk?” The girl said.
Noel Bernstein??
I placed my ear on the door to listen more.

“…well, I don’t really like him though he’s such a cutie. I just hate that he’s close to that brat girl.” Ella said.
Typical her.
Always hating people.
“Ella… I think Sophia is so cool and Noel, sweet.” The girl said.
“Well, for Noel I go with you that he’s sweet. Like a teenager who pays his bills and live alone his own house. He’s super rich Emily.” I said.
“You got eyes on him?” Emily asked.
“No way. Sam is much more better than him.” Ella said.

“Well I do Ella… ” The girl who Ella just called ‘Emily’ said.
“He’s got a girlfriend and I’m sure the brat girl won’t let him even notice you. You better just get your eyes off him.”
Ella said.
“I’ve got a crush on him.” Emily said.
“Well goodluck.” Ella said.
“Your room is so pretty” Emily said.
“Yeah.. and what the hell is keeping that clumsy maid from bringing the pizza!” Ella said and I flinch back and quickly knocked on the door.
“Get the hell in Olivia. You can never stop being so stupid!” Ella said.
I sighed and walked in.
The new girl and Ella sat on Ella’s bed.
I walked over and placed the tray between them.

“What kept you so long Olivia?” Ella asked and I bowed with no answer.
“Answer me.” Ella threw.
“Nothing really.” I said.
“That shows how clumsy you are.” Ella said.
Emily just kept looking at me.
“Emily, cant you see that?. She packs her hair in four bonds? Look at her dressing.” Ella said to her friend.
I sighed and checked my dressing.
I wore nothing bad here.
“She’s okay and pretty Ella.” Emily said with a smile and I swore, I liked her instantly.
Ella rolled her eyes.
“Must she put on socks all the time? Look at the trouser she wore,” Ella said.

“Ella,she’s good.” Emily said, then turned to me.
“Hey am Emily, and you are?”
I grinned happily, “am Olivia and I love your school wear and your smile.” I said and she smiled widely while Ella glard at me.
“Thanks Olivia.” Emily said.
“Go.” Ella said and I bowed happily and walked out,closing the door calnmly.
I stayed at the door to listen to them.
“Your maid is quite pretty and funny.” Emily said.
“Clumsy and ugly. That’s perfect for her.” Ella said.

“Well, that’s by the way.. Did you notice Noel’s pale face in the class? and the No-talking between him ans Sophia?” Emily asked.
Noel’s face pale in class?
“Emily,. You suprise me. How did you get to knw this.” Ella asked.
“ just Happens. Noel is so breathtaking” She said.
Noel Bernstein.. Who is he..
I rushed back to my room, where Gboy sat on the reading desk, going through a book, probably his homework.
I sat at the centre of the bed and grabbed my phone which was under the pillow.

I clicked on ‘Google search’ Noel Bernstein.
Oh my God! oh my God!
Noel pictures appeared.
I got no idea if the Noel Bernstein Ella and her friend is talking about is this one here, but if he is, then Oh my goodness..
I’m already in love with him.
He’s so handsome.
Wait, Is he an Angel?….

💠💠My Dream High School💠💠

🔥🔥Chapter 20🔥🔥

💦Olivia’s POV💦
I slide into the car boot and breathed a relief sigh.
Dad closed it and a minute later when Ella came and went in, dad drove off.
To MacHills High school.
‘Well.. it’s a suprise right?’
As suprise as I was last night..
Dad came in our room when I was almost going to sleep with a question.
He asked.
“Olivia.. Do you say you still wanna hide in the boot to MacHills?”
I had gasped and hugged him so excitedly.
“Yes dad! yes dad!” I had said, still hugging him.
“Alright, deal continues tomorrow.” He had said with a smirk smile.
“Yes!” I said and jumped up.
“Shh.” He whispered with a finger on his l-ips.
I nodded with a grin.
When he left. I fell on the bed… Gboy was asleep.
Wow.. Am I really going to see him tomorrow?
Noel Bernstein.
And Sam… And Sophia the Angel.
Gosh.. Im inlove with Noel.. I could do anything just to meet him.
He’s so charming… even more than Sam.
After staring at his pictures for awhile, I grabbed my pillow and cuddling it warmly, I slept off.

Now, I’m here in Ella’s car boot, wishing to see the Angel.
Noel… No, my Angel is Sophia. I’ll call him ‘My prince charming’ yes. my prince charming.
I can’t wait to see him…
But, can hiding in the boot get me to meet him?
Talk to him, hug him or even k-ss him?
‘Argh! stupid you Olivia you really don’t wish to die young, do you?’
I sighed.. but I’ve got to do something. I want to meet Noel.

The car stopped and I realized we are in MacHills High.
My heart began beating fast. I felt like pushing open the boot before my Prince charming goes away. But I know Ella is still in the car and would get all our Salary deducted if she dare see me.
I waited impatiently for the door to open, close back and the boot would be opened.

Soon, the car slammed shut and I held my beating heart.
What if Noel isn’t in school yet. What if I don’t get to see him today?
I’m gonna feel so hurt.
I can’t believe I have a crush on someone I don’t know. Someone i’ve not met.
Just pictures…
I got a Crush on him? or I’m inlove with him.
Ohh.. I think both. I think both is what I feel for him.
Stupid me. What do I know about ‘being in love’
God, I’m hot here.

What’s keeping dad?
After it seemed like forever, the boot finally was opened and I crept out with my backpack.
I was gonna jump in the back seat when I sighted something on the floor.
A blue paper…
The cute type writting and the picture on the paper got me, so I grabbed it and finally went into the back seat of the car.
I didn’t check the paper, I dropped it in,side my bag as I quickly turned my eyes to the car window, where I kept searching for Noel, but I didn’t see him. nor Sophia, nor Sam.

Minutes later, dad drove away.
“Didn’t see any of them today.” I said.
“Who? thought you only wanna be seeing the school.” Dad said.
“Noel, Sophia, Sam.” I said sadly.
“Well, I know Sam but not the two others.” Dad said.
“I wish to talk to them someday. I wish to be their friend. I wish to be in MacHills.” I said.
“You are always wishing Olivia.” Dad said.
“Girls like me always wish for things even though we might never have it..but girls like Ella always have without even wishing to.” I said.
“It’s okay Olivia.. If you want your wish to come true someday, do one thing.” Dad said.

“What?” I asked.
“Believe it.” He said.
“I really don’t know if I do believe my wishes.” I said truthfully.
“Then start doing that.” He said.
“Dad, do you make wishes?” I asked, even though I know he do alot.
Like, he wished to have an eyeglass.
He also wished to have a car.
“Yes ofcourse.” He answered.
“Which of your wish had ever come true?” I asked.
We’ve reached the s₱0t where I always change my pajamas to my school wears..
He stopped and turned to me with a smile.

“When I was seventeen.” He said.
I listened keenly.
“I wished to have a lovely family. A loving wife, a beautiful daughter and a cute son..” He said.
That made me smile tho,
“But dad, that wasn’t the only thing you wished for, right?” I said.
“At least one came true and the next is after it. So if one of your wishes come true, expect the next to.” He said.
I smiled.
I really don’t get dad but I would grab the point that in the thousands of wishes I have made, one must come true.
And which wish is that gonna be?

I finally changed into my school wears and grabbed my bag.
I came down and waved ‘bye’ to dad who watched me till I entered the school gate.
Well, there was the little devil, Sally.
She turned to me and let out that stupid smile.
“So you think coming to school with your mistress car is anything to be boastful of?” She said.
I stopped too and faced her.
“Don’t be proud of your stupidness.” I said and walked away.
“Hey Olivia!” I heard Tristan’s voice behind.

I turned and saw him running towards from the school gate.
He passed Sally and got to me.
He look cute today but nothing to be compared to Noel or Sam.
“How was your night?” He asked.
I smiled, “Was sweet.”
“Did.. you like dream of me? Maybe I was part of what made it sweet.” He asked with a grin.
I hit him slightly.
“Oh no no.. You will know later.” I grinned.
He gave a thumb up and I laughed as we went into the crowdy hallway.

💦Noel’s POV💦
I came to school quite late cos I woke up late.
Walking through the hallway towards my locker, I saw Ella.
She was speaking with a curly hair girl.
No, I realized she was actually yelling at her when I got near.
“You stupid girl. Have you got no eyes huh! Do you wanna be dealt with. How could you step on me. Can you afford this shoes on my feet, you swine.”
Wow… what a bad mouth.

“Hey Ella. What’s up here?” I asked and she turned with a smile.
“Hey Noel..” She said, smiling widely.
Well she got a cute smile.
“What’s up?” I said and glanced at the girl who appear too scared.
“Well. the despicable thing stepped on me but I’m gonna overlook that.” Ella said still in her smile.
“Girl, you can go.” I said to the girl.
“Was actually taking my books and I mistakenly stepped on her.” The girl said. She got a sweet tiny voice.
“And who ordered you to explain anything to him?” Ella barked at her and she flinch a bit.
“Ella.” I called and she turned and smiled.
“Yes Noel.”
“She has the right to explain to me.” I said.
She just kept smiling.
The girl turned to me.
“I’m Grace.” she said with a smile.
“Noel.” I said. She nodded and walked away.

I saw Ella roll her eyes.
“Do you mind if we go to class together?” She said when I walked over to my locker, following behind me.
“Yeah no prob.. I have History and you?” I said.
“English.” She said.
“You got the same timetable with Sophia right?” She asked.
“Yeah. You got a problem with that?” I asked.
“Well, nop but you know, I noticed you guys didn’t talk much yesterday, in the afternoon.” She said.
Now, I get where she’s driving to.
“Nothing to worry about Ella.” I said, then turned to see Sophia coming towards.

She look so beautiful today and her body spray smelt so nice.
Her favourite body spray.
“Sophia.” I called and she smiled.
Yeah, just yesterday I was angry with her for hurting my feelings but I’ve come to realise that, it wasn’t her fault.
She can’t breakup with her boyfriend for me.
We should just go on being friends just the way we’ve always had been.
She got to me.
“Hey cutie.” She smiled and grabbed my book.
“Sophia!” I called as she ran to her locker with it.
Ella left after rolling her eyes coutless times.

💦Ella’s POV💦
I’m so gonna deal with that fake girl.
What do she think she is?
Playing around with Noel in my front!

💦Olivia’a POV💦
Cleaners Needed!!
MacHills High School.
You must be 20years and above.
Classrooms tidying
Hallway tidying
Washrooms and the school premises
Pay: $70 dollars.
No certificate or doc-ments needed, just a passport of you and yourself.
Sign: Mrs Elen Summer (Sanitary Director)
Principal: Dr. Tony. J. Will. ’
I gasped when I was done reading the blue paper.
A cleaner work! in MacHills.
“Olivia!” That was Tristan voice.
“What’s that in the paper?” He asked.
I stretched it to him.
“Wow.. Your mom can get this. It’s a good pay.” He said after reading the paper.

“No.. I wanna go for it.” I said and he arched a brow at me.
“Are you crazy Olivia! A cleaner job at MacHills!” He said.
“Anything wrong with that huh?” I asked.
This is an opportunity to meet Noel.
I can’t miss this.
I’m going for it!! This is a WISH COME TRUE!
“No Olivia.. but what about Ella? What if she sees you because she will and must see you.” He said.
Well.. stupid me. That is true..
Ella would see me and it would never turn out good.
What do I do?
“I should give my mom this.” Tristan said but I grabbed the paper immediately.
“I’ll keep it. I’ll know what to do about this.” I said…


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