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My dream high school episode 21

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💠💠My Dream High School💠💠
🔥🔥Chapter 21🔥🔥

💦Noel’s POV💦

School today was great.
Th£ cla$$es today were cool. I say, MacHills is much beautiful than Crystals.
Especially hav!ng Sophia @r0vnd too… Everyth!ng is j√$t awesome m©r£ than I thought it would, only one th!ng hurts.
My feel!ngs for Sophia, but I know I’m gonna get over th¡s soon.
I know.
I drove home and ₱v||ed !nto th£ garage.
I wish I could drive Sophia home and we also go to school togeth£r everyday but $h£ told me h£r mom wouldn’t dare to f!nd ©vt that anoth£r person except h£r driver knows th£ir home.
I got ©vt of th£ car and over to th£ front porch, slide !n th£ key and th£ door opened.
Walk!ng !n and clos!ng th£ door [email protected]¢k, I j√$t walked straight !nto my b£droom.
I had a shower after and ₱v||ed !nto a black trouser and a white ₱v||over.
I prepared fried egg and bread toast.
Well, I guess I’m turn!ng to be a good cook f*st.
After eat!ng, I walked [email protected]¢k to my room. I felt like stroll!ng through th£ street, so I grabb£d my h£adset and my phone and went ©vt.

I first walked to Sophia’s house and stared at th£ house for a while.. It’s a nice white bungalow with a gate tho.
Sophia says $h£ doesn’t go ©vt unless be!ng driven to school and driven [email protected]¢k home to be locked !n th£ rest of th£ day all cos of h£r h£artless fath£r.
I strolled on, pa$$!ng different houses and people though j√$t few of th£m…
I reach£d a cool large seat garden with a round water-feature at th£ center.
Th£y were j√$t few people seated th£re, I went over and sat on an empty bench.
And ₱|@yed th£ next music on my bluetooth, All Eyes On You.
Th£ music filled my ear as I rested my [email protected]¢k on th£ bench [email protected]¢krest.
It’s a beautiful sight. I could br!ng my guitar with me h£re anoth£r day.
I wish Sophia was h£re with me, we’do be chatt!ng and take some pictures.
I love Sophia, God I love Sophia.
But It’s f!ne, I’ll get over it.
I c|¡¢ked on my phone camera to take some selfies and that was wh£n I h£ard a quite familiar voice beh!nd.
“Noel?” It was a t!ny voice.
I turned and it was th£ curly hair girl.
Well, i can’t remember h£r name.
$h£ smiled widely realis!ng it was actually me for real.
$h£’s so slim but h£r sk!n tone is really attractive.
$h£ wore a short p!nk flare skirt that revealed h£r sk!nny laps, with a white crop top that revealed h£r flat tvmmy and Have| and a p!nk sandals, with h£r p!nk purse and h£r phone !n h£r [email protected]
$h£ came forward and sat beside me but a bit far.
“I’m Grace, th£ one Ella was yell!ng at !n school. Remember? I knew it was you from your hair colour.” $h£ said with a wide smile.
“Oh yeah. Grace.” I said, lett!ng ©vt a smile.
$h£ has a small face, small eyes, small nose, small l¡ps and small sets of white teeth., everyth!ng ab©vt h£r is j√$t so small and pretty.
And $h£ speaks so low and t!ny.
“Noel. It’s so nice to meet you h£re. Actually I came with my sister. $h£’s th£ one over th£re !n a blue gown.” $h£ said and po!nted at th£ girl.
“$h£’s my elder sister tho.” $h£ said with a smile.
“Alright. You live @r0vnd h£re?” I asked and $h£ shook h£r h£ad.
“No. but I do come for medications at Grandville Hospital over th£re.” $h£ said.
“Medications?” I asked.
“Yeah but you don’t worry ab©vt it.” $h£ said with a smile.
I shrugged, and looked away, $h£ did too.
“Thanks for sav!ng me.” $h£ said.
“From Ella?” I asked, suprised.
“Yeah. $h£ might call some girls to hurt me or have me buy h£r shoes [email protected]¢k.” $h£ said.
“Have $h£ ever done that to someone?” I asked.
“Yeah.. lots of girls.” $h£ said.
“Well, $h£ did that to th£m cos th£y let h£r. You shouldn’t let h£r !ntimidate you that way next time. You have your right, your power. You are also a girl like h£r.” I said.
“Yeah. I’m j√$t s¢ar£d of h£r.” $h£ said.
“Don’t be next time. $h£’ll be suprised and walk away.” I said.
“I don’t th!nk.” $h£ said.
“I’m j√$t tell!ng you what $h£ will do h£re Grace.” I said.
“Thanks Noel.” $h£ said.
“You’re a newbie !n MacHills high school right?” $h£ asked.
“Yeah started yesterday.” I said.
“Wow, I h£ard you are a cous!n to Samuel MacHills. You are aware that Ella is h¡s girlfriend right?” $h£ asked.
“Yeah.” I said.
$h£ smiled and looked at me.
“Can I say someth!ng?” $h£ asked.
“What’s that?” I asked.
“You.. you are really [email protected]” $h£ said and looked d©wΠ.
I chuckled, “Thanks.”
“Can I be your friend please?” $h£ asked.
“Uhm. Alright.” I said.
“Thank you.” $h£ said.
“Yeah” I smiled.
“Can I take a selfie with you?” $h£ asked.
“Oh sorry, no. Some oth£r time.” I said.
“But I saw you tak!ng a selfie.” $h£ said.
“Yeah, but..” I got cut short by a call.
“Grace, come let’s h£ad home!.” h£r sister called.
“Well, see you !n school tomorrow Noel.” $h£ said and stood up.
I smiled and $h£ walked [email protected]¢k to h£r sister.
$h£ waved me ‘bye’ and th£y left.
‘I do come for Medications at Grandville hospital over th£re’
It rang aga!n !n my h£ad for th£ second time like a church bell.
I shrugged it off and stood up..
I’ve got to h£ad home now.

💦Olivia’s POV💦

I have decided that im gonna do th¡s.
Mom said I go for it,
Dad said h£’s s¢ar£d I’ll might get caught.
Gboy said h£’s tired of my clums!ness.
“I’m do!ng th¡s dad. I’m go!ng th£re tomorrow to apply for th£ Cleaners job. All I have to do is disguise myself and no one would know it’s me.” I said.
Dad kept read!ng and re-read!ng th£ blue paper.
“Olivia, it’s stated h£re that th£ work is for 20years and above, you are j√$t eighteen Olivia.” Dad said.
“Once I’m disguised, no one would know my age.” I said.
We were all !n Dad and mom’s room, !nclud!ng Gboy who [email protected] on th£ b£d, ₱|@y!ng ‘water game’
“Yes Darl!ng, let h£r go. I’ll give h£r my wig and my makeups.” Mom said.
“mom, ur wig are all ugly.” Gboy said.
“Who let you believe that. I have th¡s one.” $h£ threw at Gboy and ru$h£d to h£r closet.
“Olivia I still th!nk you shouldn’t do th¡s. What ab©vt your school?” Dad asked.
“I’ll know what to do.” I said with an excit!ng smile.
“Can I see h¡s pictures aga!n?” Dad said.
“Yes ofcourse. h£’s so [email protected] dad. I can’t wait to meet h¡m and Sophia too” I said excitedly.
“Sophia? how did you know h£r name?” Dad asked.
“I gave h£r th£ name.” I said.
Mom ru$h£d [email protected]¢k, threw th£ wig to me and th£n grabb£d th£ phone from dad.
“Awwwwwn. h£’s such a [email protected] boy. You will have to meet h¡m Olivia.” Mom said, gr!nn!ng.
“Christy, what are you advis!ng your daughter.” Dad sh°t at mom.
Mom ignored h¡m and turned to me.
“You see Olivia, I believe that th¡s is an opportunity for you. For your dreams to come true.” Mom said.
“By be!ng a disguised cleaner?” Gboy said with a giggle.
“Shut up boy!” Mom sh°t at h¡m and turned [email protected]¢k to me.
“I’ll make sure no one knows its you. Especially Ella.” $h£ said.
I nodded and ch£cked th£ wig.
“You like it?” $h£ asked.
“Yes. it’s okay.” I said.
“Olivia don’t put yourself !n trouble.” Gboy said.
“Im not!” I yelled at h¡m.
h£ shrugged.
I looked at dad, h¡s expression is stoic with h¡s [email protected] akimbo.. h£ seem to be !n thought, but turn!ng to mom, $h£’s gr!nn!ng widely at me.
I smiled.
I’ll do th¡s.

💦Ella’s POV💦

I’m h£re on my b£d, star!ng at Noel’s pictures.
I can’t get h¡m off my h£ad.
I wish h£ could ask me ©vt… Maybe h£ likes me but j√$t draw!ng [email protected]¢k cos of Sam.
What if I breakup with Sam?
I love Noel.
h£’s so charm!ng and h¡s l¡ps.. I cant wait to klzz th£m.
What do I do to get Noel.
I want us to be so close.
Not j√$t close, I want to date h¡m.
But that would only be possible if Sam and Sophia is ©vtta th£ way.
Gosh.. see h¡s dimples and th£ killer smile.
Kill me..
I have a feel!ng that h£’s crush!ng on me.
I need to know what happened b£tweeΠ h¡m and Sophia.
Why h£ got upset with h£r yesterday, Th£n today, th£y were smil!ng at each oth£r like noth!ng happened.
I want Noel.. I want h¡m and I must have h¡m.
I don’t ¢ar£ if Sam gets hurt.
Like, Sam is so bor!ng. I want someone sweet and that person is Noel.
Look at th£ way h£ holds Sophia and th£ way th£y ₱|@y @r0vnd.
Noel got th£ sweetest voice i’ve ever h£ard and h£’ll be so romantic unlike Sam who is no way near ‘be!ng romantic.’
h£ doesn’t smile like Noel do.
h£ doesn’t dress th£ way Noel do and h£’s always on gla$$es like a dummy bookworm.
Ugh! I don’t even like Sam anym©r£.
And Emily, $h£ th!nks I don’t like Noel. I’m actually pretend!ng to h£r but I guess I should let h£r know so $h£ could save h£r a$$ by stay!ng far way from h¡m.
h£ will soon be m!ne.

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