My Father's Wife 1

My Father's Wife 1 – Batch 4

episode 13

I finally got through the night riddled with countless hisses and mussing, turning on my bed here and there with the images of the day flashing on my mind, of course the thought of Jessy was always there to scare me out of Amanda’s thought anytime it comes to mind.

The morning was bright and sunny, it was one of those mornings that the sun visited before dawn, beaming down bright golden rays that pierced through my room windows beaming into my eyes.

Getting up i weakly reached for my phone, probably the first thing i do each morning.
15Missed calls and 2messages were on my notification window from Nancy; You guessed right.

“Chimoooo” i shouted as the digit 11:15am looked back at me from the phone screen.
I have stayed awake all through the night and i must have drifted off to sleep before the wee hours of morning.

I dialed Nancy’s number and she picked at first ring.
“Sky why are you keeping me waiting and why are you not picking my calls?” She barked in a strange calm manner.

“Am so sorry, i couldn’t sleep last night so i overslept this morning?” I confessed.

“And why didn’t you sleep last night, what were you doing?” She asked sounding obviously suspicious.

“Nothing i will be there in 30minutes” I dropped the call rushing to the bathroom immediately.

In less than 10minutes i was already heading out the house clad in a brown coloured pencil jean and a white T-shirt with a brown coloured Swed shoes.

Zooming past Jessy and Amanda who didn’t even bother asking where i was going i walked out of the house certain that i would return as an upgraded big boy.

I entered the Confidential hotel premises met with a friendly and beautifully charming receptionist who attended me professionally and with occasional flirting smiles.
Noticed her gestures changed when i told her i was heading for room 213 and she called the intercom to confirm.
Certain she had her eyes on me until i disappeared into the hall way that led to room 213 as directed by her.

A bright red brownish door stood before me with the number 213 engraved in a silvery rectangular plate.
With a trembling unsure hand i gave the door a gentle knock and pushed it open at the command of a faint voice that said “Come in” almost immediately.

The room was painted bright milk colour, whitish-yellowish light beamed down from the light bulbs giving it a golden look.
the exquisite furnishing of the room confirmed my suspicion of how stinking rich Nancy or maybe her husband must be..

Nancy was resting on a king sized bed covered in immaculate white sheets, she was clad only in a white lacy thong and a blue coloured b-ra that barely could hold her b-obs that lay hugely in them. Rumpled stomachs laying tiredly below giving me hints she must have kids at home.

Junior sky nodded underneath relishing the sight that lay before me intensifying as Nancy rose from bed and walked to me sending my eyes feasting on her obviously large m—d that the thong barely covered.

She grabbed my neck and drew it down to herself and her l-ips locked into mine with her hands pushing me roughly more into her. she smelt like rose and i loved that scent very much.

I pushed her down into the bed roughly as i yanked off my shoe and shirt, kicking out my trousers and slowly climbed the bed with only my boxer with junior sky now threatening to tear it open and escape.

our l-ips met again this time twirling with speed and my hand working to unhook her b-ra setting loose two huge and slightly sagged b-obs that appeared full and soft.

My l-ips journeyed down to her neck as i attacked with nibbling soft k-sses sending mo-ns flying out of her mouth and my hands trying hærd to cupped those b-obs in while i gave them soft squeezes encircling the n—–s with my fingers with occasional pinches.

She tore off her thong and reach for my boxer pulling it downwards and grabbed junior sky furiously working her hands up and down my d*ckson making it throb h-rder in appreciation.

“Sky please bleep me now, please” She pleaded with a lot of lust and desperation being betrayed by her facial expression.
The way she lay down slowly on the bed, opening her legs wide making her large m—d stare back at me with her juices decorating it.

Junior sky lost it’s bearing and switched off my brain, i kicked off my boxer entirely grabbing those massive laps with a slapping sound accompanying it. I plunged deep into her slamming my d*ckson all the way at first t—-t.

Her mouth flew open and sang loud sound tracks into my ears as i brought out junior sky all the way out and in again.
Nancy’s hands grabbed my butt pushing me deeper and h-rder into her and pulling me down at interval for a k-ss.

Her slit was tighter than i expected judging from the external size but in no way can it be compared to Amanda’s in terms of tightness, Amanda was heaven.

I pounded her as hærd and long as i could go, with every iota of mo-n from her pushing me closer to the edge, she was a scre-mer tho.
I went in and out of her slit liberating more juice in the process and inducing a bone breaking o—-m on both of us which took her about 1 minute to recover from the shaking and body shivering.

“Wooow sky you are wonderful” She commented with exposed teeth and grinning l-ips as we both lay unclad on the bed.
She reach for the other side of the bed and handed me a small white carton of an iphone6.

I couldn’t contain my joy; I almost celebrated like a footballer when they slide over the edge of the field on their knees.
I jumped, laughed, k-ssed and thanked her as i hurriedly swapped my sim from my poor iphone4 to the 6, after all it was the igbos that said ‘Anuta agbogho, atufuo agadi’ (If you marry a young girl, you discard the old ).

I ended up having another round with Nancy, this time it was out of happiness and appreciation.
Lying relaxingly unclad on the bed after the round, exhausted with nancy’s arms placed on my chest rubbing them smoothly, i was busy getting acquainted with my new phone.

Then a sudden weird knock on the door and at the same the door flinging open and;

An image of Amanda, my step mum walked in through the door.

episode 14

Rushing home as fast as i could, i zoomed past ahmed who was still in the process of raising his hand in the air and shout “Oga sky”, this time before he could utter “O” i was already in front of our door .

Jessy was not in the house, her room was my first port of call on arriving home.
I headed for my own room, dropping my phones on the bed collapsed my weight on the bed hearing it give out a soft creaking gro-n.

My face was on my palms, and my eyes fixed on the two phones that lay before me. The iphone6 dwarfing my iphone4 by a couple of inches, its shiny gold colour was more than beautiful.
“Have you seen what you have caused me?” I questioned the innocent phone that just seemed to ignore my question.

My mind was drawn back to few minutes backwards as Amanda walked gracefully into the hotel room clapping her hands in a slow and steady rhythmized pattern which her high heel shoes giving a back up sound.

The thunderous slap she landed on my face after i slipped into my boxer, got down from bed and wanted to muster an explanation that i don’t even know how that was supposed to work, but my predicament was beyond thinking.

“You stupid boy” She barked gazing directly into my eyes, i could see her eyes getting a bit w-t.
Before i could say ‘wait’ another slap covered my face sending tiny sparks off my eyes.

Nancy just stood there, covering her unclad body with the white bed spread mopping at Amanda with a pleading facial expression.
“And you w—e. i thought you were my friend”, she calmly approached Nancy who stood just after the bed looking like a greek sculpture.

My mind switched off to whatever they were saying, I wore back my clothes in a strangely slow manner stealing little glances at them just enough to see amanda pointing a shaking finger at Nancy who just watched with words flying out of her mouth. “Don’t ever come to my house again”.

I picked my phones **I no go leave my sweet new phone na, i worked for it**walked out of the hotel room met again by the searching eyes of the receptionist who kept her eyes on me until i was out of the premises walking briskly, this was no time to think in my situation.

“Sky! Sky!!… Come down here” Amanda’s voice thundered from the sitting room sending an unnecessary scare down my spine.
I dragged myself down, eyes fixed on the floor.

Her legs were thumping on the floor with hands akimbo, beads of sweat clearly showed on her face washing out her make ups. Her tank top clearly allowing some over contoured cle-vage that seemed as if they were just peeping, the black leggings hugged her tightly, I don’t why but Amanda was still a goddess.

“How could you?” She barked punching me on my chest.
My vocal cord went dumb, i opened my mouth but no words could come out.
“But why exactly is Amanda reacting this way, its not like we have any relationsh¡p going on or something” my heart yarned.

“Am sorry” I managed to say even without knowing why and for what. If she could get hurt that i bleeped someone else that means she wont even allow me marry my own wife.

“Shut up” she thundered with another slap landing squarely on my face making move back two steps.
“Sky you don enter am today naa”

Amanda shouted and barked clearly showing she was hurt and heartbroken. And the fact that this was my Step mum and not my girl friend gave me goose bumbs.

My lust for material things have landed me to a point where i wish i never did all the things i did.
Amanda snatched the iphone6 from hand, looked at it front and back with pouted l-ips and obvious contempt. one could think the phone was her enemy here and not me.

“So sky it was because of this nonsense that you stooped so low to betray me like that. Why didn’t you come to me?”
Amanda’s shrieking voice pierced my heart with scare and remorse and i dont even know why i should be sorry.

Before another “Am so…” could make it’s way from the back of my throat to the tip of my l-ips amanda sent the phone to hell.
A crashing sound followed by echoing resounds of tiny glasses filled my ears, my face was dragged downwards as i watched the debris with an apple logo, tiny bits of it could be seen scattered round the floor.

“Chisooooooos!!!” i yelled with tears forming at the back of my head but it was impossible to shed.
“Everything i worked for gone within seconds just before me”
The scare i felt was replaced with anger, the sorry i felt became rage.

Amanda stood there watching me, she was suddenly as calm as a lake, the lines that once filled her face was now gone taking her face back to the default setting.

I was confused, angry and tired. I felt an impulse to slap Amanda to pieces but what will that achieve and papa would literally send me to hell fire if he finds out.

My hands with a mind of it’s own grabbed amanda by the neck, a threatening blow pointing to her face.
My hands were shaking, body was quaking and wh0le body now drenched in a sudden sweat that felt alien.

My words were lost, Amanda’s eyes were filled with remorse and fear of what might follow.
“Sky stop it!” Thats a new voice totally and am sure amanda coudn’t say it with my hand on her neck.

I titled my face sharply to the direction of the voice and Jessy stood there, mouth open, eyes filled with searching surprise, fear and questions.

“Sky i said stop it” Jessy shrieked again this time looking directly into my eyes.
my hands lost their grip on Amanda, i walked over to Jessy with my tearful eyes looking at her can see hers to where becoming tearful too.

I wish i could just tell her everything and unshackle myself from all this, i wish she could just hug me now and tell me to calm down.
I could hear faint sound of Amanda’s voice uttering “Am sorry”.

“I am going back with you on monday to nsukka” I announced to Jessy with those searching eyes trying to read my thoughts again.

Ignoring Amanda, i left both of them in the sitting room and matched up to my room.

I hated my life now.

episode 15

“Sky whats wrong. . . talk to me” Jessy asked for the 1000th time betraying a lot of curiosity and slight scare.
I lay wearily with my face on the bed and back facing the ceiling and jessy’s hand on my back and her figure seating on the edge of the bed.

“Sky do you now keep secrets from me, what happened between you and aunty?” Jessy’s voice exhibited some unsure tone that made it obvious she was afraid of what ever it is that was happening.

“That woman is a b—–d” I blurted at her with clenched fist, eyes blazing like a wild forest fire.
“Please Jessy leave me alone for now”

The remaining of that Saturday was stale, the house was dull and reeked of grave silence.
I kept to myself, no cracking laughter between i and jessy as usual neither were their any sound of music from the home theater.

Amanda’s flirting glances were left unreturned though this time it was more of a sorry glance than flirting.
Could make out the sorry face she wore made worse by the now seemingly ridiculous make-ups she had on **maybe because no be better eye i take deh look am **

Sunday morning started on a more similar stale manner, Jessy never bothered coming to my room.
Only countless sms and whatsapp messages from Nancy made my day even more miserable than it already was, somehow i blamed her for this happening.

A slight knock on my door jolted me up a bit, skybeauty never knocks on my door.
“Who is that?” I commanded knowing fully well who it should be.
“Its Amanda” She replied at the same time pushing the door open.

Junior sky shouted as Amanda emerged clad only in a mickey mouse T-shirt that stopped just after the base of her a-s with those thighs seemingly even more charming.

“Sky please am sorry” She began trying to look flirting but at the same time pleading in the eyes.
“Please aunty not now, Jessy is at home” I intoned peering suspiciously at the door.

“She has gone to church”
“Please sky don’t go to nsukka i promise i will make it up to you, i regret breaking that phone am sorry please” Her hands was clasped like she was praying.

“I have already told Jessy their is no way am going back on it” i intoned with every air of authority.
**For my mind i was like ‘Choi sky see as e deh beg you like say you be governor**

Amanda left after i made it clear i was going to nsukka with jessy, means this house will be unbearably bleaked for her being alone and bored and i loved the thought of that..

And the fact that Joy came here yesterday after i stormed off my room immediately after the showdown and Amanda chased her away with a slap as jessy put it, made me even more furious and induced more resentment in me towards Amanda.

Papa came home monday morning lighting the mood of the house a bit up with his croaky roaring laughter as he reeled out tales of how a senator farted while they were still with the president and how another couldn’t even sing the national anthem.

“I wonder how those uneducated mallams became senators in this country when learned men like myself is insulted with local government chairmansh¡p” He boasted to Amanda who did well to laugh at those unnecessarily unfunny jokes and even went to the extent of adding “Am sure you will be a senator soon” **Mtcheeeew dreamer**

Jessy and i left for nsukka after papa consented even though he seemed clueless and unsure of my reasons for deciding to go with Jessy but it was clear he needed his privacy with his wife that’s why he didn’t think twice in giving me a go ahead squeezing a rumpled clump of a few thousands nairas into my hands.

Getting to nsukka by 5pm, the wh0le scenario was suddenly changed to somewhat a bit cooler and unruffled.
Jessy’s lodge was just a stone throw after the school gate outside campus with a gigantic black gate shackled in similar dark red fence.

The compound was a bit tight with 5 separate small houses in similar colours only smeared with a fine touch of white.
Bushy flowers bordered the houses giving them a secluded greenly appearance.

We entered the 3rd house in the row which was Jessy’s, stepping in,side i was greeted with a flash of white teeth, a female figure with a beautifully radiant face, decent curves and shapes but lacked slightly in height. she welcomed Jessy with a hug and then turned her attention towards me.

“Hey sky, Its i Chioma” She announced offering her hands for a handshake.

It was obvio she was expecting me ………

episode 16

“Hey sky, why haven’t you been picking up my calls or replying my messages. I want to see you again babe”
Won’t this woman just leave me alone, haven’t you caused me enough problems already “Hapunum aka (leave me alone)” I hissed dropping my phone again after reading a text from Nancy.

Early morning text is now the daily routine for both Amanda and Nancy.
I just need to recollect myself back, i need a break from both of them and even Joy. Have had enough of the problems they are riddled with.

Giving out a loud yawn with that normal involuntary total body stretching that always accompanies first morning yawns and a lot of cracking sounds ringing while i stretched.

Early morning boner was visible making my scooby doo boxer look swollen. My eyes were drawn to Chioma who was still sound asleep on the bed, she was clad in a black bum shotz and pink tank top, her face looked innocent while her exposed thighs looks guilty. **View of inner thighs gets junior sky going**

From the very first day i arrived nsukka, chioma’s behaviour have betrayed the fact that she must have something plotted out for me and jessy was involved in it.

The over pampering i get from both her and jessy, but from her most of all can make any man forget his troubles in a whim.
Her constant flirting and Jessy’s nudging when ever she’s around made the conspiracy plot very evident.

Jessy have always wanted me to date this girl and i am beginning to think her plans are working.
Who would say ‘NO’ to such beautiful good angel who is yet head over heels with you, am not Jabez.

The compound can be termed “Girls quarters” because all of the inhabitants are girls with most of them reaching up to 4 in one house, only Jessy and Chioma could boast of being only 2 sharing theirs.

Different categories of girls flocked round, the tall and slim ones, short small ones, fat ones, busty girls and churchious girls with skirts that help sweep the compound.

Seems chioma wants to create an impression to all of them that i am dating her with the way she clings to me, showed me off among the girls but seemed she only managed to instill interest in most of them.

Like the girl staying in house 4 who have gone as far as engaging me in a conversation on a moonlit silvery night, the bold cle-vages she rocked from her cyan coloured top looking interrupted by the silvery beams the moon cast giving it a more greyish look.

Her legs hugged tight in a white leggings that showed all the contours even her yam leg.
Her name was Cynthia as she introduced herself to me during our conversations.

“Sky food is ready, where are you” Chioma’s whatsapp message interrupted me while i pretended to be interested in cynthia’s long boring stories applying little laughs when i think she meant to be funny.

“I deh outside, talking with one of ur friends cynthia” I typed back still trying to look interested in cynthia’s season film long tales.
Chioma now even worry about my whereabouts more than my own twin, in fact Jessy now even seem to leave me to her care cus she doesnt even miss any chance of living us alone. **This girl already sold me out gan**

“What! She’s not my friend.. ok am coming” Her message followed almost before a jiffy.

Chioma popped out to where i sat with in two opposite white plastic chairs.
The scratching sounds her slippers made on the floor as she walked to where i sat, a white flay skirt with a red top described her nomenclature bringing her figure nearer.

I can pay anything to get a replay of Cynthia’s facial expression as Chioma sat on my lap and announced that food was ready with her hand going across my shoulder.
I did well to hide my surprise but Cynthia whose face now sagged with a her facial expression giving out her contempt tho she tried to hide it, i noticed it anyway.

“Chi baby how far na” Cynthia threw at chioma who decorated her face with a broad grin.
“Cindi i deh ooo ” Chioma smiled back.
**Am sure this una smile no reach for una stomach**

I excused myself from cynthia and followed Chioma in,side, with her leading the way like a victorious war lord, saw cynthia’s resigning figure in a moment before i fully disappeared into the room.
** ** **

Watching Chioma’s figure now sprawled on the bed in a blissful unconscious abandon.. i smiled to myself as i rushed off to the bathroom for the morning duties..

Nsukka is so gonna make brainz.

..To Be Continued..

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