My Mother Inlaw Rival

my mother inlaw rival episode 6 – 7

my mother inlaw rival
Episode 6
Any visitor that came to check on Shola that day was told she has travel immediately she gave birth. Shola’s mother was with the baby and anytime the baby cries, they will give Shola sleeping pill so as to br-ast feed her baby. Later in the day, Tunde’s mother came and was surprised when she heard about Shola’s illness and she promised not to let the secret leak out as they would continue praying for her safety.
1pm in the midnight, Yetunde and her co-witch were gathered together,,,after their meeting, Yetunde announces Shola’s birth to all the members of the group and says she would be happy now if they take the revenge.
We will help you but you need to donate one out of your children was the reply of their boss! Yetunde went silent for a while as she was considering the child she would donate out of her children. She choose Tayo and they gave her the powder she will handover to Bola. She will rub it to her face anytime she went to go and meet Tunde. Yetunde was so glad to collect the powder and as well they gave Yetunde the powder she will use to kill Tayo.
Early in the next morning, Yetunde called Bola to meet her at their meeting point. Yetunde handover the face powder to Bola when they met and told her to rub it on her face anytime she want to go and meet tunde and she also gave her powder to pour in,side Tayo’s food anytime they met so that she won’t talk when she saw her with Tunde.
Bola was so happy as she kept staring at the powder in her hand as she drove home, she wonder where her friend mother got the powder from but that doesn’t concern her anyway but only pray the powder should work.
When Yetunde got back home, tears rolled down her cheeks as she remember how much she’s going to miss Tayo. Tayo did not deserve death but she did not have choice, she suppose to have choose her 1st born but that one possess a super natural power and if she choose her only son she would gain nothing that’s why she choose Tayo. She remember how Tayo promise to take care of her anytime she stated working, she was still crying when Tayo walks in. On seeing Tayo, she broke into tears Tayo try all her best to ask what caused the sobbing but she couldn’t say anything but to keep crying.
Tunde walks into his wife room, she was still talking gibberish as he sat beside her and spoke even if you are saying rubbish now, I promise to always stay by you and watch over our child till you get better. I pray you recover back quickly. I love you so much.
By now, Tunde has been crying profusely, she left the room and met his mother in-law crying as well, he motion her to stop crying that they should keep on praying for her. He left her when she stop crying and went to sleep beside their baby who was sleeping peacefully.
When Bola woke up the following day, she decided to call Tayo to come because she’s going to see Tunde today and she don’t want any disturbance. After some minutes, Tayo got there and was very glad to see delicious meal on the table. She teased her friend because ever since they were friend, she hasn’t prepare food for her before. Later they ate and Bola served her a fruit juice which has been mixed with the powder.
Tayo took the drinks and she left afterward for her house. When Tayo left, bola quickly dress up and after awhile she got to Tunde’s place.
After much interrogation, the gateman let her in. Shola’s mother was in the bedroom with the baby and Tunde was in,side their sitting room deep in thought about her wife as Bola knock the door several time and when she did not hear nor see anybody, she barged in and was scared when she saw how depressed Tunde was. She walks quietly to his side and touch him, Tunde look up and he felt something enter his body, he stood up and drag Bola by her arm. Bola quickly drew back as she thought he want to strangle her to death but Tunde drew close to her and gave her a k-ss. Bola felt relieved and hug him in return.
Episode 7
Tunde and Bola were sitting on a couch, Bola sat on Tunde’s lap and started playing like old time lovers, the little baby was crying profusely, Iya Shola rose on her feet to call Tunde so that they can go and inject Shola so the baby will be br-astfeed. She got the shock of her life when she got in the living room and saw a lady on Tunde’s laps. She went straight to where they sat but was surprised when she saw Tunde still sitting there without feeling remorse. She drag Bola from Tunde’s lap but Tunde gave her a sound slap. She couldn’t believe what is happening, she rush in,side, grab her phone and call Tunde’s mother as she told her everything that happen. Iya Tunde was so surprised as well as she drop the call and rush out of the house. She met Yetunde at the gate who said she would esc-rt her to the place because she want to see Shola, Tunde and the new born baby. Iya Tunde felt bad about this as she did not want her to know what was happening. No you’ll go some other time! Yetunde doesn’t take no for an answer after some argument, Iya Tunde accept to took Yetunde along with her. On their way, Iya Tunde keep thinking and Yetunde couldn’t understand why Iya Tunde did not want her to follow her and she thought maybe their secret will leak out.
She felt happy when she met Bola on Tunde’s lap, Iya Tunde rush to Tunde, she drag Bola away from him and ask what was happening and by the time she got their, the baby as stopped crying. Iya shola marge out of the bedroom when she saw Iya Tunde, she felt relieved.
I’m asking you question what is the meaning of all this? Who is this idiot sitting on your laps? Mum why are you shouting on me? For your information this is my wife, my own soulmate!
Iya Tunde and Iya Shola was surprised ones more as they couldn’t believe their ears, they were still in deep thought when Tunde drag Bola’s hand and left the sitting room. Yetunde touch her chest indicating that they should not be worry,both iya shola and iya tunde doesnt understand her but kept quiet, I’ll be back let me talk to him. Yetunde left the room and rush to Tunde and Bola.
She hi-five Bola when she got out and Tunde did not care to ask maybe they know eachother before, he motion Bola to enter and in a seconds, Bola and Tunde drove out of the compound. Yetunde went back in,side pretending as if to be sad. She sat beside Iya Tunde who by now has been crying, she beg her not to cry as Yetunde told Iya Tunde that she’s going back home to inform there husband that maybe if he talk to tunde he would listen.
Iya Tunde nod and told her to be going, she said she’s going to stay with Iya Shola and the baby as yetunde left with huge happiness within her.
As tunde and Bola drove out of the compound, they went staright to Bola’s apartment, Bola watch Tunde as he slept peacefully. She couldn’t believe she now have Tunde all by herself. She thought she owes Yetunde a lot of thanks because without her she won’t be able to get Tunde she lay beside him and not long she slept off.
1am in the midnight Yetunde and her co-witch gathered at their same meeting point, Yetunde went to thank them concerning Bola’s case, she gist them about how all the scenerio went, they were so happy to hear that, she beg them to add day’s to Shola’s madness because she want to travel soon and she did not want Shola to stop her from achieving her goals. They obligue with her immediately and they add a week to Shola’s madness. Yetunde was so happy as they parted and they went to their various homes. Her happiness was cut short when she got home and met Tayo who was still sleeping… the next morning is the day she would leave the world to begin another journey in the underworld, she cried that midnight before she slept off.
Tayo woke up in the morning, she doesn’t get herself, she took her bath yet she’s not feeling well, she went to their parlor, she layed there not long she started shouting; Egabami o! Egbami o! Everybody in the house rushed out including her mother,,, after so many attempts to save her life, she gave up. Yetunde started crying, Mr Olaosebikan too join her to morn the death of their daughter and so her junior brother.

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