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{ A Journey To Inner Beauty }

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🐾Chapter FIVE🐾
[ Unconfessed Feelings ]

📌Written By:
Author Nuella


~😶Ashley’s POV😶~


” Mum!” Kaleb yelled immediately she vomited that demoting statement.

” Why would you get married without my permission son?” His mum asked him.

” Well you weren’t in the country and I was hoping DAD would’ve told you about the marriage.” Kaleb said with eye contact on his dad.

” No one should blame me for this. Whether or not you all like Ashley, she is Kaleb’s wife Final and Period!” Mr. Brown said in a thundery tone with all authority and after that, looked at each of us then grunted and left the room.

• Immediately he left, everyone focussed their attention on me and looked at me with soul piercing stares. Thank God, Kaleb saw how tense the atmosphere was and quickly acted.

” C’mon Ashley, let’s go inside.” Kaleb said and took me by my hand then we went upstairs to our room.

Sorry for holding your hand, just had to make it look real.” Kaleb said as he shut our room door and I sat on the bed emotionless.

” It’s no big deal.” I managed to say despite the rain of tears my heart cried or how shattered I felt by those embarrassing comments made by Kaleb’s mother and sister .

” Look, I don’t like how my family discriminates you and hates this marriage. Both of us never opted to this marriage so they shouldn’t make it worse for us.” Kaleb said with fuming rage as he paced round the room.

” But why did you guys not inform your mum and sisters about the marriage? Because assuming they showed their hatred for me earlier, the marriage wouldn’t have worked out and we’ll be free from this mess.” I said and Kaleb paused his pacing and looked at me.

” Well my dad told me he had informed my mum and sisters but now, it clearly shows that he lied.” Kaleb said and expressed his burning anger by hitting his fist hard on the centre table and letting out a loud grunt then he resumed with his pacing.

” Hmm…sometimes I think your dad didn’t get us married only for business and friendship with my dad.”

” Huh?”

~😤Ryan’s POV😤~

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• So Ashley has finally gotten married to that jerk Kaleb huh? Now she’s gone, gone for good. There’s no use fighting anymore because water cannot be recovered after being spilled.

” I wish I had told her how I feel earlier.” I thought and a drop of tear slid down my cheeks.

” Or probably If I had said I wanted her as my LOVER instead of saying I wanted her as my SISTER.”

” No one could’ve even accepted her as my lover because she was ugly. But despite that, I saw beauty inside her.”

” I would’ve just done the plastic surgery myself and make her beautiful to my taste then introduce her to my family.”

• There’s no use assuming now. What has been done, has been done. I can’t turn back the hands of time. But I won’t let the Brixlar family have the last laugh. I will make sure I HAVE Ashley no matter what it TAKES!

~😶Ashley’s POV😶~


• Upstairs was so boring because Kaleb was just focused on hiis laptop organizing something on his website for the dance competition. I got tired of watching him do that so I decided to go to the living room and watch a movie.

• I went to the kitchen first and made a mug of coffee and took some crackers from the fridge. After that, I settled down in the living room with my snacks and switched on the TV.

• Even though I was paying attention to what I was watching, one thing still occupied my mind. This is my WEDDING NIGHT. You know what husband and wife do on their wedding night? Yeah…that’s what is bugging me.

• It’s a norm that everybody is too keep their virginity till their wedding night and save the pleasure of intercourse for that day as well. That means that fingering and mast*rbation shouldn’t be done during one’s unmarried years.

• So ideally, a person’s first s*x is supposed to be on the wedding night. Where the husband disvirgins the wife and probably plants the seed of a child on that same night…that’s why the marriage date is always fixed during the woman’s “safe” period so she can take in during their first intercourse. And nine months later, everyone is expecting a baby shower😒

Oops! I’ve said to much😆

• Anyways, what I’m trying to say is that I can’t give my virginity to someone I don’t love! Puh-lease, I ain’t having s*x with Kaleb. Maybe one day when I fall in love with him or someone else then we can talk about first s*x. But for now, let’s be prayerful and hopeful that Kaleb doesn’t ask me for a trip to “Lala Land” tonight🙄

If you get what I mean😉

” Excuse me, what are doing?” I heard someone ask and I was snapped out of my thoughts.

” Huh?” I said confused and turned back to see it was Amelia.

” I don’t like repeating myself.” She said and came right in front of me.

” I was just watching TV.” I replied and she snatched the remote from me and switched off TV.

” Hey! Why’d you do that? It was just getting to the interesting part.” I said and she rolled her eyes.

” Look, I heard you’re rich so why don’t you go to your father’s house and watch TV there huh?” Amelia said with a fake smile plastered on her face.

” We don’t want you here. Read the handwriting on the wall and leave!” Amelia said and walked away leaving me speechless.

” Ashley, you better get ready for war in the Brixlar Mansion!” My subconsciousness said and I sighed sadly.

• Well since my movie has been ruined, I’d better go back upstairs and continue watching Kaleb do boring stuff. I picked up my half-drunk mug of coffee and the remaining crackers and strolled upstairs.

• I met Kaleb sitting on the couch with his head buried in his palms and it seemed like he was deep in thought. I dropped my snacks on the table and sat beside him to inquire what’s wrong.

” What’s bothering you?” I asked him and he removed his palms from his face and looked at me. He took a deep sigh before talking.

” Well…it’s just…it’s just…I don’t…it’s just that I don’t like the way my family treated you back there.” He said and I chuckled.

” Is that what is bothering you?”

” Yes. Marrying me is already tough for you and I don’t want them making you uncomfortable.” He said and I sighed.

” But sadly true, there’s nothing you can do to change their approach towards me.” I said but he didn’t reply. After a while his face lit up, seems he has an idea.

” I have a plan.” He said and I smiled.

I love plans😋😋

” If you can’t beat them, join them right? Well, if both of us act like we’re deeply in love they’ll have no option than to like you.” Kaleb said.

” You mean like PDA?” I asked and he nodded in affirmation.

” Yes! Only if you agree to it. So are you in or are you not?”

” Uh…uhm…
T B C😋😋

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