My Prince Charming

My Prince Charming Episode 26 – 27


πŸ‘… She’s feisty he’s hot πŸ‘…

✍️ Written by Lois ✍️

πŸ’– Episode 26πŸ’–


I hummed heartily as I listened to ariana Grande’s song

“Break up with ya girlfriend cos am bored”

🎡 You got me sometime away🎡

🎡 ain’t ya just feeling this way🎡

🎡I do not know what to say yeah yeah 🎡

🎡 yeah I know I shouldn’t think about it🎡

🎡I f-cking look at ya face🎡

🎡I wanna know you place me🎡

🎡 Usually don’t give me the week yeah yeah 🎡

I don’t really know the lyrics but kept singing

But i started to yell the side that mattered to me most

🎡 Break up with your girlfriend yeah cos am bored🎡

🎡 Break up with your girlfriend yeah like sword🎡

Very soon Harry’s relationshΒ‘p with Tiana will crash

It’s a promise

I drived into the school premises with a smilling face which dropped immediately I saw Harry and tiana coming out of their car

They look beautiful no doubt
And good together

I left the place angrily and went in,side


School was over

I was coming from the toilet when I bumped into someone

Turns out to be the bitch Tiana

I quickly covered my disgusted face with a fake smile


“Ohh seems like fate wants us together this is the third time we’d be clashing” I replied with a small

“Yeah seems so…..”

“Chloe” I replied stretching my hands for an handshake


“Yeah I know that bitch” I said inwardly

“What a nice name”

“Haha funny but not as cute as yours though” she said and I blushed

“Seems like you are familiar with this place”

“Yeah I have been here a little while”

“Would you mind taking me to the business administration block”

“Oh really that’s my department”

“Wow I want to go call my boyfriend” she said and my heart tighten up in pure hatred

“Really ☺️” I said with a fake smile

“Let’s go”

We kept bickering as we went

Sincerely she’s cool but got some crazy personality

I just hope she doesn’t find out my plans for her

Cause if she does am a dead meat

She narrated all the things she did to people who messed with her and it wasn’t nice

Finally we are at the front of my department

I can’t believe we are in the same department

My plans will fuitive

“Harry boo” she squealed as she ran to hug him while he k-ssed her

I felt a rush of jealousy boiling in my blood but I covered it with a smile

“Hi” I said shyly to Harry

“Hello” he replied bluntly with a confused look

“Harry meet Chloe my new bestie……Chloe meet Harry my boyfriend” she introduced

We all walked out after we exchanged contact

I came up with a new plan
Which is to become her best friend and then betrayal

That will be painful

I can imagine the look on her face when that happens

πŸ˜‹Tiana πŸ˜‹

I felt happy to meet a new friend she’s beautiful

Something drew me to her

I automatically make her my bestie

I knew Harry was surprised well because I have never had a friend before

Except my lousy sister

Can’t wait to see her I have really missed her

“Harry” I called pouting

“Yes cutie”

“Carry me” I said raising my hands childishly

We were in front of the school already

Well I wanted to do that because of a bitch I met earlier today I’d tell you about that later πŸ˜‰

I wanna prove to her that Harry is mine

I made sure students were around

He carried me in a bridal style walking towards the car

I was sure not to miss the shock on the girls face


πŸ‘… She’s feisty he’s hot πŸ‘…

✍️ Written by Lois ✍️

πŸ’– Episode 27πŸ’–

πŸ˜‹ TIANA πŸ˜‹

I walked into the class proudly although dressed crazily

The girl from yesterday was sneering at me

Who cares she can go to hell

I was cross checking a work on my book when the girl came over

“Hey b***h” she said but Ignored

“I am talking to you”

“Do I look like I f-cking care”

“I just came to warn you to stay of my lane” she said and I looked at her meanly

“Ion think that advice is meant for me cause ya the shameless bitch crossing my lane” I stated coldly and I cam see her shiver

She decided to pretend as if I didn’t get to her

“I am the queen of this school and I get what ever I want”

“Hello! Am pleased to introduce to you
Her royal craziness Tiana”

“I hate you” she yelled in fustration

“IF YOU DON’T LIKE ME! GET A CAR BUY A MAP AND GO TO HELL!!!!!!” I replied throwing her a death glare she scurried away angrily

IDGAF πŸ–•πŸ–•

“What happened here why were you yelling at Mabel” Chloe said walking towards me

“So mabel is the b***h name”

“She came to tell me to stay off her whereas she’s the one doing Soo”

“She is a b***h everyone knows that”

Everyone settled down as soon as the lecture began

Chloe already left to her class

And I can’t find the troublesome mabel

Seems like she’s Soo pissed she decided to skip class

The first class was over and a guy walked in ion think I have seen him since I arrived

“You just came yesterday you can’t know everyone” my subconscious jibed

Soon I saw him approaching my desk with a knowing smirk

He’s a pervert

His eyes were filled with lust as he choked my body with his eyes

“Hey pretty” he said showing me his decayed teeth

Okay he’s not that bad he’s handsome and all but his presence disgusts me

“Oh hey”

“You look stunning”

“You don’t need to tell me I know that already” I replied bluntly

“Humming fiesty πŸ˜‹ me like” he said licking his l-ips


“I admire you”

“Oh okay”

“I mean I like you”


“It’s just one night stand nothing more” he said rubbing his palm and licking his l-ips


“Like just like That he’s gat to be kidding me”

“Just say you wanna f-ck me no need to add that you like me when you clearly don’t”

“Oh my bad my name is Davis” he said with a smile

I rolled my eyes and made to go when he dragged my hands back causing me to loose my balance and placing us In a compromising position

He’s flirty hands were on my a** and he was still smirking


🀣🀣🀣Davis is dead oo 🀣🀣🀣

“Why are you going we haven’t chosen the place we’d use” he said

I smiled “let’s meet at sunny day out restaurant”

“Me likee”


A**h0le!! He doesn’t know who he offended

I smiled mapping out my plans

He’s gonna be shocked

πŸ˜‹ Harry πŸ˜‹

I wanted to surprise Tiana
But I don’t know her class

I met a girl at the hallway with the name mabel

She gladly lead me to tia class

Only for me to see a guys hands on he a**

While the girl that brought me here was smirking giving me a sed-ctive smile

She’s bad news

“Seems like your girlfriend is a whoring cheat” she said and I glared at her walking out angrily




Is like some more troublemaker is coming o

Who else pities Davis 🀣

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