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MY SISTER’S HUSBAND episode 3 – 4

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Episode Three
Few days later, Tope asked me why I have refused to go home to spend my leave with our parents
As if you don’t know, they will be asking me to bring a man again as if it is easy to pick one on the road, I told her

“Since I finished my National youth service, my parents had been bothering me on the issue of marriage,
“Tiwatope, you are not getting any younger? You better don’t let your stature deceive you, you will be thirty very soon, find a man and settle down with him” my mother will always say
Will I pick a man from the road and forcefully make him my husband? I asked her one day
Then we have to go back to that man of God
We don’t have to, very soon you will meet my husband, I assured her because I understand what she is talking about
My father too is not exempted, he told me, a woman without a husband in this our society, people regard her as an unserious fellow, even if you have all the degrees in the world without a husband, you haven’t achieve anything in life, be serious with your life Tiwaaaaa
I got frustrated and decided to stay away from home, I was in my sister’s house for sometime before I got a job in Lagos, I was very happy when I got this job but thinking about Richard, my sister’s husband and my only boyfriend, this made me feel so bad until he assured me distance will not be a barrier, he promised we would always see each other at least thrice a month and he has not fail to do that

Whenever he’s coming to Lagos, he always lied to his wife that he’s going on an official trip, his wife told him to help her drop something for me in Lagos one day but he refused
“I’m going on an official trip and you expect me to be looking for your sister? You are very funny ”
“Just call her, she will come and meet you wherever you are” my sister pleaded
I don’t have time for that please, you can send it through the bus? I will pay
My sister felt so bad but she knows her husband won’t change his mind ”

Don’t you want to get married? My sister asked
Of course, I want to and I will, it is just a matter of time, as a matter of fact I have someone already, don’t just want to raise my hope yet, I assured her
Are you sure? She asked
What do you mean?
You told mummy the same thing sometimes ago
I did?
Tiwa, you have to be serious, at least for once
Big sis, I’m damn serious
What is the guy’s name ?
His name is Richard, he has the same name with your hubby
I can’t wait to meet him
You will meet him soon
But I pray he won’t be like my own Richard Sha
Why? I asked curiously
Richard, Hmmm! I have never seen a man who doesn’t make love with his wife
How do you mean sis?
For the past six months, he has not touched me
Chisos! Are you for real?
That is what I’m dealing with sis
Too bad, you guys should talk about this, tell him how you feel, how can he abandon you? I’m sure he has a side chick
Side chick? Richard doesn’t have time for girls oooo, he doesn’t hide his phone from me and ….
Maybe he’s a gay, l interrupted her
She laughed out loud and said God forbid
She told me how much she trusted her husband, I asked how she is going to feel if she sees her husband with another woman
He wouldn’t want to but if it happens, I won’t ever forgive him, that will be the end of the marriage, my sister explained
Then be ready to end your marriage soon, I said in my mind

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We talked about it for awhile before we changed the topic.


Since my arrival, Richard always come back home very early to make love with me, one fateful evening, i was in the sitting room watching my favorite soap, when he arrived, he grabbed my [email protected] and told me how sweet I was
Richard, please I’m not in the mood this afternoon, by the way how did you manage to leave office by this time?
My boss is on leave, I’m my own boss now, no one can stop me, he explained as he tickle me
Leave me alone Rich, I have been busy since morning and I will soon go to pick your daughter
Don’t worry we’ll go together, please I’m seriously hungry for this sweet pu**y
After much persuasion, I told him to bring out his d**k and gave him a head
I can’t love you less baby, he whispered in my ears


were in the act when we heard a footstep

I think we are in trouble……..

Episode Four
It was my sister, she tried to open the door but unfortunately the door was locked

Then she knocked, I released myself quickly from him and ran inside
He opened the door for her and asked “what are you doing at home this early?”
I’m not feeling too well, my boss asked me to go home, she explained, by the way, what are you too doing at home this time? She queried her husband
I came to pick some files I have to give Sanya, he’s taking it to Abuja tomorrow morning
Liar, I laughed in the room
Maybe I should take you to the hospital?
No, I will be fine, by the way where is Tiwa? My sister asked
She should be in the room, he answered and asked of her car
At the mechanic, my sister muttered
What happened? Richard inquired
It developed fault this morning, so I called Michael to come pick it from the office, referring to their mechanic
Okay, will help you call and ask if he has fixed it, he assured her
My sister came to meet me in the room and told me she was not feeling fine, I insisted she go to the hospital to see the doctor, by the time we got to the sitting room, her husband is gone


drove her to the hospital, they checked her and the doctor said her BP is too high
“What are you thinking madam?” The doctor queried her
She didn’t hesitate to say it’s her husband “It’s my husband, Doctor, he treats me like trash, we pretend to love ourselves outside but we are enemies inside, I can count the number of days I have had s£x as a married woman, for the past six months, he has not made love with me, sometimes he prefers to sleep on the floor than to sleep on the same bed with me, I’m dying in silence I don’t know what to do, I don’t want my marriage to crash”
Doctor gave her some advice which I didn’t listen to, there was goose pimples all over my body, for the very first time since I have been sleeping with my Sister’s husband, I felt so bad, I think I’m digging my sister’s grave, I can’t afford to lose my sister, how would my old parents feel losing one of us, I think I have to stop now and let go”
Tiwa, Tiwa, my sister’s voice brought me back
Are you okay? She asked
Yes, I’m okay, just thinking about you, big sis …..
Don’t worry, I will be fine, she assured me
My sister couldn’t go to work the next day, we got talking and I asked her why she wanted to kill herself over a man
A man? Tiwa did you just say a man? This is my husband we are talking about, she muttered
It’s okay sis, I’m just bothered about you, your health, you heard what the doctor said yesterday, do you want to die? Don’t you think about your daughter, Our aged parents, even me? We are only two, I can’t afford to lose you, I explained
She drew me near and held my hand, with tears in her eyes, she told me how much she loves all of us and how she would stay around for a very long time for us but I love my husband, I can’t afford to share him with any woman, I was pained when I saw him with my neighbour’s sister days ago
I couldn’t help but scream “Your neighbour’s sister?
My sister was shocked with the way I shouted, are you alright? She asked
Yes big sis, you don’t know how I feel whenever I see married men cheating on their wives
Some men are like that, she said
“Richard is cheating on me and my sister? He will regret this” I said in my mind as I began to sweat.

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