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My taste my love episode 12

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👌💗 My Taste, My Love 💗👌

👭 A story of a tw!n 👭

Episode 12


🦄 Roselle’s (Fake Rosella’s) POV 🦄

Th£ statement pierced my h£art like a sharp knife. I suddenly became shattered.

” Rosella…. what are you say!ng?” I asked

” Exactly what you h£ard…. Roselle please understand me, Raphael messed up with me and I don’t th!nk I can look !nto h¡s eyes aga!n, I don’t want to have anyth!ng do!ng with h¡m aga!n please” $h£ tried to conv!nce but not today. $h£ always wants th!ngs to be done h£r way and I’m tired of th£ way $h£ dictates for th£ both of us.

” Stop it Rosella!!!” I yelled as $h£ fl!nch£d and opened h£r eyes widely

” I’ve had enough of th¡s, you always want me to live as how you want . Let me ask you th¡s, who’s idea was it to switch places? Isn’t it you and who’s idea was it to reveal our secret which we couldn’t succeed ? Were you not th£ one what ab©vt lett!ng fate decide our lives? It was th£ same you. Th£ question is are you th£ only one affected h£re, I have to sacrifice many th!ngs for your happ!ness but you don’t even ¢ar£ to know what I want. It’s always what you want and right now I’m not go!ng to [email protected]|| for that” I blabbered

” Roselle please understand me, I don’t want to be with Raphael and it’s not like you like Fred?” $h£ still conv!nced

” Enough!!” I yelled aga!n

” Enough Rosella, I’m tired of th¡s please, let me tell you someth!ng. I use to fear Fred but not anym©r£ because I love h¡m now please don’t let me say someth!ng I don’t want to say” I replied

” Roselle please j√$t do th¡s for me and I’m go!ng to see what to do ab©vt it”

” No I can’t h£lp you….why can’t you j√$t say you are selfish” I blurted ©vt not regrett!ng as $h£ [email protected]

” What did you say?” $h£ asked not believ!ng

” Yes Rosella, you are very selfish and I hate you!!!” I yelled at h£r and stormed ©vt of th£ room

What a selfish sister th£ Almighty gave me. I’m th£ only one to make sacrifices always? Why should $h£ always th!nk ab©vt h£r happ!ness and forget m!ne. What’s my offence? Is it for do!ng what $h£ pleased ? Why should $h£ try to take away my love and happ!ness?

😭 Raphael’s POV 😭

I was very angry at myself for everyth!ng that happened, I sat at a club and drank m©r£ than I could ever dr!nk. Everyth!ng came flash!ng [email protected]¢k !n my m!nd, I mean th£ little argument I had with Roselle but why can’t I remember anyth!ng, what’s happen!ng to me. I sat d©wΠ as two s*xy ladies approach£d me.

” Hi [email protected]” th£ first lady greeted

” Hi ” I simply replied

” Don’t you m!nd hav!ng fun with th£ both of us” th£ second added

” I …… okay” I said after a second thought, maybe it’s gonna h£lp me cool d©wΠ my m!nd.

” Th£y ₱v||ed me !nto a well furni$h£d room which I never new existed !n th£ bar.

Th£ first lady ₱u$h£d me unto th£ b£d and climb£d on top.

” We don’t do th¡s for free but you are special and we need you like h£ll |ns!de us” $h£ wh¡sph£red romantically !nto my ears as $h£ started klzz!ng my ears d©wΠ to my neck. I lied d©wΠ like a statue as $h£ did h£r job but started cry!ng because I saw th£ face of my angel $h£dd!ng tears and shak!ng h£r h£ad signall!ng to me to stop it .

I immediately ₱u$h£d th£ slut away from me and stood on my feet

” What’s wrong ?” Th£ second lady asked hold!ng my [email protected]

I ignored h£r and tried to leave but $h£ h£ld me [email protected]¢k. I fiercely turned and gave h£r th£ sound!ng slap of h£r life. I h£ld h£r by h£r neck and p!nned h£r to th£ wall as $h£ w!nced !n pa!n.

” Get th¡s !nto your m!nd, Never ever try to take what belongs to my angel” I said to h£r coldly as $h£ nodded. I left h£r and stormed ©vt of my room h£ad!ng towards Roselle’s home.

💐 Rosella’s( fake Roselle’s) POV 💐

Yes I’m very selfish and I broke my sister’s h£art because of my selfishness, I hate myself now. Curs!ng myself I started throw!ng everyth!ng !n th£ room h£re and th£re turn!ng th£ wh0l£ room upside d©wΠ. I started feel!ng a sharp pa!n as I yelled loudly and fell to th£ floor becom!ng unconscious.

🌵 Roselle’s (fake Rosella’s) POV 🌵

I sat !n th£ liv!ng room curs!ng my sister as I was jerked off from th£ [email protected] by a loud s¢r**m which sounded like Rosella’s voice. My h£art started b**t!ng as I hurriedly raced !nto th£ room. I suddenly became weak see!ng Rosella ly!ng d©wΠ unconsciously on th£ floor. I knelt before h£r motionless b©dy as tears started flow!ng from my sad eyes. I took my cellphone and called th£ doctor who arrived after wait!ng for forever. h£ ch£cked h£r and a$$ured me $h£’s alright. I sat beside h£r on th£ b£d after th£ doctor left and h£ld h£r [email protected] as I cried almost all of my tears ©vt. I cursed myself for call!ng h£r selfish and yell!ng at h£r. I felt h£r [email protected] m©v£ and I looked !nto h£r face as $h£ s1©wly opened h£r eyes.

” Rosella” I called h£r pa$$ionately and ₱v||ed h£r !nto a hug as I cried my eyes ©vt.

” I’m sorry Rosella, I’m very very sorry. Please forgive, you can even punish me or do anyth!ng you want with me but please don’t leave me alone, please you know I will do what ever you said, I’ll take [email protected]¢k my place but please…… please don’t leave me alone”. I said amidst my tears

” Are you sure you would do anyth!ng? ” Rosella asked look!ng !nto my eyes closely

” Yes” I said nodd!ng my h£ad

” Okay th£n listen….”

To be cont!nued

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