Count the stars with me episode 33 – 34

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CHAPTER 33 💞 34




Ivy was seen pacing around the gate to and fro ,she hadn’t seen Zarl and she’s worried ,where did he go to ,don’t tell me that Carl has putting him into another deep mess.

suddenly she saw Nora coming In and she rushed to her immediately

hi Nora good evening .”ivy greets with a smile ,a fake one thou

evening what’s wrong. “Nora asked wondering why ivy was talking to her because normally she doesn’t talk to her.

Actually I haven’t seen my best friend zarl have you seen him today ? “ivy asked.

ooh I’m sorry I didn’t inform you guys ,the father called me and told me that he got shot but his fine now ,is late already go inside tomorrow you go see him,his fine now that the main point there , honestly I was also worried but their is nothing I can do for now just leave it tomorrow all of us will go tomorrow. “Nora suggests.

what ! shot oooh my goodness I’m going now I’m going, please I will go today you guys should come tomorrow his in the hospital no one is taking care of him please I’m leaving”ivy said and rush out.


let me in he’s my friend. “Carl whom was still sitted beside the sleeping Zarl heard from inside.

he gently release his hand and walk to the door ,he opened the door and saw ivy ,she glares at him angrily immediately she saw him

please let him in,she’s his friend. “Carl said and they allowed ivy to enter inside,Carl sigh and shut the door, meanwhile Zarl woke up when he released his hand but pretended to be asleep.

why are you here , he said you should leave why are you here ,you don’t have shame why so you keep appearing and appearing everywhere me and Zarl goes to , you’re so annoying I hate you ,I’m so site you’re the reason why did happened to him,but don’t worry once his awake up he will deal with you or maybe dismiss you like usual ? ” ivy scoffs

is that what you supposed to do right now ? your boss got shot and you’re here asking stupid question ,don’t you see his sleeping why making unnecessary noise ? “Carl mutter walking pass her to sit .

If he wakes up ,do you think he would be happy to see you here ,he said you should stay away from him , you’re always bringing bad luck to him,when he haven’t met you he was living his normal life are you cursed or something ? where are your parent are you an orphan or something !, ” ivy ask with a smirk ,while she was saying that Carl was getting more angry as his eyes turn red he stood up angrily.

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how dare you ,I bring bad luck to your boss fine I’m leaving and I’m not an orphan I have parent they travelled , And mind you I only can buy you and your entire generation ,have some respect you’re a girl ,if not because I don’t hit people talk more of women I would hurt you right now ,don’t try me I don’t hold my temper too much ,it’s very hot to control ,I can arrest you and your mother no one can bail you people trust me I’m really dangerous avoid me ,even if I have issues with Zarl before it’s our business not your’s and I already apologized he forgave me ,stay and take care of him let me go away with my bad luck. “Carl yelled angrily and rushed out of the room.

Zarl whom didn’t expect he would walk away manage to sit up and that terrifies ivy ,Zarl glares at her and walk away slowly calling Carl’s name.

Carl whom was rushing out feels like he heard his name and he stopped and look back ,he sighted Zarl from afar walking towards him.

Carl please wait. ” Zarl called .

Carl rushed back towards him immediately.

when did you wake up and why are you walking , please go back ,you cried before because of your wound don’t try anything in other not to hurt yourself .Carl said helping him back to his bed and he sat down.

where are you going carl ?”Zarl asked with a glare.

I’m ……… where I just want to get some fresh air. he anwsered avoiding his eyes.

Carl. …….Zarl yelled angrily but that was replaced with a scream.

arrrg “he screamed holding his tummy again and Carl rushed to him.

sorry just stop talking keep quiet ,there is no doctor around now Incase of emergency please don’t hurt yourself you’re we’re already shocked. “carl pleaded sitting besides Zarl on the bed.

I’m fine ,ivy leave later we talk,I’m not In the mood to see you right now I can’t really believe you but there is absolutely no problem just go away from me. “Zarl said

no no she’s a lady let her stay is already late. ” Carl mutter.

hmmmmm.”fine you can stay but I don’t really want to hear your voice right now. “Zarl said with a glare

while ivy bite her lips and nodded.

you haven’t told me where you are heading to ? Zarl mutter laying properly on the bed.

just sleep I promise to tell you tomorrow okay. “Carl said holding his hand and he nodded before before closing his eyes.

*** THE NEXT DAY *** 9am
*** Jack breweries ***

Infront of jacks company ,he was seen standing with his girlfriend Alexa.

babe guess what !, Alexa mutter .

what ? is still morning I don’t have that strength I want to go inside. “jack mutter ,he was gumbling the whole night and drinking.

calm down baby don’t be too harsh I’m your girlfriend not one of your surbodinates, anyway so congratulations the shot was successful. “,Alexa said chewing gum.

what do you mean by that ? “jack mutter looking around.

what I’m saying is that , congratulations your brother is dead I shot him with my own arms yesterday. “Alexa said with a smirk .

huh !!!, ” jack exclaimed with a fearful expression written all over his face.

hope you didn’t drag me into this damn mess you claimed that was successful. he added.

always chickening out why ? don’t be a baby here or else you would be left with nothing , congratulations boo you’re already at the top the first time you choosed me ,I’m a winner not a looser so as far as you belong to me ,you are a winner.”Alexa said .

ok. . Okay I have heard you let me rush back home to confirm any information I will let you know bye baby. “Jack said and hurried out with a fearful mind and beating heart.

my baby boy is a girl sh*t why is he acting like I said his mother died disgusting you have to be a man my guy ,don’t always back off due to coward ness. Alexa murmur and also left.

jack drove in and parked his car ,he rushed in and met his parent on the dining table having breakfast.

dad,mom I heard that Zarl is dead is it true ? “jack ask loudly getting their attentions and they both stood up.

.where did you heard that fake news from ? ” Mr kinn asked.

exactly who said that to you ? “Mrs kinn added

I…….I…… someone told me that and that’s why I rushed back here immediately to confirm .”jack said looking at the floor.

is that the reason why you didn’t remember to greet nor did you come back home last night or did you ? of course not. “Mr kinn yelled and sat back at the dining.

Zarl isn’t dead he got shot and his in the hospital me and your dad would go to the police to know how the investigation is going. “Mrs kinn explained.

immediately she said that za sweat that comes from nowhere circulated jacks body as he begins to sweat seriously .

is something wrong son , you’re acting weird what happened to you ,did the people that shot at your brother also made an attempt on you ,talk to me son.”Mrs kinn said worriedly but jack kept quiet as his sweats increases .

Mrs kin sigh and pull jack to the corridor

what’s wrong with you son what stop making me worried and talk to me ,do you need money if so tell me I can help you. ,”Mrs kinn said , immediately she said that jack nodded with the intention of her not being worried again and for him to look for a way to stop the investigation.

is that why you’re acting like this ,is not really a big deal I will do something for you of course,even if it’s Zarl I will do something for him, don’t worry I will transfer some money into Your account okay. ” Mrs kinn said with a smile and pat jacks back before going back to the dining.

ooh my goodness ,Alexa has landed me into trouble I don’t want to go to prison ,oooh my God what do I do. “jack cried out.


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