Nelson And The Bed

Nelson and the bed episode 3

Writtenby Nathaniel Anuma
Nelson stepped out of an elevator which carried them out from the position of the lock. He walked briskly into the main room where other workers were found. He wore a jean trouser and a t-shirt with canvas in his feet. His cap pointed forward like a d*ck in the presence of a unclad woman.
“Where is the bed, young man?!” Delgado followed him.
He hesitated in the presence of everyone, looking at Delgado and Ernest who stood beside him. He surveyed the environment once more like one waiting for an explosion of bomb. He finally glared at Delgado. “I need to know so many things about you, this place and my father”
“Can we do that privately?”
Nelson took few steps towards him. “I grew up from the street. I’m ain’t a secret person. Now, spill it!” his voice and action seemed more like he was the boss while Delgado was just a worker under tension. And that was the only thing he was afraid of.
“I’m old enough to be your father, so mind the way you open your cavity here.” Delgado also approached forward, taking his ground. “This is my domain, so you do what I say!”
“Then what’s my father’s own built lock doing in your domain?!”
“That’s because we worked together for this perilous and hazardous time. And what did he do? He sent me far far away and build a lock without my knowledge!” Delgado paused glaring at Nelson while others watched them as if they were acting a movie. “When i came back from my long days journey, I found his dead body on the ground.” he exhaled then lowered his voice. “Listen lad, your father prepared you for this day. Utilise it, save the world and become rich. The longer you wait, the more people who we should cure from this deadly disease die in the city. Hence preventing us from getting enough money. So tell me, where is the bed?”
Nelson kept quiet, maintained a distance from him as all anticipated to hear from him. “I need a smoke puffing into my lungs now” he broke the silence.
Ernest giggled. “Listen superman, You’re wasting the time I suppose to watch you being good in bed. You know what I mean; a live p-rnography with..”
“Jane, get Nelson a stick of cigarette” Delgado instructed thereby interrupting Ernest’s insanity.
“Why don’t we burn a piece of rag? I guess the smoke will be enough for him” Ernest added, while Sam smiled at his words and soliloquized saying, “This man is a clown”
In her black beauty and attractive steps, Jane walked to Nelson, handed the cigarette to him which he clutched inbetween his l-ips immediately, expecting her to light it for him too. She hesitated, staring very closely into his eyes. Nelson returned the gaze, shaking the stick of cigarette as a way to let her know he was waiting. Finally, she made the cigarette lit. Before Nelson could blow off the first smoke, she had left his presence. “The bed was stolen from me this evening” he broke the silence.
Delgado frowned. “By who?”
“I don’t know. They had guns”
“And suit” Sam interfered then all looked at him “I was there with him. Though we followed them but was unable to get the bed back”
“Christiana..” Delgado called amusingly but heartbreaking.
“Who’s Christiana?” Jane asked.
“She’s a crazy bitch who also knows about the bed. She will use it ahead of us. You have to go get it from her!” He concluded.
Nelson and Sam were given suits and guns to go get the bed, followed by Jane. Charlie stayed back with Nelson’s advice. She met him in the room where he was dressing up, then stood at the door with her hands folded like a wife inspecting her husband. Nelson turned to see her on a strange rom-ntic look which she had never exhibited before. “What?” he asked her.
The young girl didn’t respond rather walked to him and began to adjust his necktie. “I can see the way she looks at you” she whispered.
“Who?” Nelson asked again.
“They call her Jane”
Nelson remained silence for a while, staring at her. “You should be yourself. You’re acting strange” he left her to a standing mirror. He was ready to leave. He grabbed his cap, wore it and headed to the door.
“Nelson?” Charlie interrupted him. He watched her walking to him like a groom watching the bride from the alter. She finally approached closer, gently k-ssed him and took off the cap. “You don’t need a cap in suit” she said.
However, Nelson had gone dump without knowing what to say coz that was the first time Charlie act that way ever since they were growing up. Just as he wallowed in thought, she said to him, “Be careful.” He smiled with one side of his cheek and clutched the doorknob.
Jane handled the steering wheel as they were driving to get the bed. They were only three; herself, Nelson sitting beside her in the front seat and Sam at the back seat. All in suit and guns. Meanwhile, Nelson had not said anything, thinking about the unexpected k-ss from Charlie whom he took as a friend. Jane glanced at him. “Are you okay?” she asked him, but he didn’t respond.
“What’s wrong with you, man?” Sam’s voice came from the back seat.
“I’m fine” he replied and looked at Jane. “Take me to the hospital first. Wanna see my mom”
“We don’t have time for that”
“Do it!” he exclaimed with a glare like fire. Jane reversed the car in a way Nelson nearly hit his head on the glass as a warning never to shout at her again. As if that wasn’t enough. She turned off the car engine and said glaring back at him, “You had me lit your cigarette, and I can’t have you raise your voice at me again”
“That’s if you obey me”
“No, you obey me on this mission not the other way round!”
“Whoa whoa whoa” Sam interfered once again. “I’m not surprise at both of you coz true love emanates from this type of misunderstanding. Now lady, hit the road”
Jane ignited the engine.
Back to the research sanctum, Charlie stood at a bar where visitors can be entertain. She was actually smoking and drinking. She was in a trouser and crop top. One could see fairy hair on her abdomen. She occasionally slid her hair backward. Sooner did she see Ernest coming through the saturated smoke. The place was very quiet and colourful. Ernest entered into the bar wearing a bogus cloth which seemed to be oversize. He was a man in his early forties with bardhead.
“Hey” Charlie said to him.
“Hey” he replied, taking out his favourite drink. He poured a quantity in a glass cup and glanced at her. “You seem worried”
“How do you know?”
Ernest smiled. “I see what people don’t see. When I suggested that a man needs to be good in bed for the lock to open, nobody believed me.”
“Now that’s why I’m worried”
“You don’t want to see another woman ride in the bed with Nelson” he smiled and sipped a drink.
“No” Charlie kept her drink and threw away her cigarette swiftly. Her action made Ernest believe she had something very important to say. Therefore he faced her, listening with his ears and brain. “There is more to this bed than we think” Charlie began. “Come to think of it, which lock requires love making for it to open? And you and I know that bible condemned s€× out of wedlock. I’m not religious but get me right. s€× is dangerous and spiritual. There is exchange of destinies and spirit during s€×.”
“Hit the point, lady” Ernest said.
Charlie swallowed hærd. “What I’m saying is that as mysterious as s€× is so is the bed and whatever that lies behind the lock.” She pointed her finger at a particular direction. “Listen again, Nelson’s father was found dead. Nobody knows what killed him. I think he was carrying a research on the mystery behind s€× and got cut off at the brim which led to his death. I believe Nelson isn’t safe using that bed if it’s found. Neither are we safe knowing what lies behind the lock”
Ernest forcefully finished his drink and hit the glass cup on a table as Charlie expected him to concur with her. Surprisingly, he cleared his throat and said, “Young lady, I’ll advice you to stop taking weed. Try marijuana to help you think straight” he began to leave the bar.
Charlie became disappointed. “I never knew I was talking to a clown like you!” she said out of provocation.
Ernest looked back. “You’re just afraid that you won’t be the lucky woman with Nelson in the bed. Listen, you can’t prevent me from watching this live p-rnagraphy” he finally left. Of course he knew the young lady made sense from her observations and an-lysis, but didn’t want her to feel smarter than him.
Nelson and co saw with their eyes the damage the deadly disease had caused in the city. As they drove to the hospital, dead people laid at different places on the road killed by the unknown deadly disease. Victims were rushed to the hospital while none victims ran helter smelter, making sure they don’t talk to anyone talk more of looking at someone in the eyes. Seeing the dead bodys, Nelson felt sad and guilty because he thought his late father brought about the disease and put the rest on his shoulder. But is that true?
Nevertheless, Jane pulled over in front of City Hopital as it was called. “Wear your eyeglasses. Make sure you don’t look at anybody in the eyes.” she instructed. Immediately they stepped out of the car, bullets began to fly over their heads.
“Jeez!” Sam took cover likewise Nelson and Jane. “Who wants us dead?” he added, bringing out his gun.
“Anyone who wants you dead is your enemy. So shut up and shoot back” Jane replied rudely. They began to shoot back. That caused more pandemonium around the vicinity. Nelson stood up as his finger kept clutching on the trigger as if stimulating a woman’s cl*t. He took cover again.
“I can see them, there are the same people who took the bed. Why do they want me dead now?” he said to the hearing of others.
“They don’t want you dead. They want you alive” Jane replied.
“Why now?”
“Can’t believe you’re asking this question. Of course it’s because you’re the only one good in that bed”
“What is it about this bed and I? I’m f-ckingly confused about my own life within a second. And everybody is acting crazy! I’m turning myself in” he stood up and raised his two hands up. “Don’t shoot ! I surrender!” He shouted…

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