Nelson And The Bed

Nelson and the bed episode 4

Written By Nathaniel Anuma
There is more to being good in the bed. And there is mystery behind s€× as Charlie propounded. Also, if making love in the bed, hence opens the lock doesn’t bring a solution to the disease that had fallen the city, what then brought about the disease and what did late Anthony foresee as a scientist which he put on the son’s shoulder? The world was yet to know.
Nevertheless, still in front of the city hospital, Sam joined Nelson to surrender by also raising up his hands. Their appearance metamorphos from street boys to FBI agents due to the black suits on their body. Though they knew in,side them that they were nothing but street gamblers.
Nelson glanced at Sam, “What are you doing?” he whispered, watching how two men were approaching them.
“I’m not leaving you, man” he whispered back.
“Are you insane? It’s a plan”
“Plan?” Sam became confused. “With who?”
“Jane of course” Nelson replied.
Sam looked down at where Jane was suppose to be taking cover, but didn’t see her again. Just then, the men approached, took their guns and had Nelson ride with them in their car, leaving Sam behind. After they drove off, police siren came from a distant. Meanwhile, Sam searched around for the presence of Jane. Sooner did he see her coming. “Where the hell did you go to?” he asked her.
She didn’t respond rather placed a cell phone on her ear saying, “Nelson just followed our target and I had a GPS attached to their vehicle. Trace it and tell me their location”
“Copied” a female voice replied. “They are heading South, along Crystal Road”
“Thanks. Keep me in touch” Jane hung up the call. She didn’t need to remind Sam to get into the car as both did simultaneously. She ignited the engine, drove out of the vicinity fast and furious.
Sam provoked in,side the car. “You and Nelson had a plan behind my back as if I’m not part of the team? I wonder what else both of you did that I’m not aware of coz I can sense the magnetic attraction between you two”
Jane glanced at him, then concentrated.
“I know you won’t speak coz is written all over you” he pushed further.
“What are you talking about?” She asked without looking at him.
“I can see the way you look at my friend. Is that love?”
Jane hesitated for a moment. “Talking about love. It’s an illusion. It doesn’t exist” she had a fictitious smile.
“We shall see about that”
Jane’s cell phone rang. She placed it on her ear to hear the same female voice saying, “The car has stopped at Seaman’s, a mile from Kilin Road.”
“Okay” she topped the gear.
Nelson was taken into an inner chamber of a building he had no knowledge of with his eyes blindly folded and hands tied like a death sentenced criminal about to be executed. Suddenly, he noticed that nobody pushed him again neither did he feel the presence of a human being. All he could feel was an air conditioner. Just as he anticipated the next operation, the sound of a door filled his ear drum.
“Unfold his eyes, untie him and leave us” a woman’s voice commanded. Nelson opened his eyes after the command was carried out to see average old woman standing before him, wearing a light gown. A blue colour from a corner caught his eyes, so he turned to see his bed glowing in that colour. It was connected to a switch and had a mattress on it too. He exhaled and turned back to the woman saying, “Let me guess, you’re Christiana”
“Let me guess, Delgado told you” the woman’s voice pitched like a chirping cricket.
“Why did you bring me here after taking my bed?”
Christiana smiled. “I know you must have several questions to ask.” She took a few steps towards the bed. “Your father was an inquisitive scientist. He prepared you for this day. This disease gonna spread until no one is left in the world except you.”
“What do you mean?” Nelson paid more attention.
“So you don’t know? Delgado is as dumb as a black ass. He should have known that you’re the only one who can’t be affected by the disease, and any woman you have s€× with on this bed will never be affected too. That is, there is a transmission of destiny during s€×.”
Nelson became surprise. “No wonder my father said lucky is the woman I’ll be good in the bed with” his voice came dryly and astonishing.
“Yes dear. Soon, when people learn about this, women will come, crawling and begging you to make love to them. Don’t be surprise, men will suddenly turn homos€×ual overnight because of it. That’s why I want to be the first woman to be used on this bed by you” Christiana gently pulled her gown which dropped on the flow like a flexible worm. Seeing her full uncladness, ranging from the fallen br-asts to the hairy p*ssy, Nelson turned away from her.
“Whoa whoa whoa” he shouted. “Get your p*ssy covered old woman. I’m not through with my questions”
“Doesn’t the bed and being good in it has to do with a lock?” he waited for an answer without hearing it. Just then, he felt the woman’s hand round his wa-ist from behind.
“There is nothing like that” she whispered rom-ntically in his ears. She pulled his suit, turned him around to have his l-ips glitched to hers but the door broke open. Those were Jane and Sam.
Christiana covered her hairy p*ssy with her hands. “What are you doing here!” she transferred one hand to her br-ast in confusion of the very part to cover.
Sam and Jane moped at them especially Nelson who picked his suit immediately as if caught banging a man’s wife.
“Guy, you left us to this place to enjoy a woman!?” Sam exclaimed. “Unbelievable!” he added.
“You’re getting it wrong” Nelson defended.
Already, Jane’s gun was pointing at Christiana, but couldn’t help to think about what was happening. Obviously, she felt jealous. “Come on, pick the bed and let’s leave” she told Nelson, then said to the woman, “Dress up. Do it now!!” she shrieked thereby startling her…
Back to the research sanctum, Delgado came out from the research lab to one of his workers. Of course Ernest could be seen beside him, and Charlie at an angle watching both of them. She wondered what they were about to say.
“Call the press for me” Delgado instructed one of them.
“Press?” Charlie came closer. “What news are you trying to pass to the world?” she asked.
“Young lady,” Ernest called on her with a glare. “You’re trying to take my job!” he sounded like a warning and turned to his boss saying, “Press? What news are you trying to pass to the world?”
Charlie twisted her mouth, shaking her head at the same time.
“I don’t want to take chances. I want the world to know what’s happening and the way out of it. Arrange a room for the broadcast” Delgado left. Just then, Charlie approached Ernest.
“Your boss is about to make a mistake. We still don’t know the source of this disease neither do we know what lies behind the lock. What exactly is he gonna tell the world?”
“For your information, my boss has been carrying out a research on infected victim. Who knows whether he has found the cause and solution of the disease?” Ernest challenged and continued. “But trust me, any solution other than watching a live p-rnography, it’s error” he left too.
A few hours later different press arrived and Delgado welcomed them in the room where he stood before them like a pastor on the pulpit. Different microphones could be seen before him. “Good evening” he began…
Jane grabbed Christiana, pointing the gun on her head as they were leaving the building. That was to prevent her men from taking action until they entered into their car and finally drove out with the bed. Christiana’s men wanted to go after them but she said, “Let them go” She hurried back to her room in anger. “Get me my cell phone” she demanded.
Nelson thought about what Christiana told him as he sat uncomfortably in the front seat with Jane. He occasionally rubbed his head with his hands and finally hit them on his thighs.
“Are you okay?” Jane found herself asking him again.
“Why won’t he when he was about to bang a woman. An old woman with fallen br-asts” Sam interfered.
“Shut up!” Nelson rebuked him. “Nothing was gonna happen! My head was so filled up that I didn’t know what to believe or think anymore!”
Just then, Jane stopped the car when she saw Delgado on a public television saying, “..we are none governmental researchers, but we assure you, the cure for V2 (visual virus), lies with us and will be in use in no time..”
Nelson provoked. “What’s is he saying? This man is insane! He’s really a dumb black ass”
“But he’s saying the truth” Jane began. “You just have to open the lock where the cure is”
“That’s my point. The lock is useless!”
“Mhen, calm down.” Sam began too. “Your father foresaw this day and secured the cure in,side the lock”
“You guys don’t get it. There is no cure in the lock”
“Then where is it?”
“I am the cure or preventor. Whatever you call it!” Nelson concluded while Jane stared at him just as Sam moped at his friend. They couldn’t understand him….

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