Nick The House Help

Nick the house help – episode 2

Episode 2

I turned back and it was my madam. I was looking at her with my mouth widely opened,without knowing what to say at that moment.. But i can see the anger in her,one thing about Mrs onome is that she never misses slapping me anytime i commit.*she can slap for africa*

Mrs Onome : Oh,Nick.. So this is how you act if am not at. home, or does this sitting room looks like a club to you ehh?

Me : (still thinking how to reply her) Ehrm ehrm….

Mrs Onome : What is Ehrm?? Or you can’t talk again? Do you what me to help you talk?

(I was still there looking at her, I was lost. then she raised her hand to give me the slap of my life #Lol, suddenly we heard a knock at the door *Thank God for that knock* she put down her hand and shouted who is that? It was Tunde. Tunde is our gate keeper,he is also a friend of mine, he always knows when am in hot soup and he will always try to interrupt *thank God I have him around )

Mrs Onome : What is it this time tunde?

Tunde : Madam, peson find you come o,the peson give me this letter make i give you.
*handed over the letter to her, and left. Mrs Onome was trying to open the letter not knowing i was still there.. Then she came back to her senses and said to me.

Mrs onome : Are you still there? C’mon go and get what is in the boot of the car.. Idiot.

(I picked race outside the sitting room,I got outside and i saw tunde waving at me,he was at the security post.I also wave at him,giving him a *thumbs up* I brought out the things she bought and carried them straight to the kitchen. I was about to drop the stuff and i heard my name again, I rushed out to answer my madam )

Me : Ma!

Mrs Onome : Where is sara?

Me : She went out to see a friend,she said she will be back soon.

Mrs Onome : Take this #4000, go and get fuel for the night and be fast about it.

Me : Ok ma * I went to get the fuel gallon at the generator house and i headed towards tunde post. He saw me and was already laughing at me*

Tunde : Chai, O boy, no be small thing oo, na you madam wan tear slap this hot afternoon eh?

Me : No mind dat woman, she too dey like show her self. Especially that one wey dem dey call sara wey no get common respect for elder.

Tunde : who be elder? God save you say i dey around sha, if not, na deaf you for turn, do make you find me 200 make i use am buy alomo jaare.

Me : I never get your time sef *I thanked him for the rescue and move outside the get.

*In my street in Lagos,which is at ikeja , I was well known by some area boys, they’ve got my back anytime i ran into any form of trouble,anytime i got to there point, I’ll drop like #300,I know is too small but i prefer it that way than dropping nothing.. I saw them and they started hailing my name as if am the President,, I drop some cash and one of them carried me with his bike to the filling station where i got fuel of #3000, the rest na my pocket money nau.
The guy also drove me back home,he collected nothing from me sha,I rushed to the generator house and pour all the fuel in,side the generator to avoid telling my madam stories that touches, because she will always expect me to show her the fuel before pouring it in,side the gen.
I got in,side the house,sara was at home already, she was discussing with her mum at the sitting room
*but e no consign me*, I went straight to my room to drop the change in,side my bag, *trust me* am good in saving money *winks* as i came out of my room i over heard my madam telling sara she was gonna travel,but still not sure of what i heard,I move to the kitchen to arrange for dinner. I watched the plate and cleaned every corner of the kitchen. Mrs onome can never allow me to cook unless she is not home, sara came to the kitchen and was like)

Sara : Mummy said you should be fast with whatever you are doing here,she needs to cook before it gets late.
Me : have heard you, by the way madam sara, why do you leave without shutting the door? your mum nearly gave me a hot slap.

Sara : *smilled* that deserved you right.. Be fast am hungry
(She left the kitchen.. But can you imagine how ignorant this girl can be at times? I finished what I was doing i called my madam and she came in and start cooking,I was there assisting her with whatever she may need.. We prepared the meal,she served the meal while i cleaned the kitchen again and after when am done, i ate my food there in the kitchen by then my madam and sara was through eaten theirs. I cleared the dinning,I carried tunde food to his post,I came back to the house and watched the plate and went to my room,took my bath and prayed, after praying,i carried  my self to the bed and slept off.

What a day.

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