Obianuju – Episode 24

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Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 24
Writer’s POV(Princess Juliet

In a small messy room , a dark chubby girl on a red gown could be seen staring out of the window.

Her nostrils was flare ,her breathing accelerated, her muscle tensed and from the grimace expression on her face you could tell she was troubled.

She kept her eyes wide open,looking back and forth the busy street not until she sighted a fat man emerging from a T- Junction.

Sharperly , she dashed out of the room , ran blindly across the street and got to the Junction just in time to see the fat man flag down a Keke Maruwa ( Tricycle)

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“Biggy!”she screamed and the man turned his head in her direction.

She steadied herself with her hands on her knee for a moment , panting ; then she ran all the way to him.

The fat man stood there on the spot ,a curious gaze in his burning eyes

“Kemisola”. he mumbled . “what is up with her?”

“Biggy!”the girl called again as she got nearer. “where you dey go?”

“why are you asking?” the man snapped at her

“erm .. erm”. the girl scratched her head as she racked her brain for the right words to say.

Biggy ,the man standing in front of her was known for his closed – mouthed.

“erm .. I .. just wan … know if you bin don ..set .for the job

“Sure thing na”. the man eyes lit up. “I can’t wait to F**k the girl”. he mumbled the latter part but the chubby girl heard him clearly ..

F**k! She heard a loud bang in her head….Aunty Susanna wan make dey rape the girl , but why??

Impulsively, she grabbed the man left hand and held unto it tightly

“Abeg , no do am”. She begged so desperately

The man stared confused at her ,what the heck is she saying?

The girl continued. “I know sey na me link you to Aunty Susanna but please, abeg no do am”

“Why?”the man asked , searching through her misted eyes

Do they know each other?he wondered

“The girl no be bad person , she too nice , she give me money , she even pay for my WAEC fee”. the girl replied in a rush

So she knows her!!the man thought within

“hmmm! the man sighed. “I know how you feel but there is nothing I can do about it, a deal is a deal and moreover the pay is mouth watering”

“No”. the girl shook her head vigorously. “forget about the money , money no be everything”. she tried to convince the man

The man laughed. “In this Country, money is everything”

And with that, he yanked his hands free and began running after a moving bus….

The girl followed him with her tears-filled eyes ,fear brimming up in her heart.

w€tin make i do? shey make i allow them rape the…. no! no! I no fit , the girl too dey nice…..






The sound of my pulse racing beat in my ear blocking all other sound as I sat there in the car rear seat ,the fair man with knife beside me ..

To say I was scared would be an understatement, I was more than scared

Where are this fools taking me to? I thought within staring at driver, a dark hefty man in the rear mirror

He glanced at me , meeting my gaze for a split-second and then smack his lips

“Chai! this girl fine no be small”. he said to the fair man

“I swear”. the fair man agreed . “me self just dey admire am since morning…

The dark man chuckled. “abeg remove your eyes ooo, na boss go knack am first”

Knack, as if f**k? My heart skipped a bit . Do they want to rape me??

Panic stricken , I faced the fair man

“Please don’t rape me”. I begged with a tears-filled eyes . “I beg you in the name of God , please don’t ”

He smiled lightly, his hand caressing my cheeks

“Don’t!pretty girls don’t cry”

“Okay”. I nodded my head vigorously. “but please don’t hurt me”

“Good girl!” he remarked and licked his lips ,his gaze roaming all over my body


this one even listening to me?

“You a virgin?” he asked

I gasped audibly in shock as I was taken aback by the sudden question

He smirked. “You not a virgin right?”

he leaned forward and pinched my left n!pole through my satin blouse and that was it ,my head exploded and I threw him a thunderous slap.

“What!”he held his cheek,glaring at me. “do you have a death wish?”

I eyed him coldly , seething with anger

“do that one more time and I swear you will regret it?”

To tell the truth , I don’t know where the courage came from but I was ready to tear his eyes out if he dares tries it again

What nonsense! does he think of me as a whore!

A slow smile worked its ways across his face and into his eyes

“You are fierce hun, mehn!I really can’t wait to tear that cunt of yours”. he said sardonically and then faced the dark man

“drive faster please”

“Alright!” the dark man plainly said ,stepping on the brake as he began overtaking cars

The anger in me turned to fear in an instant

Oh God! Please help me.


The car skidded to a halt and I looked out of the window, staring in fear at the uncompleted building

Do humans live here?

“Come out!” The fair man barked and yanked my hair so hard , dragging me out of the car

“Leave me alone”. I screamed so loudly. “please leave me alone”

He chuckled. “oh! so you can beg?”

I tucked my phone into my jergens pocket and tried to struggle out of his hold but he held my hair more tightly and began walking to the house, pulling me along like an animal …

“Yay! it is paining me ooooo”. I cried loudly,tears streaming down my face but he didn’t budge , he laughed loudly and increased his walking step ,making my leg wobble side to side ….


was clearly doing it on purpose!

He stopped abruptly in front of a door , grabbed the handle , pulled it wide open and only then did he let go of my hair ..

I caught my breathe in fear , holding it as my eyes roamed around the haunted looking house

“Where… is .. this .. place”. I managed to ask,my breathing coming out slowly and gently

“The lion’s den”. he replied with a smirked and started feeling through my jergens pocket

I stared down at him nervously. “what are you looking for?”

“This”. he grinned as he took my phone out of my pocket and his eyes popped wide open in an instant

“I phone 12! you making use of iPhone 12?…. omo! you be rich babe”

“I am not ric…..I stopped mid-sentence when an idea popped in my head

Use wealth to deceive him!

“Yes I am rich”. I quickly changed my words . “my boyfriend is also very rich, let me out of here and I promise to give you whatever you want”.

There was a pause and then he asked

“Can you give me a million naira?”

“Yes”. I nodded my head vigorously, my heart beating erratically

Oh God! Please let him agree. I prayed silently

He sighed deeply. “And how am I sure you…..his voice trailed off , his gaze fixed right behind me

quickly, I turned around and saw the dark man, leaning against the wall

“w€tin una dey discuss?” the dark asked , shooting an accusing gaze at the fair man

“Nothing!” the fair man replied and with that, he push me roughly into the room

I hit the wall and fell to the floor,landing hard on my back side

“I am sorry girl but I can’t betray my boss , he is like a brother to me”.he whispered and slammed the door shut..

“No oooooo”. I shrieked ,sprang up on my feet and flew to the door

turning the door knob , I tried opening the door and noticed it was locked

“Open this door please”. I screamed so loudly but the only response I heard was the echo of my own voice.

I slid down to the sandy floor,bringing my knees to my chest and let my eyes wander around the small room

It was so dusty , full of cobwebs and there was nothing inside it except a small mattress…

I broke down and sobbed silently

“Demi! where are you?” I let out a muffled cry . “I am so scared!!”







Shakirat! Shakirat! My elder sister, Balikis called my name thrice

“Yes !” I responded with a frown

“hmmmm! how many times did I call you?” She asked ,holding that elephant ear of hers


“Good!”. She remarked and began shaking the elephant ear. “don’t leave this room while i am away oooooo

I deepened my frown. “but you have told me before na”

“I know”. She agreed . “I am only repeating it because you are a goat

“Me I am not a goat ooo”. I grumbled ,beneath my breathe

She continued. “If you think you are smart then go and see that stupid boy and I will show you I am smarter”

“Han! Han! Is it a crime to have boyfriend?”I queried . “don’t you have boyfriend ni?”

She smirked . “I am not a nineteen year old like you”

Oh yeah! a brilliant response to my question!

“and even if you want to have a boyfriend, date someone who would take care of you not the one that will be leeching off you”. she jeered

“Like your boyfriend abi”. I fired at her

She scoffed , looking daggers at me

Wallahi ! If eyes can kill ehen, I for die on the spot!

I don’t blame you na, shebi I am the one opening teeth with you”. her voice was shaking with anger

Wo! Aunty go and sit down!

” if I ever see that Usman here again, I will skin him alive”. she threatened and stormed out of the room, slamming the door shut

I kept my ears opened , listening closely to the sound of her heavy footsteps and when I was sure she was gone , I reached for my phone and scrolled through it for my boyfriend, Usman number…

Not even my sister badmouth can separate us!

I found the number, clicked on it and was about dialling it when I head a loud bang on the door , not even a knock

Na wa ooo! who is the goat sef?

“Uhm..uhm…uhm.. I cleared my throat. “do you want to break the door?”

“Aunty Shakirat”. a female voice called. “Please open the door fast fast”.

I became alarmed. what is wrong? Is the house on fire?

hastily , i got off the bed and made for the door

Opening it , I stopped short

Kemisola , Susanna’s errand girl was standing right in front of my door , hot tears rolling down her eyes

“Kemisola! what is wrong?” I asked , my eyes darting back and both the empty passage

I wanted to be sure there no one was pursuing her!!

She snufffled.”Na your friend , that your fine friend”

Her words were incoherent and the only word that rang in my head was “fine friend”

Fine friend! the only friend I have is……….

“Juliet! Is it Juliet?”

She shrugged lightly.”erm..i think…:

“What happened to her?” I cut in , I was already getting agitated

“Na…Aunty Susanna… she.. pay .. guys … to .. rape … her”. She struggled her words in between tears

Aunty Susanna! guys! rape! I heard a loud bang in my head

“Where is she now?” I screamed so loudly. “where is my friend?”

She swallowed hard . “I no know where she ….I shoved her aside before she could complete her words and ran through the long passage, scurried down the wooden stairs to the big compound and only then did I realise I was barefooted ..

but do I care?no, my best friend is in danger and needs helps

I kept on running and got outside just in time to see a bike pass by and I flagged it down

Immediately, the bike man pulled out of the road and stopped in front of me

“Ijesha road, take me to Ijesha road please”. I pleaded , breathing heavily

The bike man knitted his eyebrow. “which side for Ijesha road?”

“brown apartment”.

“Oh! that place where rich boys dey stay”.he seized me up and down . “Okay now! make we dey go , your money na #200″

#200”. I muttered and searched my pockets but found nothing, not even a dime….

I swallowed hard . “brother please help me ,I have no money”

“Ehen So w€tin you wan make I do”. he scoffed . “Abeg clear road”

He started the bike, making to move but I jumped blindly in front of him

“Please help me please”

“Arrrrgh”. he hissed loudly. “to die don dey hungry you abi”

“Please help me , my friend needs help”. I strained to muffle my cry

For a moment , the bike man was quiet and then he sighed

“Fine!Enter make we dey go”

“Ah! thank you so much sir , May Allah reward you”

“Amen”. he responded,smiling lightly

sharperly , I climbed on the bike and the man kicked the engine and drove off speeding…


Finally! we got to the brown building and the bike man drove through the opened gate into the compound, stopping in front of Ademilade’s apartment

“Thanks so much sir”. I appreciated and climbed down the bike

“That one na nothing”. he brushed it aside .

I nodded absentmindedly,climbing up to the balcony…

The door was locked from outside, bolted shut

Arrgh! Demi is not around ! I screamed inwardly.

I bit my lower lips in confusion, how I wish I had his number!…:: but wait sef!i didn’t even try Juliet’s number!

Thankfully! I came along with my phone!

with shaky hands , I scrolled through my phone for her number and when I saw it , I clicked on it and dialled it…..

“The number wasn’t going through!”

Oh God! what will I do now? how will …..

“Are you looking for someone?” a voice asked interrupting my thoughts

quickly, I turned in the direction and saw a busty girl spreading clothes on the cloth line close to Ademilade bedroom window

I rushed to her

“Yes ma, I am looking …:::

“It is Chioma”. she cut in , frowning

“Okay! Chioma , I am asking for Demi”. I quickly corrected myself

“hmmmm!” She seized me up and down . “this one you are looking for him bare footed , I hope there is no problem”

“My friend , his girlfriend needs help”

Her eyes popped wide open. “Is it obianuju?

“Yes! Yes! I nodded vigorously. “one idiot paid some men to rape her”

“Aru (abomination)”. She screamed, holding her chest as she stared at me dazedly

Nawa! which one is Aru again?

“Do you have Demi’s number? I asked hoping she would say yes and to my upmost relief ,she did

“Wait here , let me go and get my phone”. she said and began running to an opposite direction

I followed her with my eyes till she took a sharp bend and then I fell to the floor , crying

Juliet! Please be safe!!







Loud music blared from all over the hotel and i absentmindedly tapped my right foot to it’s rhythm , my whole attention was fixed on Dave as I was eagerly waiting to hear his “Judgement”

“Uhm! uhm!”.he cleared his throat. “I have listened and heard both sides of the story and now it is my turn to ask questions….

“Kewe!” He faced Kewe who was seated on my left . “Did you have a fight with your girlfriend?”

“Yes!” Kewe nodded . “but it was just a minor one”

“0h oh! can you see I am not lying”. Prince butted in

“Shut up!” Dave barked at him . “you should be ashamed of yourself for sleeping with a brother girlfriend”

“but It is not my fault na” . prince defended himself. “the girl came to meet me for solace and I gave her one”

“You bas***d!” Kewe barked and sprang up to his feet , about to charge at Prince but I grabbed his arm and pulled him back to the chair

“Don’t! Sarah isn’t worth fighting for”

“Yes”.Tobi was who seated on my right agreed. “She is nothing but a cheap whore

Kewe scoffed . “I don’t care about that b**ch, all I want is to wipe off the smile from this bas***d face”. his icy gaze was fixed on Prince who was grinning from ear to ear

“Try it if you …..Prince tried to say but Dave cut him off

“You are truly a bas***d prince”

Like seriously! so he can scold at his best friend!

Dave continued. ” I wanted to be lenient with you but seeing how stupid you are right now , I changed my mind

“Better!” Bola who was seated beside Kewe remarked

Prince gasped audibly in shock. “but Dave , the insult is too much na

“the insult is too much na”. Tony micmic. “you should be castrated”

“I tell you” . Kunlexy agreed, a cloud of smoke swirling from his ears and mouth

I smiled inwardly, a good thing nobody supported the old fool!

Dave chuckled. “I can see you all are against him, Hun! he shifted his gaze to me

“Demi! I leave the judgment to you”

Me”. I widened my eyes in surprise

“Yes!”he nodded . “You are the newest member of the gang so I would love to hear your thoughts

Heaving a sigh , I faced Prince who was now glaring at me

really! so the idiot is still forming stubborn…okay now!

“Fine!”. I agreed, my intent gaze on prince. “I would have said kewe should also f**k his girlfriend , you know like a half and half thing”

“Taaarh!”kewe pinched me

I laughed inwardly and continued

“but the girl is way too local for Kewe”

“no! no! no! Tobi butted in . “spell the words out , she is a lowlife

Instantly, everyone but Prince laughed

He just sat there on the chair, his head bent slightly

That serves him right!

“Continue”. Dave urged me, a light smile on his face

“hmmmh! I really think he should…. I stopped mid- sentence when my phone rang and I reached for it and noticed it was an unsaved number

“A minute please”. I pleaded as I received it

“Ademilade!”a female voice rang through

“Who is this please?” I asked politely

“It is me Shakirat”.her breathe came in snuffles

Shakirat! My baby’s friend!

“Okay!” I said , urging her to continue

“It is Juliet, she is in danger”

I heard something in my head make a noise , and felt something pop

“Where the f**k is she?” I screamed and stood up in a huff

“erm some guys want to rape her”

Rape! what the heck is she saying!

“Susanna paid some guys to rape her….. I hung up on her

“Guy! what is wrong?” I heard voices asked but it sounded so distant..

Susanna! paid! guys! I was so confused!

with trembling hands, I dialled Obianuju number but it wasn’t connecting

“What the f**k!” I yelled

“Hey!hey!calm down”. Dave stood up , touching me lightly as he tried to calm me down

“What is wrong?”

I bit at my lower lips, ruffling my hair

“Obianuju!” was the only thing I could say as I was so disoriented!!!

Do I even know what I was doing? I don’t think so !

“What happened to her?” Dave asked calmly

“Susanna! She is trying to destroy her life”.i couldn’t bring myself to say the word “rape”

He folded his fist in anger. “who is Susanna?”

“his ex -girlfriend”. Tobi replied coldly

Just then , my brain clicked and whirred

“Call her”. My subconsciousness screamed and I nodded at it

Hastily , I scrolled through my phone for her number

“what did you want to do?” Dave asked , looking into my phone

“Call the b**ch”

Dialling her number , she picked on the second ring

“Hello baby!”her loud voice rang through

“Where are you?” I asked coldly

“Map hotel”. She replied and only then did I notice the music being played in the background

Dang it! we were in the same place!

She continued. “Why did you ask? do you want to see me?”

“No”. I plainly answered and ended the phone call

“Where did the b**ch say she is?” Dave asked

“Inside”. I replied and ran through a long passage into the building

“Demi!Demi!Demi! I heard voices call but I ignored all…

This should better not to be true!

Standing at the entrance, my gaze wandered around for Susanna and I saw her seated at the bar section, right beside a dark lady …..Obianuju’s roomie

Like seriously!!

Boiling in rage , I marched towards them and swivel Susanna’s chair around to face me.

She seemed to be startled for a moment and then she composed herself, smiling

“when did you get here?”

“You b**ch! where is my girlfriend?” I asked with a threatening growl and swears, I saw the fear in her eyes

So she did it!

“Demi! What the hell are…:

“Why did you do it?” I cut in . “hun!what did the little girl do to you?

She swallowed hard . “I don’t know what you are talking about”

“You liar”.I scoffed and was about to tongue lash her when a voice from behind me said

“I will question her myself”

I turned around to see Dave , the rest of the gang behind him

“Step back, i will question her myself”. he repeated ,looking daggers at Susanna

“Where is the girl?”

“erm I don’t”. she glanced at the dark girl. “I erm don’t know where she is”

“Really! Dave scoffed and the next thing that followed was a thunderous slap across her face…

The club became quiet in an instant .

“Yay! Chimo! her lips quavered and she began to cry

“I said where is the girl?”Dave barked

“ask her”. Susanna pointed to the dark girl. “she is the one who planned everything”

“Me!” the dark girl touched her chest , fear clearly written on her face

“I don’t know anything oooo”

“You liar”. Susanna barked, are you not the one who suggested we should harm the girl”

I stood there , frozen, my eyes widened in surprise

Is this really happening?

“Where is the girl?” Dave asked for the third time

“erm she is erm with Biggy”. Susanna stuttered

Biggy! who is that?”

“and…he said ..yes! he made mentioned of a lions den”. she quickly added , shaking in fright

“Lions Den!”I faced Dave . “do you know where that is?

he nodded slowly . “an abandoned building behind Itamerin Junction”

“Okay! I simply said and began walking towards the entrance

“Where you going?” Dave asked

I stopped in my steps , facing him

“Isn’t it obvious”

“I will come with you”. he said and then faced prince

“See that this trash are been taken care of”

with that , he moved closer to me, held my shoulder and we both walked out of the building….

“I am sure you regret dating the girl”. Dave said , referring to Susanna

“Sure I do”. I folded my fist in anger . “and I am gonna make sure they get rusticated from this school ”

“Just like you got me suspended right”. he teased and laughed

I looked away and into an unseen distance, I was in no mood for jokes

Opening the car door , I was about sliding into the driver seat when Dave stopped me with his voice

“I will drive!”

I shot him a confused look. “You want to drive my car?”

“Hum! Hum!”. he nodded

“but why?”I queried . “you got your own car right?”

“Yep!” he replied popping the p. “but you don’t expect us going in two different cars or do you?” he asked and i shook my head absentmindedly

I just wanted my girlfriend to be fine and untouched!

With a curt nod , I walked around , climbed into the passenger seat and Dave started the car and drove speeding off…


Alone in the small, creepy room, I sat there on the small bed, my knees to my chest as I sobbed

I was really scared

what will happen to me now? will this be the end of me? why is no one even coming?

The door suddenly creaked opened and a very fat man walked in , the dark man and fair man behind him

I shifted uncomfortably on the bed , who is this one again?

“Hello pretty one”.the fat man greeted, smiling as he moved closer to me. “My name is Biggy”

“Biggy!” I swallowed hard nervously, “what do you want”

“You”. he smacked his lips , squatting in front of me

“we will take you one by one and I am going to be the first”

Suddenly, a panic rises through me and I held unto his fat hands tightly

“Please don’t”. I begged , “please don’t rape me”

He yanked his hands away and laughed

“I am sorry pretty but a deal is a deal”

A deal! what is he talking about? did someone set him to this?

“Tolly”. he called, facing the fair man

“Yes boss” the fair man answered

Boss! so this fat man is the boss!

The fat man smirked . “Strip her [email protected]

What! My eyes popped out of my head. Is he for real?

Dazedly , I stared at the fair man as he move closer to me

“I am sorry”. he mumbled his apology and with that, he ripped off my blouse

“No ooooooo! I screamed so loudly, holding my torn clothes tightly. “Please don’t , i am in my period”. I blurted out

There was an awkward silence and the men exchanged confused looks

“What should we do?” the fair man asked , breaking the silence

“continue with what you doing”. The fat man huffed

Wait! Wait! Wait!do they still want to rape me? … oh God! what will I do?

“Hands up!” the fair man told me

I shook my head vigorously. “no!no! Please don’t”

“Strip her [email protected] now”. the fat man barked and that was it , I found myself laid sprawled up on the bed ,the fair man on top of me as he tore off the clothes completely

“Pleeeeeeeeease”. I begged and began to cry

He pinned me down to the bed and was about unclasping my bra when we heard gunshots

My whole body vibrated in fear and the fair man left me in an instant

“What is happening?” he half yelled

“I don’t know”. the fat man replied as he paced up and down the room restlessly . “I think we are in some kind of danger”

I sat up in the bed and covered my exposed bra with my hands ,my body vibrating with fear

What is going on? I wondered






The drive was a quick one as Dave broke the speed limit wasting no time to get to the Junction , Itamerin Junction; then he made a u-turn, driving down a bumpy road until he got to an old-looking building , parking out in front .

“This is the Lion den”. he said and pulled a hand gun out of his pocket

“Is there a need for this?”I asked , staring down at the gun

“Sure!he nodded. “It is for protection”

He alighted from the car and I did the same at my own end

“follow behind me”. He instructed .

to my upmost surprise, he raised the gun and fired in the air

“Dave!” I shrieked in terror and he chuckled lightly, running into the house

Is he alright ?

heaving a sigh, I followed behind him into the dusty house . The only door that was in the house was slightly ajar so we both rushed towards it

Entering, I stopped dead

Obianuju was seated right on the bed , shirtless . worst still, she wasn’t alone. some three muscular men were pacing up and down the room restlessly and from the look on their faces , you could tell they were agitated

I gasped audibly in surprise. Are this the guys meant to rape my girlfriend?”

“Ademilade.”obianuju called, she tried to stand up but fell back to the bed ….

Immediately, I rushed to her and held her to me tightly

“You alright? I asked

She shook her head vehemently,tears pouring down her cheek

“No Demi, I am not”

“Why?i searched through her gaze . “did they hurt you? did they touch touch you?”


My gaze dropped to her bra and my eyes flushed with anger

“what exactly did they do to you”

“Nothing”. she wiped her tears. “they could have succeeded but then you…she stopped mid- sentence , her gaze fixed right behind me

“Dave!”she muttered

I turned around just in time to see Dave cock his gun, aiming it at the fat man temple

“Dave!” I called in shock, “what are you doing?

He smirked. “Isn’t it obvious, I want to rip their brains out”

“no! no! I shook my head. “you can’t ……. he fired the gun and the fat man came falling like a log of wood , his blood splattering the room….

Obianuju let out a loud cry and buried her face in my chest as she panicked

As for me, I was too gobsmacked to say a word

Dave killed a man, he killed a man in front of a girl and I saw no remorse on his face

“Get the girl out of here”. he half- yelled , his gun aimed at a fair man

Sharperly, I pulled off my shirts and handed it


“Wear it!” I instructed her and when she did , I picked her up in a bridal style and faced Dave

“Don’t waste any more life please” I pleaded . “report them to the police

“This should be yours?” he simply said , ignoring my words as he waved a phone in front of Obianuju

“Yes!”obianuju snatched the phone from his hand and then pinched me , nudging me to move

heaving a deep sigh, I rushed out of the room and that was when the gunshot sounded

“he killed him”. Obianuju whimpered in my arm. “Dave killed him”

“I know”

Getting outside, I found Kewe and Tobi leaning against Tobi’s car….

I widened my eyes in surprise, I never knew they followed behind us!!

“Is she alright?” they asked almost in unison

I nodded

Tobi continued. “And Dave?”

“he is inside killing the guys”

“What!”They both gasped audibly in shock

“Yes!” I nodded , that guy Is overly crazy!!!

I put Obianuju down on the floor and opened the car door

“Get in”. I instructed her and when she did, i bang the door shut , walked around the car, slid into the driver’s seat , started the car and drove down the Bumpy road as I headed for home……

For all I care , Tobi and Kewe can wait for Dave, but as for me , I am out of here..





I hadn’t noticed the goosebumps creeping in until now . I could no longer control my hands , they were shaking in an old trembling rhythm….

I saw a dead body , it was right in front of me,Dave killed the fat man, he is a murderer…

“Babe!” Demi called softly, interrupting my thoughts

I slowly shifted my gaze to him, meeting his for a split- second

“You sure you alright?

I scoffed silently, how many times will he ask me this!!

Do I look alright to him???

“Yes!” I replied and turned away from him , staring out of the window

Yes! did I just say yes? No way , I am far from alright!!!


By the time we arrived at his place , it was a little bit dark.

He drove through the huge gate into the compound, parking in front of his apartment; then he got down quickly, walked around the car and picked me up in his arms

I was forced to laugh. “why are you acting this way?”

“And how am I acting?”

I shrugged my shoulders lightly. “hmmmmm!….like my bodyguard”

“Aha!aha! he laughed dryly. “Is that what you see me as?”

I smiled faintly, wrapping my hands around him as he climbed up the short step to the balcony

“I didn’t say so!”

“Oh right!” he drawled

Kicking the door opened, he walked into the sitting room

I looked around observing, it was neat just like the way I left it …..

“You hungry?” he asked and began walking towards the room

I nodded

“Alright! I will get you something to eat ”

Entering the room, he placed me gently on the bed

“I am coming”. he simply said and walked out of the room

I smiled to myself knowing he was doing all this to make me happy!

I leaned my back against the wall and switched on my phone

Immediately, my mum call came in

A light smile escaped from my lips and I received it

“Good evening ma !” I greeted

There was no response, all I heard was muffled cries


“This is not mummy, it is ChiChi”

Oh! Chichi, how are you? what of mummy? I asked in a rush

There was a pause

“ChiChi! are you there?” I screamed in the phone

I was already getting hysterical


“Mummy nko?”

She snuffled. “Mum … is ……”. I dropped the phone before she could complete the statement……




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