November 29, 2021

On the fence episode 6


🌀🕋On The Fence🕋🌀

🍃👉 Falling At The Right Path 👈🍃

💞Love Story💞

🐾🐾Episode Six🐾🐾

Written By Chris Val 💎

**not edited**

=====>>>🌲Switzerland🌲<<<===== ------/| Brightful Star School |\-------- The following day, Mark was very down to attend school that day due to what happened the previous day James arrived very early than before Lucy was already present as usual but James didn't bother to go and meet her as he sat with Phillip, his new friend "Good morning bro" Phillip greeted "morning". James responded smiling "I was expecting to see you yesterday but you didn't show up, I thought you wanted to join us" Phillip said trying to start up a conversation "Actually, I was really occupied with things that yesterday but I will try coming today" James replied arranging his books on the desk Something came into his mind as looked outside There, was Mark coming upstairs James smiled and stood up, He walked up to Lucy who was lost in thought At the right hand side was where Becky sat but it was one step ahead Lucy's position but immediately James walked passed her, she turned smiling, knowing that James was actually going to Lucy's seat "Good Morning beauty" James greeted smiling "my name is Lucy not beauty" Lucy not even responding his greeting "But you are beautiful" James said "That doesn't have anything to do with my name" Lucy replied she turned, only to caught eyes with Becky who gave her 'comply' look "please can I have a seat?" James asked assuming that Mark must have come in by then "Sure" Lucy said although wasn't okay with it James smiled and nodded as he walked a bit closer and sat Just then, Mark walked in Lucy's heart skipped immediately she saw him But Mark smiled and walked in "Good morning" Lucy greeted wasn't sure of what must have been in Mark's mind "Good morning, I hope you slept well?" Mark asked while Lucy nodded "excuse me, can you stand up?" Mark said or rather asked referring to James but James gave him a deaf ears as he brought out a maths textbook "Miss Beauty, I want to learn this maths" James said pointing at a topic in the textbook as he touched Lucy "Stand up!!" Mark shouted as everyone became shocked, even James was more than shocked making him to stood up immediately Just then, Lucy turned her gaze to Becky who gave her a wicked look which she understood Lucy had to held James hand surprising everyone, even James was more than surprised but was laughing within himself "please allow him, he just wants to learn" Lucy said changing her face a little making James to sit back Mark was just mute he couldn't believe what was happening Mikhail who happens to be Mark's best friend was watching what was happening from where he sat And was contemplating to go and hold him back because he knew how Mark was once he gets angry Rita in the other hand, was feeling bad it's true that Mark didn't recognize her love for him but she couldn't stand it when Mark is hurt She was about to stand up when a teacher came in Mark was still standing but was brought back to life when they greeted the teacher It was actually their maths teacher James wanted to stand up to go back to his seat but Mark was already walked out from their sight to an empty seat Luckily, it was beside Rita isn't that not luckily??? "Good morning" Rita greeted but Mark only smiled because he doesn't want to ignore her That's the last thing he could of doing to his fellow human being "ah, Mark why do you choose to sit there today?" the maths teacher asked noticing the change "at least some people who aren't good in maths have to learn more from others" Mark replied smiling Lucy's heart was filled with jealous all of a sudden "That's the bravest reply I have ever heard" the maths teacher said smiling even Rita was lost in smile "anyways, Rita you know that you are very bad in maths, better use this opportunity to learn better" the teacher added as Rita's face changed instantly Mark turned looking at her He never knew that she was bad in maths because she has never for once, ask him to teach her "seriously?" Mark asked while Rita nodded bending her head "But you haven't for once tell me that" Mark said feeling bad "when I wasn't fortunate to talk with you" Rita replied with her low tone "But am an easy going person, you should........... " the teacher cuts him short with her teaching Throughout the class, Lucy wasn't concentrating as her mind and eyes was only on where Mark and Rita was Every single word that teacher wrote on the whiteboard, Mark will took out his time to explain it to Rita and she was also fast in grabbing them . Mark forgot about his jealous all of a sudden After some minutes, the teacher gave them classwork Mark to left Rita to solve it while he watched her It got to a point where it became hard for Rita Mark smiled and told her the easiest method Rita used it and got the answer Rita looked at Mark while Mark nodded knowing what the look was all about Rita smiled and raised up her hand James raised up his hand at the same time smiling Lucy was actually the one who solved it just to know if the jealousness would leave her The teacher was amazed seeing those two hands "Rita let's hear from the new comer" the teacher said that's when Mark turned on hearing 'the new comer" while James and Lucy smiled "the answer is 5" James replied while the teacher shook her head Rita almost laughed but had to control herself "very wrong" the teacher said while the whole class laughed except James and Lucy Mark and Rita in the other hand just smiled James shamefully sat down "so, can we hear from you Rita" the teacher said bringing back silence in the class again "the answer is -10" Rita replied but the teacher didn't say a word rather she was just looking at Rita James started laughing from where he was "can you just shut up?" the teacher said while James became quiet although Phillip his friend wanted to join him in laughing so that he wouldn't look like a mad person but on hearing that, he drew back "she is 100% correct" the teacher said as everyone became to shout "wow" "I guess Lucy forgot that minus ➖ times minus➖ is plus ➕ " the teacher said because she knew that it was Lucy who solved that And Lucy has always been making such mistake anytime she chose to solve only by herself "even at that, you people still fail it because there's no way you people could get five after minusing five from five, or maybe you people were heading somewhere else" the teacher added as she faced the board Mark couldn't afford to turn because he wouldn't be able to bear what he might see "here is your take home assignment" the teacher said after writing "okay Ma" the whole class chorused "I don't know what caused this arrangement but Lucy and Mark shouldn't stay on different seats next time I will be here" the teacher said noticing something "Lucy amend it" she added as she left the classroom Everyone started rushing to where Mark and Rita sat When it was dismissal, Mark and Rita was the first to walk out of the class that Lucy almost shout out The jealousness was too much "Thanks for helping me out today" Rita said as they walked downstairs while Mark smiled "you don't need to, at least you understand me and advice me the other day, I think am still owing you one thing" Mark said while Rita turned 'I hope my feelings wasn't visible for him to notice?' Rita thought inwardly "which is?" Rita later asked just to be sure "you know very well that I won't answer that, so don't think about it" Mark said smiling "and don't think much because of high blood pressure" Mark added making Rita to smile "see you tomorrow, I have to rush somewhere now before going home" Rita said as she meant to leave "your boyfriend?" Mark asked making Rita to stop 'could that be jealous?' Rita asked herself before turning "how could you think of it? My studies first before anything, I am not good in dating" Rita replied "sorry, am just kidding" Mark apologised "no problem, it's okay, take care and bye" Rita said as she waved her hand "bye" Mark responded as he turned to walk into his duty of making sure that the school classroom was all locked but was stopped by his friend "it's bad that you didn't notice me throughout today just because you were busy with your new babe, I wonder what makes us best friend when we don't normally talj" Mikhail complained making Mark to smile "why would you think of that ? You know that it wasn't easy, I couldn't just leave them when they need my attention, you just have to understand" Mark replied although he felt bad "I know and I understand, I just want to know if you still recognized me" Mikhail said as they bursts out laughing After much discussion, they bid each others goodbye and Mikhail left Just then, Lucy walked out of the class James was upstairs with Phillip and Becky watching when Mark was laughing and chatting with Mikhail but kept calm Immediately Lucy walked out, Becky touched James and show him Lucy whom they thought must have left since, he rushed out just to be with her, so as to make Mark feel jealous but before he could get down, Lucy was already discussing with Mark "am sorry about what happened" Lucy apologised "But what was that for?" Mark asked "it wasn't intentional" Lucy replied bending down her head "it's okay, just take care of yourself while going" Mark said James in the other hand, walked back to get his bag "you too, please don't stay long and I will like to speak with you on phone" Lucy said while Mark smiled "no problem then, bye" Mark said and Lucy responded Few minutes later, James walked down by then, Mark was walking back to the classes but James blocked him as he placed his hand on his waist "and what's the meaning of this?" Mark asked almost getting angry "I have only one message to drop for you" James said but Mark didn't say a word but was just looking at him "I want to give you 2 days opportunity but after that 2 days, then Lucy will be mine" James said as he brought out his hand "let's bet it" James added keeping a mean face Tbc please like and comment

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