Opana - The Coffin Maker

Opana the coffin maker episode 84 – finale

Opana – Episode 84
© Akoto Alexander
At the Village Hospital:
Opana: Nurse can you please admit me and put a drip on me as your doctor comes in to examine me?
Nurse: That is not how we do things over here sir. We don’t just admit patients and then straightforward we infuse drip into their system.
Opana: (raising his voice) Young woman am talking about a matter of life and death. As am standing here, I can feel am half dead and am playing an extra time of my life right this moment.
Doctor: (walks in) This place is a no noise zone so who are those who have turned this place into a market square? What is the noise here all about?
Opana: Doc it is good you are here, I want your nurse to admit me and put a drip on me but she is doing long. Please I want you to order her to immediately do the needful before the unexpected happens to me.
Doctor: (recognises Opana) Please can everyone excuse us right now? I need to have a brief discussion with this man before I commence anything medical. You can wait outside the ward and come in when we are done. (everyone walks out leaving the doctor and Opana)
Opana: Doc please time is my greatest enemy now so please start with the treatment, whether you will administer some injections or drugs to me, am willing to comply. Settling my medical expenses wouldn’t be a big deal at all, saving my life is the most important thing now because I don’t want to die anytime soon. Life is very sweet and this the time for me to enjoy from my labour.
Doctor: Oh I see, so you fear death huh?
Opana: Ah doc paaa, who in his or her right senses will see death coming and he or she will go and meet or hug death? Even Jesus Christ who was God’s beloved son and resurrected people from the dead was afraid when his time of dying was near, during his eleventh hour prayer, he pleaded with God for death to pass him by if possible so how much more me, a common coffin maker.
Doctor: I see, so you fear death that much and you came here to offer me money or should I say bribe to start killing my patients? Don’t worry I have made up my mind to comply with your request starting with you right now. Please lie down on the bed so I inject you with some poisonous injection.
Opana: (sweating and feeling the heat) Oh doc so what will you gain when I die finally, I realised I was very wrong the moment you sent me out of your office. That is why I didn’t come back for any protest on my money that you confiscated, see erh I did an intercessory prayer for myself for a wh0le week asking for forgiveness from God. The bible say God is faithful and just, if you confess your sins and repent from it. I am a repented soul now and doctor if you don’t forgive me for my past evil intentions, I will be dead in some few minutes time. I drunk something which I got to know later that it contains poisonous substance in it, please save my life so that I can also testify the goodness of the Lord.
Doctor: Because you have shown some signs of remorsefulness I will consider you and treat you, I pray am able to flush the poison from your system because I don’t know how powerful the poison is. I will first give you some anti-poison injections to sublime the poison then take some samples of your blood and urine to the lab to run some test. After that I will know what step to take.
Opana: Doc please do anything and everything humanly possible to save my life, I don’t want to die any time soon.
Doctor: Well am not God so let’s hope and pray. Ermmm nurse come in right now for us to commence treatment this man.
Fast Forward:
The doctor takes samples of Opana’s urine and blood to the lab to see the kind of posion in his system but after running a lot of test, he sees no substance of poison in Opana’s blood stream or system. He comes back to inform Opana about his findings and discharge him but Opana saw it very difficult to accept the doctor’s statement. To make Opana feel okay, the doctor prescribed some drugs for Opana to go and get on his way home. His bill was also given to him to settle, later they all moved home and getting home the family engaged in merry making after the purpose of coming back to the village was announced. Opana gladly accepted Henrietta and praised his son for coming home with an educated, soft spoken, gorgeous and elegant lady. He gave his blessings and in no time Akua Yankey served them with food at the dining table, Opana ate the food as if his life depended on it. Later Mike and Henrietta asked for permission to go back to the city, Opana went into his room to shower and that was when he realised he took a wrong bottle to the river that morning. The bottle he took to the river contained water and salt solution which he uses to gargle his mouth before brushing his teeth, he gave a big breathe, did a cross sign on his face then immediately took the poison to the toilet and poured everything into it and threw the bottle away.
Mike and Henrietta got to Accra and decided to check on Quincy as to how he was fairing after he was hung on the fan like slaughtered animal in the abattoir.
Julia’s End:
Henrietta Barnor: Baby I need to make a private call so I will join you guys when am done.
Michael Ansah: Okay my heartbeat, please becareful out there because some of those bad guys might still be out there. (walks into the house)
Julia: (attacks Mike as he enters) And what is this Judas doing here this evening?
Maame Dufie: Julia please take it easy on him, give him the opportunity for him to explain himself. Mike thanks for passing by.
Julia: Explain what? What has he got to say after he made a full out of me? All this I thought he was madly in love with me, not knowing he was making a fool out of me.
Michael Ansah: My dear I understand your anger and even if you want to pounce on me and tear me apart, you have a case. Julia I have always liked you but I love someone else, this wasn’t how I wanted things to happen between us, you have been a strong pillar behind me for a very long time and doing you wrong is something that has never crossed my mind. Please find a place in your heart and forgive me, I have erred and forgiving me is the only thing that can bring peace and harmony between us. Just take and accept me as your brother and I promise never to make you regret ever doing so.
Julia: Are you listening to the nonsense coming out from your mouth? I should take you as my brother, is it as my elder brother or younger brother? If you have forgotten, my late mother gave birth to only me so don’t say anything that will call for my anger this evening. You know what, get out of my house before I do something nasty to you.
Maame Dufie: Julia please calm down, it hasn’t gotten to this. At least listen to what Mike has to say, I believe he came here for a reason.
Michael Ansah: Thank you very much Dufie, I am aware Quincy is squatting with you ladies for the mean time as his place still remains a crime scene. I came to check on how he is fairing and also apologise to your sister for her to know I value our friendsh¡p and am very grateful for everything she did for me.
Julia: Now that you have registered you reason for coming here this evening, you know the way to the door.
Quincy: (joins them from his room) Hey f****** man, I didn’t know you meant your words when you said you will come here in the evening to check up on me. Hope your journey to the village was good?
Michael Ansah: It was a hell of a time and I will give you the details later. I can see you are getting better by the minute so I will take leave now and check on you later when the atmosphere is conducive. (walks to the door)
Julia: Before you get out of this place Mike, did you deliver the package I gave to you to my boss? He is accusing me doublecrossing him and not delivering his consignment to him.
Michael Ansah: Quincy should be the one to answer that question, I had a running stomach that morning when I was to deliver the package so I handed it over to him so he delivered it on your behalf. If there are any questions you can direct it to him.
Julia: Quincy what happened to the package Mike gave you to deliver to my boss? Did you hand it over to him or not?
Quincy: (stands for a while as he cast his mind back on what he heard the guys said when they invaded his place) Oh no, I think I changed the package with that of Mike’s feces and submitted the package to the hospital lab.
Henrietta Barnor: (walks in) Hi guys, I hope am not interrupting anything here?
Maame Dufie: (quickly replies) Not at all my dear, let me take this opportunity to thank you for what you did the other time. If not for your timely intervention I don’t know what might happen to me.
Henrietta Barnor: Don’t mention, I was only doing my job. I was eavesdropping on your conversation and I have a plan to retrieve your missing package but first, I want to know what that package contained. (everyone turns his eyes on Julia)
Julia: Why is everyone looking at me like am an alien? Okay I will be honest here, the package contained the world’s most expensive diamonds, I mean the black diamond. If you can help us to retrieve it, I will divide it into equal parts for everyone in this room to get his or her share. Now can you tell us your plan?
Henrietta Barnor: I will handcuff Quincy to the hospital lab and threaten the lab technicians to get me the package Quincy came to deliver sometime back.
They all agreed to Henrietta’s plan and the next day, as planned the met at the hospital and Henrietta put her plan to action whiles the others waited in the car.
At the Hospital Laboratory:
Henrietta Barnor: Good day gentlemen and lady, I am Special Agent Barnor from the Interpol. This youngman in handcuffs, came to deliver a container which contains some expensive diamonds in it. Am here with him to retrieve it and would love for you to cooperate fully with me.
Chief Lab Technician: Excuse me madam, please when exactly was the said container brought here so I check through our records books.
Henrietta Barnor: You heard the man so answer him.
Quincy: I brought the container here about a month ago.
Chief Lab Technician: I was on leave then but I believe going through our records we will get to the root of the matter. Youngman what is your name and what was the appointment you had here about?
Quincy: My name is Quincy Ofori but my name is not in your records book, I only came to deliver the container on behalf of my friend called Michael Ansah who had developed some severe running stomach and I mistakenly exchanged the container which had the diamonds in it. Actually I handed the container over to my late girlfriend Maabena Boaduwaa who was a nurse over here to deliver it for me.
Lab Technician: Oh I remember now, she placed the container at the corner of the drawer over there and left without saying anything. I nearly threw that container away yesterday when we were clean this place.
Chief Lab Technician: I now remember your face gentleman but what got you involved in such a mess. I know you to be a very responsible person so where from this Interpol problem?
Henrietta Barnor: Am sorry this is a highly classified matter that can’t be discussed outside. Youngman please can you get me the container because time is our greatest enemy here right now.
Lab Technician: (moves to a locker and brings a container out) Madam please this is the container Maabena brought the other time, please check if everything is intact.
Henrietta Barnor: (opens and closes the container) I can’t tell by just looking at it but trust me, you will see my face here again even if one stone is missing. Have a nice day and remember to keep our little visit classified. (walks out with Quincy)
Julia, Maame Dufie, Mike, Quincy and Henrietta shared the diamonds equally.
Some days later, The Boss, Albert, Karl Simpson and their boys were arranged before court and they were found guilty for murder, drug peddling, money laundering, illegal possession of firearms and kidnapping. The Boss was sentenced to life imprisonment and all his properties were confiscated, Albert was given 48years sentence. Karl Simpson petitioned the American government to come to his aid because he wanted to face his trial in his motherland. He was expatriated back to America where he was also hand 80years imprisonment sentence.
Julia and Quincy later started dating, with the money they got from the diamonds they sold, they applied for a British visa and relocated to London.
Mike and Henrietta got married some months later and moved to the States where Henrietta is pregnant at the moment. The money they got from their diamond sales, they set up an event center which is been managed by Mike’s sister Leticia.
Opana never confessed his bad ways to anyone but he has changed into a better man and has opened the biggest cold store in and around his village for his wife.
Adjoa Bernice is currently in the university reading law.
The End.
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Thanks to the most High God for this wonderful gift of imagining the unthinkable and being consistent in my write-up. To my family, I remain grateful for your support and encouragement. To my super fans who help me in sharing and spreading the story across, I really appreciate your kindness. To my fabulous fans who call, whatsapp and message me to encourage me to keep the good work up, I remain indebted to you. Oh but how can I forget my silent majority folks, you guys s-ck and you know you can do better than what you are doing. In the coming years you should watch out for my *Website and the Akoto Alexander Imagination Story App on Google Playstore* for all my complied works. Also am opened for any business deals and positive collaborations that will project us to the world.
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