Pandora episode 28

Episode 28
I ran deep into the wild,running at a non stop speed.My mind was filled with hatred,anger and urge to quit my mission.Admist my running mania,I felt the presence of an invisible figure following me.At first,I cared less about it,thinking it’ll back off later but I was wrong.It kept following me till I was forced to stop and look back.I couldn’t see anyone but I knew someone was following me.Suddenly,I felt a hærd hit on my head and everything blacked out.I passed out on s₱0t immediately.
Byron and his Royal guards sped at an indefinite speed towards the path that led to Argalon.They went past Astoria and Rivendell but Byron’s mind wasn’t diverted there.Towards the late exit from the two cities,he had somehow developed a strong hatred for them,even his own father’s land,Astoria.Few hours after the journey,they went past the borders of the two cities,making them see Argalon at a glance from where they were.Byron smiled at himself,hoping to see his long lost sister very quickly.Few minutes later,they arrived at the kingdom’s main entrance gate.A guard opened a small door.
“Who are you all and what do you seek here?” The guard asked politely and as one of Byron’s guard made to speak,Byron halted him and came down from his cart,advancing towards the gate as he was a bit spaced from the gate before…
“I am King Byron,sole ruler of the city of Avalon and I came here in search of someone very special” Byron said and the guard reluctantly opened the kingdom gate,letting Byron and his guards in,side.
“Sorry sire but you’ll have to meet the king first” the guard reminded and Byron smiled.
“Very well Young man,I know that before” Byron said and the guard led the way towards the Argalon king palace,King Moraes.Byron,on approaching the palace met Lin and Pasiphae outside.Immediately they saw Byron,they both became shocked and surprised and while still speechless,Hercules,Shyla and Roy arrived at the place too .
“King…..B…..Byron? What are you doing here in Argalon?” Pasiphae asked as they all were still trying to figure out what might have brought Byron to Argalon.Byron kept mum for a while before speaking up.
“Am here to see Pan….Pandora” Byron said,forcing Pandora’s name out of his mouth.
“It’s been long I’ve seen her and I’ve missed her so much” Byron said and they all looked at each other.For a while,everywhere was mute but later,Hercules broke the silence.
“Pandora is no longer with us…….She is gone to where no one knows” Hercules said and Byron smiled.
“I think you’re not getting it.I mean Pandora Edwards….My sister!!!” Byron said,his voice getting violent.
“Your majesty….you see,few days ago,a terrible incident broke out here when a resurrected powerful hunter stormed Argalon.None of us could defeat him,not even Pandora herself but somehow,there was this man that appeared who attended to the situation….His name is Durham” Hercules said and on hearing the name Durham,Byron eyes w¡dened as he moved closer to Hercules.
“What has Durham done to my sister? He killed my wife already….What has he done to Pandora again!!!” Byron asked,speaking at the topmost of his voice.
“He has done nothing to Pandora…Pandora used a sort of magic on the hunter but it backfired when the hunter tried to zap her with his powers.Lexi absorbed the attack,killing him on s₱0t” Roy said,his voice began to shake as he remembered the cold death that took Lexi’s life.
“Lexi is dead…..And Pandora blamed herself for his death.She ran out of Argalon that same moment,saying she quits everything about her” Roy added as hot tears began to stream down everyone’s eyes present there,including Byron.
“No…..No this can’t be true….Where did she head to?” Byron asked
“No one knows up till today” Lin said and turned to go.
I regained consciousness,finding myself in a strange place.Everywhere evolved fire as the seconds tickled.I tried to get up from where I was with my blurry vision but I discovered I had been chained down with Hell chains,a chain that can only be broken by Lucifer,god of evil.I shouted for help or at least to get someone’s attention but all was futile.Few moments later,a man came into where I was.My vision wasn’t still clear though.
“Who the hell are you and what did you want from me?” I asked furiously with the little strength remaining in me.
“Welcome to my abode,the great beholder of the spirit of Waal.My name is Lucifer,evil of all evils,the evil in man’s mind” He said to my hearing.I don’t know where the courage came from but I stood my ground,not afraid.I managed to stand up,not seeing clearly as the chains on my hands rattled endlessly.Hot mist covered everywhere and then suddenly I coughed.I began to imagine how ugly and scary Lucifer will be when my sight balances,I mean with his red snake eyes and ugly red horns.I’ve only read about him in books of supernaturals owned by my mom before her demise.To my greatest disappointment,when I gained full balance of my sight,Lucifer is not really what I thought he will look like.He is very handsome,with a cute pair of dimples,toppled up with a pure of white dazzling dentition and…….”oh come on stop it Pandora” I said in my mind.Damn,Lucifer looks so harmless.
“Why did you bring me here?” I asked him.
“Oh Pandora,the most bravest woman in her prime,your powers can’t help you here now.I can see that you defeated Taong and his sidekick,Dean with the help of your friends and now you think you can defeat me?” Lucifer said and laughed as his dimples looks so attractive.To be honest,I was beginning to question myself if Hercules is really as cute as Lucifer but still,I proved bravery.
“You’re going down if you try shit with me” I said as I tried to move but the chains burnt me severely.Nothing feels so hot.
“Well well Pandora,I want to propose a sweet deal with you and if you can impress me,I’ll let you go but if you fail,you will be my mistress forever” Lucifer said.I couldn’t believe my ears but still,I had no options.It’s the only way to get myself out of the mess am in.Steadily,I still wasn’t regretting why I left Argalon……..
🔰Pandora in Lucifer’s abode.Will she pass the challenge coming forth or she will fail and be Lucifer’s wife?

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