Pride – episode 8


Those Of You That Guessed Frank Should Add
Me Up, I Have A Surprise For You ‘
We moved to his office only for me to see frank
sitting in his office
Me- frank
Matthew – you know him
Frank – wait wait you Matthew can do this how
will be dating a girl I crush on
Matthew – look frank you crush on sade you
be joking
Frank brought out his gun but Matthew boys
bring out their guns
Matthew – bring the gun down or else
Frank – you think you can threaten me I swear I
will get back to you and you matthew don’t try
get back to Africa cause I will surely gun you
Matthew – who told you, you are going home
boys take him
Frank- Matthew you better prepare your own
grave now am
Matthew shot frank straight at his head and he
died immediately
Me- omg Matthew how could you do this
Matthew – boys take him away from here dump
him at his house
They left us
Matthew – dear you better don’t say this to
anyone what you see here must be a secret
I left the office and head for my car
Matthew – why you going away are you angry at
Me- Matthew look it best I go now or else I
might harm myself here with what you did to
frank how could you how you a beast
I left him and drive straight to my house
The next morning I woke up early prepared for
office and drive down to the company
I had some meetings with some investors, i also
did a check up on the work progress on our
goods that are been exported to China
Me- ola what up
Ola- big sis am good ohh already done with the
work you gave me
Me- so hope you got the culprits
Ola- a certain John Reyes and according to my
research a computer from your company was
used the IMF code is 3246************77
Me- wow OK let me check whose computer that
Me- hello
Engineer – hello ma
Me- can you please check the computer with
IMF for me 3246********77
Engineer – ok ma
After 10 minutes
Engineer – hello ma
Me- yeah so have you seen the computer
Engineer – yes it your computer ma
Me- you mean my computer
Engineer – yes ma
Me- ok
How could this be my computer was used for
spam and who is this John Reyes of a guy
Me- hellp chief security can you come to my
Chief security – yes ma
Few minutes later
Me- I want you to do something for me can you
check out the CCTV footage of everybody that
walked right into my office from 4 weeks ago
Chief – yes ma
After two days
Me- so chief how about what I asked you to do
Chief – yes ma I already did the footage but I
noticed something suspicious ma Me- yes
Chief – one of the cleaners that was recently
employed tempered with you computer Me-
Chief – look at this
He showed me a video of a guy pressing my
computer on three occasions Me- who is he
Chief – his name is Sam smith
Me- hello Mrs tonia can you call me Sam Smith
he is one of those newly employed cleaners
Tonia- ma he already resigned ma
Me- what?
Me- are you sure
Tonia- yes ma he resigned last week Tuesday
Me- ok
Me- ehmm chief do you have his address or
contact so we can know where he lives
Chief – no ma but I think this case should be
reported to the police as fast as possible
Me- yeah yeah call the police and inform them
of this issue then go to the precinct to give
them the full details of the case I will contact
the fraud case department here we will also
begin our investigation and search for that
bloody fool criminal
Chief – yes ma
Me- hello mr Tom come over to my office right
Minutes later
Mr Tom – ma you sent for me
Me- yeah am sure you must have heard about
the fraud case going on in this company
Tom- yes ma we are still trying to figure out
who the criminal is
Me- well I know who it Sam Smith one of our
cleaners we employed few weeks ago
Tom- he is also our suspect but we don’t have
proof against him
Me- look at you guys you call yourself
competent crime fighter but you could not do
your job
Tom- ma it not that ma what happened was he
has programmed some softwares on his
computer so we find it absolutely impossible to
get him
Me- impossible uhggggg you are not fit for this
job come here look at this who is that
He watched the ccty footage of Sam in my
Tom- wow but am sorry to ask how did you get
this information about Smith
Me- you wanna know I contact my account spy
to do that for me
Tom- ok ma but this is not a solid lead ma
Me- are you so dumb do you think this is all I
have against him look here I know he is not
doing this alone one of you here helped him out
I mean he got in here within a month and he
did that
Tom- I will make sure that f-cking ass is caught
Me- you better do so you can go
Me- secretary come in
Secretary – ma
Me- I want you to print a suspension letter for
the accountant it should be an indefinite
suspension about the going scandal issue in the
Secretary – yes ma
I left office early visited the police station first
before going home
Later that night I visited a popular club at Dubai
named Rose gold. Lot of celebrity love coming
there to pass time chill out rest and dance away
their sorrows
I was in the bar drinking vodka when a guy
approached me
Guy- babe whatzup
Me- am good
Guy- you figure already says so am Rick
Me- sade
Rick- you an African
Me- yeah Nigeria to be precise
Rick – wow am from south Africa
Me- ok nice meeting you
Rick – do you care let dance
Me- no am okay right here
Rick- you not It shows clearly on your face you
not so let dance
Me- hmmm ok let go
We danced danced I felt really relaxed around
him like I already knew him before
After about 1hour of dancing we both head
Me- wow you really a good dancer
Rick- who wouldn’t wanna be one for you
Me- this is my card you can call me later
Rick- ok babe
Just then five guy Showed up from nowhere
Guy1- you stop there
Rick – who daa hell are you to
Guy1- guys deal with this fool
The first guy tried to punch rick but he dodged
it then gave the guy a uppercut punch that sent
the guy to the floor another guy tried to kick
him but he held his legs twisted it then roll him
away just then one of those guys kicked him
from the back and he moved forward but was
punched by the leader I guess. Rick fell down,
one of those guys tried to hold him down but he
sent him back with his super kick. He stood up
to face the guys just then they brought out their
guns immediately Rick put his hands at his back
and brought out a gun immediately shooting
one of those guys
Rick- let go babe
We ran really fast but the guys followed us they
keep shooting at us but thank God we were not
Rick- babe stay over there let me get rid of
these bastards
Me- be careful
He left and after few minutes he was back with
a car
Rick – get in
Me- wow
Rick – do you know those guys
Me- not really but I suspect someone
Rick – who is that
Me- a guy that is really obsessed with me
Matthew by name a big time drug lord
Rick – wow so I don’t think it advisable you go
home tonight why not stay somewhere else
Me- wait are you a police or something
Rick- no am a business man but I learnt karate
at China and shooting at London before setting
up my own empire MAGLIPON EMPIRE
Me- wow so what is your empire all about
Rick – lot of business like textile production
security firms travels and tours  agency with
other business
Hmmmm this guy dosent look rich ohhhh well
he can protect me and he is handsome
Rick – so where will you stay or you won’t mind
sleeping at my house
Me- ughhhhhh hey guys
Should I say yes?


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