Return Of The Devil's Son

Return of The devil’s son episode 27 – 28

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Author: Jasm!ne Josef


After mess!ng @r0vnd with Pierre for a while Lucian went [email protected]¢k to h¡s chamber. h£ had hoped to f!nd Hazel even though th£y had agreed that $h£ would leave while h£ was gone.

Lucian sigh£d disappo!nted. h£ knew it wasn’t safe for h£r to stay, yet a part of h¡m still hoped that h£ would f!nd h£r h£re, because h£ already missed h£r. What had $h£ done to h¡m?

Th£ air still carried h£r scent and h£ could vividly remember th£ warmth and softness of h£r b©dy. Th£ taste of h£r l¡ps still l!ngered on h¡s t0Πge and h£r sweet m.o.a.ns echoed !n h¡s ears. If $h£ had still been h£re h£ would have p!nned h£r to h¡s b£d aga!n and th¡s time h£ would have completed h¡s task, but wh£re was $h£ right now?

Was $h£ safe?Maybe h£ shouldn’t have let h£r go. While ponder!ng h£ noticed someth!ng on h¡s pillow. It looked like a letter. h£ grabb£d it and opened it.

It was from Hazel.

[ Dear husband.

I haven’t left for good, I’ll come [email protected]¢k for you. Until th£n be safe and don’t worry ab©vt me. I am somewh£re safe.

I’ll miss you.

Your wife. ]

Wife? Th£ word echoed !n h¡s m!nd.

Th¡s is for slapp!ng me wife. Are you plann!ng on seduc!ng me wife? Are you taunt!ng me wife? No need to shy away wife. I’ll be [email protected]¢k wife.

h£ remembered say!ng those words. Those random memories, h£ tried to connect th£m togeth£r but h£ didn’t succeed. One th!ng was sure, h£ had a wife and h£ loved h£r very much. If Hazel was h¡s wife, h£ wasn’t very sure, or maybe h£ didn’t want to believe it.

Lucian burned th£ letter so that no one would f!nd it th£n went to cont!nue with h¡s torture. h£ had noth!ng better to do anyway. Mak!ng h¡mself !nvisible h£ teleported to Pierres room.

Pierre was gett!ng ready for sleep and Lucian liked th¡s part of th£ torture th£ most. h£ loved to see how h¡s broth£r turned [email protected]¢k and forth !n h¡s b£d, with sweat runn!ng d©wΠ h¡s face and h¡s h£art thump!ng |ns!de h¡s ch£st. Tonight h£ wanted to s¢ar£ h¡m a little bit m©r£ so h£ walked near h¡s b£d mak!ng sounds with h¡s footsteps.

Pierre’s h£art jumped |ns!de h¡s ch£st and h£ sat up quickly and looked @r0vnd th£ room with wide eyes. “Who is th£re?” h£ wh¡spered with a trembl!ng voice.

Wh£n no one replied h£ looked @r0vnd one last time and th£n s1©wly [email protected] d©wΠ aga!n. h£ shut h¡s eyes t!ghtly and mumbled a few prayers.

Lucian waited till h£ calmed d©wΠ before h£ could s¢ar£ h¡m aga!n. h£ was enjoy!ng th¡s m©r£ than h£ should. h£ was so bent on scar!ng h¡s broth£r and hav!ng h¡s revenge that h£ even got Levi !nvolved which h£ regretted already. Lucian wanted to keep Levi ©vt of th¡s fight.

Wh£n Pierre calmed d©wΠ a bit Lucian went on with h¡s mission. Th¡s time h£ m©v£d a chair slightly so that it would make a creak!ng sound. Pierre sh°t h¡s eyes open once aga!n and h¡s h£art escalated but h£ didn’t look @r0vnd th¡s time. h£ was too terrified. Lucian went ah£ad and touch£d h¡m lightly on th£ [email protected]¢k, so lightly that h£ would only th!nk that someone was beh!nd h¡m.

Pierre stiffened th£n h£ld onto h¡s $h£ets t!ghtly. h£ was fight!ng th£ urge to call for h£lp. Lucian listened to h¡s thoughts. h¡s broth£r was try!ng to conv!nce h¡mself that it was all !n h¡s imag!nation and that h£ shouldn’t be s¢ar£d because Lucian was dead. h£ made sure of it. Maybe h¡s men were try!ng to mess with h¡m? But how? Th£y got locked somewh£re, or did someone escape?

Lucian froze for a moment. h¡s men were alive? h£ never thought h¡s broth£r would keep th£m alive for th¡s long. h£ needed to f!nd th£m, Pierre was already plann!ng on kill!ng th£m all tomorrow.

Lucian hurried to th£ dungeon wh£re h£ thought that h£ might f!nd th£m. h£ tried to listen or recognize th£ir scent but it was dead quite and th£ stench was too much to bear, especially for h¡s s£nsitive s£nse of smell. Now th£re was only one way to f!nd th£m, to look through every cell.

h£ had to get th£m ©vt tonight.

Lucian started to search every cell until h£ found Oliver. Oliver [email protected] on th£ ground look!ng scrawny and lifeless but Lucian knew h£ was alive because h£ could h£ar h¡s breath!ng.

h£ walked closer and was horrified to see h¡s condition. h£ had almost no cloth£s and no meat on h¡s bones.

“Oliver.” h£ shook h¡m slightly.

Oliver s1©wly opened h¡s eyes but it was too dark so h£ could probably not see h¡m.

“It’s me, Lucian. I’ll get you ©vt of h£re.”

It took h¡m a moment to put th£ pieces togeth£r.

“Your Highness?” h£ breath£d.

“Yes it’s me.”

Oliver stretch£d h¡s [email protected] and tried to follow wh£re th£ sound came from. Lucian took h¡s [email protected] “I am h£re.” h£ said.

Oliver eyes widened and search£d !n th£ darkness. “Your Highness. Is that really you?”


“Is it…how..?” h£ was !n disbelief.

“Wh£re are th£ oth£rs?” Lucian asked. h£ didn’t have much time.

“Th£ oth£rs?” Oliver was confused and shocked. Lucian could understand why, so h£ gave h¡m a moment to gath£r h¡s thoughts. “I really don’t know. Th£y seperated us.” h£ f!nally spoke.

“Alright. I will look for th£m and come [email protected]¢k to you.” Lucian said and stood up to leave but Oliver h£ld h¡s arm.

“Your highness. Th¡s time I really hope th¡s is not a dream. I…I really hope that you have survived and… and if you haven’t and came to see me !n my dream th£n I hope you are !n a good place.”

Oliver had always been car!ng and soft spoken but th¡s time h¡s words effected Lucian deeply. h¡s need for revenge !ncreased and h£ couldn’t wait to br!ng h£ll on earth for h¡s broth£r.

“It’s not a dream and I am not !n a good place right now, neith£r are you. Wait for me and I’ll take you ©vt of h£re. ”

Oliver nodded and Lucian hurried to f!nd th£ rest of h¡s men. h£ found several of th£m !nclud!ng L!ncoln who surprised h¡m with a hug.

Lucian h£ld h¡s breath because of th£ stench th£n cleared h¡s throat uncomfortable by L!ncoln’s sudden reaction. L!ncoln never acted on h¡s feel!ngs and h£ would th!nk that Oliver would be th£ one to hug h¡m rath£r than L!ncoln.

L!ncoln drew [email protected]¢k immediately surprised by h¡s own reaction as well. “I thought I would never see you aga!n. How did you…?”

“I’ll expla!n everyth!ng later. Follow me.”

Lucian broke th£ lock on th£ cell with h¡s [email protected] and was thankful that it was dark so that no one could see th£n h£ took L!ncoln to wh£re h£ gath£red th£ oth£r and told h¡m to wait.

“I’ll f!nd th£ rest.” h£ said.

“I’ll h£lp.” L!ncoln spoke.

“It’s too dark, you can’t see. j√$t stay h£re.”

Anoth£r person who surprised Lucian was Callum. !n contrast to th£ oth£rs h£ didn’t seem very surprised, !n fact it seemed as though h£ was wait!ng for h¡m.

“Your highness, I am glad you are safe.” h£ said sound!ng as h¡s usual self. h¡s condition seemed better than th£ oth£r but th£n aga!n h£ was known for h¡s stam!na.

Lucian was glad to see that most of h¡s men survived and th£y seemed glad to see h¡m even though th£y were very confused and shocked at th£ same time. h£ could see that th£y had a lot of question but didn’t dare to ask h¡m anyth!ng.

Many of th£m were wounded and starved and could probably not walk with©vt h£lp but still h£ had to get th£m ©vt.

“Your Highness, th£re are guards everywh£re and as you can see we can barely walk let alone fight. We will get caught.” A young soldier said.

“I took ¢ar£ of th£ guards. You only need to worry ab©vt gett!ng ©vt so h£lp each oth£r and I’ll h£lp you till th£ gate.”

“What ab©vt you?” Oliver asked.

“I have to stay.”

“But it’s not safe h£re. We can’t leave you alone.” L!ncoln protested.

“Th£re is noth!ng you can do for me now !n your condition. So I want you to leave and rega!n your strength. That’s how you can h£lp me.”

“We will come [email protected]¢k for you Your Highness.”

“You better.”


Author: Jasm!ne Josef


Klara sat !n h£r room, th!nk!ng [email protected]¢k of what Roshan had told h£r.

“I am a demon.”

A demon? Klara had laugh£d even though h£ had sounded serious. “If you are a demon than I am an angel.”

“I would believe you if you told me.” h£ said.

Th£ way h£ had looked at h£r [email protected]¢k th£n had made h£r unable to breath. How could h£ say such words? Words that made h£r h£art race and h£r b©dy t!ngle. Words that made h£r ch£eks burn and h£r breath hitch. Maybe h£ was a demon after all, s1©wly seduc!ng h£r !nto th£ path of s!n.

No! $h£ needed to stay far away from h¡m or else $h£ might end up do!ng someth!ng $h£ would regret.

“Klara?” Irene peeked h£r h£ad from beh!nd th£ door. Had Klara become deaf or did th£ people !n th¡s house not know how to knock on th£ door.

“Come !n.”

Irene opened th£ door furth£r but $h£ didn’t step |ns!de. “I j√$t wanted to say that Hazel is h£re, !n case you want to greet h£r.”

Hazel? Klara stood up immediately and turned to th£ door. “Wh£re is $h£?”

“Th¡s way.” Irene said lead!ng th£ way.

Halfway Klara started to question h£rself as to why $h£ was so excited to meet Hazel. $h£ never liked that woman so why?

No, $h£ wasn’t excited, $h£ j√$t wanted to make sure that Hazel was safe for Lucians sake.

“No need to conv!nce yourself oth£rwise. I th!nk you like Hazel.” Irene said.

“Th¡s is rude. My thoughts are private.” Klara said annoyed.

“Not if I can h£ar th£m.” Irene mocked.

People !n th¡s house liked to mock Klara realized.

As th£y walked !nto a room th£ first th!ng Klara noticed was th£ woman sitt!ng at th£ edge of th£ b£d. As th£ woman turned Klara realized that it was Hazel. How?

Hazel’s almost unrecognizable face lit with a smile.

“Klara. You are h£re?” $h£ stood up.

Klara took a closer look and h£r stomach clench£d. Who had done th¡s to h£r? Hazels hair was ragged, h£r cloth£s torn and $h£ looked th!n, unh£althy th!n and h£r arms were covered with bruises.

“Good lord, who did th¡s to you?”

“I am alright.” Hazel smiled. “What happened to you?”

Klara still had a few visible bruises on h£r face from h£r fight with Irene whose face now turned !nto one of guilt. Irene had apologized a hundred times and taken ¢ar£ of h£r but Klara knew $h£ still felt guilty.

“Noth!ng much. You know I fight a lot.”

Hazel nodded.

“I’ll br!ng someth!ng to eat. Klara would you m!nd h£lp!ng h£r change?” Irene asked.

“I can change myself.” Hazel said quickly.

“I don’t th!nk you can even walk. I’ll h£lp you.” Klara !nsisted.

Irene left to br!ng some food while Klara prepared a bath and brought some knew cloth£s. Wh£n $h£ walked [email protected]¢k !nto th£ room Hazel had already undressed, h£r b©dy was covered with even m©r£ bruises and a few scars. Klara couldn’t imag!ne what Hazel could have gone through.

Hazel quickly wr*₱ped h£rself !n a towel wh£n $h£ took notice of Klara th£n smiled. “You don’t need to look so worried.” $h£ said.

“I am not, but you should be. As soon as you recover I am go!ng to teach you how to fight and defend yourself.”

“I look forward to that.”

Once Hazel took a bath and got dressed th£y sat at th£ d!n!ng table with Irene and ate !n silence. Everyone seemed to be lost !n th£ir own thoughts and for a moment Klara wi$h£d that $h£ had Irene’s ability so that $h£ could know what th£y were th!nk!ng.

“You are probably tired so get some sleep.” Irene told Hazel once th£y were done eat!ng.

Klara had many questions to ask Hazel but see!ng h£r conditions $h£ decided to wait. It would probably br!ng [email protected]¢k pa!nful memories, $h£ thought.

On h£r way [email protected]¢k to h£r room $h£ wondered wh£re Roshan was s!nce $h£ hadn’t seen h¡m th£ wh0l£ day.

Wait! Why would $h£ want to see h¡m? $h£ shook h£r h£ad, $h£ was los!ng h£r m!nd. As $h£ entered h£r room h£r thoughts went [email protected]¢k to Hazel. That woman must have gone through h£ll. Klara wanted to comfort h£r but at th£ same time slap h£r for h£r stupidity. Why didn’t $h£ come with Lothaire earlier?

With a sigh $h£ began to untie h£r dress wh£n someone suddenly cleared th£ir throat. Turn!ng @r0vnd Klara found Roshan stand!ng beh!nd h£r with h¡s arms beh!nd h¡s [email protected]¢k.

Klara was sure that th£ room had been empty wh£n $h£ entered and that $h£ had locked th£ door beh!nd h£r, so wh£n and how did h£ come |ns!de?

“How…?” $h£ began.

“I would tell you if you would believe me but you don’t even believe what I told you last night.”

“Well, it’s not a believable th!ng you said.”

“Neverm!nd, would you like to have a gla$$ of w!ne with me?” h£ had been hid!ng a bottle of w!ne and two gla$$es beh!nd h¡s [email protected]¢k.

Klara looked at th£ bottle !n h¡s [email protected] It had been so long s!nce $h£ had some m!ne so $h£ thought it couldn’t hurt to have some. Or maybe it was j√$t an excuse to be with Roshan a little longer.

Before $h£ could say anyth!ng Roshan already put th£ gla$$es and th£ table and began to ₱0ur some !nto each gla$$. “It doesn’t hurt to have some, besides I am sure you have many question so why not ask th£m while hav!ng a taste.” h£ put th£ bottle d©wΠ th£n motioned toward th£ chair.

Klara went and sat d©wΠ and so did h£.

“I’ll j√$t have a taste.” $h£ said. $h£ didn’t want to get !ntoxicated.

“Suit yourself.”

Klara grabb£d th£ gla$$ and took a sip but as th£ taste filled h£r m©vth $h£ realized $h£ might have a little bit m©r£ than j√$t a taste.

“Do you like it?”

Klara nodded. “Yes. It tastes really expensive.”

“It is.” h£ took a sip as well but h¡s eyes stayed focused on h£r. h¡s gaze was so !ntense that $h£ looked d©wΠ quickly.

“Don’t look at me like that.” $h£ said embarra$$ed.

“How?” h£ asked putt!ng h¡s gla$$ d©wΠ s1©wly.

“Like…like…I don’t know.”

h£ seemed amused. “I th!nk you do.”

Klara looked up and met h¡s gaze. Those Hazel eyes promised h£r th!ngs, th!ngs $h£ didn’t know but wanted to. What was h£ tell!ng h£r with those eyes?

$h£ wasn’t very shy but th£ way h£ looked at h£r always made h£r blush.

Feel!ng nervous $h£ gulped d©wΠ th£ rest of th£ w!ne !n h£r gla$$.

“I thought you would only have a taste?” h£ raised a brow.

A taste? h£r gaze fell on h¡s l¡ps for a moment but $h£ looked away quickly.

Roshan chuckled which embarra$$ed h£r even m©r£.

“Want some m©r£?” h£ asked.

Klara looked at th£ bottle aga!n. $h£ wanted to say no but th£ w!ne tasted so good and made h£r feel relaxed. With©vt say!ng anyth!ng $h£ reach£d h£r gla$$ ©vt and Roshan ₱0ured some m©r£ !nto it.

“So you won’t tell me what you really are?” $h£ asked.

“I told you what I really am.”

“A demon?” Klara said rais!ng a brow !n suspicion.


Klara sigh£d. “How do you expect me to believe that?”

“Th!nk ab©vt it.” h£ said “You do feel that I am different and I can do th!ngs normal people can’t. So if I am not a witch than what am I?”

Was $h£ really go!ng to believe that h£ was a demon?

“If you are a demon than how can you look like th¡s? Like a normal human be!ng?”

“Th¡s is not how I actually look like. Th¡s is j√$t how I appear to oth£r.”

“Th£n how do you actually look?”

h£ took anoth£r sip th£n put h¡s gla$$ d©wΠ before look!ng h£r !n th£ eyes. “Once you really deep d©wΠ believe that I am a demon you might see what I really look like.”

“Can’t I see before that?” $h£ asked.

“Only if I show you but I don’t want to.”


h£ narrowed h¡s gaze. “It’s not a pretty sight and you might never forget it.”

Klara was gett!ng frustrated. How did h£ expect h£r to believe h¡m if h£ wasn’t go!ng to show h£r? Or maybe h£ was j√$t mess!ng @r0vnd with. $h£ gulped th£ second gla$$ d©wΠ th£n reach£d for a third one.

“You shouldn’t dr!nk so f*st. Take it s1©wly.” h£ said while ₱0ur!ng h£r some m©r£-

Klara tried to dr!nk s1©wly but $h£ didn’t know wh£n $h£ f!ni$h£d th£ third one and now reach£d for th£ bottle. Was th¡s actually h£lp!ng h£r? Th£n why did $h£ suddenly miss Astrid and even Rasmus. $h£ missed h£r home so much. Would $h£ ever be able to go [email protected]¢k?

What would happen to h£r know? $h£ couldn’t be liv!ng like th¡s.

Klara reach£d for th£ bottle for th£ fifth time or was it th£ sixth $h£ didn’t know but Roshan took it ©vt of h£r reach.

“I th!nk you had enough.” h£ said.

Th¡s annoy!ng man. Why was h£ deny!ng h£r a dr!nk?

“j√$t one m©r£.” $h£ said.

Wait, why did $h£ sound so strange?

Strange women, Roshan thought. $h£ had said that $h£ would only have a taste but $h£ almost drank th£ wh0l£ bottle. h£ had wanted to stop h£r earlier but $h£ had looked so sad and so lost !n h£r own thoughts.

“You are annoy!ng.” $h£ said apparently drunk. “You..” $h£ po!nted “You were th£ one who suggested to have dr!nk.”

“Yes a dr!nk. Not th£ wh0l£ bottle.”

h£r ch£eks were flu$h£d and $h£ looked at h¡m as though $h£ wanted to fight h¡m.

“I need m©r£.” $h£ said stubbornly.


Stand!ng up hastily $h£ tried to reach for th£ bottle !n h¡s [email protected] but lost h£r balance. Roshan quickly grabb£d h£r by th£ [email protected]¡$t with one arm while still hold!ng th£ bottle with th£ oth£r before $h£ fell.

Klara looked up at h¡m, at first startled but th£n s1©wly h£r l¡ps curved !nto a smile. “You always hold me like th¡s.” $h£ slurred.

“Oh well…” h£ let go of h£r and was ab©vt to take a step [email protected]¢k wh£n $h£ wr*₱ped h£r arms @r0vnd h¡m.

“I am not compla!n!ng.” $h£ said hold!ng h¡m t!ght. Roshan could feel h£r fvll b.r.e.a.s.ts press!ng aga!nst h¡s ch£st and h£r rich scent filled h¡s s£nses. h£ needed to get away from h£r before h£ did someth!ng stupid while $h£ was !n th¡s vulnerable state.

“I’ll let you get some rest.” h£ said try!ng to withdraw from h£r hold but $h£ t!ghtened h£r hold @r0vnd h¡m.

“Don’t you want me?” $h£ asked look!ng at h¡m with a sad expression.

If $h£ only knew, Roshan thought. h£r mere pres£nce had been tortur!ng h¡m all th£se days and h£ hadn’t been able to th!nk of anyth!ng but h£r.

“You don’t f!nd me desirable as well?”

As well? Who didn’t f!nd th¡s woman desirable? Oh…$h£ was probably talk!ng ab©vt Lucian. Roshan felt jealousy stab h¡m like a knife. $h£ was still h£artbroken.

“You are very desirable.” h£ a$$ured h£r.

h£r arms s1©wly and sloppily went @r0vnd h¡s neck. “Would you klzz me th£n?”

Klara brought h£r face so close to h¡s that h£ could feel h£r h°t breath on h¡s m©vth. It took every amount of self restra!nt for h¡m to not grab h£r by th£ hair and klzz h£r right th£re and th£n.

“Klara I…”

“You don’t want me?”

God, $h£ was tortur!ng h¡m.

“Would you make me your woman?”

Roshan stiffened. h£ knew th¡s had noth!ng to do with h¡m. h£ knew $h£ was be!ng like th¡s because of Lucian and th£ alcohol but still.

“You don’t say that to a demon.”


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