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Return of The devil’s son episode 29

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Klara woke up feel!ng a bit disorientated. How and wh£n $h£ got !nto h£r b£d, $h£ couldn’t quite remember. $h£ wasn’t even wear!ng h£r nightgown, which was strange because $h£ always changed before go!ng to sleep.

Not th!nk!ng furth£r ab©vt it $h£ went to fre$h£n up. Once [email protected]¢k !nto h£r room $h£ changed !nto a new dress and began to comb h£r hair. What happened last night? $h£ remembered dr!nk!ng with Roshan, hav!ng one gla$$ m©r£ of th£ delicious w!ne, but after that $h£ j√$t couldn’t recall anyth!ng. $h£ got probably wasted.

Foolish girl. You were only supposed to have a taste, $h£ scolded h£rself.

Once $h£ got ready $h£ left th£ room and h£aded to th£ garden wh£re Irene liked to serve tea every morn!ng, but once $h£ arrived only Hazel was seated th£re.

“Good morn!ng.” Klara greeted.

“Good morn!ng.” Hazel smiled.

Klara sat d©wΠ and ₱0ured some tea for h£rself. “Did you sleep well?”

Why was $h£ ask!ng like $h£ ¢ar£d? But th£n $h£ kept remember!ng all th£ bruises $h£ saw and wondered if Hazel could even [email protected] d©wΠ with©vt be!ng !n pa!n.

“Yes I did. You?”

“Well if you are not compla!n!ng th£n I can’t say oth£rwise.” $h£ shrugged.

Hazel j√$t smiled.

“I h£ard why you are h£re. I am sorry it turned ©vt like th¡s and I am forever grateful to you for sav!ng and h£lp!ng me.”

“I am actually regrett!ng it right now.” Klara joked.

Hazel chuckled.

“Is…is Lucian alright?” Klara asked.

Hazel nodded. “Yes.”

Klara looked d©wΠ at h£r tea feel!ng suddenly strange !n th¡s situation but th£n $h£ decided to say what $h£ was really feel!ng so that $h£ could get a closure and put everyth!ng beh!nd h£r.

“Hazel. I Don’t want to pretend like noth!ng happened anym©r£. Yes, I liked Lucian, I mean I still do but I j√$t… I am not try!ng to get h¡m anym©r£. I know I wasn’t th£ nicest person to you and what I did was wrong but I was hurt and angry. Angry because…while I was wait!ng h£ got married to someone else. Hurt because h£ was th£ only person I ever liked but h£ couldn’t be m!ne. Yes, I was selfish, I grew up learn!ng to never give up but eventually I did because I wanted h¡m to be happy and I wasn’t th£ person who made h¡m happy.”

Klara felt h£r h£art ach£ at th£ last s£ntence.

“What I am try!ng to say is…” $h£ cont!nued. “Is that Lucian belongs to you and I am not try!ng to change that…I j√$t…”

“I know.” Hazel cut off. “I have actually tried to put myself !n your shoes. What if I liked someone very much and h£ suddenly showed up with a wife. What would I do? How would I feel? It’s not like I could stop lik!ng h¡m suddenly j√$t because h£ got married. I would probably be as angry as you were and project my anger onto someone else. It’s understandable, you don’t have to expla!n anyth!ng. I don’t have any [email protected] feel!ngs for you.”

Klara nodded a bit relieved that Hazel was understand!ng. Unlike h£r, Klara grew up us!ng h£r fists !nstead of h£r m©vth so $h£ wasn’t very good at expla!n!ng h£rself. Th¡s was actually th£ first time $h£ had a long conversation with a woman oth£r than h£r sister and it felt good.

“I can really understand why Lucian loves you.” Klara smiled.

“You are not so bad yourself.” Hazel said with a smug look on h£r face.

“Oh really?” Klara pretended to be surprised and Hazel chuckled. “By th£ way, wh£re are th£ oth£rs?”

Hazel shrugged. “Irene said $h£ had somewh£re to be and th£ oth£rs, I am not sure.”

Klara sigh£d. “You know, I am tired of j√$t stay!ng h£re. I want to go ©vt for awhile. Want to jo!n?”

“I am not sure. What if we don’t f!nd our way [email protected]¢k?” $h£ looked at th£ gate and j√$t th£n it opened and Irene walked |ns!de. “Well Irene is h£re, $h£ could go with us.” Hazel suggested.

“What are you two chatter!ng ab©vt?” Irene said as $h£ neared.

“Noth!ng. We j√$t…I mean I wondered if we could go ©vtside for awhile?”

“No darl!ng it’s very da…” $h£ stopped as if chang!ng h£r m!nd. “Actually you might want to with us somewh£re.”


“Yes, me and Hazel.”

“Wh£re are we go!ng?” Hazel asked.

“Lucian released h¡s men but th£y have a [email protected] time reach!ng home safely.”

Hazel stood up quickly. “Well th£n we have to h£lp th£m.”

“Yes. Are you ready to leave now?” Irene asked.

Hazel nodded.

“I am com!ng with you.” Klara said.

“Let’s go th£n.”

Klara packed some food while Hazel went to fetch some water and Irene brought a few medical kits. Wh£n everyth!ng was packed Irene used h£r magic to transport th£m to wh£re th£y could f!nd th£ soldiers.

Klara [email protected] upon h£r arrival wh£re th£ men were rest!ng somewh£re !n th£ woods. Many were !njured but most of th£m looked starved, th£ir bodies only sk!n and boned. Th£se men needed someth!ng to eat.

“Your highness.” Th£y noticed Hazel who was stand!ng !n th£ same place, frozen !n shock. Th£n s1©wly h£r face turned !nto one of anger and concern but $h£ tried h£r best to hide it.

“Oliver.” $h£ breath£d look!ng at a young soldier who seemed to be !n a very bad condition.

Th£y all stood up and bowed.

“Your highness what br!ngs you h£re?” Th£y were all surprised.

“Lucian….s£nt me h£re to h£lp you.” Hazel stuttered.

Th£y all looked at each oth£r, probably wonder!ng why Lucian would do that. s£nd h¡s own wife to h£lp th£m.

Th£ one that Klara recognized as L!ncoln looked at h£r question!ngly but h£ didn’t ask what $h£ was do!ng th£re.

“You don’t have to stand up, sit d©wΠ. I got some food for you.” $h£ said and hurried to give everyone someth!ng to eat.

Th£y looked happy and thanked h£r. Irene had already begun to tend to someone and Klara went to h£lp. $h£ went to a soldier who seemed to have hurt h¡s leg.

“Can I look at it?” $h£ asked kneel!ng d©wΠ.

h£ looked at h£r surprised. “I am f!ne.” h£ said.

“It doesn’t look like it. Let me take a look.” $h£ said.

h£ j√$t nodded with large eyes.

Klara looked at th£ wound on h¡s leg. It was from a sword $h£ could tell but fortunately it wasn’t deep so th£re was no danger th£re. $h£ j√$t needed to keep it from gett!ng !nfected so $h£ began to clean it.

Th£ man seemed uncomfortable and Klara understood that h£ knew who $h£ was and hav!ng a pr!ncess kneel d©wΠ and clean h¡s wound could be distress!ng. Wh£n $h£ was done clean!ng $h£ wr*₱ped h¡s wound with a piece of fabric.

“It’s done.” $h£ said.

“Thank you.” h£ breath£d.

Klara went on to th£ next one and realized $h£ knew th¡s man, $h£ j√$t didn’t know h¡s name.

“Pr!ncess Klara, I didn’t th!nk I would see you aga!n.” h£ said. h£ seemed to be !n a slightly better condition th£n th£ oth£rs despite hav!ng m©r£ !njuries $h£ realized.

“And you are?”

“Callum, My Lady and I am alright. I th!nk th£ oth£rs need m©r£ h£lp.”

Klara looked @r0vnd. No one seemed to be as badly !njured as h¡m and most of th£m only needed food.

“I’ll h£lp you first.” $h£ said and th£n with©vt wait!ng for h¡m to protest $h£ began h£r task.

h£ didn’t say anyth!ng else and got occupied with watch!ng Hazel as $h£ h£lped th£ oth£rs.

“You don’t seem happy to see h£r.” Klara said.

h£ averted h¡s gaze and looked at Klara. “I thought h£r Highness was dead.” h£ got silent for a moment and !nhaled deeply. ” And even though I am very relieved to see h£r, I can see $h£ has been through alot.”

h£ was talk!ng ab©vt th£ bruises and probably ab©vt how th!n Hazel became.

Guards and maids with©vt know!ng usually got attach£d to th£ one th£y served th£ most and even though Callum was one of Lucians men, Klara could see that h£ was m©r£ attach£d to Hazel.

“$h£ is strong, so $h£ is probably f!ne now.” Klara a$$ured h¡m.

“May I ask why you are h£re, My Lady?”

“It’s a long story.” Klara replied.

h£ j√$t nodded but th£n took notice of Irene. $h£ was [email protected] to miss and all th£ men seemed to have th£ir eyes on h£r. Th£y weren’t j√$t look!ng, th£y were ogl!ng and drool!ng.

“Who is $h£?” Callum asked star!ng at h£r.

Lucians moth£r, Klara thought with a $h!very. And a witch by th£ way.

Klara still had a [email protected] time digest!ng that fact. It would probably take h£r awhile and $h£ still had many unanswered question on why everyone thought Lucians moth£r was dead, wh£n $h£ was very much alive.

“j√$t a friend.” Klara shrugged. “I am done now.”

“Thank you.” h£ said.

Stand!ng up $h£ looked for anyone else who might need h£lp but to h£r surprise Irene was very quick and took ¢ar£ of all those who were !njured.

“I th!nk we are done.” Irene said brush!ng dirt off h£r dress.

“Yes,” Klara said and th£n th£y both looked at Hazel who took h£r time to speak to everyone and make sure th£y were alright.

“$h£ has a pure h£art.” Irene said watch!ng.

Klara nodded !n agreement. “$h£ j√$t needs to use h£r bra!n sometimes.”

Irene chuckled. “You are funny.”

Klara left to look for water to wash h£r [email protected] with. As $h£ found a bottle and grabb£d it some pieces of h£r memory from last night came [email protected]¢k. $h£ remembered ₱0ur!ng m©r£ and m©r£ w!ne !nto h£r gla$$ and dr!nk!ng until $h£ was wasted and th£n…, no, no!

$h£ shook h£r h£ad violently as h£r memory s1©wly came [email protected]¢k. What had $h£ done? How could $h£? No! God h£lp h£r, $h£ wi$h£d th£ earth would swallow h£r right th£n.

How would $h£ ever be able to face h¡m aga!n and why did $h£ even ask those questions?

“Is everyth!ng alright?” Hazel startled h£r. “You face is red.”

“No, noth!ng is alright.” $h£ said wav!ng with h£r arms, mak!ng th£ water splash everywh£re. “I am so stupid.”

“What happened?” Hazel asked worriedly.

“I asked h¡m to klzz me. Why?!” $h£ yelled.

Everyone who was busy eat!ng th£ir food now looked at th£m but Klara was too embarra$$ed to notice. “Why would I do someth!ng like that? I even asked h¡m to make me h¡s woman?” Klara wanted to die of embarra$$ment. No, $h£ j√$t wanted to die.

“Well,” Hazel began try!ng to give h£r a sign that everyone was look!ng and that $h£ needed to calm d©wΠ. “Talk s1©wly. Who is h£?”

h£? h£ was an annoy!ng man who made h£r feel th!ngs and do th!ngs $h£ shouldn’t. How would $h£ face h¡m now? h£ would see h£r as a woman desperate for love or maybe even worse, s.e.x.



Hazel looked at h£r with a frown. “What’s wrong?”

“Noth!ng. Noth!ng is wrong.” Klara said to embarra$$ed to even tell anyone. Walk!ng pa$$ed a confused Hazel $h£ went to sit d©wΠ near a tree alone. $h£ tried to come up with ways to avoid Roshan or expla!n h£rself as to why $h£ acted that way, but noth!ng $h£ came up with seemed logical.

“Maybe I can h£lp?” Irene came twirl!ng with a mischievous smile. Of course $h£ listened to h£r thoughts. So annoy!ng.

“How?” Klara asked. “Will you erase h¡s memory or someth!ng?”

Irene laugh£d. “No. Memories are precious and shouldn’t be erased.”


“I was th!nk!ng that you could pretend as if you still don’t remember or…”

“Or?” Klara stra!ned h£r ears.

“Or you could act as if it’s not a big deal.”

“It is a big deal. My life is over Irene.”

That seemed to only enterta!n h£r m©r£.

“Th£n it’s option number one I guess.”


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