Return Of The Devil's Son

Return of the devil’s son episode 4

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Author: Jasm!ne Josef


“Is h£ dead?”

“No. h£ is alive, but poor soul what happened to h¡m?”

“Did you say h£ crawled ©vt of th£ well?”


“That’s impossible.”

“It’s true moth£r. I saw h¡m, h£ looked like a monster.”

Lucian could h£ar th£ voices but h£ could barely speak or m©v£. h£ couldn’t even open h¡s eyes to see th£ people talk!ng ab©vt h¡m. Crawl!ng ©vt of th£ well had taken th£ last amount of strength that h£ had left.

“h£ is breath!ng.”

Lucian could feel someone touch!ng h¡m, even try!ng to lift h¡m up.

“h£lp me! We should take h¡m home and tend to h¡m.”

“We can’t j√$t take a stranger home.”

“Are you suggest!ng we leave h¡m h£re to die?”

It was quiet for a moment. “I didn’t th!nk so. Now h£lp me.”

As m©r£ [email protected] began to grab h¡m th£ voices s1©wly became distant before th£y disappear completely and h£ fell !nto th£ darkness that h£ was so used to by now.


Light. Light poked h¡s eyes and forced h¡m to open th£m. h£ had to bl!nk several times and rub h¡s eyes before h£ could see clearly.

Lucian looked @r0vnd. h£ didn’t recognize were h£ was. h£ found h¡mself !n a little room, surrounded by dark wooden walls. To h¡s left th£re was a small table and a chair, and j√$t right above a small w!ndow from which th£ sunlight peeked through. !n front of h¡m stood an empty book$h£lf and to h¡s right th£re was a door and a old cab!net covered with dust.

Th£ b£d h£ [email protected] !n could barely fit h¡m. h¡s feet dangled ©vtside th£ b£d and if h£ tried to turn, h£ would probably [email protected]|| d©wΠ.

Lucian made and attempt to sit up but to no avail. h¡s muscles gave !n and h£ fell [email protected]¢k with a [email protected] Every part of h¡s b©dy ach£d and h£ could h£ar th£ unsteady rytm of h¡s own h£art. Was h£ go!ng to die? Because it certa!nly felt like h£ would.

Lucian closed h¡s eyes. Th£ pa!n, th£ tiredness, th£ confusion was too much and h£ didn’t have th£ strength to fight it, so h£ let th£ darkness sweep h¡m away once aga!n. After that everyth!ng was a blur, h£ kept [email protected]||!ng !n and ©vt of consciousness not know!ng how many days pa$$ed s!nce h£ came to th¡s place. Sometimes h£ would h£ar voices and one day wh£n h£ woke up h£ even found a little girl observ!ng h¡m. $h£ had th£ most !nnocent eyes h£ had seen and th£y widened wh£n $h£ realized h£ had woken up. Before h£ could speak to h£r $h£ had run away.

Anoth£r day h£ could feel someone tend!ng to h¡s wounds. “Th¡s man h£als very f*st.” It was a woman speak!ng. “I mean h£ had several !njuries over h¡s wh0l£ b©dy now all of th£m are almost h£aled.”

“Maybe h£ is th£ well-monster.” A little girl’s voice wh¡spered.

“Th£re is no such th!ng sweeth£art.” Th£ woman a$$ured. “It’s th£ dirt that makes h¡m look like th¡s. h£ could use a bath but h£ is not wak!ng up.”

“Did you exam!ne h¡s h£ad?” It sounded like an older woman.

“Yes. No !njuries th£re. I wonder why h£ is not wak!ng up.”

Lucian tried to listen to th£ rest of th£ conversation but h¡s frenemy darkness came to take h¡m and h£ followed ob£diently. Next time h£ woke up h£ was surrounded by people. Strangers.

“You are awake.” A woman to h¡s left said with a smile. “How are you feel!ng?”

Lucian looked @r0vnd. A middle aged man, two young girls, a little girl and an old woman stared at h¡m with curiosity.

“How are you feel!ng?” th£ woman to h¡s left repeated. h£ turned h¡s h£ad to look at h£r. $h£ looked [email protected]¢k at h¡m with a frown.

“Maybe h£ is a foreigner. Maybe h£ doesn’t understand our language.”

“I am f!ne.” Lucian replied with a guttural voice.

Th£ woman sigh£d with a smile. “Thank God. We thought that you were almost dy!ng wh£n you never woke up.”

Lucian j√$t looked at th£ woman.

“We should probably br!ng you someth!ng to eat.” Th£ woman said nervously wh£n h£ didn’t reply. Th£n $h£ nodded toward th£ oth£rs and th£y left h¡m alone !n th£ room.

Lucian ₱u$h£d h¡mself up and strangely th¡s time h£ could sit up with©vt any problem or pa!n. A strange feel!ng wa$h£d over h¡m, a feel!ng of energy and power. h£ felt somehow strong, as if h£ could do anyth!ng h£ wanted and it s¢ar£d h¡m a little.

Gett!ng ©vt of b£d h£ looked d©wΠ at h¡s b©dy. h£ was covered with dirt and was wear!ng noth!ng but a piece of cloth£s on h¡s lower b©dy. Th£re were no wounds on h¡s b©dy, h£ had h£aled completely. Th£ people who tended to h¡m would probably wonder how h£ could h£al so f*st and why h£ didn’t have any scars. What would h£ tell th£m?

Before h£ could th!nk of someth!ng th£ woman came [email protected]¢k with a tray of food and laid it on th£ table. “You should eat someth!ng th£n probably take a bath.” $h£ said turn!ng to h¡m. “I’ll br!ng you some cloth£s.” $h£ smiled th£n left.

Lucian s1©wly made h¡s way to th£ table th£n looked at th£ food. Th£ first word that came to m!nd was poison. h£ was poisoned. Pieces if h¡s memory came [email protected]¢k. h£ remembered be!ng poisoned, stabb£d, thrown !nto a well. h£ remembered th£ pa!n, th£ physical one, th£ one of be!ng betrayed and th£ one of…th£ one of… someth!ng else h£ couldn’t remember.

h£ shook h¡s h£ad. h£ didn’t want to th!nk of all th£ pa!n right now. Right now h£ was hungry so h£ sat d©wΠ and began to eat. Th£ wh0l£ time h£ was eat!ng h£ knew that th£ little girl was watch!ng h¡m hid!ng beh!nd th£ door.

“You can come !n if you want.” h£ said with©vt turn!ng [email protected]¢k.

h£ h£ard h£r [email protected] $h£ was clearly afraid of h¡m.

h£ turned @r0vnd s1©wly and $h£ peeked from beh!nd th£ door. “How did you know I was h£re?” $h£ wh¡spered afraid.

h£ shrugged h¡s shoulders.

“Are you th£ well-monster?” $h£ spoke th£ last word lower than th£ oth£rs as if $h£ was afraid to say it.


“Th£n why were you |ns!de th£ well?”

“I fell |ns!de by accident.”

Lucian could feel that $h£ was contemplat!ng wh£th£r to believe h¡m or not.

“What’s your name?” h£ asked.


“Elle, why don’t you come |ns!de.”

$h£ h£sitated for a while before s1©wly walk!ng !n, but $h£ kept a good distance b£tweeΠ th£m.

“I am Lucian.” h£ said extend!ng h¡s [email protected] Elle stared at h¡s [email protected] for a while th£n approach£d h¡m s1©wly before plac!ng h£r little [email protected] !n h¡s.

Lucian couldn’t h£lp but smile at h£r. $h£ was a brave one to come near h¡m even though $h£ was very afraid. Lucian knew that $h£ wanted to appear unafraid to h¡m.

“How old are you Elle?”

“Seven.” $h£ drew [email protected]¢k h£r [email protected] and stared at h¡m calculat!ngly with those !nnocent brown eyes. “Did you see th£ well-monster wh£n you fell |ns!de?”

Lucian shook h¡s h£ad.

“Th£n who hurt you?” Elle asked curiously.

Lucian tried to come up with an answer.

“Elle, don’t both£r h¡m with your questions.” Th£ woman from earlier came [email protected]¢k with some cloth£s and put th£m on th£ b£d. “Why don’t you show h¡m wh£re h£ can take a bath !nstead.”

“Yes moth£r.”

Elle seemed less afraid as $h£ showed h¡m th£ way. It wasn’t far from th£ir home, but th£ people star!ng strangely at h¡m, some even disgusted made it seem like forever.

“h£re.” Elle smiled as th£y arrived.

Lucian looked @r0vnd was confused. Th¡s place looked noth!ng like a bathroom. !n fact it wasn’t a room at all, it was j√$t an ©vtside place with walls.

“You can take water from th£re.” $h£ said po!nt!ng at a pump!ng faucet. “and you will f!nd scr.a.p.ers !n that box.” $h£ expla!ned th£n ran away.

“Wait!” but $h£ was already gone.

Lucian was still confused. How was h£ supposed to bath h£re? h£ went th£ box with th£ th!ngs $h£ called scr.a.p.ers. Grabb!ng one h£ looked at it. How was h£ supposed to use th¡s? And h£ had never used a pump!ng faucet before.

Lucian sigh£d with frustration wh£n h£ h£ard th£ creak!ng sound of th£ door open!ng. An old man walked |ns!de and began undress.

Lucian observed th£ man and tried to follow h¡s steps. h£ filled a bucket with water, took a th!ng that looked like a stone from one of th£ boxes to wash h¡mself and th£ to scrub th£ dirt off. It was really a strange way to bath Lucian thought as h£ r!nsed off everyth!ng with th£ clean but cold water.

Lastly h£ dried h¡mself th£n slid !nto th£ new cloth£s h£ got from th£ woman h£ still didn’t know th£ name of. Wh£n h£ walked ©vtside h£ was surprised to f!nd Elle wait!ng for h¡m. Once $h£ laid eyes on h¡m h£r m©vth fell open and $h£ stared at h¡m wide eyed.

Lucian raised a brow question!ngly. Why was $h£ look!ng at h¡m like that?

“Is someth!ng wrong?” h£ asked.

$h£ shook h£r h£ad s1©wly eyes still wide, m©vth still open. Lucian decided to ignore h£r reaction.

“Shall we go [email protected]¢k th£n?”

$h£ nodded and with©vt a word $h£ led th£ way.

On th£ir way [email protected]¢k everyone th£y pa$$ed had th£ same reaction as Elle. Th£y kept star!ng at h¡m, follow!ng h¡m with th£ir gaze until h£ was ©vt of sight. Lucian knew th¡s time th£y were star!ng with fasc!nation, not with disgust. People were literally ogl!ng h¡m especially th£ women. Some of th£m even smiled at h¡m flirtatiously.

Lucian was used to attention, especially from women but h£ never got th¡s much attention before. It was as if th£ people got hypnotized by h¡m.

Ignor!ng everyones attention Lucian followed Elle quietly. Wh£n th£y arrived th£y entered th£ small house and found Elle’s family gath£red !n a circle speak!ng of someth!ng.

“Moth£r we are [email protected]¢k.” Elle !nformed !nterrupt!ng th£ir conversation.

As everyone turned to look at th£m th£ir m©vths fell open as well.

“Oh good Lord!”


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