November 29, 2021

Romantic doctor episode 29 – 30


(The secret❤️ romance😍 )
Author Promzy

💘 Not edited 💘

(She is hot🔞)
☘️Episode 29☘️
💎Jiso POV💎
Some hours later after I was through and sat down on a sofa watching TV.
The media are still wondering why Jayden is not involving himself in his family
Meanwhile he will take over from his father sooner or later.
I heard the sound of a car and concluded that it must be Jayden.
The dress I was wearing was brought by his designer in the afternoon,both the
makeup artist.
Jayden really want to spoil me .
With a wide grin on my face I sat there expectantly waiting for him to walk in.
He came in and smiled immediately he saw me.
“Welcome Jayden” I greeted.
“Wow! Jiso you look hot in those dress “he complement and I blush on.
“Thanks hun” I said.
I have been thinking of addressing him in a more romantic way than addressing him
with his name.
“Call me that again” he said in a husky voice as he walk closer to me.
“Honey” I repeated.
“Omg! Jiso you’re driving me nuts.
He kissed me lightly and withdraw.
“I’ll go dress up” he said and I nodded .
He climb upstairs while I stare at his back until i couldn’t no more.
I rushed inside the room and picked the Lil pause the was brought together with the
I checked myself out for the tenth time,satisfied by my looks I went back to the
sitting room.
Few minutes later he came down looking all hot,mehn this nigga looks too dashing.
“Ya gonna drool yourself to stupor if you can’t hold it” he teased
I blushed at the knowledge that he caught me.
He looked so elegant in his outfit.
White shirt with a black jacket and a pair of black trouser.
To be sincere he looks like a model,I couldn’t just hold myself.
He came close to me and hold my hand before living the sitting room.
He went close to his Bugatti and open it for me to enter bit I was a bit nervous.
I mean what will people say?
“Why ain’t you getting in? He asked.
“Jayden,what will people say if they see us together? I mean what if we run into your
family member? I asked.
“You are going out with me not ” people” jiso ,let go of whatever negative thoughts
you are having.
Just focus on me okay? He said and I nodded.
I entered the car and he walk to the other side and got in too before driving off.
“Where are we going? I find myself asking.
“We are going to have dinner at a restaurant I booked earlier,more like a date my
lady” he answered and winked at me.
“It is not your family restaurant is it?
“No why will I go that of all places? Am taking you somewhere you will feel
relaxed” he replied.
We drive silently for awhile until he pull up in front of a big restaurant .
I wanted to open the door and get out but he stopped me from doing so.
“Allow me to do that baby” he said sweetly.
If only all men are like him,he is so lovable,naughty and above all caring.
I can’t seems to get enough of him.

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💎Jayden POV💎
She is so hot in those outfit.
I just wanna have her immediately but I ghat to control myself.
I have all the time in the world to do that but right now I have to make her happy
I pulled up in front of a popular restaurant in town and made to stand up when I
caught a glimpse of Jiso’s thigh .
She makes me crazy,she makes me want her even more, she drove me insane.
She makes me h***y .
“Jayden out of the world already” she said when she caught me staring at those hot
thigh of hers.
I licked my mouth and smiled before going down and opened the down for her to
get down.
She got down and I hold her hand and walk inside the restaurant.
It was late already so people can’t recognize me quickly.
We walk inside the restaurant and the waiter lead us to where we gonna stay,away
from the exposure of shinning lights.
I picked up the menu and started going through it.
I looks at Jiso and she was also doing the same.
“What are you going to have? She asked.
” spaghetti sauce is okay by me” I replied.
“What about you? I inquire
“Anything you order” she retorted
I called the waiter .
“Get us two plates of spaghetti sauce,a bottle of wine champagne actually” I said
and the waiter smiled.
Not long later the waiter brought the food and went back to bring the wine in a
tray with a candle light on the tray and some sprinkle of roses.
“You planned this? Jiso asked
“Anything for you baby, come on let’s eat” i said and dig a fork inside the spaghetti
that was staring at me.
We started eating silently which we were through with few minutes later.
I opened the wine and pour on both glasses I handed one over to get and carried
one in my hand.
“To my lovely Jiso” I said and we click the glasses together.
She sipped the wine like a pro.
Seriously she adapt to my lifestyle so quickly not like some ladies who will love to be
told what to do every time.
“This is really romantic” she said.
“It have to,everything that has yo do with you needs to be romantic” I replied and
she laughed.
Two hours later we were on our way home.
I drove pass a flower shop and bought a bunch of rose for her.
She loved it .
I drove home and came down with Jiso.
We got inside the house which looks so quiet since the maids were already sleeping
and she made to go yo there room but I drag her upstairs to my room amidst
protest from her.
I got inside my room and made her sit on the bed while I sat on my dressing chair
facing her.
“I love you Jiso” I said.
“I know”
I couldn’t control my desire for her ,I went close and raise her up whole my mouth
dominate her lips.
We kissed each other fiercely and passionately without a space to breath.
I just love this little woman,she makes me so intoxicated by her charm.


(The secret❤️ romance😍 )
Author Promzy

💘 Not edited 💘

☘️Episode 30☘️

💎 Jayden POV 💎
We kissed each other hungrily and passionately.
She want me just as much as I want her too,I love the fact that she doesn’t deny me
of her body.
We kissed for awhile until she stopped and stare at my hands.
“Is anything the matter” I asked in a husky voice.
“Why are you always wearing gloves? Even when we’re having s£x what’s that for?
She asked
I knew she’s gonna ask about it someday.
“Its nothing,I just don’t like making hand in hand contact with anybody” I explained.
“Am not just any random person Jayden I am your girlfriend for crying out loud, let
me see your bare hands for ones” she requested.
I slowly pull off the leather glove u was wearing.
“You have a s£xy hand honey” she complemented.
“Now can we go back to business? I asked and she gave me a flirty smile.
I resumed kissing her ,slowly undoing her short button.
She run her hands on my chest as she loose my botton from the shirt i was wearing.
I was kissing her while one of my hands were removing her top wear.
I kissed her neck giving her series of hickeys on it.
I kissed her slowly from her neck to her cleavage , i unhooked her bra with my right
hand staring at the two succulent oranges in front of me my only goal as of that
Time is to have them in my mouth.
I took one of her b**bs in my hot mouth earning a m0an from her.
lay her on the bed with me on top of her as I assault her [email protected] biting and sucking
it in a goal.
I kissed her down to Ber abdomen and do away with her short living her alone in
her panties.
My hand hit her cl!toris and she m0an out loud.
I used my hand to rub her surface for awhile giving her all the romance she crave
I place my mouth on it giving her a mouth job.
“Oh… gosh! Jay please” she begged in between m0ans.
I suck every nook and cranny of her tongue f**king her in the process.
She slide her hand inside my short and grabbed hold of my d**k while I groan.
“Jayden please” she begged stroking my d**k with her hand.
Of course I know she want me inside her.
I removed my mouth from her cunt and resume kissing her.
Just wanted her to taste herself.
slide in my d!ck inside her w€t p**y and she m0an while I groan in pleasure.
I ride her like a Bmx ,riding her up and down while she was trying to m0an her
lungs out.
I turned her over and enter her from behind,something I have plan to do with her
for long.
I pound her up and down while she scream mehn its a nice thing that my room is
soundproof wall else the maids would have has a clue about what was going on.
“Oh my God Jayden I am about to cvm “she screams.
Good thing am about to reach orgasm too.
I increase my pace as our screaming feel the room.
That was one kind hell of a s3x .

💎 Jiso POV 💎
The feeling of having fun with him is what matters most.
I love him a lot,he changed the old me to a new one.
just wanna be with him forever.
“That was fun” he said as he lay beside me while covering my body with the duvet.
I just smiled at him while he pecked my forehead and cuddle me in his arms.
“I love you Jiso” he said
“I love you more Jayden” I retorted.
I close my eyes in an attempt to sleep but instead he dragged me outta the bed and
lead me to the bathroom.
“Jayden am tired” i protest.
“I’ll bath you then” he offered with a crook smile.
He on the shower and the cold water came in contact with my semi sensitive skin.
I shivered at the touch and also Jayden bathing me add more fun to it.
After bathing me I headed out of the bathroom as he took his own bath.
I sat on the bed with towel tied around my chest.
“Why are you still on towel? He asked when he came out.
“Get me one of your shirts to wear,my cloth is dirty” I said.
He went to his closet and brought out a white big baggy shirt for me to wear.
I wore it and it fitted perfectly on me ,I lay on the bed trying to catch some sleep.
Few minutes later he joined me on the bed.
“Hum Jay,I’ll like to go and see my dad” I said.
“Your dad? Like in that same house your step mom live in? He asked.
“Why? I mean why will you wanna go there? He asked in a disappointed tone.
“I want to see my father,it has been months .
I want to know how he is fairing” I responded.
“Okay then,you will go after meeting Dan he wanna talk to you” he said.
“What! Austin,why? I asked
don’t know” he replied and close his eyes.
“Come on,sleep now its late” he said and cuddle me to himself.
What is Austin seeing me for?
And Jayden even agreed to it?
I lay there on the bed thinking until I finally slept off.

Good night💞

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