Sexy Tomboy

S3xy tomboy episode 25 – 26

{ Head’s Over Heels….}💓

THEME; Craving For The Whole Of Her.

CHAPTER 25&26🩸

Written By, Lisa.
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“Why are you still following me? You said Goodnight already?” Brianna stopped walking, facing Kingston who’s hands was tucked in his pocket.

“It’s late and you’re a girl, what if some thugs tries to take advantage of you” He said.

“For real? Don’t you know who I’m anymore…I dare them to and you’ll gladly see thier pricks for sell on the news tomorrow morning ” Brianna said, and Kingston chuckles.

“But still…Your house is not far from here right?! I want to know how it’s looks like” he said and Brianna squeezed her face a little.

“You think, I’m some kinda poor girl or something?”

“Why won’t I? You dress like one”

Brianna scoff and they resumed walking. She suddenly sight a barbecue stand and she rushed to it immediately.

She loves anything meat a lot. She can die for it.

Kingston followed her.

“How much is this?” She asked, pointing at the one being roasted.

“Miss, How much did you want?” The barbecue man asked.

“How much is it?” She asked again,licking her lips already.

“It’s $50 dollars miss” The man reply.

“Pack it”

The Man packed it and hand it to her. Brianna smiled as she collect it.

She checked her bag only to find out she had no money left. Her eyes widened and she look back at the barbecue with her,then at the Man who was already expecting her to pay.

“Don’t tell me you have no money to pay and you ask me to pack it?” The Man asked angrily.

“I’m sorry ok? I didn’t know… Can I return it?” Brianna said and the Man immidiately frowned.

“When you know you can’t afford, why did you stress me like?” The man said, eyeing her hatefully.

“Hey! I already said I didn’t mean it, so why the eyes…Do you want me to pluck them out and and feed you with it ” Brianna roll her eyes, almost raising he fist to the man’s face.

“Calm down…How much is it? All of it” Kingston pulled her away and hand the man some money.

The man smiled and quickly packed it all and gave it to him.

“Just keep the change” Kingston said, just when he was about giving him the change.

“Thank you” The man smiled broadly and Brianna eyes him from she stood.

“You didn’t have to do that” Brianna said as soon as he got to her.

“Should I return it then?” He said and she immediately grabbed it from him.

“It will be a waste, so I’ll just eat it” she smiled and started digging in immidiately, not minding his watch.

“Why didn’t you ask?” Kingston suddenly asked and she look at him,getting what meant by that.

“I thought you might not what to share?” she replied,taking another bite of the meat.

“Right?!” Kingston mumbled.

“Thanks fo this anyway” Brianna said.

“If you’re really grateful, pay me back”

“Sure, I’ll transfer the money to you tomorrow in school”

“I want something else..”Kingston quickly said.

“Which is?”

“Let’s be friends?!”

“No….” Brianna replied immidiately.

“Why did you hate me so much?”

“Cos you’re a jerk, I know when I see one”she replied with an eye roll.


His phone suddenly rings and he checked to see Kayden missed calls all around.

He called him 20 times already but he didn’t answer any, Kyle’s own was even much to even count.

He sighed and made to swipe green but it’s already got disconnected.

“I think I have to go now” he said, pocketing his phone.

Brianna nodded.

“Will you be fine alone?” He asked and Brianna looked at him somehow, indicating “What did you take me for?”

“Since you don’t want us to be friends, you’ll have to pay me back with something else and you can’t say no ok? Whatever it is” he retorted and she shakes her head.

“Good Night Duck, dream about me…” He winked and run off like a flash, leaving her speechless.

“Why is he calling me duck when I have a name?” She asked herself,staring at him till he was out of sight.

“Brianna” Dario’s called from behind and she immidiately turned and went to hug him warmly.

“Where you waiting for me?” Brianna asked when they broke the hug.

“Yes, my one and only Princess” Dario said and Brianna smiled.

They got in and met Isadora and Sabrina shouting at each other.

“I can’t tell you what I use the money for, so stop bugging me mum” Sabrina said,as Isadora run after her anywhere she went.

“You are going to spill it all to me Rina, or else none of us is sleeping in this house tonight” Isadora shouted.

Brianna and Dario didn’t bother to interfere cos they definitely know how thier mum and wife can be. They both parted and went to thier various rooms.




“Guess what Cole!?” Finn badge into Cole’s room, all smiling untill he saw Cole and his smile fell off immediately.

“What he f*ck dude!” he gasped as he walked into his room fully, closing the door behind him.

“Let me be, I wanna be alone” Cole muttered,
in a low tone.

His room was all messed up like mad,one would think it’s a cabbage truck, tissues all around, he was a clean person and he hates anywhere messy, it’s pisses him off but now.

What could have happen?

Finn went to seat beside him and pulled the Duvet of his face.

“Are you crying? what’s the problem? Is something wrong?” Finn asked in a rush and Coke just look at him.

“Are you happy you’ve ruined me?” Cole mumbled and Finn raised his eyebrows.

“What are you talking about?!”

“It’s nothing”

“What did you mean nothing?! aren’t we friends anymore?, If something is bothering you then you tell me and we found solution to it together”Finn said.

“My girlfriend broke up with me…”

“Your hidden girlfriend I didn’t know about?!”

“Yes, Cos I did something stupid and I don’t want to believe she actually leave me for real, I might just die” Cole said and Finn chuckles..

“Seriously, You really fall for a girl, she is really lucky to have won you heart, so what did you do?”

Cole explained everything to him, not without making sure he left the part of mentioning her name.

“Tell me who she is first, so I can know what to do” Finn said.

“Not now, If you can’t help just leave me alone” Coke said, covering himself up with the duvet again.

“Just find a way to prove to her you love her, if she really loves you….she will accept it’s wasn’t intentional and come back to you” Finn said.

“I hope so” Cole muttered.

“Cheer up, I really have some good news for you”

Cole looked at him.

“Vincent will be returning back to New York,after the competition” Fin squealed happily.

“For real!!”

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Adrian stood at a corner waiting for Craig’s arrival.

“Daddy!!” He heard his voice from behind and he turned to him.

Craig rushed to his arm and He lift him up from the ground, hugging him so tight, as the little boy showered him with lots of kisses.

“I miss you!!” Craig said, when he broke the hug. Adrian was still carrying him.

“Me too, Sugar…How is Washington without Daddy?” he asked.

“So boring” Craig pouted.

“I knew it, I’m sorry it took long… I should have come for you earlier” Adrian said and Craig nodded.

“Where is he? Why am I not seeing him around?” Craig said, looking around.


“Your handsome brother you told me about, I want to meet him first” Craig replied, impatiently.

“He his not here, you’ll meet him later ok” Adrian assured him.

“I really can’t wait, I’m sure I took after his handsome face” Craig giggles and Adrian chuckles

“What about me?

“You’re not handsome Dad, you’re only Cute…You look like a girl to me” Craig answer, cupping his cheek funnily.

“Seriously? So you took after your uncle and not me?”

Craig nodded.

“I’m not jealous, should we go?”

“I’m hungry first, let’s go and eat”

“Okay” They left the Airport, and the Nanny carried his bags before following.



“Why didn’t you tell her? She might help you to pay” Cassandra said over the phone.

She is actually speaking with Sabrina.

“I don’t want to, she’ll be dissapointed” Sabrina said.

“I know, but the money is too much…You can pay it all yourslef and you know how dangerous Derek is” Cassandra responded.

“I’ll have to talk to him so I can gain my freedom, I don’t want to involve my family in my mess” Sabrina said and Cassandra could imagine her pouting.

“I’ll help you in whichever way I could, trust me..”

“Thanks Sandra, I’ve to go, talk to you later” Sabrina said and hang up.

Cassandra dropped her phone and something suddenly rang in her head.

“Jeez…Why didn’t I remember such an important day?” She spranged up and made to rush into the bathroom when someone suddenly enter.

“And what are you doing here?” She turned to the person, so much anger showing in her eyes.

“Is that the way you greet your long lost sister?” The girl smirked.

“I dont have a sister, she is long gone and stop bugging me or else I’ll have you arrested, you hear me, leave my house right now” Cassandra yelled, pushing her out of the house already.

“I’m going to leave but trust me you’ll be seeing more of me these days, especially when you have the key to my problem already” The girl smiled and walker out herself.

“What is she talking about?”



Sabrina could be seen eating alone at a table, she didn’t get to eat at home cos she left home, avoiding Isadora.

She was still eating peacefully untill she started hearing murmuring of the people in the restaurant.

👥 Wow, who is he?!

👥I fell for him right away.

👥Is this what they called love at first sight?

👥He has a son?

👥What the hell?

👥I was already thinking of going to him.

Adrian and Craig made thier way to a table and the waiter took thier others, then bring them thier food.

Craig kept eyeing those ladies staring at Adrian.

Sabrina recognise him as the guy who helped her before but she was not ready for any chitchat, so she just hide her face.

“Can I seat with you?” A lady walk up to them, holding her tray while smiling.

“No…” Craig replied before Adrian could even spoke.

“Craig…” Adrian snapped.

“Tell her to leave, we don’t need her” Craig said to the lady.

Some where already staring at them.

“Behave yourself Craig, she is only trying to_

“I don’t care, I don’t want any lady around you” Craig said, stubbornly.


“I’ll be the one to leave then” Craig stood up and run out of the restaurant.

“Craig” Adrian stood up and went after him.

“You choose her over me, let me be” Craig shouted, not stopping his race.

“Please wait,it’s dangerous….” Adrian shouted after him.

Craig already run toward the street, unknown to him a reckless driver was driving towards him.

Adrian saw it and his soul left his body immidiately.


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