Enchanted By A Cursed Prince

Enchanted by a cursed prince episode 59 – 60

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(h¡s personal taste from anoth£r world )

✍️by authoress gabby Daniel ✍️
❎don’t copy or repost❎

Chapter 59& 60


✍️authoress gabby pov ✍️

Blood kept flow!ng ©vt of h£r nostrils cont!nuously. $h£ gripped t!ghtly on h£r next as $h£ started cough!ng and vomit!ng blood non stop

“I’m gonna die!!!” $h£ s¢r**med [email protected]||!ng to th£ ground as $h£ grabb£d h£r neck firmly

Jim!n lean !nto th£ wall. h£ tucked h¡s [email protected] !nto h¡s [email protected] pocket as h£ watch£d h£r

Th£ expression on h¡s face could [email protected] be read….. It was mean!ngless

“Do… Doo someth!ng!!!! ” $h£ s¢r**med as $h£ roamed on th£ floor

Jim!n j√$t stared at h£r not mak!ng effort to h£lp. h£ j√$t stare wonder!ng if th¡s was th£ pa!n Giselle would have gone through if $h£ had drank th£ dr!nk

“Oh my God!! “Giselle yelled beh!nd h¡m as $h£ [email protected]

$h£ looked at jim!n and th£n at th£ maid roam!ng !n th£ floor

“jim!n…. What’s go!ng on?? ” $h£ said rush!ng to h£r but jim!n grabb£d h£r b£d stopped h£r from gett!ng to Ch£ryl

“let h£r die”h£ said

“I don’t believe you j√$t said that,,,,,, why on earth will you let me allow h£r to die !”Giselle uttered as $h£ tried freely h£r [email protected] from h¡s grip

“let h£r be. You would have been !n th¡s position if I haven’t come” h£ said and Giselle furrowed h£r brows

“what do you mean?? “$h£ asked

“$h£ poisoned th£ dr!nk you asked h£r to br!ng but I ₱|@yed smart on h£r and $h£ ended up dr!nk!ng h£r own poison” jim!n said. Giselle stared at Ch£ryl. $h£ wasn’t mov!ng anym©r£….$h£ looks lifeless or probably dead

“is still not mak!ng s£nse” $h£ muttered

“OK f!ne….. Lemme expla!n !n details. $h£’s th£ same maid I told you ab©vt “Jim!n said

“th£ one that asked to be your fv¢k mate??? “$h£ asked and jim!n nodded


“After you asked h£r to get your dr!nk,,,,,, you can recall $h£ wasted much time and i had walked ©vt to ch£cked on it. Shock!ngly, I saw h£r add!ng a white substances !n th£ dr!nk and it was surely poisoned…… I walked to h£r and acted as if I didnt see or noticed someth!ng. I told h£r I liked h£r already and will love to [email protected] with h£r if $h£ do last 2 hours !n b£d”Jim!n said and chuckled mak!ng Giselle rolls h£r eyes

“so I told h£r juice h£lped someone last longer !n b£d and before I knew it, $h£ quickly took th£ juice $h£ had poisoned unknow!ng….. “Jim!n and Giselle eyes widened

“it was what resulted to th¡s right?? ” $h£ asked after gett!ng everyth!ng

“but someth!ng is not right…. Why will $h£ wants to kill me” $h£ asked and s1©wly rem©v£d jim!n grip off h£r wrist

$h£ walked towards th£ lifeless b©dy of Ch£ryl. $h£ ¢rov¢h£d d©wΠ and exam!ned th£ face

“Th£re was no way I have met h£r before”$h£ thought

$h£ looked closely….. $h£ frowned at th£ slight color difference b£tweeΠ h£r face and h£r b©dy

$h£ m©v£d h£r to h£r face….. !n a s1©w motion $h£ started remov!ng th£ mask on h£r face

It took long as $h£ ₱v||ed it s1©wly….. Jim!n stood !n awe as h£ watch£d everyth!ng.

Giselle f!nally rem©v£d th£ mask and $h£ [email protected] at who $h£ saw

“Ch£ryl”$h£ said fl¡pp!ng h£r [email protected] to h£r m©vth s!nce $h£ was shocked

“holy crap!! “Jim!n uttered

“can’t believe $h£’s a total different person “h£ said

Giselle touch£d h£r ch£st and confirmed h£r dead

“ask th£ guard to dispose h£r b©dy”$h£ muttered. $h£ h£ld h£r long gown and ru$h£d ©vt as $h£ breath£d h£avily
“h£y” Audrey h£ard a voice as $h£ sat d©wΠ on th£ pasture (Garden) read!ng a book

$h£ didn’t both£r to look up s!nce $h£ already recognized who holds th£ voice. It was pr!nce Darrel voice

“you’re read!ng?? “h£ asked sitt!ng beside h£r on th£ pasture

“I guessed you aren’t bl!nd and can make good use of your sight”$h£ replied still focus!ng on h£r book

Pr!nce Darrel gulped d©wΠ th£ lump !n h¡s throat. h£ touch£d h¡s hair styl!ng, wonder!ng how to start a conversation with h£r

“you got noth!ng to say?? “$h£ asked icily

“hmm… Hmmmm…. Uhm.. Can we be friends ” h£ asked and that’s wh£n Audrey rem©v£d h£r gaze from th£ book $h£ was read!ng. $h£ stared at h¡m and suddenly burst !nto an un¢©Πtr0|lable laughter mak!ng Pr!nce Darrel wondered what’s funny

“you’re no match with me….. You’re a weakl!ng and I don’t make friends with one…. So get lost! “$h£ muttered and cont!nue read!ng

Suddenly, $h£ felt someone lift!ng h£r !n h¡s shoulders. $h£ [email protected] wh£n $h£ saw it’s Pr!nce Darrel

What th£ h£ll

“drop me!! “$h£ yelled

“see,,,, I carried you…. I’m strong”h£ replied

“fv¢k…… Drop me right now!! “$h£ yelled hitt!ng h¡s [email protected]¢k

“if you’re strong enough th£n come d©wΠ but if not I’m tak!ng you somewh£re…….. You’re gonna love it h£adbutt” h£ said as h£ t!ghtened h¡s grip @r0vnd h£r [email protected]¡$t

$h£ tried to free h£rself but who was $h£ kidd!ng….. h£ was k!nda stronger now

“you d!¢kh£ad”$h£ yelled mak!ng h¡m gr!nned as h£ kept walk!ng with h£r on h¡s shoulder
Pr!ncess Cel!ne looked smart on th£ p!nk fitted gown that hugged on h£r b©dy

No doubt, $h£ was go!ng for a special act!ng. $h£ stared at h£r hair from th£ mirror wonder!ng if $h£ could pack it or leave it d©wΠ

$h£ was so engrossed !n what $h£ was th!nk!ng that $h£ didn’t notice wh£n h£r mom walked !n

$h£ smiled watch!ng h£r daughter for a while

“my baby seems m©r£ busy th£se days,,,,, $h£ no longer have time for mum”$h£ said and that was wh£n $h£ noticed h£r

$h£ rolled h£r eyes and walked to h£r

“mum! “$h£ smiled and klzzed h£r both ch£eks

“who’s th£ lucky guy”h£r mum asked mak!ng h£r rolled h£r eyes aga!n

“Who “$h£ asked

“Th£ one who you’ve been spend!ng time with,, you th!nk I don’t know? C’mon you should know your mum m©r£ than that “Queen Emily said and Cel!ne chuckled

“common mum…. We aren’t a th!ng.. h£’s j√$t my friend”$h£ replied

“j√$t friend?? “h£r mum asked rais!ng h£r brows

“OK f!ne,,, I k!nda like h¡m but h£ hasn’t showed any !nterest towards me. I will j√$t wait till h£ asked me ©vt”$h£ said

“if you say so….j√$t be ¢ar£ful “h£r mum replied and th£ door opened to reveal Pr!nce Rex

“I will take my leave”Pr!ncess Cel!ne said pick!ng h£r bag but h£r mom stopped h£r

“what have been go!ng on b£tweeΠ you two……. I noticed you avoid your broth£r alot Cel!ne,,,,, is th£re anyth!ng you both aren’t tell!ng me??? “Queen Emily asked

“It’s noth!n….”$h£ was cut off by Pr!nce Rex

“we both got drunk,,,, we mistook each oth£r as our lovers,,, we ended up klzz!ng and touch!ng,,,,, that was all we never slept with each oth£r. I have apologized but $h£ keeps avoid!ng me”Pr!nce Rex said mak!ng pr!ncess Cel!ne stared at th£ ground

“silly you both”$h£ muttered and h£ld pr!nce Rex [email protected] and walked [email protected]¢k to Pr!ncess Cel!ne

“you both were drunk and seriously you guys should stop dr!nk!ng. It’s a good th!ng you didn’t have s£×”$h£ said

“Cel!ne”$h£ called and h£ld h£r [email protected] too

” you both did noth!ng and h£’s your still broth£r. Now stop act!ng like a kid and if I recall every well you both were drunk”$h£ said

“Rex hug your sister”$h£ said much like an ordered. Pr!nce Rex didn’t h£sitated as h£ ₱v||ed h£r to h¡mself and gave h£r a t!ght hug

“I love you baby sister….. I’m sorry”h£ said

“I’m sorry too”$h£ replied feel!ng much better as if a burden have been lifted off h£r shoulder

h£ broke th£ hug and gave h£r peck on h£r foreh£ad and $h£ did th£ same

h£ brought ©vt a hairband from h¡s pocket and wore it on h£r [email protected]||!ng hair

“m©r£ cute”h£ replied mak!ng h£r ch£eks flu$h£d

“Now I’m jealous”Queen Emily say mak!ng th£m all giggled

7pm, K!ng Norman’s suite

Giselle came ©vt of th£ bathroom after hav!ng a cool bath ….$h£ wore h£r short transparent nightie reveal!ng h£r [email protected] n!₱₱!e

$h£ walked to th£ b£d and saw h£r Darl!ng husband [email protected]!ng on it already. It was dark already. h¡s sight was [email protected]¢k but it still saddened h£r that h£ sees only at day

$h£ [email protected] on th£ b£d and slept on h¡s ch£st

“are you try!ng to seduce me???……. Open!ng my eyes j√$t to behold th£ view of a [email protected] n!₱₱!e”h£ said and $h£ chuckled

“stop be!ng silly”$h£ p©vted h£r m©vth

$h£ felt sad immediately,,,,, $h£ wondered if $h£ should tell h¡m ab©vt Ch£ryl or not

“you seems disturb wify”h£ said

“you can read my m!nd to know why I’m disturb£d” $h£ said

“I don’t want to,,,,, you tell me”h£ said and $h£ h£aved

“its Ch£ryl”$h£ said and K!ng Norman had to th!nk for a while before h£ recalled who $h£ is

“oh,,,,, is $h£ dead at th£ hospital wh£re fath£r left h£r?? “h£ said and chuckled at h¡s own words

“$h£ [email protected]¢k to th¡s palace as a maid. $h£ wore a new face,,,,, can’t believe $h£ would have poisoned me If jim!n haven’t come on time,,,,, $h£’s a snake swear it but $h£’s dead now”Giselle said

“You mean all th¡s happened j√$t today?? “K!ng Norman asked and $h£ nodded

“Th¡s is th£ m©r£ reason I need my sight,,,,,, I need to protect you and th£ royal family ….. Fath£r is still ©vt th£re and I wouldn’t want anyth!ng to happen to you and my baby”h£ said and touch£d h£r stomach from th£ night

“my pr!ncess !n th£re would be cute and strong j√$t like you,,,, I can feel it” h£ said still touch!ng h£r stomach

“it’s a boy”$h£ replied

“Any gender we will love h¡m or h£r”h£ said to stop th£ furth£r argument that was ab©vt to happen. h£ knows h¡s wife
$h£’s ready to make h¡m agrees with h£r

$h£ hugged h¡m t!ghtly press!ng h£r [email protected] n!₱₱!es aga!nst h¡s ch£st

“you’re someth!ng else “h£ said and Giselle raised h£r brows

“what?? “$h£ asked

“you’re purposely mak!ng me h**Πy” h£ said star!ng at h£r n!₱₱!e from th£ nightie

“I should j√$t have th£m till our baby comes…..i know I wouldn’t be able to s√¢k on th£m for a while after you give birth ” h£ said and grabb£d th£m from th£ nightie mak!ng a [email protected] escape h£r m©vth

h£ torn h£r nightie and h£r n!₱₱!e stared [email protected]¢k at h¡m !n delicately…. With©vt h£sitation h£ wr*₱ped h¡s l¡p on it


Pr!ncess Cel!ne kept wait!ng for Pr!nce Kristen at th£ sitt!ng
Th£ guards as !nformed h£r that h£ will meet with h£r shortly

“h£y”A voice say beh!nd h£r. $h£ turned and saw a guy maybe !n h¡s twenties

“h£y”$h£ replied as $h£ study h¡s appearance

h¡s was wear!ng a black suite. $h£ must admit h£’s cute but h£r Pr!nce Kristen was m©r£ [email protected]

“I’m Luca, Pr!nce Kristen best friend. I must say you are beautiful “h£ said

“Thank you ” $h£ replied and looked away

“your name pretty”h£ asked tak!ng a sit beside h£r.
“Cel!ne “$h£ replied !n a rush

h£ shifted to h£r but $h£ shifted [email protected]¢k s1©wly,,,

“it’s !nsane but I like you already”h£ said gett!ng to h£r and touch!ng h£r hair slightly

Pr!ncess Cel!ne breath£d ©vt feel!ng so uncomfortable

Pr!nce Kristen came !n at that !nstant and saw what was happen!ng

h£ balled h¡s fist as a wave of anger ru$h£d through h¡m

h£ wanted to grabb£d Luca and ₱ush h¡s face for grabb!ng h£r hair

“Not like $h£’s yours….. Why will you do that “h£ conscience m!nd asked and h£ swallowed [email protected]


“why will I even th!nk of do!ng that!! “h£ questioned h¡mself

“$h£’s only a tool for gett!ng at h£r broth£r…. I don’t feel anyth!ng……i only hate h£r”h£ a$$ured h¡mself and didn’t know wh£n h£ walked to th£m

“You can leave Luca….. I guessed our meet!ng ends h£re for today”.h£ said after gett!ng to th£m

“but I j√$t got h£re,,,, we haven’t even started th£ meet!ng”h£ said and Pr!nce Kristen ran h¡s f!ng£rs through h¡s hair

“my bad,,,,,, I don’t th!nk I’m feel!ng too well to cont!nue with th£ meet!ng. Lemme walk you ©vt” h£ said and h£ld h¡m

Luca stared at h¡s friend confused. Pr!nce Kristen ₱v||ed h¡m as th£y both walked ©vt

Pr!ncess Cel!ne !nhaled and felt relieved…… $h£ was sweaty all a sudden. $h£ stood up and stared explor!ng th£ wh0l£ palace. $h£ climb£d stairs and suddenly $h£ h£ard a s¢r**m

“rape! “Someone suddenly s¢r**med

“you wanna rape me aga!n”Th£ voice s¢r**med louder and that got h£r attention….. $h£ raced towards wh£re th£ sound was com!ng from and burst th£ door

$h£ [email protected] at who $h£ saw..

“Nora”$h£ called s1©wly

Yes!! $h£ knows h£r as a pr!ncess h£r broth£r brought home some time ago but $h£ suddenly stopped come

Also, $h£ didn’t know $h£ was Pr!nce Kristen sister

“don’t come to me Rex!! You have come to rape me aga!n right “$h£ yelled and pr!ncess Cel!ne furrowed h£r eyebrows

$h£ stared at pr!ncess Nora,,,, $h£ looks opposite of wh£n h£ saw h£r last time

$h£ looks sk!nny, dirty and messy……..

$h£ started laugh!ng and jump!ng on th£ b£d

“Rex has come to rape me!!! h£ wants to rape me aga!n “$h£ laugh£d as tears gestured ©vt of h£r eyes

“Rex raped you?? “$h£ found h£rself ask!ng

“Your broth£r fv¢k!ng rape my sister!!!! Now you have seen h£r !n th¡s way. Not only did h£ rape h£r but h£ put h£r !n a moth£r way…… $h£’s fv¢k!ng pregnant with h¡s child…. That bastard!! ” Pr!nce Kristen said beh!nd h£r..

$h£ wasn’t aware on wh£n h£ walked !n
Pr!ncess Cel!ne quickly turned and saw h¡m….. h¡s eyelids were so darkened. It reflects pa!ns and hurt

“Rex….. Rex did th¡s? “$h£ asked po!nt!ng at Pr!ncess Nora who was laugh!ng like a lunatic

“th£ question should be what I’m I go!ng to do with you right now……
You see my pr!ncess….. I only became your friend to have my revenge….. I have waited for th¡s day that you will pay for th£ pa!ns my sister also went through “h£ said and Pr!ncess Cel!ne shrieked !n fright

Pr!nce Kristen only smirked and before $h£ knew it h£ carried h£r ©vt of th£ room

Pr!ncess Cel!ne started s¢r**m!ng…… h£ got to h¡s room and ₱u$h£d h£r [email protected] on th£ b£d

“did th£ ever know th£ feel!ng of gett!ng raped… My sister went through it”h£ said as tears fell from h¡s eyes

“$h£ was raped by that monster called your broth£r”h£ walked to h£r..$h£ tried to run away but h£ p!ned h£r on th£ b£d

“don’t do th¡s,,,,, my mom will be traumatized too.. I beg of you. I will j√$t die”$h£ cried and h£ only laugh£d ©vt

“say that to your punk of a broth£r “h£ said and torn th£ gown $h£ was wear!ng


E red….. Abeg my h£ad is sp!nn!ng

Pr!nce Kristen Abeg ooo
Pr!nce Darrel and Audrey…. Hmmm

Tomorrow chapter will tell us ab©vt k!ng jasm!ne pov

Who else can’t wait for it???

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